First Day of School

hmmm I don’t want to wake up. Okay five more minutes. Then I’ll wake up OMG! School! Okay New school new girl I can do this. It looks fine. It doesn’t look scary at all. Okay, maybe a little bit scary okay… No no no no I can do this. It’s gonna be fine Excuse me….that…that’s my lock… I just ..I Okay Okay, I’ll come back later Where is this class? WHAT THE…oh my God no no no this can’t happen I can’t be late. I can’t be late Hey, you need help? Hey yeah, I’m trying to find my chemistry class. Yeah, it’s right over here. Oh, oh wait Which one? No, no right there. Over there? Here I’ll just show you. Thank you. No problem. Wow hot guy alert. I think I’m in love. Oh my God. What if our love story starts in high school? He’s so CU… MOVE! Hey Boo. Hey. Of course he’s with a hot girl. Anyways… (mumbling)…It was so fun. Like last night when we went out…it was like… (UGHH) Barf Welcome everyone to the first day back to school. Please don’t make me introduce myself, please don’t please don’t please, please, please. We do have a new student with us. Miss tia. – Hi Tia, tell us three things about yourself. So we can get to know you Hi, everyone umm…I want to be a professional working actress in the future and I have a ummm…a German shepherd I love dogs and and…My name is Tia That was two things (crickets) Umm..excuse me? Do you have a pen I can borrow? Uh…yea you can use this one. I’ve another one. Thanks, I’ll give it to you after class. Don’t even worry about it. I have another one that I can use. Thanks. Lunch time maybe I can share this pizza with some people Okay…where should I go? …There’s no seat there. Okay. You know what, it’s fine…Whatever. (MUSIC) Hey, you’re in my English class. Yea. I’m Tia. Riya. So how was that…Hey! So you don’t need my help finding your class anymore? No…but thank you again for yesterday. Oh and Riya this is… Chad? Yea..Riya. We have math together. (Voices fade) (Voice Over) A Small act of kindness can go a long way. You end of with friendships, you thought wouldn’t have ever happened. Expect the unexpected they say School is a scary place trust me I was the new girl once. I found some really awesome people who became my closest friends and still are to this day There’s a quote that. I always remember. It’s the friends We meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey. So don’t be scared. This growth is a part of life. Just remember one thing. Adoption is such a beautiful thing


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  2. Why is your vidio soo reacelizable oh ya dan and riya
    That speech was very inspiring I try to fit in but after hearing thaT I'll try be me

  3. Thank you for all of this I wanted to change my self at first but now I know to be my self thank you so much

  4. "hey do u have a pen I can borrow?" "Yea u can have this one" thanks I'll give u 2 after class"

    what! Why can't she just use her own pen she has two more

  5. Ryan is going on with me and I will send you 😊😊😁😊😊 g us know if we can get you 😊 t you have a great time and I will make a great addition to my account and the family are doing to you and the family have a great weekend as well as always thank you so much for the invite but you can come over for the game if you are interested and I will be at work tomorrow at noon and I can get a copy of it to you and you have a great sent you a message to the gym lol I have to be there for

  6. tbh that was me in middle school we had to put our things in lockers that had locks and I never knew how to open combinations but then in highschool I was more used to it but we had a choice we could take our stuff with us and carry it with us which was a better option for me middle school I was such a nervous girl lol

  7. I love how the bring some characters from Dan and Riyas channel thanks for the inspirational meaning at the end

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