FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY HACKS || Useful Life Hacks With School Supplies by 123 GO!GOLD

When it comes to math class Mia knows
all the answers! No please don’t pick me please don’t pick me! Oh man! twenty-eight no yes
it’s 27 is that right? Amy over here! It’s 36 the next one is 36 okay got it
it’s 33 really well I tried I’ll fix it teacher pick me when it comes to multiples of nine you
literally just count to ten see then do the same thing but backwards
from zero to ten I feels good to be right definite please
I get it now I better write this stuff down before I forget well this trick doesn’t work for all the
times tables it’s always helpful to find patterns in the numbers to help you out
ah other day another fun project why aren’t they cutting there’s nothing
quite as frustrating as a pair of dull weak scissors Sophia can I borrow those
scissors please don’t think so you can be such a snob
okay so felt like going to tackle this well I do have these two molars maybe
these can work take two rulers like these and crisscross them like two
blades of a pair of scissors start cutting paper with them pushing them up
and down as you go down the page whoa how did you do that it really does work
all it takes is a little creativity and making use of what’s around you now
that’s what you’d call crafty Halloweeny
did you wait to the last minute to write your friend’s birthday card hey can I
borrow that pen Thanks shoot is Sofia spelled with an F or pH excuse me I was
using that pen well now nobody gets it wait how much
earth did you do that man how am I gonna finish this card now this
trick is super simple simply bite one end of the pen and push it with your
hand see how it falls out of Mia’s mouth ah the old coffee dribble on the white
shirt situation yikes lucky for heli all hopes not lost
check it out take a marker or pen and outline the
stains seriously stick with us here your clumsiness just
turned into a fantasy coffee island pretty impressive is it just me or is this way cuter than
the plain white t-shirt was before ever go from Netflix and chill to Netflix and
clothing malfunction don’t stress you can fix this just take
a pair of scissors and a pinch of creativity it feels good being helpful
doesn’t it place the torn pair of pants on a table in front of you fold them in
half so one leg is on top of the other find the corner sticking out that’s the
crotch of the pants that needs mending by making this rip even bigger you can
now place your entire head through it now put your arms through what used to
be the pant legs there now sleeves wow they actually fit pretty nicely and
there you have it a cute new crop top you can wear to work out in or lounge
around and watch more Netflix hey we don’t judge another day another boring
outfit I don’t have time to go shopping so I guess this look will have to do hey
girl wow you look fabulous where did you get that top I’m going to lunch and all
I have is this boring t-shirt do you think you could help me style this
outfit please alright I’ll help you out start cutting from the bottom up on the
front of the teeth OOP not too far now cut up the sides along the scene to the
armpits next flip up the flaps onto the shoulders and cut horizontally under the
folds of the back of the shirt cut the piece you just removed in half
vertically if you have glue handy go ahead and put
it along the bottom edges of the two cut pieces now press the edge evenly onto
the flipped up fabric pieces easy so far right after the glue is dried
grab the scissors again and cut it into a v-shape like so cut slowly to make
sure it’s even and on to the other side we go you did it
now put your new T on and tie it in the back
if this isn’t stylish I don’t know what is and you didn’t even have to step foot
at the mall this is a win for sure admit it you couldn’t have done it without me
yes girl Thanks if you managed to stay awake during
biology class you deserve a medal and Viki is definitely not going to pass the
exam coming up at this rate and down she goes oh this gives me a fabulous idea
while your friend is sleeping use this opportunity to give them a temporary
tattoo to do this use a red pen to create the open wound and outline it in
white to make it look more realistic woah how was it close one now to finish
it off I had some darker red marks inside to give the blood a more natural
look ma what I miss 7 plus 9 is a whoa Viki are you okay oh my gosh oh I didn’t
even know seeing blood makes Vicki faint double wham oh well I guess I better
help her up this next secret hideaway hack is
perfect for us ladies with outfits that don’t have
pockets with a glue gun go ahead and glue shut one end of the tube put a dot
of hot glue at the opposite end on top of the tube place a little snap on there
and press it on tight put another dot of glue on the bottom of the sock and
attach a piece of ribbon to it with the upper half of the snap attached to the
other end now loop this ribbon around the middle
of one of your bras and attach it to the snap up top I’m so happy we decided to
celebrate your birthday outside Sofia Mickey oh hi what are you waiting for
get over here okay if you’ve ever walked on grass with heels on you definitely
know this trouble I’m sinking into the grass I knew I should have worn flats
flex rewind things just for a second if you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for
outdoor fun try wrapping pieces of wax paper around the heels of your shoes
once secured place the heel on an another sheet of wax paper put on globs
of hot glue on the heel and around the base of it after it’s dry remove the
piece of paper and you’ve got yourself a little heel protector
watch out grass this fashionista is coming your way so next time you’re out
picnicking with your friends make sure to keep a pair of these in your pocket
pop those suckers on your heels and walk to your heart’s content
see no sinkage here and by the way that outfit is fabulous thank you happy
birthday Sofia oh that’s so cute a group hug


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  4. hey look at where she drops the coffee 3:04 it droped at the top of the shirt the look at it when she outline it it look like a perfect drop of coffee. so they swop shirt.

  5. The multiplication idea is AWESOME who would think of that? I have another say your doing 3 times 9 take your hands put the 3rd finger down, count what the number is add a 0 so its 20 count the rest of your fingers DO NOT add a 0 so your answer is 27 make sure you do not do it back wards (on your fingers)

  6. if you are at home or at a friends house cant you just use theirs and if your pants rip and you cut your pants to make a shirt you have no pants soo that don't work

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