High School Sweethearts At War Due To Questionable Paternity Of Son (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Foster v. Durden.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Foster, you say getting
pregnant at the age of 17,
pushed you into adulthood, sooner than you expected. You claim Mr. Durden is
denying your 15-month-old son,
Ian Durden Jr. You are asking the court to
order a paternity test. So you can prove
he is the father. Because you’re struggling
financially to make it
on your own. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Durden, you say the court
should not order a DNA-test because
you are 100% sure
that you are not Ian Jr’s father and
you have proof. So, Ms. Foster, has Mr. Durden
contributed anything at all
for the baby? No, Your Honor, he has not.
I’m a single parent. May be once a pair of shoes
when he was a little baby
but other than that I pay for all the expenses,
shoes, clothes, car seat, outings.
Anything you can think of.
Pretty much done by myself. And so Mr. Durden,
you haven’t helped at all? No, I haven’t, and the simple
fact that I haven’t helped because I don’t want to get
too attached to a baby
that’s not mine. He has your name! Yeah, Your Honor,
I agree with that. And the reason because
he has my name is because, I was kind of like pushed to
sign the birth certificate. No, that is not true.
We used to talk all the time
about, you know. FOSTER:If we have children,
like I want to have,
“I want my son to have
my name.” I want to have my son
to have my name. Your Honor, he is definitely
the father of this child. No doubt. And you say you’re struggling,
to make ends meet. And that’s why you’re asking
this court to order a
paternity test. And you also need help. Yes. Like my days are long.
I call for the babysitter,
the babysitter comes. I get ready for work. Wait for the bus to come.
Get on the bus. Go to work. Come home, late nights,
you know. He is sleeping
most of the times. I don’t even get to spend time
with him when I get home. It’s sickening to even
sit here and have to
go through this. He’s not someone I just had a
one night stand with.
We were in a relationship. You submitted to the court, your financial statements
that outline, how much money
it’s costing you… Yes, I did. …to raise Ian pretty much
by yourself. Yes, Your Honor. I do. JUDGE LAKE:You say,
your expenses, just for you?
FOSTER:Uh-huh. JUDGE LAKE:$750. That’s food,
getting back and forth
to work, et cetera.
For the baby, you’re spending
about $1,535. A month in diapers, clothes
food et cetera for the baby. Right, yes, Your Honor. So, that totals, $2,285. Yes… Which leaves you on the
negative, every month. $637. FOSTER: Yes. So you going under and
you going under fast? Very, and it’s just like
I won’t even have to
be in the negative, if I had a… So you also submitted
to the court, that if Mr. Durden contributed
financially, monthly,just pretty much $750 for you,
which would be
his contribution.
JUDGE LAKE:You would have
$130 leftover.
Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Durden, I mean
the numbers don’t lie,
without your contribution, this young woman is…
She is sinking financially trying to take care
of this child. I understand that she is… And you admit you have not
participated financially to this point… Yes, and the reason because every time we had sex,
I used condoms. And that is not true. And I have proof of that… DURDEN: That is …not being true. DURDEN: actually true. And that’s why you are saying,
Mr. Durden, the court should
not order a paternity test. There’s no need because
you say, you used a condom,
every single time. Exactly, because I spent
my money on condoms. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, yeah, clearly on condoms
but not on the baby! That’s named after you. That baby has nothing to do
with me. It’s not my baby. She didn’t even let me
know she went to the doctor. That doesn’t matter. I wanted
to make sure I was pregnant
before I bring it to him. You know, nobody wants to just
like, you know,
“I’m pregnant.” And even if that is the case. And that is not even sure. It was not the case and we
did use condoms, sometimes. Not all the time,
not 90% of the time. All the time. No, that’s not true.
Me and Ian broke up. After that, you know,
he wanted to talk. He called me to a restaurant,
we sat down and we talked
for a minute. He just kept eyeing my phone. So he was eyeing my phone,
he took it, he ran to the
bathroom with it. Read some text messages
that were between me
and a guy that… Saw a picture. (SIGHNING)
We were talking
on social media. You know, we were on a break.
Me and Ian were not together. He was someone who was
comforting me at the time. It was not anything.
We never had sex
or anything like that. Mr. Durden, what did you see
on the phone? I just saw messages for her
and when I saw that I saw
a picture too, actually. She took a selfie with a guy
in the car and it was the guy
who took her to the doctor for a sonogram
of the baby. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! FOSTER: Okay… So, wait let’s, there was
another guy at your sonogram? He was there when he was not. If that’s my child, you’d be willing to let me
know things before you take actions… He wanted nothing to
do with me. Like, he ignored me.
When I was pregnant the entire
time, I barely spoke to him. So it’s just like,
somebody was there
when you were not. I wasn’t having sex with him,
he wasn’t my boyfriend,
we was just there when you weren’t.
And that night… That is still not an excuse. That same night that he took
my phone and ran with it,
you know… I finally got him to come to
the house so I could just
sit down and talk to him. He didn’t want to talk.
Ian wanted to have sex
so we did. And it was without a condom.
And I believe that’s the night With a condom. that my son was conceived. So, this is what you believe
is the conception night, when you all had… Yes, Your Honor, I… That make up sex, pretty much. Yes, Your Honor. And you didn’t use protection? No. Do you remember that night,
Mr. Durden? Not quite. I do not remember
that night but I do remember
buying condoms. Because I’m spending my money. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’m spending my money… Right, it’s one thing to buy
them, it’s another thing to
actually use them. Mr. Durden, you said,
you signed
the birth certificate. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: The child’s
named after you. Why did you sign the birth
certificate… And it was a problem with the child being
named after me. She don’t want the child
to be named after me. JUDGE LAKE:
So you lobbied for that?
DURDEN: Ah, it took her mother
and I think one of
her friends to tell her it’s the right thing to do,
if the baby is his. But I’m confused,
you say this child
is not yours, and you have proof,
so I don’t have to order
a paternity test… It was in a hospital room.
I didn’t really want to
embarrass her in front of her mom
and her sisters and stuff. FOSTER:But nobody forced
you to sign anything.
He didn’t have to
sign a birth certificate.
FOSTER:He claimed... DURDEN:She was crying. He claimed the child was not
his, tears or no tears. It just like, nobody forced
you to do anything. You signed it,
because you wanted to. DURDEN:Reason I come to
the hospital because I wanted
to try to be a man.
FOSTER: You left
as a little boy… I didn’t want to get to get too attached
to this child because in my head,
“This child is not mine.” I know for a fact
this child is not mine. Condoms are 98%… Sure. Well, we are at the
2% because… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I mean, let’s be honest, they
are not 100% effective. And my trouble with your argument here today
is that you say on the one hand,
there’s no way in the world you could be this child’s
father. On the other hand,
you saying your mother
and everybody convinced her to name the child after you. And you signed
the birth certificate. I’m trying to give you
the opportunity to prove to me why it is absolutely
unnecessary, for me to order a test but the more you testify,
the more obvious it is
to me that a test is needed. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Now you say,
you are 100% sure. Besides the condoms, and the fact that you buy them
and you buy them
and you buy them. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I get that. What else?
How do you know for certain
this is not your child. Because, Your Honor,
the reason I know
this is not my child is because I remember one time
at school, we didn’t go
to the same school. So, it’s kind of hard to trust
somebody that’s not… I don’t even see
her every day. So, I had a phone call,
what one afternoon,
when we got out of school, I had a phone call
from a friend,
he was telling me, that he saw Ivy
with someone else. I have friends like… So… People see me with
other people all the time. DURDEN: It wasn’t that type
of friend at all. It wasn’t that type of friend.
It was a type of friend
you flirt with. It was a type of friend that “Oh, your boyfriend is
not around so let me
do this.” I never flirted with anybody.
Never had sex with
anybody else. Ian is the one
and only person that I’ve ever had sex with. That’s a lie. So, it’s just like,
how can you prove that? How can you prove that? I’ve never had sex with
anybody else. It was my first and my last. Sitting here,
fighting… Who’s the baby’s…
There’s no other person
that could be.The child looks just like him.DURDEN:That child don’t
look like me.
Well I have a picture of… Ian Sr. when he was a baby. JUDGE LAKE: I would like to
see this evidence please. You’ve submitted pictures
to the court. JUDGE LAKE:One is Ian Jr.And the other is
Mr. Durden as a child.
FOSTER:The exact
same eyes.
Exact same complexion.
If you were to remove
the names,
you wouldn’t know
who is who.
Mr. Durden, do you see
a resemblance? No, I don’t. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I have evidence right here, that saying the safety
of protection of condoms. You are doing a
condom ad today
in this courtroom. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING
AND APPLAUDING) Because… And listen, I applaud you
for wearing them
and practicing safe sex, I do. But there’s that 2%. You brought a witness,
I’d like to hear from her. Ms. Jones, what do you
know about this situation? Well, this is my brother,
Mr. Durden. And he is like my best friend.
(CHUCKLING) And one day we had
a talk about Ms. Foster and the baby. And he stated that she is pregnant. But I didn’t know they were
having intercourse ’cause
they so young, they are kids. So, he also said that,
she cheated on him
with her best friend. And her best friend looks
exactly like my brother. JUDGE LAKE: Really? They can go for twins. DURDEN: It was the boy
she took a selfie with. Who took her to the doctor,
she ain’t let me know
nothing about. (SIGHING) That’s why I have my
doubts too because if they used condoms and
she cheated on him
around the time she conceived the baby. So it’s a possibility that
he could be the father also. JUDGE LAKE: Right. Because he look
exactly alike. That’s what going on
in your mind. And then it’s crazy because, his family was at work
when they made sure
my brother came down there to the hospital.
To sign the birth certificate. Basically they forced him
to sign the birth certificate. He had no force. When see know,
she know that… He is a grown man. …he is not the father
of that baby. At the time, Ian was 18
when he signed the
birth certificate. Nobody can force anyone
to sign any legal documents… But… ..if they do not want to. But at the same time… He had a choice. That’s what happens when
kids having kids. He made the choice. They go through things
like this. Let’s get down to the
bottom line. The stakes are
really high here because, if this court doesn’t order
a paternity test, Mr. Durden’s on the
birth certificate,
you understand this. You standing here today saying “We don’t need to have a test.
That’s not my child.” But you are that child’s
legal father because
you signed your name on
the birth certificate. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, by not wanting a paternity test,
you’re basically saying, “This is not my child but I
agree to be financially
responsible for him.”“For the rest of his life,
until he is 18 years old.”
When I first got to
the hospital, I went there by myself. I talked to my mom.
My mom was like, “You need to
do the right thing.” So when I went to the hospital
by myself, I saw that she was with
her mother and her sister, and when I got there
I first held the baby as the
picture you saw before. When I held the baby, DURDEN:
I thought to myself,
“This baby cannot be mine.”
And it was kind of hard.
I wasn’t ready to be a father.
At all.
I felt like I was holding
a friend’s child. And her family stepped out.
And the doctor came back in
with the um… Birth certificate. And I was sitting there
with Ivy I was like, “Should I put my name
on this?” And… She was like, “Why not?”
She was even tearing up
at the time. Then you make the decision,
“I am going to sign the
birth certificate.” And the reason why I
made the decision, I signed
the birth certificate because I didn’t really want to
embarrass her in front
of her family. It’s embarrassing me
you coming up here… It’s like a move… It’s like a move needed
to be made. So… I said, “What the heck, man,
just put the ink on that.” And you had… Well, you understand that’s
not getting it over with,
that’s getting it started. (AUDIENCE APPLLAUDING
you are 19. You’re 19 years old but you
have to understand, signing the birth certificate
isn’t some arbitrary
execution of… You are saying, “I am the
legal father of this child. “I’m taking responsibility
for this child.” “I’m acknowledging that
this is my child and I will
take care of this child.” Do you know you were
saying that? I understand. At the time I did not
understand that… Well you still don’t
understand it if you in here
saying that you don’t want a paternity test. You need to be saying,
AND ALSO APPLAUDING) (SIGHS) At the end of the day,
this court’s decision
is going to be as to what’s in the
best interest of this child. And in light of the testimony
I’ve heard thus far. It is obvious to me, that it is necessary
and imperative to order a paternity test. I want you two to leave here,
submit to the testing
immediately, and we will return
to this courtroom
for the results. Do you understand? (FOSTER AND DURDEN):
Yes, Your Honor. Court is adjourned. The stakes are really high,
here. We are back in session,
in the case of
Foster v Durden.
And in our last session,
you were ordered to
submit to paternity testing. Which you have.
And we have the
results here today. Before we go to the results
though… Have you all had a time
to think about your positions? Are you still believing
Ms. Foster that
unequivocally, Mr. Durden is the biological
father of your son. Yes, Your Honor. And how about you,
Mr. Durden, you first said that there
was absolutely no way. No way! I still feel like that,
Your Honor. And 100%
this is not my baby. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome. JEROME: Okay. Let’s go to the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of,
Foster v Durden.
When it comes to
15-month-old Ian Durden Jr, it has been determined
by this court,
Mr. Durden, you are the father. (APPLAUDING) FOSTER: Can I say something,
please? What would you like to say,
ma’am? I don’t think that I’m
going to be able to
get over the hurt. I’m over joyed that
he knows now
that it’s true. You are the father.
But it’s just like… What you going to do
differently? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s
a good question, Ms. Foster. And, Mr. Durden,
that’s what this
courtroom’s about. It’s about getting people the
answers they need.
The truth they need. The clarity they need.
You have been basically given a dose of truth today.
I think you had
convinced yourself. That you weren’t
this child’s father. What are we going to do
differently? What are your intentions
as it relates to this child,
now? Well, Your Honor,
I’d just… I can’t say what
I’m going to do differently. It’s like…
Going to be in this
child’s life. JUDGE LAKE: Good. I’m done. I want to talk to you all
a little more in my chambers. All right. So, I will meet you there. Court is adjourned.


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