How to Become A Fashion Designer Without A Degree In 2017 DIY Fashion

(gentle piano music) ♫ I am a son of the city ♫ Neither sinner nor saint ♫ ‘Cause I learned that what goes around ♫ Always comes back again ♫ I had to fight through the struggle ♫ It taught me how to have faith – Even now, when I meet our
awesome stitching folks… It’s very humblin’ when the old ladies who been stitchin’ they
whole life it’s like, man you just do this or you just do this, so I’ll kinda learn like
what we’re all like. And I went in there like,
man my machine is broke. They was like, they just
moved my little thing, it was like, I think you need to spend a little bit more time with your machine. Just kinda teachin’ me patience and like, if you really wanna do
somethin’ you can do it. – [Interviewer] How long
you been doin’ this man? – About a year, now. – [Interviewer] Just a year? – Yeah, I’m new to this,
people call me a designer. I’m not a designer, I’m just a hustler. ♫ When I deserve ♫ I’m driven by the big city lights ♫ Singin’ all my life ♫ Now it’s only life – I used to have visions all the time. I used to be like, indifferent. My mom used to hate me growin’ up, ’cause she said I used to
wanna go to every store, where I’d choose and
make sure I didn’t have anything what anybody else had. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – I started making clothes for myself. People told me stuff whenever possible, and I’m with the people
that was in the song world. They told me, oh I can
do that, and you know, they sat down with me, whatever, every week I would call ’em my ideas started coming too fast to where I couldn’t wait for them. So I decided I’d buy a sewing machine. And I asked ’em to help me, went over to their house one day and they taught me one day,
I been on my own since. Funny thing is the day I
bought my sewing machine I lost my job, so it kinda
like already had hustle in me, but it showed me to use
whatever I had around me. So I was like, bro, I gotta at least make this money back
for the sewing machine. And I took off from there. My first year was just
teachin’ myself all this stuff, this year is cut and sew,
tryin’ to learn patterns. And my ultimate dream is
to make my mom a dress. So I’m working on it. Not a dollar, but what you
got on is about how you work. I just wanna show the
kids that you don’t gotta have a million dollars
to do what you wanna do. Especially today. I make more money in one year
makin’ clothes, doin’ music. Then I realized, hey
we got something here. First person that inspired me was a dude named Rudolph Lamont from Atlanta who made the bag for the girl, for Nicki Minaj in the Barbershop 2. I walked into (mumbles) on
account I loved the hat. I said, “Where’d you get that hat?” He said, “My homeboy made it.” That’s really the one spark in my mind that made me realize it was possible. Do like me, make somethin’ with his hands, and that what kinda really took it off. ♫ Singin’ all my life ♫ Now it’s only right ♫ ‘Cause I was made to shine ♫ Oh-Oh, oh-oh ♫ Oh-Oh, oh-oh – Pink leather, all distressed. Some studdin’, I been teachin’
myself how to do lining. Took the linin’ out. This about to be the linin’, so when I get done then you see it. I’ll just show y’all an example but, this ain’t gonna be how it’s gonna be. When I get done it’s gonna be pretty dope. Padding inside. I’m teachin’ myself how to do this, it’s very time-consuming. When you don’t know about something and you wanna start and
watch a lot of TED Talks and you learn that you can’t stall you gotta just keep pushin’ through and as I pushed through I learned that I can actually do it. It’s just more me bein’ negative. Custom linin’ the first time ever by me, and if I get it done
right y’all holler at me, I might be able to get y’all somethin’, put y’all Grandma Rest In Peace
t-shirt inside your jacket. A lot of kids in my culture just see the clothes as material things, but it’s really deeper
than what you’re wearing. I always thought that what you’re wearin’ should represent you or
what you’re tryin’ to say. It’s a lot of messages in my clothes. – [Interviewer] Can you
talk about how you got your investor, I mean,
was that something that… – It was the universe. It’s a guy I went to
high-school with, honestly. He’s pretty well off. When I was workin’, I
got a message from him saying “I see what you’re doin’.” I didn’t think nothin’ of
it, I just kept working. Then he was like, “Give me a call.” Long story short, I mean this was like my very good childhood friend, man, the guy taught me how to dream, showed me like this whole other life, invited me into his world and
showed me what was possible, really made me a dreamer, so… Thank you, sir, I don’t
wanna say your name now. But thank you, sir. First thing when I moved outta
house, my auntie told me, “It’s not what you know,
it’s who you know.” And the older I get, the more I realize that that’s really what it is. Step outside your box. I try to tell kids that your life is art. So I always put my life up online, so as I started makin’ the
clothes I put ’em up online. Like, this is what I’m doin’. I didn’t know nobody was watchin’. I was just livin’ my life, you know? I was putting it up because I was excited that I learned somethin’ new. That’s why I was like, whoa, I can do this so you can do it too. I said everything is just
kind of coming together. Makin’ me learn new stuff. The first stuff that I did,
here’s one of the first pieces. One of my first pieces. I like colors and stuff. I got a slogan called
“Love Hard, Die Slow”. That I been workin’ on. I went through a big breakup when I started doin’ my clothing line and I would put my thoughts in my art. I had to teach myself, regardless if you go through a
bad relationship or whatever, you still gotta love. So, love whatever hard. Your art, you might not
like your art sometimes, you still gotta love that
shit hard and die slow, like, take care of yourself. It takes time, man, and
when your time come, you gotta be ready, man. You can’t move, you
can’t make no bread, man. And die slow, take care of yourself.


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  2. Thank you for this upload I am beginning my journey all praises be to the most high God you are awesome thank you I see me in you

  3. Highkey wanna get finish geting my AS degree and then invest in diy fashion design rather than going to a University for it

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