Homer Goes To Teach A Class Of Difficult Students | Season 28 Ep. 18 | THE SIMPSONS

Hm? Man, copying is so hard. Any questions? Yes. What does it mean? Uh, what do you
think it means? Remember, there are
no wrong answers. Well, I would guess that,
uh, three neutrons coming out when only one went
in, that leads to some kind of chain reaction. Wrong. It’s always the class clown. 10-minute coffee break. Um, any of you homies
want to sell Schedule 1 narcotics to a fellow teenager? You’re a teenager? What year were you born? Hey, you’re not
the cop around here. I am! [groans] What? Oh, right, my cover.


  1. Hey fox make a Simpson episode where they talk about Comic book guys origin story and why he loves comic books then he realizes how comic books are his problem and how Lisa tries to help. Also his real name if they stated it before I wasn't there to see it but if they didn't put his real name in there

  2. FOX, make a Non-Canon episode about Mr. Burns and Smithers making an alliance with Sideshow Bob, Kang and Kodos, Frank Grimes and Maybe Russ Cargill to conquer Springfield and try to make Mr. Burns the Mayor and the Simpsons and their friends need to stop them.

  3. Hahahah funny. Were studying this in Chemistry II right now and my teacher put it on blackboard.

    By the way, the addition of the neutron makes the isotope U-236 but that becomes unstable and splits into those two elements via nuclear fission. But some neutrons get lost in the reaction and stick to other uraniums making a chain reaction, like Otto said haha.

  4. Any chance the producer write The Simpsons going to  Egypt? The great pyramid and homer meets the Rock?

  5. Ha Matt groaning the Simpsons arent funny anymore because Lisa is a poor child that wants a good life why couldn't homer be a little smart marge not stupid and idiotic the way she is and Bart a less 90s like anyway your 60 or whatever so it's normal good that's it's gone in 2020

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