How The Jungle Book Should Have Ended

It was a man cub! *baby coos* Had I’d known how deeply I was to be involved… I would’ve obeyed my first impulse and walked away. *baby coos* Then it occurred to me. A family of wolves I knew had been blessed with a litter of cubs. Surely they would take care of the man cub. *cries* Oh look children! Bagheera brought us a picnic basket for lunch! YAY!
WHAT?! NOooooOOOOOO! What have I done?! You’re unbelievable. They ATE the man cub! You gave a baby to a pack of hungry wolves? What did you think was gonna happen? They were supposed to raise him! Like Tarzan! I don’t know! Just NOT eat him! This is the jungle, baby! Only the strong survive. Bagheera! I heard you killed the man cub that I so much despised. Thanks for the assist. I did NOT assist. It was the wolves! Ehrmhmhm! What’s this poppy-cock I hear about panthers murdering small children?! I did NO such THING! It was the WOLVES! I do NOT want to be like you hoo hoo! Oooooh…. I’m gonna be sick! Wolves are carnivores I said those wolves are carnivores Forget about that baby and sleep tight Yeah Man I mean those wolves are carnivores I said those wolves are carnivores It’s mother natures circle of life! Goooo to sleeeeeeep. Goooo to sleeeeeeep. Hmm hmm hmm! That tickles! Hmmm? Your voice ssssounds oddly familiar. Hey! So does yours! Well… *smack smack smack* I’m afraid I’m going to have to digest you now. Oh bother!


  1. I have to honestest to you. I didn't think this video is funny and there's no way this film would ever ended like that, if it did in real live. It would have been a flop.

  2. One of the Laws of the Jungle that the wolves follow in the book is to never kill man. I know they don't ever bring it up in the cartoon, but yeah, It's against the Law of the Jungle to kill men.

  3. 🐺🐺🐺🐺😠😠😠😠I REALLLLYYYYYYY. HATE THAT. WOLF WHO EAT JUNIOR MOWGLIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😢

  4. My favorite part was when it stopped and a swrily thing appeared than stayed there for like two hours…. I hate my device!!

  5. I have to honestest to you. I didn't think this video is funny and there's no way this film would ever ended like that, if it did in real live. It would have been a flop.

  6. Wait wouldn’t the panther’s first instinct to be to eat the man cub? I mean that’s what thought would happen.

  7. Travis Scott: What have I done?
    Fan; You're unbelievable.
    Travis Scott: They hated my superbowl halftime performance.
    Fan; You played a swear-filled song to an audience with kids in it live on TV. What did you think was gonna happen?
    Travis Scott: They were supposed to talk about this positively like praising a movie. I don't know, Just not hate me.
    Fan: This is the superbowl baby. Only the professionals get to perform.
    Rap Fans: Travis Scott We heard you got in trouble for your swear-filled superbowl performance. Way to ruin your career.
    Travis: I didn't expect them to hate me. They should've praised my performance.
    PETA: What's this we hear about Big Boi wearing an animal coat?
    Big Boi: I love my animal Fashion.
    Spongebob Fans: Sicko Mode is not Sweet Victory!
    Travis, Big Boi and Maroon 5: Oh man I'm gonna be sick.

  8. "This is the jungle baby, only the strong survive" same thing I say regarding the workplace and how we try to make a living.

  9. I would love to see how it should have endeds for Winnie the Pooh (1977) emperors new groove and lilo and stitch

  10. You Should make how the Three Caballeros Should have ended
    Or How Steamboat Willie Should have ended

  11. Wolves try to avoid humans as muck as possible also Winnie the pooh and kaa were voiced by the same person by I can't remember his name

  12. The wolf's are carnivores yes the wolf's are carnivores, forget about that baby ensly tight. I mean the wolf's are carnivores, yes I said those wolf's are carnivores it's the great circle of life.

  13. Why is the end part with the monkey crack me up so much? Its so randomly funny, anyone else think it’s weird how it makes you laugh?

  14. By the way, if The jungle book ended that way, it would feel way to short, and it would change the movie completely, and we would never see Mowgli meet up with Shanti and all that stuff. And it would be like the lion king, where someone is responsible for the death of a person they loved. It would be dark if you ask me.

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