From DNP to PhD at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

For our DNP to PhD program, we are really
looking for a student who wants to take the foundation that they’ve designed in
their DNP work and grow from that foundation. We really want them to be
able to take and augment that work into their next phase of either
implementation science or actual different types of methodological
approaches that grow the work for the same patient population, possibly you
know a population that increases or grows that body of knowledge. But we’re really thinking about
how do they leverage that prior work into this next phase of their studies. When applying with a prior doctoral degree, we’re really looking for a couple of things that help applicants stand out. We would love it if there is a prior publication from that DNP capstone. Some students are just finishing their DNP degree when they’ve decided to go back
for a PhD and that won’t be possible but we also love to see abstracts that have
been submitted to scientific meetings or presentations that have resulted from
the DNP capstone. All those are enriching kinds of activities that we like to see on the CV that help us discern one applicant from another. Finally we’re looking for an exceptional
research match within the School of Nursing. So if you’re planning to come and
study with us, we’d want you to look at our faculty,
look at what their methodological patient care or other research
expertise may be and to make sure that you’re suggesting a mentor when you
apply that has that expertise or that patient population or has the
intervention approach that you might want to work on with your with your community. When thinking about doing a PhD after a DNP we understand that
our students and our potential applicants are considering their prior
educational debt. That’s why we will fund all of our DNP to PhD students with
three years of full-time funding as well as a stipend to support, to offset some of the wage losses that they have valuing a
full time student so that they can have no additional educational debt after
their completion of the PhD program. In our PhD program, as emerging scientists, we want
our students to be exposed to multiple disciplines, multiple perspectives. We
want them to see the world through the lens of Nursing but also at the same
time understand the multidisciplinary perspective that an appropriate research
team often brings to a problem. So we’re looking at some innovative approaches
with our School of Engineering, our Carey Business School. We’re looking at
approaches with our Public Health School obviously with our colleagues in
Medicine to think about different approaches and strategies and we want to
expose our students across the spectrum to different disciplines, different
perspectives, different methodological approaches so that they are enriched by
their experience at Johns Hopkins.

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