1. My guess was 15 medium books which is technically correct because most of the books were not as thick as I expected.

  2. We are doing this experiment in technology class right now and we have to use the text books using one sheet of loose leaf paper and my groups score is 8 2-3 in thick textbooks

  3. we're doing this in science, and we use biology books, which are relatively bigger. so far we got up to 19 books, hoping to beat the record of 31

  4. guys no offense but you don't need to show off how much you got and does anyone else think it is weird having a fake dino head in your room

  5. We managed to stack 19 books, but I think it is more accurate to weigh the books. So our total weight was 11kg/24lb4oz!!

  6. I got up to 69 then I lost count. In my house I have about 199 books. But when I was putting them back I had put them in a bucket that was held up by four cylinders of card stock. in the bin there are about 92 books in there. I had put the bucket on a scale it waied about 250 lbs. and it held up the bucket with the books in it.

  7. can you do this one large pillar in the center vs 4 small pillars one for each corner – which is stronger experiment ??

  8. I had 10 sheets of computer paper and a given amount of tape in high school. I stacked so many science textbooks that it fell over due to the tower swaying, rather than a collapse from the paper lol

  9. Sure that it holds 27 books when you used such a thin books. If you want to set a real record try to balance on it all books of Enciklopaedia Beliana. Then i will send you 100$.

  10. In technology this is a test grade tomorrow so we have to use 2 3x5inch index cards and 3 inches of tape.. I just tried this and its works! Thank you so much and you my good sir, are a life saver.. 🙂

  11. Is it possible to use a roll of paper, put a book on top then stand on it? How much weight can a roll of paper hold? If I used longer paper (legal paper) would it make a difference? Or is the thickness of the roll so that the weight is distributed over a larger space?

  12. I did this in class today with 8 pieces of a magazine and my group got the highest amount of my teachers teaching history 54 textbooks

  13. My hypothesis is that it would hold 50 books cause we did this in class at school and we almost won the contest

  14. So in class we were each given a piece of paper and some tape. We were told that that was all we could use and we were told that we were gonna have hold textbooks up at least 1 inch above the table on it. We could do whatever we wanted with the paper and tape. I was able to hold a total of 43 textbooks.

  15. In my class we need to get 40 THIQQ books like text books to get an A+ (100%)

    (Oh and the class record is 92 thicc text books)

  16. am I hearing it correctly?? did he just said "Engineers DESIGN buildings" ,like dude?? they focus more on the structure of a building than designing.. I thought it's the Architects that does the DESIGNS… so sad that all the attention which belongs to the ARCHITECTS goes to ENGINEERS specifically the civil ones. They're partner's but they work different.

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