Glowing 1000 Degree Knife VS Frozen -1000 Degree Knife EXPERIMENT (BELOW ZERO) (NOT CLICKBAIT)

mr. Gere they're always good video what the fuck thousand degree knife as firecrackers that would be fucking knots look at the thumbnail so this was versing firecrackers with fucking is it no that's not fucking it is it looks like a fucking shoelace did you put a sparkler in a shoe lice or a bit of licorice okay well I mean what's up next up next experiment vers la de there's a lot alot is there I mean it can't be as shitty as this one that looks awesome here it is I don't know where the other ones are maybe you'll get them out after it cuts this one that was that was skydiving fucking frizzy shit and actually looks fucking massive and retard Wow okay what's going on ladies and gentlemen today we're here to talk about nine videos 2015 early 2016 that's gonna be the year of the Counter Strike ninth early 2017 like 2016 that's the year of day we're here to monetize a second walk over here and let's get started so here's my knife step this is where it baring my stuff I've got a few things to you maybe maybe we're gonna chop in half with a thousand degree knife we've got my torch here that's that's for heating up my knife please help me maintain relevance I need to survive in this starving YouTube ecosystem the knife videos why they so popular how are they playing the YouTube algorithms oh I'd love to stay and chat but I got some fuckin money to make mmm I look so goddamn tired okay first he's fast safety fat fast Safety's number one quality okay I'm gonna advance so I could be clearly visible by mine cameraman so in case we not go with a Bunsen burner makes the fiber guy do need to be cold that'll get them right to the house room nice and quick okay that's enough gags with this I'm gonna put this down pull something calls the actual fucking police at Sunny trillion all right okay that's got its cooling down fast war come on you fucking bitch cut the cut now this is awesome oh there we go at the famous sidemount made famous by mr. Gere oh ha ha you're getting a film of this yeah no shit like a fucking compression session y'all Oh Oh boys maybe we should do a video where you fucking smoke a pony that can't just got spiked it's just fucking just mush all right next up yeah tennis balls also one apple in there there well it's Barney Rango now it's a rainbow – dumb cunt all righty let's fucking do it tennis bowling an apple oh-ho-ho Susan a lotta fuckin candy apple Wow what do people just do that that's the old cowboy talkin shit that's kind of better trash that looks like caramel apples on [Applause] okay haha oh well that's my life taste test you don't go down mr. Gipp ah bad my fuck the nice dice hot from Tom doesn't it like God thing go yeah yes I'm on a budget I don't have fucking 60 million video views on all right I mean here on the tennis bow oh-oh-oh-oh let's get the fucking oh that is it got something started or what right – okay well that's just awful okay well sorted that's on fire what the fuck is in the middle of a tennis ball what the fuck is that fucking Carl the engines today I'm backyard science we found out tennis balls actually have a whole a lot of flour material in the answer I'm just gonna gently touch this those are soaring to become look at that that's I think I should do more of this shit I think I should be the one to run the channel get this mister fucking gear out of here these shitty fucking dubstep garbage ah that's listen kids this way I don't like gardening buffs to a rodeo come over here fellas you're just going to pull out a knife fall fall just leave that one there here's one I prepared earlier all righty let's go straight into the fucking Jonah oh fuck me I'll cool it down cool it down get into that yogurt oh oh it's an ox down it I can just spit yeah look look piss water all right Oh bit of cellulite there fellas yeah good it's kind of rippling looks like an alien pussy your that ripple it looks like a bunch of frogs are gonna get birthed out of that fucking swamp juice yeah it stings shaking like a tub of jelly it was like a boss battle come on you fucking bitch square mmm tasty it's not bad it's not too bad welcome to welcome to ninja intermission Kakashi Sasuke oh dude you're no longer huzzah guy of the leaf village he'll get face fuck but fucking Sasuke's fireball look he's transforming thank God okay okay okay that's enough of that ah doo doo doo doo okay well he's um hinata hinata all right Yoshi Oh Yoshi getting filled up with fucking that's awesome come on strike to his head but he's covered in he's covered but it's a fucking compression session bro oh nothing like a good amoeba it's gonna be so many nerds getting pissed off that I Scott oh good noon afford it amiibo I couldn't even pay fucking $12 for an amiibo alright welcome to max mofo Pokemon today we are unboxing a brand new Yoshi amiibo this one is not for the original stuff this one's actually for Mario Party I think as you can probably tell by the red base I think I'm actually sure if this smells like a defect or something there's some sort of bobble maybe it's a bobble head maybe then I think it yeah if we actually it's kind of this it's kind of bit of shake maybe some other things if you put it on your car well it's fucking that's defect can't you guys have seen a loan-out you've probably seen a lot of thousand-degree glowing knife experiment challenge videos but well we're gonna show you today is something like you've never seen have you ever seen something below a thousand degrees Celsius we're talking sub-zero temperatures well this is a freezer that I've modified fuck it's cold here's one I prepared earlier that's pretty cold all right this is thousand-degree 9 veces – thousand-degree 9 all right we're gonna have hot knife I'm gonna get a fucking frozen knife let's see what happens I said let's sit hey fucking serious preparation wait a minute okay here we go yes that's fire meets awesome I was like shocked boy best Lavagirl something why don't you let us say 1000 degree knocks this hydraulic press now that would be a channel


  1. French vlogs have still not finished, just having a break to post this garbage. Also yes, my freezer goes below absolute zero.

  2. Absolute zero is 0K, -273.15°C, or -459.67°F. The highest possible temperature is 1,420,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,273.15K, 1,420,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000°C, or 2,556,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000°F.
    If you were to collide two knives at each of these temperatures they would definitely do something interesting.

  3. im dyslexic so i checked the date and thought it said 2019 and got so fucking excited but then realized max is fat now and reread the date and now i’m very disappointed

  4. Youtube is to strict nowadays people like you and ian can juat say to demonitization FUCK YOU #YOUTUBE

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