How Outsourcing the Writing of Kindle Publishing Books Became Fatal


  1. I do it all the time by working with a writing company recommended to me by Emeka. Though the rate is expensive, I feel that I'm getting quality content worth the expenditure and can't complain about paying a little more for a well written work.

  2. WOW, plagiarism down to the phrase level. Impressive! thanks for the education on outsourcing. I've never had much success with it, but it has its place for sure, if you can manage it well.

  3. There's a saying "There's no such thing as an original thought." So before I submit any work I do a plagiarism check on my own work. I only do articles for other people though. No books. I worked for a company that did homework for college kids with more money than brains but they turned out to be a crappy company for writers. They only paid me half of what they owed so I left quick. Livingston Research – stay far away from them.

  4. Ouch! Plagiarism is no laughing matter. This is a tough lesson to learn, but I'm glad you learned it.

    Side note: this is a significant difference between simply outsourcing your writing and working with a legit ghostwriter. Outsourced freelance writers on sites like Upwork often work so quickly and cheaply that they end up cutting corners, either inadvertently or (as in this case) intentionally. Professional book ghostwriters cost more and take longer, but they bring with them much higher standards of quality. No ghostwriter I know, including myself, would ever dare plagiarize in a client's text. Their career would be over the second the infraction was noticed.

  5. However, Grammarly and other plagiarism check tools only check web pages, not the content of other Kindle books, do they? How can I prevent my book from being plagiarized from other Kindle books?

  6. I just recently went through this. Because of the hurricane and being stranded in Dulles for a few days, I decided to outsource three blog posts that I have scheduled for October since i knew I would be late with them and I hate being late. I received the blogs 3 days early which was a good thing. In their promotion, it says that it's 100% plagiarism free. After reading the first one, which looked good, I ran it through two plagiarism programs. Came up 100% plagiarism free. When I copied it to my blog post, all I saw was words underlined in red. Hmmm. So I copied and paste to editpad and then a blank word document. Well, Microsoft word had marked many more words as being wrong, even thought they were spelled correctly. I basically retyped it word for word and then sent through the two plagiarism programs. Guess what. The first one was 74% unique. Needless to say I had to redo all of them. I don't know what they do to get by the plagiarism programs, but now I'd rather do it myself than to outsource. That way I know it's done correctly.

  7. I agree with the person above. I have used the writing summit dot com for 2 years. Amazing service.

  8. Subsribed, my experience has been great, thanks Dale, nice attitude you share, I appreciate your time which is valuable I am sure so spending it with YouTube, many thanks again! Hope to do as well as yourself with my KDP 🙂 Cheers from Australia!

  9. First: Dale you're amazing. The first video I saw from you was just today (on "KDP Publishing in 2019). After that, I watched a couple of other videos from your reel and ended up watching them from the first video released. The information is great and gives amateurs like me a huge insight into the business.

    This video was so accurate to a recent situation that I had to write a comment. I'm starting KDP and already had some ghostwriters but the one who should have done the majority of the work delivered a 66% plagiarized content (checked with plagscan),. Since I am new to this business and hiring ghostwriters I thought to give her another chance won't be a bad idea (even though her reaction was a simple "oops" which made me think that she is not serious about it). She rewrote the content and still, it came back with 20% plagiarism. I even sent her the report that states what was copied and where to find the original content.

    I did not think about plagiarism before (and luckily other ghostwriters for short articles delivered a good work) but in her case, I just had the feeling to better doublecheck it.

    Thinking about it now (just a couple of weeks later) my heart stops. This could have been a very expensive lawsuit since many of the copied content were from publications and websites, you don't want to have a lawsuit from.

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