How I Learned to Succeed at a Top Law School


  1. How many classes did you take each semester? I wanted to know because if I take 5 classes each semester in law school it might be a bit much and my grades will suffer because of that. I currently take 5 classes each semester in undergrad. What do you recommend?

  2. It doesn't matter what the topic of these videos is, I'm going to watch them. My LSAT test date is quickly approaching and this channel helps me keep things in perspective. Everything from making decisions regarding law school choices, managing debt, extracurriculars in school, and post-graduate goals are addressed on this channel.

    Purchasing the Legal Eagle program for law school is a no-brainer and I'll be purchasing it before attending law school next year. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and I'm thankful that you're helping us navigate through school so we aren't wasting time on unnecessary task. Thank You!

    – T. Young

  3. Im not even planning on becoming a lawyer, but my love for The Good Wife makes me love watching all your videos.

  4. Mechanicl engineering student here. Wow there is such a difference in our degrees. In engineering, at least where I study it, asking a question or asking the proffessor for a clarification is never laughed at. Not every one understands everything and many people are just scared to ask. I am one of the people who raise their hands often and ask for a better explenation and the lectors are more than happy to provide it, it is just not something to be mocked for. That proffessor seems like a dick, but hey he was a post modernist.
    I know the feeling of suddenly getting to university and realizing you are no longer the smartest person in the room, but I tell myself that my advantage is the self awereness to realize it and work around it. And I am still one of the smarter people in there, just not always in the 5% anymore. To be honest I love it. Having some actuall "competition" (really friendly competition might I add) is very inspiring and gets the best out of people. Realizing what subjects you are good at and where you struggle and finding peole with opposite struggles is half the battle won and you make good friends at the same time.

  5. It must have felt exhilarating to open your first law school report card and see all As. I will be a 1L in just a couple weeks and I hope to experience that as well!

  6. Why do I understand everything you say, but when there is an english speaking visitor, my brain is freaking out and I can only say.. "London is a capital of the Great Britain.." -.-
    Thank you for your videos, I've just signed up here to subscribe.
    I hope to find more Legal English here to get smarter 🙂
    Best wishes from your russian colleagues!)

  7. The fact that "gunners" place themselves at risk of the skewering you'll never forget….every day…multiple times per day….willingly….is why they're important and useful in the field regardless of whatever grades they graduated with (as long as they did graduate…and pass the bar).

  8. I like how you mentioned the post modern professor. I had one go up to the chalk board first day and write "there are no absolutes". I proceeded to dismantle him in front of his sheep and seriously irritated him. I dropped this class like a hot potato and took a Shakespeare class. Fast forward several years later. I had this remodel job, and unbeknownst to me he lived in the neighboring house. He stops over to my customer and asks if they could have me call him for a small job. I call him and schedule a time to stop over. He wants a pull down stairs installed in his garage and a few other things done. He obviously has no recollection of me. I answered as many of his questions as possible by saying "absolutely sir….." 'Certainly…." without a doubt"….".(laughing my butt off afterwards) He had no trust in anyone and sat in a folding chair and watched me work. I finished and billed him. He asked me to stop by and go over invoice. I stopped by and went over invoice. The work was done to contract specifications and he was happy with the work, but he said I was charging him almost $150 per hour according to his calculation. Furthermore he said that he had called another contractor after receiving my invoice and they had said they would have been much cheaper. My reply was simple. "You had 4 other estimates besides mine sir and you choose to hire me. Why would I lower my price." His reply was that it was the right thing to do. Taking advantage of an retired man on a fixed income and all argument. I replied that i would accept whatever he would pay as long as he would sign a document that stated he was happy with the work and that he he had hired the cheapest contractor to do work of the five who had bid job. I stopped by next day with carbon paper documents and he signs. Hands me a check for materials and labor that nets me $10 dollars above cost. Two weeks later I am working at his neighbors house. I see him jumping on his trash can to stuff more trash in so he could avoid extra bag fee. He falls off bangs his head on concrete and dies.
    Four months later his son stops by my house and hands me check for remaining balance of my invoice. He hated his post modern dad and I tell him college chalk board story. We laughed and he says post moderns are all cheap bastards who love arguing with their children. I will say, in last twenty five years that had always been my experience.

  9. I can't stand lawyers.

    These people are charismatic and charming in nature to get people to listen to them. They know how to put up an act.

  10. I really would like to see this guy’s credentials. He doesn’t even say his name clear enough so that you can understand what he says. School? Law school? States admitted? Experience? Sounds and looks like a bunch of bullshit to me. Why do this guy have nothing but law books in his office? Give us your story with credentials that can be verified.

  11. It is official. I have found the friendliest smile in the world. I don't want to be a lawyer at all but that smile reeled me in. I love this man.

  12. I'm not going to law school, I don't even live in the US, but I still watch your videos because they're very interesting and you're a very good speaker. Keep it up!

  13. I enjoy your channel, good stuff. It reminds me of my own law school experiences. You’re spot on about issue spotting exams; somehow I figured that out as well during my 1L year and ended up doing well enough such that it sustains me to this day. Listen to this guy he knows what he’s talking about, I can vouch.

  14. I'm a first year grad student and though I'm not studying Law, I find your videos, especially this one, VERY helpful! Thank you LegalEagle 🙂

  15. I'm taking the Bar in May 2019 – and I haven't been to Law School. Thanks to the Apprenticeship laws, I've done my seven years of gathering evidence, building cases, writing decision drafts, briefs, subpoenas etc.

  16. I am studying in UK. I’m at the LPC stage. I honestly felt the same in my first month which is something I have not ever felt before. I really appreciate this video 👍🏽 Hopefully it helps

  17. My in-class professors are amazing and I am learning so much simply because of their modesty and willingness to be patient and clarify a talking point if you don't understand it. It keeps the class less tense and they are constantly stressing the point of asking questions if you need clarification. Then again I am in a lower-end community college/technical school, in my pre-requisite classes before my actual degree program, but I am definitely learning a lot. One of my best moments this year has been getting 100%'s on my first lab and lecture exam in Human Anatomy. Definitely makes you feel good when you accomplish something^^

  18. I certainly felt like a gunner in my computer science classes. Eventually I stopped raising my hand because it seemed like I was the only one who actually knew the answers. I’d find myself being asked to help other students with questions, and then I’d find myself showing them how to use the documentation to actually find the answer to their problem. I always felt like a simple google search could have fixed things, but people are often too lazy to do even that these days.

  19. I'm so happy I found this channel, I was a pre-nursing student prior to changing to pre-law and the program I'm in now has a strong focus on issue spotting and legal writing, I'm so happy I made the decision to switch majors, your videos really help to back that up.

  20. Objection: If your exam is being graded on a curve, you’re being cheated. Exams should be point based. If you address the points in your answer, you should get the points and whatever grade it adds up to. I knew a guy who got his exam grade bumped up to an A by pulling the A example put on review and showing the professor how his answers hit all the same points.

  21. I found the best shot at getting an A was to study the professor as much as you study the material. Knowing how the professor looks at exam answers helps you to ensure your answers contain what they are looking for.

  22. Really appreciate all this golden information you’re sharing with us. Anyway you can mention obstacles for those who want to go to law school but have a criminal record? On my last year of my undergrad and hoping to pursue law but want to be prepared of the challenges I’ll face having a record. Thank you 💕

  23. OBJECTION! – Are those pecs under your form fitting shirt? Are they? Answer the question…
    Your honour, I’d like DJ to answer the question.
    Isn’t it true, Mr Stone, that if you take your shirt off to show your pecs, the whole legal system will be more fun!
    That’s all……I’ll see you, shirtless, in chambers.

  24. Objection! Never had a better feeling than getting A’s, aren’t you married? How does the wife feel about those statements?

  25. I’m a psychology undergrad student from Toronto & am minoring in law. I’m hoping to get accepted in Osgoode Hall Law School or UofT Law. This video really inspired me to study hard, ace my exams & get As. It made me truly see that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Now I feel so much more ready to start second semester & really prove myself wrong by being the best that I can be. Thank you for this really inspirational video! 💕🙌🏽

  26. hope wifey does not see this video, because she will have questions on where experiences with her lie compared to this ! haha

  27. LegalEagle I'm 14 and when I'm older I want to be a lawyer but I can't see myself either passing the entry exam or if by some miracle If I pass law school I think I will be terrible at court what should I do?

  28. I am a first year law student in Germany. Here things are so different not just regarding the legal system we operate in but also regarding law school. Three straight A's are unheared of over here. There is actually a saying about our grades (which operate on a 0-18 Points Scale): "God achieves 18 points, the professor hit 15 and the best of you guys come in at 12 points tops" For motivation purposes I sometimes wish I studied in the US (but then again you guys have tuition fees and student debt… :D).

  29. What we're going to do with some people who are breaking all the laws like… Meh it's easy.

  30. I'm a law school student who live in korea, and I love you channel ! 🙂 I had similar experiences when i just got into a law school. I thought people in law school no need to have sleep… lol and hate gunner so much

  31. I really dislike the extreme relativist type of guy, as the teacher you described. Absolutely the laziest type of debating tactic, totally uninterested in the truth, making you put all the effort yourself of finding examples and reasoning while they just say everything is the same.

  32. A post-modernist/moral relativist professor teaching at university (in California, no less)?

    Pfft. I can't stand those types of professors. And sadly those types of professors are what dominate academia nowadays.

  33. I think that a good reason for becoming a good lawyer is finding yourself and your capabilities over everybody. You have to look at them with superiority and I think that's what this guy have been doing.

  34. As a retired Doctor who, hired and fired over fifty Doctors, managed and practiced in five plus practices and taught post grad nation wide heres a secret. Never hire the smartest Student in the class. Great student, Fair employee, lousy Doctor. The Valedictorian will never risk being in charge, always dependent on the approval ( grades) of superiors. I was a superior. Let The Narcissist take the spotlight center stage, my goal was owning the Theater.

  35. Congratulations to your younger self. 😀
    Your stories reminded me of my self last school year.
    I took a different major, although, the joy is pretty much similar.

  36. You now what a razor blade is, or you're trying to still look young and savvy? Stop talking with your hands like a good boy.

  37. Today I'm a musician but before, I graduated in Civil engineer and worked in banks for many years and hated review legal documents. For some reasing I really enjoy this channel. I hate legal jargon and most of the time do not trust lawyers but the amount of good info here is awesome. Love this channel!!!

  38. It's been 4 months since i started law school and I'm still slacking off. My peers are really into it (studies) and i don't know why i don't take it seriously bec. I know i'm not giving my best yet. I still have issues to fix bec.i always watch youtube, play online games etc. Some already given up law school. I'm still hanging on. Something tells me that no matter what i will continue this. I do admire you and grateful to you for sharing your knowledge. Your videos remind me to "go back to your studies NOW!!" 😂😅😄

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