How To College: Heriot Watt University Malaysia vs Monash University Malaysia (Part 1)

so luckily enough for us living here in Malaysia we have a wide variety of university choices to choose from out of the many many that we have here are two for today's video that we are going to compare heriot-watt University and Monash University let's take a look at the comparison and also our also our cameraman – cameraman we've got another guy in the back also our camera guy a team of four of us queue the slide show so here we are finally a heriot-watt University it took quite a while for us to get here but just by looking at the place it's definitely worth it what are your thoughts on the environment a cool place so when you first see look in a university you like it's kind of nice but then once you enter it and you see the lake a huge huge huge huge lake beautiful like it's completely blue and the building itself it's a bit different is a different concept from your difficult University it has like a very industrial feel to it very metallic there's a lot glass and yeah things pretty different another thing that I've also noticed about the whole environment is that it's incredibly disabled friendly which I guess it's like the books that you get for a newer building it's actually very very progressive yeah there are ramps everywhere ramps everywhere so my first thing you notice in yeah you've also got like you know disabled facilities is a list and also in the restrooms as well which is very very inclusive for all types of students so if you guys were wondering about what the student life here is like in Harry what I would say that you guys get to be part of very diverse community because this place is like a hub where many international students from different countries different cultural backgrounds they all come here to study under the same roof so you know they even got the International University of the Year award in 2018 so that it's pretty cool it's pretty awesome yeah and I think the convention is that I noticed that you won't really get water over here simply because they're very into outdoor activities if you just by the lake and you walk straight down past the building there's actually a shop where you can rent out scooters and a really affordable price for like 20 bucks for half an hour it was look like jet skis as well which you can use to go on the lake so that's really really cool right so here we are in what slavery I think as you guys can see take your on a bit more it's very new this store has the new book smell there are two levels so upstairs is the quiet zone as you can see crazy or ESS a nice place for you through this study right the most important part let's take them to see the best part of the whole library over here that's the Prime Minister's that's how close they are to the Prime Minister's house right so Casey tell me more about the causes that terawatt provides students okay so if you were to compare arid watts with other more established universities in Malaysia you'd realize that heroin already offer as many as much of a variety of courses as compared to other universities that they specialize more in the sciences specifically the engineering department so focus laughs yeah and it's but if you are intending to study to become a mechanical engineer or petroleum engineer then you are in luck because fun fact heard what in the UK it was the first university ever in the history of the UK to ever offer mechanical engineering in the Universities way back in the 1700 so you know they noticed a flaw and then for their petroleum engineering heroine is known for having really good connections within the petroleum industry so you know that whatever you learn you can apply it when you start working in the industry so the thing about hurry or what is that it's Malaysia campus the one they were in right now is its latest addition to the heriot-watt family yeah exactly it opened its doors for student enrollment in 2014 but it also has another campus all the way into five five it's really cool because it means it's like a super internationally recognized University yeah yeah and the thing the good thing about having so many different branches of this university in many different countries is that they offer this really cool transfer program now this is this part gets a bit iffy because most universities they offer both exchange and transfer programs but herre what they only give you transfer programs where you have you have to pay in even the local currency of whichever branch of the university that you are planning to go to which could be expensive depending on where you come from but good news they offer a 25% scholarship to whoever that goes for their transfer program and another good point is that for their transfer programs you can go anytime you want for any length of time you want you can go for your 6 months 3 months 2 months 2 weeks up to your yeah you can go you can be single for here with your parents and all that are you they may come back ok so right now we're gonna go get day lectric Scruton right around campus video I'm excited yeah man Anagha I I'm driving in the front I'm calling it not already I'm driving in the front I didn't know I'd rip in the front oh just for you guys's information crystal a zonie she only got a driver's license two months ago so she doesn't even know how to drive a frickin car and she's trying to die phonetic excreta with uh with a passenger behind so we're gonna switch places [Applause] [Applause] you


  1. Please remember to buckle up when riding shotgun with a video cam in your hand. A gentle public reminder that chaps your age belong in the high-risk category according to our insurance policy makers. Peace guys.

  2. Is heriot watt a good uni? How does it fare in malaysia, and also the employment rate. Thanks in advance.

    Im thinking of moving to this uni from itb (ranked 1 in indonesia) because i got into trouble with some higher ups and i cant get into other public uni in indonesia since im already at 3rd year.

  3. I suggest you to write down the pros and cons for each university in the end of the series. BTW this is fun and informative! Thanks!

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