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good evening everybody hello we're gonna have to let this audience build a bit as this is a very new channel oh there we are mascot is is uh sorry I'm yeah signed in so I can read any from another YouTube channel oh yeah yeah so how you all doing so Gemma Gemma how are you doing we have had lovely Sunday actually okay hi Rachel hi Kailyn hi Gabrielle hi Lee kyu hello Bella hi George hi Sarah Pauline I Julian I know T is Julian and Jane hi Julian and Jane hi I'm friar hi Amy hi Donna leaf fell so I know that name I know that thing pretty spies what are you gonna say your month hi I'm a teacher and I think what you're doing with your children is amazing oh great thank you why cuz we constantly constantly worry about what we're doing with our children but you know what it's like I was saying the other day we Oh Stacy groom hi I love your family how lovely I was saying the other day that um you know what we used to worry all the time there at school it's what it's just the nature being a parent is worrying I do think the worry is intensified because you see your children from minute to minute and hour to hour not all the time office because you're working but but more often and so and so you can't be shielded from every small shift in their learning or mood or where they're at so is it is like microscopic parenting it is exhausting sometimes I'm sorry I that was a big I was trying to rebut that become too unless that's what I'm just thinking I'm just letting it build a bit before we give you something awful it happened because it was such big capital letter tomorrow and I can watch it like a school holiday okay I thought it was something for Michigan we being live for have I missed a whole lot no oh are you judged by other parents don't you trying to read I'll eat you soon so what I thought was it just first give some context we're doing because some people would join us and went I've known about so if you've already seen us talking I just say hello to you stand underground that's so cool someone's watching Cameron is walked in from Houston LA so um basically mark and I took our youngest daughter out BC about three years ago mm-hmm she was very withdrawn she had changed so much and a little girl we'd first taken to school she was in high anxiety most of the time we'd have to peel her off our legs she would cry at night she wasn't eating she wasn't sleeping she hated school with a passion she was summer baby so she was a year younger than everybody else in her class which I do think definitely had a well then studies show that children born the younger children in a year really spoke and she was a very young child as well wasn't she she was just yeah she was the youngest in the family and and she was also struggling at that time we had the sight in one of her eyes so she just did not get off to a good start school and whatever we did we couldn't get her back to a place of continuing yeah or confidence yeah we just felt she was slipping further and further away I mean when she really wasn't eating out she was getting so his skinny was it cheap dark circles under her eyes she was miss and she was falling really really behind at school and she was in it she was in a private school where the academic pressure is is very is very tough because often with private schools they if they're a business and they've got to look like everybody is performing at a very high level and we suddenly realize oh my god we've done the wrong thing for this childhood this is not right for this job and actually we've been cramming over a summer she'd had tutors and Kumaon and all this stuff trying to get her up – there's rape that she was supposed to be for her age that don't forget is picked out of the air actually a lot of countries children don't even stop reading till they're seven or eight or don't doing any proper work so and she we were being made to feel that we were failing her she was her confidence was was just disintegrating and then one day a tutor in summer wasn't it been trying to we've been trying to hothouse her to get her up to the level just turn around and said to her sorry if you've heard this story before but I think some people haven't said to us you do know there's this thing home educating why don't you take her out of school until you she's happier and then you can put her back into the right school and it was just well how do we do this and they said well you just write to square udy register and that's it well an hour later we had D registered her three and a half years later she still hasn't been still doesn't go to school because I passionately believe that the sort of person Kiki is she see it suits her so much better to be home educated would you agree not 100% the trauma lots the problem that we often encounter with other parents there's a lot of other parents say things like but bullying is part of what kids go through forget but bullying is palpable children go through struggling the school is what part and going through not being able to have everything catered for you is what every child goes through and you know you I find a pamphlet within my own family a pound for everyone who said well you know the hard knocks of life and you know there aren't you sort of you know coating her in in in cotton wool and making her life absolutely perfect well you can no no you're not actually if you've got the trick that one thing we're not saying and I've never said and we've never said and I came to the whole concept I'm schooling more reluctantly but I'm gonna absolutely convinced advocate now is what's appropriate for our children isn't necessarily appropriate for all children most children I went to a state school I went to a state school I thought Ron we loved it it worth whether well I loved primary I hated secondary but you know there was no choice and you know so we had choices we were lucky we had choices not everyone has choices but if you've got choices and you can make those choices for children why some people choose to send their children to private school we will make those choices for our children and I suppose one of the things that I find a lot someone just asked you know to other parents judge you is I often get that comment of well you know so people almost threatened by it people almost feel that it's an assault on so many teachers saying why are you critical I've not been critical of one teacher I just know that the school that our daughters went to and the two schools their daughters went to weren't appropriate for our daughters and very did very different ways and we assess that situation and we decided that the best decision for them was to pull them out of homeschooling subsequent to that we've learnt a lot more about home schooling and learning having learned myself up to up to degree level learning isn't just about box ticking becoming an employable item and in an industry industrial workforce that simply should earn money and pay taxes that's part of life but that's not what all of learning is about and I do worry that a lot of learning is about putting you through a sausage factory of churning you out so that you become a productive member of society in their terms not your child's terms but we do always say we always like stress this mark and I we are not anti school not anyway look sometimes people will be really aunty what we're doing and I think that's so strange because I would never say to you why you something your charts that school your child is unhappy your child's got anxiety your charge that your child looks as miserable his thing your child isn't isn't enjoying one moment I fell up your child obviously isn't earning a chance upon him I would never say that to somebody because everyone has their own has their own unless somebody asked my advice everybody has their own choice and and you know the thing is we didn't know we had the choice to take them out our oldest daughter was bullied and that's why can anyone tell us if this is blurry I think isn't it because of the connection here can you find there was somebody there that said she teaches it's getting really blurry guys yeah we're on Wi-Fi if I turn off just one second just one second we're moving we're gonna take you over here so the kitchen because sometimes our Wi-Fi can be really rubbish over there that's probably what it is is that any better wow that's better yeah well did you find there was somebody that came up there and she said she teaches or tourneys me and it's never discussed if you could find that better that's better yeah so yes our oldest daughter was village and I think it's very hard I mean I think a lot of people in the home at ed world are children that have been bullied and a lot are just people that just really believe that they there's another way there's another way our daughter often talks about her friends that are doing you know 10 11 12 GCSEs she says moms they they all end up hating the subjects they're doing because they've just got cram in as much as they can to pass the test this is still blurry do we need more light right so should we answer a few questions make the autonomous comment would you mind making games we missed it and I was interested to see what you said Katie Melua my laddle user I don't know how to pronounce your surname the bricks of what you can do with your children is far wider than anything we can do in a classroom agree agree it must be I mean you know what you can do at home and what you can do with tailored you know attention I mean a friend of mine who's a teacher once tried to actually add up the amount of one-on-one time he spent with my student in his class and this was a private school and he actually because he knew we were taking her girls out out of conventional school he tottered it up and he worked out that in a lesson a one-hour english lesson each student dedicated from him goes seven seconds of one-on-one teaching so if you're getting seven seven seconds of one-on-one and okay you're getting group teaching you sometimes I get really panicked that they don't do enough hours of work because they're not in the school system but so much of the school system so much of a class and I'm short teachers or degree is managing the class and then catering for the different needs of the class and then you know if confusions or disruption happen I remember my school disruption would happen someone would throw a chair at someone and then you know 20 minutes the class was over nothing actually happened but there are real challenges to home education first of all you always be the kids no no actually because they go to quite a few groups and they think the questions we get asked a lot is does it cost a lot well most people in the home ed world don't have suitors what our girls do have tutors not much it's a few a couple of hours a week but most don't I mean I facilitate groups of children which basically means I provide this space and then we get in a tutor and then we split the cost of the tutor everyone puts in seven quid and then they pick that bit and then that breaks down the cost of the tutor between everybody and do you find homeschooling easier well we definitely find it easy because Kiki was so unhappy and there was nothing worse was that about bending your fingers back off our leg to push her into school but these lots of it it's challenging the biggest headline I would say about time and people needing to work a lot of homeowners are its teachers me Nicholas Scott oh you are yeah well no lot of I've met a lot of teachers in the homemade world that have said that because they kind of know what it's like in school and they don't want their kid to go but we must be careful not to be knocking school all the time because we really don't believe in knocking school yeah the other thing that's really important is that and I still have to really remind myself this to get my head to remind myself to remember this is that teaching doesn't have to happen within the conventional hours of 93 p.m. yeah now that seems like such a sort of almost non-academic non learning part of the entire thing but it's crucial you have two days of the weekend where which you know in most office jobs such as that such as mine you know you're available at the weekends so if at the weekend you can chop up your classes and you're dedicating your time to just choose two children or two or three children I mean we've done geography lessons in which I know the girls have learned far more than they would learn across three weeks of geography lessons at school and you know in one session you've got across so much sort of you've covered so much territory and the great thing is is that the teacher never starts and stops within the time of a lesson and we do do we did we do do informal lessons but it will carry on when we go out to the cinema at the weekend if we go to the an art gallery or if the kids are hanging out with other kids you know there there are so many you know it's about rethinking that the fierce structure of train tables term times and school days hip tricks says we're told to be individuals but at the same time transition in the same spots going to school and for lots of people it works I do want to keep stressing that but for lots it doesn't George Russell says school is so hard of only a few weeks left into our leave but school alone has caused me to have so many forms of anxiety counseling sessions and very depressive thoughts which stems and score and I think you know the problem is there's an awful lot of young people saying this and it doesn't seem to me that there's an awful lot being done about it Childers are under enormous strain and pressure heads are under enormous strain and pressure class is a massive we haven't put up with you know a lot of teacher had to put up with very soon subordinate behavior and it's tough it's really tough this is a good question it's always a lot is it expensive could a regular income family manage well it strikes me that a lot of the kind of classes that are organized yeah I mean if some people never pay for any classes in home education I'd love the person to come back that was talking about autonomous learning autonomous learning which I really would hear from you because we kind of fall between two stores mark and I because we kind of nervous about doing totally free autonomous learning basic means free learning I think where you're led by the child on what they want to do that worries me and we get nervous about that because we they know but I've met some amazing children the homemade world that are so super bright and smart that are brought up that way and they just but you have to have an enormous amount of faith I'm just looking for something else I wanted to see Furman you have to have an enormous amount we lose all the new ones that's alright I'll go back up you you have to have enormous amount of faith to go that way there's a few warface sends it but it's too complicated to rush up and find water CJ says I saw Stacy will be homeschooling her boys seems to be the thing today years and it's new for Stacy and she's finding her way with her I think that there is a apparently there's a five in a five percent rise in it this year what's that saying that saying that a lot of people aren't getting what they want from the school system isn't it I would say that on the choir many local authorities secretly would like homeschooling numbers to increase because it takes the pressure off the state system they can never say that of course they can't say it but I do think that there's a sort of turning a blind eye in some departments I mean that's a very contentious subject the whole thing of whether you're registered and all that kind of stuff you know we've only just we've only just been assessed by Croydon Council and yeah yeah and some people choose to stay in contact with them their local area and other people don't but you're not obliged by law you are not obliged to Julian Duncan what about GCSEs and a-levels does this cause a problem for their career well that is the the headline worry that I had when we when we decided to home-school them what the hell are we going to do about their juices ease what the hell are we gonna do about their laws well the first thing is I took a levels I took a levels they were very useful for me in my career they're not necessarily the be-all and end-all in terms of even qualifications they're all sorts of other qualifications diplomas be Tech's lots more vocational courses as well as you know the standard GCSEs coding coding qualifications optimization a lot of home ed people take their GCSE duties the difficult thing is you have to pay for them which i think is really unfair why should somebody just because they've taken the pressure off schools for years anyway when I'm with them in the school I think that they should get Veggie Searcy's what would you say to this what if both parents have five jobs school is pretty much free childcare for working parents how would they but you know what there'll be some people that come up and answer this I mean we live next door to my parents we're very lucky we sort of all change around shifts we're all self-employed so we can move around and help but I do know that because the other thing is you don't necessarily have to do school in school hours you're not going know until three so some people will change all that around then you still have a childcare problem if you're working and work you know we are both freelancers so we do have the luxury of being able to mix and match across a week we have the luxury of being able to lean on a weekend but we also have the luxury to call it a luxury but it's just a it's a low fee of having they have quite busy schedules they have sort of almost Wednesday's schools and classes and they go to classes they go to group you know they they socialize with other other unschooling kids but if they were young certainly it would be very difficult I can't answer I mean I meet a lot of people in the home and community that one of them does give up work they feel that strongly about it you don't have to legally go to school to do GCSEs and a-levels no you don't even if there's anybody there home ed that could answer that lady about how you cope if you're both room full-time I just wanted to answer this one do from Gail Caroline Cummings do your children accept your school rules easily well gout this is the whole thing we don't have school rules we don't have rules we're not trying to recreate school there's home schooling and there's home education and we do home education so we haven't got lucky we haven't tried to recreate school in our house they have a quite a bit of free learning each week will be quite different how we might approach it and then they have their homeschooling groups that they go to so yeah I mean our kids are good kids if we tell them they've got to do something they'll do something like that yeah absolutely have you found your children getting left out of social things were issues with socialising well that was the other worry no they have such a busy social life is quite frightening but also the really great thing for key key she was struggling with friendships at school I mean the thing about school I remember Nadia saying this once and it really struck a chord with me you've got no choice about the children you'll being forced to befriend in the class you know there might actually be no one in that class with all they might not want to get on with you and so Kiki most of kikis friendship group are all older than her both are kids when they left school we said there's only one you have to keep in contact with and it was kind of a note Maddie had a couple but well that's interesting question there Oh Tracy Gillett sorry I've just joined this but as a primary school teacher I salute you oh thank you sadly we don't teach to children's learning in this country every child learns in such a different way I'm Tracy and that's where our heart goes out to good teachers that are just desperate to be able to come a bit off the syllabus spend a bit more time as somebody it might something that might be better I mean I think we always think about children that are struggling but sometimes super bright children struggling the teachers pocket I'm not used to all Russell why should you have to pay for Kiki's GCSEs when others get it free in school that's a very valid point I will another thing is we I I use we use home learning tools such as places like the author home schooling schooling and they have IGCSE syllabus –is which we followed and the the plan the very specific plan with Maddie's Jeep IGCSE is that she want to which will study the syllabuses of English and history and film studies and whatever okay yeah history English language literature English language and then after finishing the syllabus she will take herself off to a further education College if she wants Lewisham college wherever and she will then sit her GCSEs but you're right we have to pay for these syllabuses we have to pay for the courses you have to pay for that all the paperwork and then we have to pay for a registering to take the GCSE so there yeah it does stack up on that side in terms of the cost so struggling it's really it's really unfair but from what Nadia says the homeschooling community in the home and community is incredibly supportive in Puli resources and pooling GCSE syllabuses and but the thing that staggers me as soon as you've let a child move at their own pace and under their own steam there's this fairly very sort of jaundiced assumption amongst adults that they just won't do any work oh no no no they will they gravitate towards things they might gravitate to what they find most stimulating and enjoyable to begin with but I've noticed loads of kids suddenly you know in in their friendship groups suddenly saying don't thinking people who say well I want to do this and want to take this course they're suddenly acting they're applying to go to this college but very they're very yourself started a lot of colleges and universities actually seek out home educated children because they they say so much of that first year's work that is done at University which is trying to get them to be self-motivated they just come and they don't know because it's been so not you will do this you will do that whereas how much children on the whole are quite good self starters Jasmine Lake are you a home ed girl you were saying me and my two younger sisters choose what we want to learn you she must be home educated I want to be a dispatcher for the ambulance service so I'm working towards that and my sisters are working towards what they want to – yeah our daughter Maddie once definitely wants to go to drama school so everything so much of watch the way she learns we do around that so she spends a lot of time going to theatre she reads a lot of plays we she's a member of – drama group so she's always nearly always in some sort of a production mark would often skew her English so that she's also in some way looking at drama like he'll take her off the syllabus as Mark is very highly educated they're very highly educated one after so he can take her off the syllabus when it's getting a bit boring god this is so dry like you were saying was it she wouldn't be mistress room is getting so dry so he just took her off the syllabus got her to watch was it Selma mm-hmm and got her into the whole civil rights movement in out in the states and she was just she was back on fire because she was getting that history face it's true you know just like just put it in and I mean I know probably of people to more traditional people we sitting again with children disposed to be bored children that's what makes people I don't know I don't know I don't know someone's asking about Kiki alongside their because in a weird way you can see Maddie's trajectory she won't be taking all the GCSEs but nothing is stopping her at the age of sixteen if she decides she wants her maths GCSE to take her maths GCSE no one is stopping after doing anything we give them we constantly have pit stops where we say to the girls there's this school has come up there's this school come on would you like to reconsider would you like to consider it in a different but you know so it's not as if we've made a decision that's inflexible we were always giving them the choice so CJ plum says do you follow the interests we really try to say so at the moment Kiki is obsessed with stranger things obsess it's a great passion so we're thinking how can we how can we use that in her learning so Marc came up with the idea Jasmine's back I just want to go back to him Marc came up with the idea of why don't we get her and her friends to start doing a fan fiction okay so then that's them writing theirs they've got to get organized they've got to make it interesting that's English it's just not English in the way that you think of it from the book Jasmine Lake yes you are home ed lovely to hear from you she's this is the one that's wanting to be the despatch VM so yes I am I've been for my whole school life I'm 18 soon my five other siblings are two the youngest three stick to a waldorf curriculum the Waldorf Hotel so do you love it do you do you wish you'd gone to school do all your that's what we worry about sometimes we sometimes think what if our kids clap and say why do you just force us to go to school don't worry does anyone else that's home ed get back ever get the fear what if my child says to me why didn't you send me to school how did marks other two girls react when you told the magic key to a being homeschooled lastingly easy often says she's generous she does that she said she says she says you know what strength I mean she did very well at school but she felt she she felt that so many of her passions it's like school will make you a jack of all trades and a master of none and she felt like she was being prevented from being a master of the few she felt she could be more advanced and so you know it's not it's courses for courses yes yes you need to have you know this the girls might not do maths GCSE but they do maths for life as a class we have a duty and a responsibility to help them function in the world mathematically so that they you know can measure things so they can weigh things that they can pay for things in a shop you know and you know that they might not go to algorithmic processes that I remember doing a mile level maths I got an A and I've never used sins but some would argue that it taught you problem-solving no there is problem solving I agree I agree I mean if I'm honest and a question I'd love to put out to the whole school home edie community ISM I do get worried that if Kiki was to verge towards a much more scientific Ben I'm much more worried about say medicine science of biology and she sometimes to express interest in working with animals you know you're not well set in a homemade environment for biology chemistry physics and yeah you just aren't so you know I I'd be curious to know what you do in that situation engineering you know we talk there's lots of talk about there aren't enough women and girls moving into engineering and Sciences and you know Kiki has a very sort of specific engineering kind of mind so you know but we will look in each of that we'll always explore that and look into that George Russell I've just received my GCSE timetable I'd love to send them to you because also I've got so many exams some this some the same day and in less than two months to study it's so much pressure for you poor you but you just get through it and then it'll be done for life by the parents who can't afford to pay for their children to go to school what advice would you give them who can't afford to pay for their children to go to school cuz you don't have to pay to go to school do you mean homeschooled what would you it's not we do nothing you could rewind the time back would you both yourself choose homeschooling for yourselves I swear yeah well I wouldn't know I really enjoyed school no well I hated secondary school I love primary school but I must restrict or money I love my mom but I wouldn't want it spend dated my mother while I only had my mother and she was really there when she was there know what I would say though about my learning which is how I've managed to flip into accepting the ideology if you like of homeschooling is that all of my teachers all of my teachers at primary school and secondary school taught in an in a home ed fashion – teachers really sat there and taught us English and history teachers rarely sat there and taught us history they were constantly finding other ways of stimuli just said they're actually that their school teaches English with her son's through superheroes I mean Noah scores oh my god those scores we know if we had a school like that this is the thing if we had a school like that near us up kids be in it our kids would be in it we're simply making a choice based on the availability of schools in that area and the needs of our children somebody's asked us do we wish that our children Amy air do you wish your children were home educated from the beginning Kiki yes Maddy no because Maddie really enjoyed by me but Kiki I really really wish that I hadn't we hadn't sent her so young and there is something that I worry about as well and a demon in school does give you is his organization is very hard to be organized in homeschooling I mean even the most organized home schoolers I think struggle to and and I do worry sometimes about the ability to to set rigid timetables to a degree because you know philosophically I think a lot of people don't agree with that even and I struggle with that I think it's important to know how to manage your time it's important to know how to manage your work time as well as your play time and I think we struggle I mean I don't think we're saying we find it easy oh it's not easy it's not an easy choice no but the thing is quite a number of people have said to me I don't want to see my kids order like send them to school or not seeing them so we have a very intense relationship with our daughters which I know some people think is odd but we really love it we really are we have enormous fun together as a family we like spending time Joe plum says the superhero thing is a special school with boys with ADHD challenging behavior but you know what so that's where that's talks with it why not teach that in schools as well I mean it just makes sense to me I don't think children have to be bored and miserable to learn mmm but a lot of people think so I'd love to be in school but I'm near eleven school is really horrible for me a lot of people make fun of me and it's very stressful Katie so I'm so sorry that is so hard just think it won't be forever NASA did a study of longitudinal drag 16,000 five girls and followed them until 31 given the same creative test these students were within 98% creativity age five to 2% creativity at the age of 31 has it improved your relationship with the girls it's an interesting one well oh god yeah I mean why am I even pausing Kiki was wide-eyed terrified like that the whole time hanging on and every day I felt like I was breaking her heart by forcing it to go into a place where she was petrified learning absolutely nothing because she was too scared not not the school's fault it just wasn't right school for her and so imagine how she must have felt was being so young thinking why did my mom and dad keep sending me somewhere that where I'm so sad so yeah our relationship has improved massively and we're able to support her in the way that she needs to be supported just an interesting thought that question someone was asking about with it is Ian Fleur look at medium which they were homeschooled easy bizarrely is in a relationship with a man who was home-schooled yeah and she finds his self Tunis but also his self-preservation and his ability to keep himself sort of sustained so sustainability but also you know there's an ability and a capacity to start things for yourself look at new ventures for yourself I do you think there's an element of anything's possible you know I think Caitlin Moran is quite famous I'm in high school I wish I was homeschooled because I find socialising harder because anticipation so hard isn't it if you're in a really big space with so many people and the thing is people yeah I mean all home schoolers and home editors will say the first thing you're asked is what about socialized funny isn't it but actually because it's smaller groups and they can get in they can they can mix with different age groups and everything they've got some really strong friendships I've never really understood this idea that big going to a state school somehow sorts your social like that I can remember that that my social life was the most unbearably stressful only at secondary school it was horrendous happened to hang out and be with people you didn't like and know and they didn't like you and it was just horrendous mm-hmm so no the social side of it is almost funded at least concern going back to someone things someone else asked early also in terms of what we actually teach Kiki we do a similar thing with Kiki as we do with Maddy with the GCSE syllabuses which is we follow you know we're not averse to the syllabus Key Stage two Key Stage three we you know we look at the subject so like I do history with Kiki all the time and and we go through everything that they would cover in the key stages but the great thing is is that we can also program visit frustration of minors all always their schools never took them out and enough visits to our galleries to historical sites whereas we have the freedom within our work schedule or a weekend to go you know what I'm gonna do anything else let's just jump in the car it's Easter so dick we're going down here let's go and learn about the Vikings or something like that yeah so you know there are there are so many sort of flexible elements to it that that don't require you to simply have you know time on your hands during the week yeah Jay plum my 11 year old is son is starting a secondary school in September but moment gets special schools I'm worried that he'll get kicked out for behavior so licking into homeschooling now just in case won't Joe there's so much out there there's a lot of children with ADHD and autism on the spectrum in the homemade world because I'm with anxiety and you know because they just didn't feel that their needs were met at school so just look at reach out into the community and there'll be loads of people that have got lots to say to you funnily enough at school children are told you're not here to socialize that is you know antisocial eyes and all you know it's have fun but you know what that was our big thing we wanted to get the kids to understand that learning is fun and it's not something to be scared of or it's not something that just happens in the hours of school well there's Helen but school is a difficult time but it will give you a thick skin for the future when you're older make the bullies Drive you're good and kindness and let your personality shine it is a stage of life that is doable absolutely yeah I mean I would argue whether being bullied makes you stronger I think you've got a choice of not being bullied or being bullied somebody said to me the other day and it really hit me and if you're listening you know who I won't mention her name and it really hit me what you said very very wise woman and she said to me upstairs person's mom just in case you didn't want me to mention you that's why I'm not mentioning your name she said she said to me she said think of anything else in life as an adult if you went to work every single day and there was somebody bullying you and making you cry and you weren't sleeping and you couldn't eat and you were scared and your stomach was churning day in day out does it make you a stronger better adult or does it actually give you more anxiety and more unhappiness if every day you got on the bus and the bus made you feel sick but every day you forced you were forced by get on the bus get on them and I thought thank you so too as adults would we continue is something that day-in day-out may just terribly unhappy and gave us anxiety and there was somebody there pulling us I think it's a really outmoded thought that we have this idea that if you're a kid you need to simply do what you should do yeah there's it still is from the Victorian age which is where the education system was was established the Victorian age established a current education system in order to make the working classes subservient and be able to channel us all through so we were all a very obedient workforce that didn't ask too many questions so that's the get go start of what education came from you know the idea of state education wasn't about everyone being educated to Eton's level I mean I never understood that as a kid why isn't everyone going to private school I used to say why doesn't everyone go to private school it's so good well it just doesn't work that we are normal humble civilians we get a system that means that we'll go down to the mine pit and will obediently do what we do and we'll prop up a capitalist state I mean I'm something like a nutter but it's true and if you actually peel back most of the impulses behind the education system it's about managing a huge volume of people and not thinking of the individual and just catering for all of them and I think we are told that over and over again oh if you bullied and you make it through then you'll be stronger to love so I hear what you were saying because that is what we told but I think we should question her mr. Gates said bullying doesn't make people stronger I stopped eating and I hated myself it can also create more bullies yeah unfortunately mean you know I don't use any big topical examples but you know if you bully and you get bullied sound like Russell Brand I know I am beginning to start a center but start to sound a bit like Russell Brand as long as you get your education that's the main thing that sense TV camera fellow mark it's starting to sound a bit subra I think as I was reading Alice Dixon did they enjoy her education in the beginning or did it take time Kiki was over the moon right from the beginning wasn't she but Maddy was found it really hard to D school maybe she's been in school longer said she ban it Bazaar she was scared and worried dude she definitely took Maddie to different experiences of school is quite complicated for Maddie yeah I mean Maddie had the real bullying experience yeah but they say too when you take your child of a school to do something called D schooling because both as a parent as a child you have to sort of get used to you have to sort of get rid of that that way of thinking yeah that's what's it when you're institutionalized so you do something in the programming you have to sort of D program so they say for every year your child's being at school spend a month doing nothing it's so scary isn't it but then out of that then eventually everyone comes down and starts to get more created Helen gates we have been home in two years and we love it oh good whew what what the scary bits because those first few years we still get scared I always say to the girls as well I mean you know in any culture in any life you you the people who slightly swim a crook against the tide it's very easy to point the finger at someone who's doing something slightly differently and find all the reasons for why they shouldn't be doing it and so I do say to the girls you know it is odd you this is a very strange way to learn it's not the standard it's not the norm my interest is in in finding them as many ways to learn and feel connected to their peer group both in terms of what they know from the syllabus but the interesting thing is whenever I say to Maddie I want you to be across all the same historical facts that all your friends that are doing history do you see I see are across her first lying back is because we've taken them at a slower pace and we've taken them in a different way is she says well a lot of my friends as soon as they've done their GCSEs forget it all they've done it to pass the GCSE we're not just getting our girls to learn for GCSE passing we want them to learn for themselves so that when they're in the world they can sit down and have a meaningful conversation not say as I've never been asked to do by the way he is my GCSE grade shame isn't it Nicholas Scott says one problem we have with homeschooling is homeschooled children accepting our home Oh school children accepting our home ed son at his club at clubs etc so he prefers to stick with his homemade friends oh that's interesting because Manny actually has a lot of friends out of home ed doesn't she who's the drama group she goes to and they all go to school but I can imagine here that would be tricky yeah definitely learnt just to pass exams forgotten most of it Oh Helen gates we do child led autonomous learning now gia oh hello as well I want to say I've never quite brave enough but I am fascinated in that hip track I sent a link to TED talk about their NASA study Oh lovely we'd love to watch that thanks for that hip you sent it to our Instagram brilliant hi Sandi write him and that's just joined we're just talking about home educating our children and Amy Rempel bullying in university made me more determined to be nice to everyone walk a brick that is so brilliant if you manage to turn a negative experience into something positive but not everybody is strong enough to do that Kameron fellow I do think the British education system has a problem with making pupils pass exams rather than fill with intelligence in countries where they have the baccalaureate which you just where you just get tested once at the end of your school line they there is the evidence is in fatica ball in front of the borderline that that children do better because we are really our education system is based on testing testing testing Helen Gates autonomous teaching my son chooses his topics we build everything around that yeah we do do that we do we did something with with Maddy and when we kind of led with the topic which she loves so music so much and we started with a Nina Simone documentary about a song from strange fruit and she sort of studied when she moved into the civil rights issues in a history syllabus via Nina Simone song and luring these four you know I'm actually mark when you've done those things with her with history it really I'm so tempted cuz we are following a homeschooling we're following a syllabus army with history but I'm so tempted just do that if you just say come what are the most exciting times and just do all those we'll ask them what they want to do like Bella did the other day should I want to do the sub for jets it's a friend of ours you know something that's caught their imagination that they want to know more about and then they'll probably just start looking into other stuff I totally agree with you George there should be campaigns movements for free home education because I feel for the parents who are not financially stable or able to afford home education you're absolutely right it's a you know we're lucky it's the freelance nature of our work really does help yeah because I really resonated with many troubles made that comment that someone said which really schooling is a system of child care and and I can see that I can see how it's like well where the hell do we just simply put them well be sure they're safe it's not us not being a responsible parent cuz we want to put them somewhere we are responsible I get that I mean we you know I had that when I was a young parent with Izzy you see it's incredibly hard it's incredibly hard Jasmine Lake I'm gonna read this out to our daughters Jasmine Lake someone who would speak to her it's got the mothers and sisters all home school to husband uh someone once said to me sis when Jasmine like I don't have a future because I haven't gone to school once I've reached my goals of Bethenny let her know about it go girl we don't do the syllabus basic room we don't use the syllabus for some for some people school feels like it's naturally prison what did you just say we do we do use the syllabus no no we're not following we're not following these we do know but we're not following the school curriculum where you're doing everything in the school curriculum that's what you mean no no you have a different syllabus for different subjects we might mean you know but I think what she means is do you are you following the school not that's were kind of known nope I mean we will follow you no I will make sure that Kiki intercepts in our way all of the topics that she needs to do in history geography English Key Stage three and what have you this is a really interesting question Gail Caroline Cummings are the boundaries between mum dad teacher person blood man we're not teachers man who uses this word facilitators we don't teach them I mean we're teaching them about life all the time aren't we because we have very in-depth conversations with them I mean just for instance on movie reviews that we do on this channel that is them learning that's them doing English without them knowing so we'll do we'll do what by stealth it's by staring boisterous so mark and I belong to impose a question over dinner okay so what do you think about ba ba ba and then just get them to discuss that and that's them learning now you might think well they're not in a class there's no teacher here but they are not dining okay so so facilitator so true just Maria this is truly some people school feels like it's actually prison I know that is hard so guys thank you so much for joining us I think we've answered most of the questions there we're gonna post this up though so it will stay there and if you could just blank the dialogue going on does anyone know that you and you know what would be really great can you subscribe to the channel this is a really new channel for us so get more subscribers we can do more lives and I want you to subscribed you can always you'll get an alert saying that we're gonna do a live look just share your movie reviews with our whatsapp group oh we love it and home ed is out there try getting your kids loved movies do a movie review with girls because it really gets some thinking in it and it forces them to listen to other people's argument without enough and hearing different opinions without just going no no I don't like it you know so please can you let me know quickly where to find the syllabus it doesn't really work like that Stacy groom I tell you what try ed yourself dot-org because there's loads of questions and answers answered there ed your self gorg is a really good website to get those sort of questions press the bell next to subscribe button to get notifications what's that so thank you so much and please do hit the subscribe is the subscribe button mark anyway lots more movie reviews coming there's gonna be more homeschooling stuff it we do we do put a lot of daily stuff on the ends on the Instagram account yeah because it lends itself well to that than I do so on a family because sometimes it'll be an exhibition sometimes we'll be out sometimes they'll be we did a thing about cursive writing this week and they've got a huge huge response but it's a bit too bitty to put on the YouTube channel so we will do this but I think these pit stops are quite useful for people aren't they yeah really lovely please keep leaving comments because we're fascinated we are too home Edge's wanting to learn from other home Enders so please if there's anything that we've said that you think what got a good idea I know how to help them out that we'd love to hear have your advice yeah thank you everybody have a lovely evening


  1. I am thinking of taking my autistic 12yr old daughter, her life is hell at school, I battle everyday getting her to go, I’m so stressed 😩

  2. Hi there!!! Just Subbed!!! Nice if you could acknowledge your subs & comments!! So glad I found you!!🙏🏻❤️

  3. Absolutely adore this beautiful lady. I’ve done two stints of home schooling with my two children. These videos are a massive encouragement and a massive support.

  4. hi ım a 36 year old ozgur. A transexual lesbian ADHD person who loves psychology ,chess and OSHO .great video. i hated my secondary school ! ıt was such a hell . i had undıagnosed ADHD (which was found by my philosohpy teacher at the age 23- 26 at my late unıversity years ) got abused nearly in all kınds of ways possible at my secondary and hıgh school actually ıt started even at prımary school but ıt wasnt that ıntense… ı cant ımagıne my parents home schoolıng me sınce my dad was such a dıctator etc but ı really doıng u are doıng the rıght thıng for kiki :). and btw thats a lovely name for a chıld. i have 2 recomdations for u . 1st : the book "bring out genious " by laszlo polgar who home educated her 3 sisters startıng at age 3 and became one of the strongest chess playıng woman ın hıstory ( btw they were raised ın WW2 era ın communıst hungary ! ın a time it was really hard to do home ed. cuz it was forbıdden by the communıst goverment.. ).. and my second recomendation is read some Osho stuff who is an indian wise man who had the prvielege for not goıng to school for his first years since he was raised by his grandparents who lived in a much rural discrete remote district in india for a while then after a while he went to "proper schoolıng".. .He is such a rebel ! and a good one ! He advocates freedoom -ındıvudality -love ,hapiness ! so many thıngs if i start writing about hım ı can go for hours! ı had been at M.E.T.U. trying to learn Physics and i hated it !(well it wasnt a good choice for me for the very beginning cuz i was tryıng to escape from my day in order to survıve ı wasnt really able to "choose " psychology which was discarded as a "voıd" major to study or a "rubbısh" topic to learn acordıng to my fathers and famıles poınt of view…. so i reaally realyl wish i had seen OSHO earlier he is such a genious and an inspiration for me .)btw after i finished unıversity i didnt "worked" much cuz some issues but for the last 4-5 years i am ınto chess and i dont wanna "work" as a victorain slave and actually i dont have the proper time for that cuz i want to be a leadıng chess player and in order to do that i need to "study" 8-15 hours of chess every day! so ı dont have tıme to go for google or apple store or work at starbucks or ıbm whatever… u can fınd osho's ebooks audıobooks for free at oshoworld.com (ı have been readıng them for the last 5 years and may have finished 30-40 of them)….p.s :Sorry for my writing mistakes since i have adhd and a shitty keyboard i sometimes make mistakes in writing .for example hitting the " ı" instead of " i" etc.. (btw my native language is turkish thats why we have an "ı" and "i" ) .peace…

  5. I'm seriously thinking of home schooling my 10 yr old when he finishes primary?? I really need some help… xx

  6. Home education works and is an excellent idea. I was an online tutor for home educated children studying IGCSE in Art and these children were the smartest, most disciplined and successful….

  7. I had the opposite reaction. I wish I had been homeschooled . Maths at school should be Maths for Life.
    Homeschooling wasn't an option for me because my mother was a single parent and it was the 1980s I wasn't worth educating to the teachers at my schools. Special ed wasn't an option for me, because I was "too intelligent" which means I fell through the cracks. The education system failed me big time.

    Catholic schools in particular are REALLY bad at handling and supporting special needs kids. I had an AWFUL experience at school.

    I do not consider myself educated because I learnt nothing in the school system because I have a VERY rare disability and because of the catholic church's views on disability, I was prevented from reaching my full potential.

    The school claimed that I wouldn't be able to cope with the work but they should have put proper support in right the way through.

    Socialising was SOOOOO hard for me at school because I'm an only child. I was always the butt of the jokes of the school among the teachers AND the students. I was badly bullied… because of my disability…

    I am 36 now and on disability with no future and probably going to end up with dementia. I am homeschooled now. Who knew fanfiction is actually educational?!

    I love History but we weren't taught it properly in school, we learnt nothing of the Civil Rights Movement, or Ireland (I'm from Glasgow by the way) or Kings and Queens

  8. Mark and Nadia, never ever doubt yourself. I’m a Brit living in USA and homeschool my daughter. In a very good district for school ( 3rd ranked in Ohio). Still choosing homeschooling. We are starting school in her 7th birthday but will do gentle learning this year for kindergarten. I’m glad you are getting the word out there.
    First question is always …. do they have any friends ? She is far more social than if she was going to school.

  9. We home educate and absolutely love it. I have followed your journey and it's very inspiring! Love you guys x

  10. I may move to home education as I suffer with bad anxiety and not coping so hopefully this will help xx

  11. Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much this has helped me,my 12year old son is so desperately unhappy in his school and has lost so much weight and is anxious and rings me every break and lunchtime so sad,I finally took him out on Thursday after hearing someone in the background say to him,your always so depressed why don't you just kill yourself,I have been looking up no stop everything I can about how to deregister and ks3 and finding a way he can still take g.c.s.e s but be homeschooled,after watching this it is the first time I feel I can breathe!..it's so scary but I know it's the right thing,he has literally started to smile again,I just want to say thank you again for this i 100% feel this is the right move for my son xxx subscribed 😊

  12. Well done to you both for taking your girls out of what was a toxic situation. Many schools are very unhappy places with unhappy staff and that obviously is felt by students. I worked briefly in a secondary school and was shocked by the atmosphere. I occasionally read the Times Education Supplement (TES) community boards and so many teachers are having a hard time due to the pressure to produce data, data, data, with everything being focused on results and OFSTED. The behaviour of some students negatively impacts on the others and often teachers are not supported in dealing with this behaviour. Children are often stuck in this situation and cannot just get up and leave without parental support.

  13. My ancestor was a John Pounds who started schools for the poor. My Great great grandfather and Grandparents were all teachers too. Although I do believe in the system it is not for everyone. I was at school during the teachers strike in the 80’s and missed lots of school and wish I could have been educated at home but was told in those days that my parents would have to pay for everything. Also I am disabled and I was the only disabled person at the school and was very badly bullied.

  14. Home education in Poland was destroyed by a plot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRWgnLYse3k&t=15s

  15. As British tax payers, you should be entitled too let your children sit their exams, without charge. We, as adults pay into the Tax system all our lives. So why are home Ed parents forced too pay examination fees. How come nobody has legally challenged this matter ? This is outrageous. I hated school. I am pleased that you took a leap of faith, and educate your children at home..

  16. Hi, you are totalky right to home educate, I did it and it worked very well. My kids are in their 30’s now, successful in work andin socialising. You should read ‘ Carole Richards’ book ‘why you should’nt send your child to school’.

  17. What do you think about fact that government sets out funding for each child for school and home educators do not see that cash…. where does it go. ?

  18. I’m a teacher, living in your neck of the woods, and know a number of the local state schools, and the very well known private girls school, and boys college. Actually I’m now a retired teacher.
    After Junior school, which I loved, I went my own way, bunking off school, wandering around the streets and parks in my own world.I was at the local comprehensive and felt like I was being funnelled through a sausage factory. I resented it, and so did the whole teenage thing of being very militant. I longed to read poetry, and dream, and I stole novels out of the English cupboard to read under the bedclothes. As soon as I could I left school – and home – and got a job in the local branch of John Lewis, did some A levels by reading the books my chums in sixth form were studying, and became… a teacher. I then spent the best part of 30 years being choked by the system, but I REALLY wanted to teach! In my last school I taught ‘ the very able and talented’ (hate the term). It was my most satisfying post, and I think I was good at what I did because I cared more about the kids than the system. But this only worked because I was working in a state school and I was working part time up a cul de sac corridor, and no one was much interested in my English group. I creamed off all the children who somehow didn’t ‘fit’ and we went our own way… I pushed them, but each in their own way, and I tried hard to honour their individuality. It worked incredibly well, but it always felt like some sort of dirty secret that we were beavering away being ourselves, and able to acknowledge the eccentricities if you like of being an individual. As I’m no longer working I don’t think the thought police can get me now, but I definitely had a fluid approach to just what ‘able and talented’ was. Make of that what you will. I’ll end by saying that I worked in quite a few local schools before my ‘able and talented’ days, and there were always a few rebels on every staff who quietly bucked the system in some way – and they were often the most creative and caring – oh hang on, that means I’m praising myself…Well, you get my drift…
    ‘came across your channel quite by accident, and thought in the moment and decided I’d add my penny-worth. The whole debate is fascinating. Yes, we want children to grow up with clear boundaries, disciplined, able to spell and add up, oh etc etc etc, but good education should be so much more flexible and expansive. So much BIGGER.

  19. Can I ask about university? On Loose Women you mentioned that homeschoolers get into uni without many GCSE grades, how? I'm interested in homeschooling for children of my own but how would they get into uni if they wanted to?

  20. Hiya just watching this now, been homeschooling my lil ones for a year now. When will you be doing your next live vid on homeschooling. Its lovely to see you both talking about your thoughts as a couple.

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