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hey guys welcome back to my channel I don't like eat boys I didn't plan on like PE nope hey guys welcome back to my channel I see boys aren't you're playing light piano so today's Friday it's okay disrespectful trees today's Friday it is the weekend before schooling I know I am excited because I'm a nerd but today I'm just gonna be getting ready all day for school and I'm gonna take y'all with me it's not really like a dandelion lock it's just a get ready with me for schools walk so I see there is a teen we made look African braiding hair braiding it's got a African braiding everybody in my Ariel Metroland always ask me where I get my luminaries from I get this done that done and this from this that's a good shot oh yeah uh-huh yeah a what I did was I didn't get on the on the Express I'd normally jump on an express but we were talking you one day I got here you know when you picked my color yo my ski I think I want this kind of mix together I like their our first show her picture of the color I have before us the chicas I'm on the mini braids ladyship hot we all know where to uh true it so I give me some fool fuck okay my Dennis if I go to my apartment cuz my mother's I don't like to eat after I go to dinners you know they put fluoride on your teeth so I like looks like spots so chick-fil-a chick-fil-a chick-fil-a ya want me to blood so I'm going to vlog today my yeah what my hair look a bit I wanna have to use Apple pay I have to let them see my father and I don't be on that I'll be filling it we shouldn't look to drive through a nobody and drive some home with chirping gotcha time not fool within like five minutes I feel like people in truth is way more friendly than chick-fil-a for some reason like these people talking to me they don't gave me about like eight different sauces to try light yes ma'am I love from the people but I'm not a friendly person you know what I'm saying I had a crisis screwed me um oh you okay cuz but I'm nothing to get hit on camera in the name of Jesus a man up Tony's fool Oh too much because I don't wanna bite my tongue my mouth is numb but I'm finna godly my 300 our self I put my net my mouth they all know me all about my Allah it's the Sunday so what you don't want to lay it on the floor I got it what a Netflix to watch on Ned Ned no way cuz I want to and I need you look at Daisy I brush the pop and you feel me she was running my four year finally got I'm done but right so now we want to AG Fester it was just hoping to jeans and I'm excited yell camp go G be here right no I got a mad headache and my mouth is sore I went to stop that G uh it's a little Caesars cuz I wanted some cheesy bread so bad I want to sound cheesy relevant a beautiful I got a we went to this little store and got some um got some stuff oh my hey hurry up oh my bros I don't think I'm blackness at the eyebrows please those Daisy barking I'm so sorry my sister's Barca she barking like eyelashes eyebrows and renews I'm like who are you see so yeah I've been thinking about doing a mug thank y'all I was looking my eyelashes done Sunday but my girl she booked up so with that being said I just want get him done I got him doing yesterday was snatched him off – there was rain tomorrow so I've been going whenever I have my own eyelashes I knock up the mascara so that's not a problem I just wonder like you know she's all that man yeah I'm not getting my nails on because my finger got smashed in the door a little story stories how about I eat so um last year around January I went to work at 6:00 in the morning McDonald's Robert all you haven't asking me why work why work working with dollars that's why I be on YouTube as much as I would like to cuz you – it's not like my job my career like everybody else's you told me stuff that I doing when I have time says I love you um my job is gonna Dallas so I was at my job this is like five months ago oh yeah I wouldn't want me to do a mukbang baby I'm just smacking cuz I love oh yeah oh yeah that's a car yeah my wallet in my hand shoes my hand hurts in my hand hat in my hand and I just closed the door and I smashed my thumb in the door so when I initially smashed it was this come down when I initially smashed I snatched it down real quick cuz I ain't really think about it I'm just like whoa my fingers smashed into her my first instinct was to pull it out that's like when you get pain your first instinct is to pull your whatever just hurt from the pain you know so I pulled it out so and I notice it initially it was just like a shot like my finger this one none so then I walked into where I'm like – it's not – my finger on the door card or meadow card or so I walk in the work and I just started busting out crying and I looked at my finger it was filled with blood it was feeling was black it was like this big I bust out crying but stop crying it was like what's going on what's going on I shut down my finger it was all you gotta go you could go just leave at this point so did I went home and urgent care I ain't open until I is like 6:00 in the morning open to like 8:00 in the morning or something so I'm literally in my house sitting in my bed a ball it up crying with my finger in my hand I fell asleep for hours and when I woke up my finger like it was still hurt but didn't just simmer it down the pain Japan wasn't as bad no more but y'all know I started to picture so I could see how I look all throughout the month so and y'all are mad when I uh I I was working at five school I kept my nails done but I stopped me and I'm done cause baby whooping we're not nails no no no man it's not even worth that so I ain't got my nails done good five months I'll get my toes done but not my fingers but I was thinking about foot back to school letting him attempt but today my sister she bumped into me on my finger wrong and it really felt like I just got hated or Union so obviously it's too sensitive and I popping out some acrylic nails and you get light and it hurt and then I'm just gonna cry and I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna go outside so with that being said I'm not gonna get our nails you know I want something but you feel me girl can't get yeah I really wondered um done y'all I was gonna do something to do so I'm cute and I think I'm too long anyway like I told you I've a job at McDonald's you know it's fast-food kaminarimon now you figure little bites come on out right here is so where they stuck a needle in my bone and yes ma'am I felt it I want to yeah I hate to hunt your subscribers thank you to me that's big accomplishment – y'all might not be just on my problem everyone watching my video thank you thank you thank you thank when I'm here thousand subscribers I'm gonna do some type of giveaway I don't know one would give away or how's gonna worry but when I hit a thousand subscribers that is a benchmark not 500 but a thousand I'm gonna do something for y'all period but they already liking my videos comment on my videos all of y'all period when I get bigger we'll remember who you are period thumbnail now look at my eyebrows ice what a guy huh no eyebrows the fonts up in there oh yeah go my cousin this is our first time your eyebrows I mean you record it boy she do way better than me yeah I'm coming upstairs my sister being weird banging on stuff I'm used to it I'm not even gonna say nothing but anyway so I'm gonna show you some of the stuff we got hold it up at the end these ones like tore at the end got like some cute little dresses and yeah I decided I had a dark Jean Jacques I decided to get a light one too just just because what if I'm wearing like Jean colors you know that my sister five two dresses and a jean jacket are so cute all right y'all so cute but I think I might in the vlog right here because often I make my tub water relax cuz my my parents gonna say some more motrin tylenol whatever I took I'm gonna put my clothes up brush my teeth wash my face get ready for working and when I gotta go to work in the morning it like mmm said it's talking to wake up at 6:00 in the morning for tomorrow and I'm finna at this video ATW that's Nair for all the way for anybody that watch the whole video all the way through comment ATW in the conversations because i just want to see who did like this amazing if you did that I should have subscribed to my channel make sure you post the bail in the UM wary that dying be so you won't miss a post every time I post it because if you miss suppose when I post you're gonna have to catch up on post and who want to do that get this video a thumbs up yeah welcome back to my channel how to lady boys and you're playing my piano


  1. At first I thought you said I don’t like these boys I just on my piano u got a new subscriber btw😂

  2. You’re so pretty and I love the intro of yours yes girl slay hey guys welcome back to my channel I like these boys are playing like piano I love the intro and keep up the good work girl and I pray for you Okay…. disrespectful trees 😂😇😃💜💜

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