HKU Master of Social Sciences (MCCC) alumni sharing – Mr LT Tsang, PhD candidate @ LSE

My name is Ling-Tung Tsang. I am currently an LSE Mphil-PhD second year student. And previously I was a graduate of the Master’s program (MSocSci) in Media, Culture and Creative Cities. In my undergraduate years, I attended a lot of Common Core courses offered by the Department of Sociology such as ‘Sports Culture under Global Capitalism’, which was really inspiring for me because it really correlated with my passion for sport. So, that’s why I decided to pursue this Master’s program in Media, Culture and Creative Cities (MCCC). I think, for the MCCC program, the structure of the courses very much focuses on developing our passion in creating our own unique research projects. One of the main insights and one of the most exciting things I got to do in the Capstone Project was interviewing culinary professionals in the UK as well as the frequent flying customers of British Airways travelling from London to Hong Kong, and vice versa, from Hong Kong to London. They gave really intriguing inspiring insights as to the development of the Hong Kong food culture throughout the decades, as well as also the eating habits and the culinary scenes around Hong Kong, and how this also had a symbolic impact on the development of Hong Kong identity as a whole. And secondly, I was also able to do some archive research at the British Airways Cultural Heritage Centre in London. I was able to talk to a lot of people in the archive, who showed me a lot of different menus, in-flight catering menus that dated back to 1950s and they were all in mint condition. So I think the Capstone Project really helped me to further develop my research skills, interviewing skills with other people as well as finding, synthesizing data to create a really very unique piece of research that could actually contribute insight to the society. At the start of my second year at MCCC, I was already very passionate in doing research. So I decided to embark on a new challenge of applying for PhD programs in the UK. I got three offers from top-tier British universities and ultimately I selected the London School of Economics and Political Science as the destination I want to go to pursue my postgraduate research studies. So, in the future, after I complete my studies, I really hope to either become an academic or even a researcher in a commercial sector. So, these are the two avenues that I may lean towards going upon graduation. My name is Hon. I was the community partner from British Airways. My name is Chungwen. In 2016, I assisted British Airways to curate an exhibition related to the MCCC project – the Capstone Project. Last year was a very special year for the Hong Kong and London aviation groups because that was the 80 years anniversary of the route. So I remember at that time, actually the students sent us the proposals. They worked on the research about some food menus, some what they found from the memories from the interviewees. In LT’s case, (he worked on) the changes in in-flight catering and how that is related to the change in the eating habits of the Hong Kong community. And then, we transformed the research materials into exhibition data, so that’s a different part of things which is how we improvised the creative ideas for a more proper exhibition venue. We’ve managed to bring all of their outputs of this research to life. Bringing UK and Hong Kong research altogether. It was a very astounding success with more than 2,000 visitors attending. And it was quite a good experience.

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