How to Create Facebook Business Page – ෆෙස්බුක් බිස්නස් පේජ් එකක් හදාගන්න විදිහ

Lets Learn about Creating a Facebook page for your Business, Brand or for Community Click on the Down arrow key in top right corner Then select “Create Page” menu item Now depend on your requirement select “Business or brand” or “Community or public Figure” Click “Get Started” Button to Proceed Enter Page Name and Category Select most relevant category from the category list Click “Continue” Button Now Add a Logo to your page. You can change this later too Click “Upload Profile Picture” button to upload Now lets add a cover photo to the page Add a cover photo by clicking on the “Upload a Cover Photo” button Ok Now your page is created. You can change cover photo from here too. Click “Add a Cover” and Upload or select image from gallery Lets add a Nice url ->a User name to the page. As you can see my url is not user friendly. lets change it to a simple one Click on “Create Page @Username” link on left side bar next to Page Name From the dialog box add a nice url. may be your business name or website name 🙂 Click “Create Username” Ok…. User name created and Click “Ok” As you can see page url is now changed to a nice one… 🙂 Thanks for watching and Subscribe to our Channel for New Videos


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