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as designers and developers we make software to get used so making sure people actually can use our software is critical to our success it's a little wonder then that there's countless efforts out there to educate users about how software allows them to get things done in many applications today that education comes in the form of an intro tour that is a series of steps or an overview that explains the feature of an app and how it can be used quick remind me how to remove a tape well it turns out you actually have to hold to get that accomplished unfortunately you failed the intro test why is this a problem it's a problem because most of us don't read the manual we're presented with an intro tour before we actually use an application the majority people skip over in an effort actually to get going the few of us that don't skip are unlikely to remember what we just learned so how do we get around this a great approach comes to us from author josh clark her urges us instead of using these upfront intro tours to teach people in context when they're actually using an application and can use a tip the most to educate our users just in time let's look at an example of just-in-time education in the voting application puller as I'm making my way through the app you can see that I'm voting and when I reach the end of the list a little tip comes up from the bottom telling me I can swipe across polls I'm not interested in now I've learned that new action and I can wipe out those lazy boys of course I don't want to wipe out mustaches but you get the sense of how a just-in-time tip can actually teach me to use an application in a more powerful way and it does so only when it matters to me this technique also applies to larger screen application design as well here the design tool acts allows you to enter a web page URL and mark it up with comments and suggestions so let's add a URL in here and see what happens while the photo is being uploaded a little bit of help text comes up and shows us how to get things done inside the application it's really similar to that intro to a resaw okay things are ready and I want to leave a comment down here so let me actually just scroll up wait what happened well it turns out we weren't paying attention to the tour it takes two fingers to actually scroll this age one finger to leave comments a perfect opportunity for just-in-time education someone comes into the app and does something just like this why not pop up a little tip that says perhaps you're trying to scroll for that you need two fingers and to be even really nice we'll give them an undo line option so they can get rid of that potential mistake that's the power of just-in-time education it brings helping tips to people right when they need it most giving them an opportunity to learn on the job and that's the kind of hands-on learning that we want in our apps


  1. Great videos, thanks for sharing! How can i record the mobile screen and show it on a presentation deck like you did? 

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