Gods’School / The Olympian gods Episode 2

rise and shine sisters Kalimera (good day) hey there! here kitty, kitty! Aaahhh! What in the- Sfiga, No! Back off! What is wrong with you two?! don’t yell at me he called me a.. PET! I didn’t call her a… I thought she was… Wait… she can’t talk ??? She is NOT a pet! And YOU could have hurt him! Oh bite me! Give the guy a break he’s cool Uh… So, what is she? Half-girl… Half Lion… Is she a goddess? He’s got to be joking… he’s joking right? her name is Sfiga and she is a sphinx! A sphinx? WOW! This is incredible! Do not touch her ! Persephone! Did you hear that? Huh? Hear what? Persephone! Persephone! Hades! Poppy, are you okay? Yeah! Uh.. uhh.. I think the pollen is too thick… I need some fresh air! I’ll come with! No, no, no… That’s Okay!! I’ll be right back. Hades, What are you doing? Are you following me? I used the Kynee to see you. I had to… I couldn’t- I told you already… We can’t be together! But… You can’t deny what’s between us. Persephone… don’t you see? Persephone ? Coming Demeter! you can’t keep doing this I…I just can’t. I mean it Hades! Leave me alone! But… You mean the Underworld to me… Well, well, well! Look what we have here! Minthe! Didn’t I tell you not to speak to him?! but… I did exactly what you asked me
to Oh please! You really aren’t much of an actor, teasing him like that! I’m not Since I wasn’t clear last time… Hades is MINE! And if I catch you
sneaking around him AGAIN- Poppy ? Poppy ? Let’s go, I’m done. Let’s go.. Huh… Maybe there really was too much pollen! so I grew up alone on Mount Ida without my brothers Hector, Deiphobus, Helenus and my sisters Cassandra, Polyxena, Iliona, and I SEE!… So you have a lot of siblings on Earth… I didn’t have any friends, but Yeah! I do have a big
family! Argh! What are you even talking about? All she asked you was how
you came to Mount Olympus, not for your life story! Oh, Him! That’s the guy who brought me here! Hey, Hi! Aolos! Aelus ? Aeolos! He didn’t hear me… How embarrassing! I should go greet him, Wanna join ? We’ll pass on this one! it suits you so well Dionysus! Oh… It isn’t too much? It gives you so much panache! And, right after the ceremony, Zeus brought me this adorable little
treasure! I wish I still had my little baby… I love it Hera! So precious! He is so handsome, isn’t he? I think I’m gonna name him Argos! That’s such a beautiful name! I know! POSEIDON! Oh… Yes, Ladies? I think you are annoying them with all the “seismic activity”. I’m not responsible for that! Yo, next time you want to surprise your girlfriend, try a
classic: flowers, baklava, changing your appearance… ANYTHING! Like this? NO! Not a chicken! Be creative, maybe a swan… or… a WHITE BULL! A bull? How romantic! you’re quite a ladies man Poseidon! Hello Hello Mortal! I’m Hermes, nice to meet you! I just have some
questions, for “the Oracle”! Oh come on! You don’t have any human artifacts? Not even one? HERMES! Let him go! Go away Eris! Get him off me! Hmmm. Weird helmet! I said, LET HIM GO! GET OFF! And give me back my cap you thief! He got you Hermes! You are a thief! Me? A Thief? I’m just working… for “the Oracle”! The” Oracle”? You’re NOT an Oracle, Hermes! Yeah! You’re a fraud! Everyone please, Calm down! Look at him! What a weakling! Look at him! What a weakling! I’m gonna punch you so hard it’ll send you back to Earth! Yeah!? Go ahead! You big bully! STOP! Oh no… Ares! Hngh.. W-What happened? I think I liked him better when you made him go crazy. Athena! What have you done? What I have done? He was being a brute! Hera! Get your hands off of him Aphrodite! Argh! Enough! I’m so annoyed I could SCREAM! Look at this mess! It’s the human’s fault! I should have warned you. Mortals are monsters! She’s right! That boy started it! W-what?! What has he done to us? And what about the earthquakes? I told you! His place is on earth! No, It wasn’t my fault! Uh… I-It’s Eris… She did this… Oh no She didn’t mean for all of this to happen… It was just her powers! She used this poor mortal against us! That’s awful! I told you she was nothing but bad news! Eris? NO. Leave me alone! Don’t be mad at me, I had to explain to them… Why don’t you go back to wherever you came from! Mortal! But I… It’s no wonder you never had any friends. …Hey, can I talk to you ? I think… You may have been a bit harsh with Paris… So? I’ve done enough for him. He’s just a human! Well, He’s not the hero I was expecting either, but[…] Everybody was right! He doesn’t belong here. There’s no way! Eris… Don’t you think it’s hard when you feel like you don’t belong anywhere? He is lost… Far from home. This is all brand new for
him! And for one reason or another… He relates to you… He needs you! I have my own problems! Alright! But pushing him away will not help you either… Sometimes…you must take a step outside of your world in order to find yourself… Huh… Wisdom! Knock, knock, Olympus! The Aloads!


  1. Considering a very small team is creating this, i cantr imaging how a whole team would make :D, wonderful chapter, and hoping fo more :D, take your time, but not much XD.

  2. Welp here is my opinion as half Greek person living in Greece. I LOVED IT. I can see that the person who created the story really did research about the myths and showed respect towards them. Yes it might be inaccurate at some points but even myths themselves have different takes on them depending on who told them. I can see potential and the creator can explore different storylines cause there are so many different characters. Personally loved Athena. Also the greek I heard during the episode like "Καλημέρα" (Good morning) and "Τι έκανε;" (What did he do?) where a really pleasant surprise. Great accent especially on the phrase "Τι έκανε;" Keep up the good work and keep improving! ❤️

  3. When I saw u posted a new episode I clicked right away I always look forward to ur animations there AMAZING I love Greek methodology but u make it in a sense that it’s a whole new way of seeing their lives so thx for all ur hard work

  4. it's still really cute and fun to look at but the story doesnt really offer anything? like i dont get what im watching lol like what's happening??
    edit: ares and that cat are so unlikeable lmao

  5. Might want to work on moving your figures more s the you don't need as many cuts in your scenes. The scene cuts really confuse what's going on. Not to sound mean. Just a bit of constructive criticism.

  6. There is just one thing I wish you guys had. A bigger budget. This is a really cool idea, and great character designs. But more movement from the characters, and better background interaction would help it.

    If you guys were to get funding from Netflix would you start from scratch, or try to just add on.

  7. by the gods, I just saw this and I love all mythologies Greece and Norse are my favorite mythologies and my favorite god of greek is Poseidon and in Norse is Thor

  8. Such a Great Day Steven Universe Future comes today and now finaly we Hit the Second Episode of gods School thank you so much for Working on this Show. I can Imagine that it Must be Hard so thanks for still Doing it

  9. Alguna persona khe hable español:'c(??? Weno con tal me encantoo el episode Me gusta su animacion y de khe va la historia es muy Buena y me gusta sigan subiendo plis thanks 😊😊😉😉

  10. Ooook I'm on the mortals side on this….WHAT THE FLIP!? THERE WAS SOOOO much aditude towards this guy from the gecko and its true he didn't know or understand and now more people are snapping at him like queen/king snakes snapping there teeth at him…teens need to chill man x3

  11. This is pretty interesting. I hope they add Orpheus since he’s one of my favorite myths.
    Also I hope they add Ganymede to add some drama to Zeus and Heras relationship. Since Ganymede was the only mortal Zeus fell in love with and made him immortal to be the new cupbearer of the gods. All the gods loved him except Hera lol.
    He’s also the Aquarius constellation and a prince of Troy so I can see him becoming friends with Paris right away. Also can see him having his two hunting dogs as his pets.
    Oh and since he’s the cupbearer of the gods I can totally see him as the water boy for their sports team where he and Zeus can interact lol.

  12. Am I the only one that got hella hyped when hecate came in, she’s my favorite :,) it’s rare to see her also in other films/shows

  13. I really love this ♡ everything is soo beautiful and the character design is incredible ♡ can't wait for more episodes♡
    I'm so happy to find this series ♡
    hope you and your team are doing well and you have a great last month of 2019♡

  14. My only complain this time is fact voices are way too quiet compared to music or background and writing is still something that can be improved but outside of that i'm impressed one person was able to make cartoon on a level of those played on TV. This only proves cartoon studios nowadays got so lazy one person can compete with them and that's the best thing ever.

  15. Damn, I wish I could animate half as well as you. This looks better than a lot of what makes it to tv nowadays. Keep it up!

  16. I don’t even know the characters names lol. This is great work especially for something you do alone. Keep up the great work!!

  17. The art and voice acting are amazing, the pacing improved by leaps and bounds, and the characters and story are a treat! I actually was busy watching other stuff while waiting, so the wait actually felt pretty quick or me (was shocked the next episode was here already).

  18. Жалко что нету русских субтитров, вступительная серия показалась довольно интересной,но ввиду моего не высокого английского продолжить просмотр не могу(

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