How to Apply to Universities in Germany

okay guys so the first thing you must know is that German investors are free you want to study masters in Germany so the first thing you have to do stressful excellence when you get up program that you want to study then I'm not going to tell you what you need to do okay so let's say you've searched the school you search for the program that is taught in English yes and now I'm going to apply what I advise you to do is to get some for 30 minutes before you need your university or fails degree certificate much less tickets welcome and you also need your transcript your bachelors transcripts and we also need English proficiency later I'll talk about that later you also need your university entrance as if kids that is in West Africa we're watching another African countries I don't know how you call it but these are certificates to keep that allowed you to enter your bachelor's degree so as simple as that this is key to you goes to allow you a diploma like what so I'd like to enter the University of bachelors degree so that's what I'm talking about so it is for openness magic certificates transcript English proficiency in your transit fee with the English proficiency later coming from Ghana Princeton yeah [Applause] Kenya and a lot become countries that uses English as form of teaching and nomination everything does official only for schools or institutions then you don't need to worry about writin this English proficiency test you go to Mumbai University you go to the English departments oh there's no English department you have to go to the registration request for English proficiency later university will give you one the university would write that this person such as who studied this program and he was taught in English everything was English and that's the formal language official army release for education system in this country so they invest will give you data when you add it to the remaining three awarded mention know you have this on for documents what you have to do is you head towards the German ambassador in your country so in Ghana for instance you go to a crack then you cope with these four documents I've talked about get originals two copies of them do like two or three copies of these documents so when you get is two or three copies of these documents actually the asset to nuts you can do three and there isn't one thing you can do they all know is that you might to have like too many students again yes so it may be true it's okay so you do two copies just black and white it's okay sorry Warriors are being colored although I can't quite catch it true the origin is the kids then send this photo canary the copies to the German Embassy in your country to certify them for you so they'll give you maybe c1 which is actually one with the same time you got and they were collected they will keep toleration and then the photocopies back to you yeah you know the originals you don't have to send our originals to the school planet nobody likes annually does it get anyone's is this yours and you don't have to be between from these photo equipments you sent today imagine the documents you might need that one will be specified by the school so for instance most master's program or are you to write a motivational letter a motivational letter is a letter that describes what you study the past may be of Ashley's your future goals and also the program that you're going to study in your masters watch what will its what effects that have on your future was or what impacts can it have on your future goals so you just write your plans for the future the program we are going to study how to help you achieve that future goals as simple as that as much you need a CV definitely you need to write your CV and I get some programmer also required to write a proposal you must instill this propose that sometimes more like two pages there but additionally try it's also like two peas maybe one video to this snow then you add it to this document of but that's not all the investor can also ask you the investor can also asks you to a few documents tweets and that depends that depends when you get these documents then you are now coming to apply for this there are two major ways most universities in Germany want you to apply get two weeks to apply online some of them might want to apply online and at the same and send copies hard copies of your documents true post it does number one so some allow you to send them online and when you finish the Aqsa to send the documents to post to the University and another way another way you can also apply all the under time we do we tell you to apply is that your file tree may assist uni exists is an organization that processes international students yet okie mania certificates do process it the ward max do compared to the gym when they access your documents to them forward it to the school so in this case you don't have to like say minute document to the school you know this will check your documents with a dilated or not you compare your marks then though for dates something they can also adjust the application based on their own assumption what do you think might have gone wrong all the thing lately is the social science any Apple engineers phones and II think that smokey different rejects the application and to send me a reason for that but if you still insist become foreign ten documents to the school and in school decides that option is was with it but so when you applied through uni assists basic fee you need to pay 75 euro for the face application you pay 75 you know for the face application and if you want to apply to another university then you pay additional 30 euro EPA additional 30 euro so if you want to apply for two schools for instance you pay 75 euros for the first one then you pay 30 rose for the second one three in 2100 five euros is a lot of money yeah but really did you have to do that you have to pay it got paid if the school won't it's true yes that's definitely you have to paint some schools that that please for you so the absolute like that that's a few of them please for you so there are many up to pitch yourself after you for it your documents to University NASA student army possessor sent to the school and the school decides or you beat you wait for some time and disclose any I don't have an email notification that's giving us a little for this program don't give you that admonition mostly it so come maybe save me yeah me but I want you to start the application very international students I advise to submit the application by the end of silver even sometimes medal of humor so it's better if you submitted only it's better now you can start processing your documents because that's capturing all your documents then you do that copies as I said we go to the embassy all this time tick so we can start now and process the application so that's when it gets to January when they open muscosa already open for this year's winter semester most cos mu schools will also open in general so you need to I mean start know so the school give you this admission and then you can apply for this and we don't come here so that's all for today but I'm going to continue this and next I'm going to talk about how you can apply for this admission this much you can get initially if you don't know how to put the visa requirement what they need you're not going to make it so wait in this video how you can process your visa the question they are going to ask you during their visit a very very important and I'm going to tell you all that so if you are new here please subscribe to this channel so that you can in these videos that I'm going to talk about in the future so guys I hope I've said a lot I'll show you how you should go through the process you need to go through to get to apply to universities in Germany okay so thank you and bye for now see you later


  1. I went through many university websites and ielts and A1 level german language seems mandatory for international students, guide me on how to go about it. My Instagram is justin.kaycee

  2. I am working on coming for Masters program in Accounting or Management, i already have Bachelors Degree in Accountancy from University of Nigeria but i dont have ielts what ar my chances?

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