Helping children at Waringstown Primary School achieve their very best work with Read&Write

Within school we have a logo of working, playing and succeeding together and those are the three letters coming
from Warringstown primary school. So weare catering for a wide spectrum of ability. So for us it’s about each child attaining,
what for them is excellence whether they be achieving over their potentional or whether they are really coming
into school with additional needs and we seek to see each of those
children attaining what is for them their very best standard of work and
supporting them in whatever way we can as they progress through. The staff have been made aware of dyslexia
type difficulties that would exist in the classroom existing in a mild manner
for some children and it can be quite severe for others. The next stage then is how are you
going to support those children in their reading activities, their
comprehension activities and their writing activities and the
Read&Write software make this a very easy option for teachers to do when
all children can be on the computer or all children can be on the iPad and they
can use the technology at will as opposed to just a specific group using it, it’s global throughout the whole class. Technology has been a huge boost of
confidence to these children, help them overcome those barriers. When the children discover that
an iPad or a computer can help them keep up with their classmates,
their self esteem rises with that. It’s also excellent for EAL children, children with English as an additional
language because that gives them a quick and easy way for
vocabulary acquisition. It helps me with spelling. It also helps me learn. If you type two letters in it will bring
up the words you’re trying to use. I find it quite useful for writing things because
if you didn’t know how to spell a word it would give you a suggestion. Being able to use the Read&Write
predictive text has been absolutely vital for
some of these children who struggle to put words on paper. It becomes their normal way of working. It means when they actually move
on to doing their GCSEs those students are still using
the same technology Read&Write to help read the English
reading paper at GCSE level and being able to have all their exam papers
read to them if that is so required. But the fact is the Read&Write can move all
the way through from Primary School, right the way through to their life choices. I make it like tap on a word and then it
will like have a dictionary meaning. It has made such a difference to the children at
our school. I couldn’t recommend this higher. This way children are independent, they can use the technology to show their ideas,
they are not having to wait for some support. They are actually able to be
independent learners. What’s important is that students feel positive
about their contribution to their studies, to the school, but also that they feel positive
about themselves, and thats really important. and I can do, means that they can go on, and maybe have successful careers knowing that, yeah, I might have
a problem with spelling I might have a problem with
reading some tricky words, but with the technology, I can show what I’m really made
of, my great ideas. And in the end of the day that’s
what employers want, they want people who have
solutions to problems. To give them a peice of technology
and to teach them how to use it in a way that they are now at the same level as their peers,
they are able to contribute and their ideas are able to be down on the page, digitally on a page in a way
that they just couldn’t have done, honestly that means the world to us
as educators, it has completely changed what we do, it’s changed our
approach, it’s changed how we think about teaching children.

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