Future of Schooling

I want welcome to the fifth video on this channel and the topic of today's video is the future of schooling so rough things are happening and online education is coming and the people have becoming increasing and satisfied with the quality education you get in a conventional school a lot of people also are taking up homeschooling options because actually schools do not seem to cater that if you take the Masters concept where schools you are still mostly pop 99% children or 90% Israelis are going to a formal school who can't afford schooling or halves as near by them but they still ever basic stress over the education but this may not remain so in the next 5-10 years is they couldn't like this at least the face I live my peoples experience the schools is not that great and with the reasons for this is that the consumer and servicemen relationship so here usually what happens the service man virtual service and you paid a fee to the servicemen all the servicemen's payments that related to the quality of service you get but it's not justice so the case with schools in school so in fact it's like business with home and the choice individual performance comes into play which goes like how to determine the exact quality of the school service so the second reason is that the schooling structure is not that well I couldn't Islip current climate it doesn't change as fast as a world is changing around us right now so school may do schools may lose their vitality because in schools you're wasting out of your time studying things you don't really need to study and these days is not some place is not only essential to bring their schooling certificate your schooling is the backbone of our society because that's how things work you go to school then you go to college so these are my decimate like what should what will be the future of schooling this will disappear I don't think so I think the next decade schools are here to stay can't say anything about the gate after the coming decade like after 20 30 30 you don't know what because once anybody fast right now and because they are together but but I think for a piece next decade schools are here to stay largely them is still remained largely the place where people send their children to during their childhood teenage but what schools can do to the main fighter what constrains can inmate is in schooling to make them better vital and just a better option for people in general so these are the three things that things Jesus Jesus must have made in some countries genes have already been made but these are the three things which I think needs to be the opportune the basic story schooling like we have a base in school right now most countries you have some kind of factors to dentistry system of schooling they announced of somewhere around 12 to 13 years the country's earliest Coon started off five to six years ago to all them into 17 18 years of age the difference what kind of connective a basic structure is same and it's a better instruction so they can be in structure very mean structure but many many ways of school you experimented with in the 1800's in the seventeen hundreds but this is structure of schooling which even this was very very popular ten plus two is the very popular structure the English structure of schooling basically but the three things they think needs to change about schools first things time second is what they teach and third thing and how the beach and third thing is definitely the duration so what I knew my time time is definitely the amount of time they spend in schools so what happens here is that that in at least the country which I live dinner next six hours of schooling for six days I receive a high years from other countries so since our school for six days 36 hours a PK that's like an average American worker is to read it time for everything ago but it's like 40 hours a week so this is a very long schooling time and is who's to really provide everything people need to bring them bring build their carriers and second thing is that they also have homework so it's homework time made range from one hour all the three to four hours making it nine hours of walk time for six days making it making it 54 hours a week in Essen dong dong time for us to expand and then read not not read any benefits so I think that does system where you have like four hours of schooling for five days enough for me to allow children and students to have time to pursue other activities and pay their other pursuits enrolls more seriously rather than to treat depending on the schools to feed them everything and the test it a post should be the exclusion on kept enough or Susan of everything support person wants to become a lawyer and suppose expands montanus for specific penny cleaning some places post person Clio know how many sports person to learn a sport in school they feel they have to go of a masculine system many did not complete education across all schools across all types of schools or types of countries or taste of sports so you see these stories make this whose person have not the education or to some kind of open schooling or home schooling options to convict education to this test by the division is to lesser than four hours we take in five days a week twenty hours at least enough time enough times based in the schools this is not a big concentrated approach towards to increase quickly because our time's wasting assembly happens some some places some faces you have this lunch hour free PDR and all these kind of stuff which which curve is a lot of time so the division needs to be and this is only this could be formed by a convenience can give a context like four hours a week so numbers a day 20 hours a peak and know whom talked over there so that till you have enough and picked any time for the develop any country she expected these stats text second thing is which is what started how to start so right now is offer them on it is in most countries I'm not saying some countries it don't and the competition to remove Rasmus is system and therefore I'm I'm saying that moves contest should a way aim for some way from place you still have a marking system with like hundred mark so there or whatever marking kiba's there for the year all you have Marcos history what not it's a biscuit does it shift responsibility from a lack of performance from the school to the student and this clearly is a bad idea because the quality of education kids degrading in schools because the teachers are not he had a continuous school is not being held accountable select performance if money becomes if your child did not perform well this your small speed which I did not walk hard on this bishop truck their hands and say well this one's will be well start giving more and more homework to just to get the performance out of there instead of this seeing that it is a quality that good and there is not a profit equation involved appeal to just less and they're providing charging adoptions the parents and so on so theta teaching n has to be shift from competitive days to providing everyone education now why this community-based because schools are very much critical professional is very these basins of primaries hospitals schools not not to teach people but to judge which standard students they are finally is all about going to those parties nominations in cut is like Hong Kong India or just clean the stress and understanding for capability these students have and this doesn t anymore this the second thing is that I don't think the school should be about professional at all did you have so much depth in each profession that is very hard to give like one size fits all like you can just set my circle immense a better you've no monoi or whether you become better you become a scientist you will need the same education it's not true because the depth is so much these days even though you're having a five or six branches a constitutional law and family can be your lawyer these kind of things because the noise so much and the so many complications in that it is impulsive or similar project in knowing all of that this was not the case Tamir suppose this kind of the each and every cook case is getting more and more defects ample you know you're having more and more suffering so one size doesn't fit all anymore you have to shift the focus from providing people professional learning to in learning for them to be like the kind of the new pointed citizens for ICU citizens so that ability best Mexican stances even on being completely educated people who are completely we have studied that and tidy or the mandatory order or their school education people behave and illiterates if people are forced to be have led trips identify knowledge of computers I don't have knowledge of so many things I'm trying to gain that knowledge I don't know how to swim I don't know how to kind of do know how to apply I had to go somewhere else to them to try it so there was a problem this stupid taunted schools and this also kind of skills you want his citizens to have balance case you want to work first we have basic knowledge ins now pissing on it it's gonna be debated what are these essential skills basically Marshall economics people have to go to youtube and look probably do is teaching them how to do this stop talking how to do basic things haha what kind of savings they should have how to deep emotional stress sales how bizarre how how to go for disaster management the hump from the last American disasters price which way they should go on what I should do people don't know how to first basic first end so you this goes aims should be to provide people the training to get no villain I mean you get an army you can give in a particular training the same issues should give you training for life training to be a good citizen so that basic knowledge of science is quite busy self-knowledge a computer's acquired not necessarily how the particular compound is formed but more importantly what are the interested accusations what unites as a worker what he writes a citizen rescission crisis is not brought any place if a rancher who work on or not dot then things like how should should should oppose policies which like all the current things and not whole bunch of citizens who rightly behave or one onion for misuse information you take they must have to leave the situation now this comes apart where people have my object we say this settlement change can become very particularized what is taught is often the way the profession behaves are very powerful to persuade people so that winners problem necessarily this tests is a challenge but you won't be in circular you have to move on to have a neutral viewpoint just so hard to have because certain supercopa continents with no particular quality the environment now the third point is duration now schools lasts on the 13 to 12 13 11 years is a long time and lot of this was a teeny-tiny people can spend practicing a particular profession that's what's going to count in the end of the day the size of this say the professional skills should not be taught at schools that's not to play page for profit schools that's just a place to learn normal life skills it's a place where you should be able to them give you the platform to understand any kind of professional learning and I think for example take another medicine now it's the horse completes your thread loop dentistry system you complete 19 go for seven years of six years no medical course you end up age 25 but I think you came home you have no profession experience at that point you have just studying a school college is getting this like window view of the world and you're not faced and turn any deal take job whereas whereas if you look at other systems you can follow start studying at six ten years system a soupçon 210 divided you something on either way which we remove takes down all these useless things make it as short as possible so this is just complete ten years time by the Continental System or a chart on dinner 16 and train to coins so that by the time they turn 23 is an longest of course I must have completed because that's when the time people have the most energy in them when they're 23 22 that's a dude that's my creativity curve is highest for people that's when you want to tell you just SSG with you waste that youth is getting based into school and colleges which can be using much much more productive manner workforce or the later stage of college life so these are the three points you should just change and one of the basic selling potion have to mention here of schools is that social interaction because this personally I had a very bad experience with schools personally I do not enjoy being there just cause of school phobia and some illness I had because that I did not enjoy being in the schools but in the part I do I'm already bias here and simply then schools being for some people people are just even got into schools right now they don't attend schools right now some places aren't they explain the world which don't have schools so that's of course schools have products of interaction a basic before burning is a simple system but we have even simpler systems coming out there and the quality of teaching provided by a expert professor in an online course it's better more convenient to get that home then you're going to get referred to as COO and they're not wasting time a transportation or visiting money transportation but the basic culture exclusive culture now Chilean co-op descended to school and nowhere else the world has no a second way right now and the way is all out of the way so that's going to push this was true for next decade at least and you may start changing afterwards guess for today thank you watching

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