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free NLP stay tuned. Damon here from NLP
Gym free NLP why am I doing this before i get into that if you haven’t already
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on a regular basis so why am I writing blog after blog every single day and
doing these videos every single day and why do I have a free online course on my
website what is this all about am I trying to
get you addicted to my content so that you want more and more and that you’ll
sign up for my every workshop hire me as your coach and this NLP business will make a lot of money
and i’ll be the most established and pretty much the only year round NLP Institute in Santa Cruz the
birthplace of NLP yes absolutely of course I am I wouldn’t lie to you in addition to that it will be is my
passion I love writing about it i love talking about it i love sharing it i
love doing these videos so that’s also the reason why I’m doing this and
healthy has helped me out in so many ways and it’s been the most
extraordinary model or methodology to achieve excellent results and create the
life you desire that I’ve found so far and i just want to share that with as
many people as I can just like a painter wants to once as many eyes looking at
his or her painting as possible just like a writer once everyone to read his
or her writing an engineer wants people to to use their gadgets that’s exactly
what i’m doing here is I want to share how NLP has helped me I want to help as
many people as possible and hope it’s not for everybody you know you might be
looking at you might be watching this video and you’ll say okay that’s great
that helps i’ll take that technique I’ll take that mindset and I’m going to go off with my life and
I’ll be just doesn’t fit for me that that’s perfectly okay if you can get
anything useful out of this please do some of you though will find that NLP
just makes sense just makes sense as a pathway just makes sense as a practice
and that pathways the pathway to self-discovery and as Bruce Lee always
said self-knowledge or knowledge all knowledge is self-knowledge so when
you’re discovering yourself you’re actually discovering the world around
you and when you’re discovering the world around you you’re actually
discovering yourself so this is just one way to do that there are many spiritual
practices there are many other types of practices like yoga and meditation all
things that I do and all wonderful things NLP is a different piece of that
it’s a it’s a way of understanding how we create the subjective reality that
appears to be objective reality that we live in and you can learn how to change
that which is to me the most extraordinary thing and when you do make
those changes which are really changes within yourself it will appear as though
the world around you changes that’s probably the most significant piece that
I’ve learned in NLP so far so enjoyed this content I’m glad you do whether you sign from
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to this YouTube channel and check out the workshop that we have coming up core
transformation taught by marc-andre us it’s coming up September 16 17 and 18 it’s going to be an incredible workshop
and i hope to see there and hope to see you have a future practice take care yeah

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