Gym Class – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Okay, listen up, kids. Today, we’re going to be doing an obstacle course. Now we’re all gonna take turns, alright? What’s so funny, Brian?! (Laughs) I think Su~~zy should go first. (Everyone laughs) Brian! That is not called for! No, it’s fine. …(sigh) I’ll go first. Uh, Suzy, you don’t have to- I got this. Phew. There. I went first. Oh-oh yeah? Well-well watch this! I’m sorry, you’ll never walk again. Oh… man… Haha! His legs don’t work no more!


  1. Combining the average weights of the wheelchair and a high school girl she was lifting about 150 lbs in the first scene for every jump

  2. That was WHEELY impressive wasn’t it? It’s importing to CHAIR feelings with everyone then to make fun of there disabilities I say she was very MOBILE

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