Finland's education success

remember on the outskirts of Helsinki the Rani's are getting ready for school with aromas and Tina have four children three of this hungry bunch are all educated at their local state school for the girls it's a short walk away for brandy Mackey comprehensive is a secondary and primary school rolled into one the first lesson about school in Finland is relax take your shoes off when you arrive and when you get into the classroom call your teachers by their first name newbies go ask it double this is Mariana and because her pupils stay at the same school for so many years she's been their teacher for most of their school life I'm like crawling up with my children by student and I see the problems what they probably have when they are small when they come to school and now after five years I still know and I still see what has happened in in their fields what is the best things what they can enjoy directly okay I tell the math I'm their school mother learning foreign languages here is seen as key these 11 year olds French is not their second but their third language and when they're 13 some will speak a fourth but in Finland success is not measured by winners and losers learning is more like a team game the best and worst pupils in any subject are taught together controversial may be but something they say works it's very important to have if everyone the same class but of course that creates a problem every now and then because there there are some that are really really princes in English they're fluent in English they they they're very good and then there there are some need needs special attention but of course we tried to give that to them giving pupils extra help is standard practice in this class there are three teachers in SUNY teach a double lesson Marvy just works with those who struggle and it's the teachers here that would make any education secretary go green with envy they're the key ingredient why in a subject like science the Finns school so high-quality Barbaria teachers all have to complete and master's degree Trust is important here in PE the kids head off unaccompanied for a long cross-country ski and their effortless ease in achieving quality education is shown off by one statistic children here do the least number of class hours per week in the developed world and the best results what is the secret of Finland's education success the head teacher gives his teachers much of the credit but another reason is the T word again trust this time in him nobody a sight is saying that you have to do like this or like that and and the feeling is that they trust us this is my school it's not the politician schools in countries are the UK in the u.s. education is built around the idea of competition some schools will succeed and some won't incredibly though the results at this school in Helsinki are virtually the same as any other school in Finland and that means there's no such thing as a failing finished school Finland success has kick-started a kind of education tourism more than 100 foreign delegations visited last year but the woman in charge admits there's still room for improvement Venus system it supports very much those pupils who has learning difficulties but we have to pay more attention also for those pupils our who are very talented and now we have started a pilot project about it also that how to support those pupils who who are very gifted in somewhere else we called on one of the country's biggest success stories what do Finnish businesses want for the future for the Finnish mobile phone giant it's about maintaining high standards in the core subjects and consistency across the workforce what we want the education system in Finland to continue doing is to keep a very good level in mathematics science and technology related subjects being in a classroom with less talented people it makes you as a talented pupil able to teach the other ones to work in a group with different kind of people and to accept diversity master division head came down and they sang concepts so back to the Rania x' and the youngest in their family Finnegan fit also is six and like all children in Finland he won't start at proper school until he's 7 no me not on my thinking that by then he'll be itching to start classes but in the meantime its lessons with mum at home how was your day at school today I really liked them Dexter's present like Tina's spaghetti bolognaise Finland success is part homemade it's very interesting you hear what they've done they have a culture here of valuing education and parents know they have a key role to play to their sort of fun trying Alan if you can say so that their parents and then the kids and then this to school and the Theatre Centre and Glavine active dialogue to finish systems I think I to encourage that and I think at least in our score and explain it why the Finns score high isn't easy unlike other European countries Finland has very little immigration so when pupils start learning language isn't a problem but their system success is built upon the idea of less can be more when you have relaxed schools free from politicians when nobody gets left behind you are led them some barrage BBC news in Helsinki


  1. The Education System sounds Great.With the Great Education system,What are the Great Achievement of Finland?Anything noticeable?what I heard is only about Nokia and Angry Bird….is there anything else??just curious to know….what actually this Great System Produce at the end of the Day n does it make Findland a Great n Popular country?

  2. I really want this system in India their educational system is useless and prevents use of creativity I am in grade 10 and I am being harassed by Sri chaitanya techno school and I desperately need this

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  4. It's not that the system is better, the students are better. Schools in Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands and Canada have completely different systems but they still fare just as well in PISA tests. Intelligence is inherited and can't be taught.

  5. Danke für dieses tolle Video. Mach weiter so. Vielleicht gefällt dir mein Kanal auch? Grüße Chris

  6. I am so proud that i moved to the usa when i was 4 !
    Then i wouldnt have the queens english shoved down my throat, unlike in usa where you take your time.

    I am afraid of english yet i still use it

  7. Italian school sucks. Seriously.
    For example, we have non-stop lessons from January (7th) to June (6th) and I got exams this year, so I finish the 1st of july…

    Then, we have 3 months of vacations. They're too much.
    Also, italian school is one of the hardest…

  8. They don't mention here that Finnish teachers make 89 percent of the salary of their upper quartile Finnish peers.  In the United States teachers make less than 60% of their upper quartile American peers.  (Do not know what it is for the United Kingdom).  The narrow salary discrepancy in Finland makes an enormous difference for recruitment of top university students.

  9. don't promote immigration. the Finnish system may fail. exchange student is ok. but immigration should be controlled and not full blown. 

  10. Theres a lot of homework in Indonesia and with a killer teachers..
    Finlan education I think very homies, it seems like the teacher never get mad of student who not understand, coz they know, they have makes the student understand. And teach very patient and slowly..
    If Indonesia use that system I will appreciate it.

    I'm steessed out of this fvckin homework !!

  11. +chris chung LOL, "honorable titles"? You do realize that Finns hardly ever use any kind of titles, even at work when talking to the boss? Only in the military and when talking to the president, or ministers and such.

  12. its good education. as a Fin i still wonder why is swedish mandatory, and what if im atheist why do i need to take christian classes

  13. There are very low levels poverty and diversity in Finland. This is why we could not implement this system.

  14. I'd like to see them introduce some disgruntled African-Americans who remain marginalized from hundreds of years of past slavery, many undocumented immigrants fleeing violence in Mexico, poor White people who can only afford to feed their kids Cheetos, and the tension and between these groups…then see how they do.
    Like most Finnish success, this probably has as much to do with being a tiny country of uniform White ethnicity that nobody goes to, as much as anything about taking off your shoes and calling a teacher by given name. Put these teachers in USA and let them try to even find an apartment to live in, pay the bills, and negotiate the different cultures!
    Ooh, they learn 3 languages! Yeah, I speak different languages just going into the Hood!

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