[Fill ver.] Weki Meki 위키미키 [School Attack 2019]

Who is the star who came to school attack? Hello~Hello~ Let’s get crazy Hello ~ This is Weki Meki. Awesome ~ Overflowing juicy atraction Plump Bouncing girl group
with various charms Powerful teen crush!
They caught our eyes and ears! Weki Meki Attack Ready! School Attack 2019
Welcome to Attack Star – Weki Meki. Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Send me a reply ~ Hello ~ We’re Weki Meki. (School Attack) I really wanted to, after watching Mamamoo’s attack … First of all, my biggest concern is … Our members are so Is it loud and lively? Can we identify ourselves because we can’t control it? I can sneak in very well ~ Lua ~ No ~ What do you see me as? Infiltrating posture is first class! Then I can hear you ~ The school to attack today is Gongneung Middle School. Gongneung? dinosaur? Misunderstanding caused by similar pronunciations? Today’s attack school in Nowon-gu, Seoul A place to learn true, strong and wise Educational community to create together! Gongneung Middle School We have a customized mission for Weki Meki before school. Customized? First mission!win the ball set of 3! Oh! ball? The first round is baseball! The second round is basketball! Round three is soccer. I’ve got myself playing ball! I’m not confident in playing balls! The last winning member designates two stragglers! a dropped member? Successful members move safely by car Please come to school by yourself for drops I don’t like it ~ Mental breakdown! I don’t know who wins, but thank you. Thank you ~ It’s starting ~ Round 1, baseball rules! 1. 7 individual exhibitions 2. Hit one of the dolls on the table with a baseball. 3. One member who failed to meet until the end is eliminated! Easy! Will it be? The staff are laughing Weki Meki’s baseball skills? Let’s start in earnest Eli No. 1, to keep pride (?) I will match the biggest doll. Bread popping ~ challenge! Interfere! Yes ~ Look carefully! The ball left from Elison! indeed? The direction was correct, but the force adjustment failed Slightly miss The members expected Ellie’s failure ~ Too bad ~ Pride hurts ~ This is hard 2nd challenger ~ Lua ~ Are you nervous? Oh my god ~ My legs are relaxed in tension … The angle full of will! Threw! Tuk ~ Degur Baseball hid under the table Lua Upset ~ What should our members do ~ Sit down and laugh ~~ Soon. Next pitcher, full of confidence! Fly exactly Whack ~ Hit ~ Did you see it? It is perfect to three money Did you see it? I said the ball is confident ~ Next step, Doyeon! You don’t have to take your feet off the line? Ohh! Hey ~ What is it? Sneak forward Trick ~ Unique location selection using long base! Will Doyeon’s tricks shine? Boom ~ Swipe the target exactly! Freedom God Doyeon! I need to catch the ball well (success?) The challenge continues! Repeated failures! Should we narrow the streets? Yes! Yes! challenge! Eli’s second earnest challenge! It’s a falling ball! Pom SA Foam Optimal Positioning The form is first place! What’s Rua’s challenge? Correct posture, unable to control strength Too funny Well to follow Doyeon’s success! I don’t think I can … A ball that flows sideways You are going to be this time! (Yeah?) Believe and throw! Can’t even get around … Only laughter … It is a solo exhibition, but we are supporting together Lina failed It’s not easy ~ Can Weki Meki come to school? Once again adjusting the distance Very close If you hit it in front, it’ll fall Yes ~ Success ~ Finally Ellie succeeded! Yoojung & Lina succeed in succession! Only two members left! Lua, Lucy Lucy: I have to win … Looking down Sister ~ I crossed the line! If you don’t do this, really … Wow ~ Lua, dramatically successful! Round 1, Lucy eliminated Round two. Irregular basketball! 1.3 to 3 Team Match 2. No general basketball rules, all team members must score 1 goal to win Three team members are eliminated! Super Speed! Team division Lua: I want to team up with Sister ~ I don’t want to do it with Lua. Team A: Lina, Do Yeon, Oil Well VS Team B: Elie, Say, Lua Preparations Si ~ wait a minute! start! Irregular basketball! start! Run ~ Run ~ Rule NO! Ellie Assault! A game close to stealing the ball! It’s mine ~ Ball Stills! Goal as it is? No ~ Goal ~ Team A 0: Team B 1 Fierce competition Do not lose weight Block the goal with your head ~ New! What is it ~ This bite and rush! Through the pressure defense success! Udangtangtang Team A 0: Team B 2 Crisis Team A! Mark one by one Like funny … Take the ball ~ No ~ Dana ~ Mess! If you fall, get up again ~ Run This time, during an engineering shooter Do-yeon’s goal for the careless break! Team A 1: Team B 2 it’s too hard! 2: 1 Even if it is hard, win and lose must be masked! Don’t go ~ Lina! Run ~ A kind referee Lua is moving to the post Thanks to Lua, Rina scores easily! Team A 2: Team B 2 Kya ~ Goalposts collapsed due to overheating Sorry ~ Stamina, discharge Lua: I’m going to die hard to get my sister off You brought the goal (to the opposing team) ~ Really? Lua fell in love with the game On the goal that Lua dragged Rina’s Goal Success! I’ll check it in the middle ~ Each team, one person left Let’s go to fight fairly! What is this? Bread blast The game for the last goal! 1,2,3 The oil well occupies the ball which floated high! Let’s go! I try to pull hard, Well goal! Team A wins! You should have missed the ball ~ shaking Yoo Jung, Do Yeon, Lina / Round 3! Last game! Soccer 1.3 Individual Exhibitions 2. One is kicker and one is goalkeeper. 3. 3 chances per person, the player who scores the most goals wins! No extra games? Yes ~ No ~ No loser revival? No ~ Lua “Fairy” let you know the start of the game ~ Round three! Shootout let’s begin. “Loua Fairy” which announced gorgeous start with advanced technology First kicker, oil well What are you doing ~ Long standing goalkeeper, Do Yeon! Where are you? First try! Choi Yoo Jung! Cheering to avoid falling Honestly right angle kick Power shot with the goalkeeper Well done! Yoo Jung ~ I walked to you ~ Second try! Doyeon stopped! Bang! It’s alright ~ You’re doing well! Last try! Shot Goed in! Yoojeong ~ 2 goals! 2nd kick taker, Doyeon Doyeon Kim! Doyeon Kim! I’m scared ~ Let’s go ~ Run as hard as you can Ball exactly into the gap Lina, what if you crouch ~ I’m scared ~ I’ll show you another scary shot ~ Prepare and shoot ~ Goal bent and bent Doyeon’s last challenge! Gather all your strength and shoot! Goal! Too good! You guys ~ Eli’s support to avoid falling out The last kicker, Lina! Well-picked golf picker, oil well What is Lina’s first shot? A ball hit into the net and rolled out The second strongest shot? Well of the oil well! Lina, eliminated! Yoo Jeong & Do Yeon, Finalists To my dreams ~ Live your dreams ~ Go ~ With long legs and goal breathing No goal! Attack right away without a break! Doyeon’s confidence with confidence! Let’s see. Who do you lose? Oil well’s final challenge! Rest a tempo ~ Shoot! A precisely dug ball This time, Doyeon kicks the ball My friend, it’s so scary ~ Are you shaking? Are you struggling to stop everything? Powerful and sharp attack! I stopped it! The oil well blocked the fast ball with bare hands! Put your mind on pain Doyeon’s second challenge! Take it ~ Goal! Great toes! If you go like this, oil well victory? Everyone, I’m cheering on you. Winning and losing in the last shot Power Shooting! Losing your sense of direction! Final winner! Well ~ Follow Yu Jung ~ The members are so funny! Don’t hold back ~ You want to enjoy the victory ~ congratulations Yoo Jung, the No. 1 mission member of the school, will pick two members. Choi Yu Jung is pretty! First off, teams like basketball, Lina and Doyeon. Where is that ~ Here it is ~ Word of the first place rules soon! Lina: Please push the underdog from behind. Don’t do that ~ I’m nervous ~ Let’s draw first place oil well! Tense moment Creepy sprouts ~ Draw location, selection complete Holding on Elder drop member Ellie Heart was in appeal, but failed delivery! Yoo Jung: I think Ellie will come to school because she is in good shape today ~ Ellie ~ Come on! Make the next person a good finder ~ Well changed her heart with Eli’s words I … Gilchi ~ It’s fun to find no way ~ Speaking of anxiety What is your choice for Eli? Second Lack, Say Say Frustration Members leaving behind and leaving behind Ball or kick ~ Two people working on a ball Chongdang ~ Ellie, body gag. Still, his physical strength is No.1 Let’s go to school now! Are you leaving like that? No greetings? (Seoul) Yujeong Choi I’m you ~~~ I picked it … Yoo and Lee are heading to school. Let’s do a school search? Middle school students would be younger brothers than me … Lucy was a middle school student before … I was excited to go see my brothers It’s going to be hard to come in the rain! Really, I’m happy not to fall behind ~ On the other hand, the members of the stragglers are finding directions Gongneung Middle School! It’s out ~ Far away ~ Location is complete ~ Let’s move now! Full of care Giving the weather too I’m glad I was with Say. Trust me and follow me ~ Oh! Arrived ~ Success team vehicle entering school gate Students ~ I’m not going to class now ~ Don’t you know if we’re coming Go ~ I can hear you in class ~ Avoiding students’ eyes, successful members arrive at headquarters Two people who came to the alley through the main street It’s uphill here It was hard It’s been a long way uphill. Right ~ Let’s brag to students later It was good to go to school together ~ Good but a little hard back Right here? I don’t think it’s here ~ Right here I’m in front of school. We arrive smoothly in front of the gate! Like rain waiting for two people, pouring rain Entering school Pretend you don’t know … I’m giving up my camera, When are you coming? Waiting for dropping members You can’t be caught ~~ Lost at school I don’t know the school structure Where should I go? It is not easy to move in the pouring rain At this time, the alarm bell ringing to school I think I’ll be caught We tried to enter the back door … I can’t get stuck because the back of the school is also verb I can’t stay still! Rush once! Students choose the back road to avoid eyes Hey ~ Sit ~ Sit ~ It’s better to pass fast ~ Avoiding eyes from students ~ Speed ​​UP Where are you? Where is the school attack headquarters? It’s here! Found headquarters Who’s coming over there ?! Wait a moment Fortunately, I turned around Pretend to be a teacher! Hide the camera ~ Get in quickly! The door doesn’t open well in a hurry come! Close it quickly ~~ Why are you caught? I saw the student, but I don’t know if he saw us. Fortunately, it’s raining … I hide it by an umbrella If it didn’t rain, we arrived in one minute ?? Siren Congratulations! Stack ~! What are we doing now? Siren Authentic attack mission! Are you ready? YES Confident voice! Mission: Find the hidden attack light in school and announce the beginning of school attack! Attack Light? Students are just walking around. Attack. Ah ~~ Spine creepy What is this ~ I think it will be fun ~ This is totally invading school! What is this … a public bread or a mission? 007 Mission! Wow ~ (public bread) Calm down ~ Then, we need to find this ~ This is so fun! How to proceed 1. All missions must be completed within 30 minutes. 2. 3 members challenged! 3. Look at the photo to find the place where the keyword is hidden. 4. After the combination of the hints, you must find the attack light in the final place and return to headquarters. I like this so much ~ 5. At the headquarters, when all members press the attack light button together, the attack starts! Secretly ~ Greatly ~ uh! I have a picture ~ I’m curious about my head forward ~ Terribly curious First place: Stairs going up to 3rd floor? And library I need to remember the number ~ It’s a book number ~ Where is your third mission? 3rd place: the headstone at the entrance of the school? I’m so nervous … So who will go? I! First of all, someone who can make good analogies … you! You must go unconditionally ~ You look smart for some reason I was good at that ~ I really want to go! Retreat Search Specialist But somehow you’ll be caught! Hi! I’m passionate right now ~ Raise your hand if you want to! If so, me too? Understand ~ Yeah ~ Three do it ~ The youngest line! Lina, Lua, Lucy I hope you have a good time. You shouldn’t be caught Oh! I feel like I’m trembling Luya ~ You save your words! Tired worry of stops … Flutter What’s inside? Walkie talkie Wow ~ that’s it! Too much passion! Bodyguards wear … Who is so? Can I wear it like this? Sisters who can’t understand Lua’s behavior Try to turn around! Here are some pictures Lua, I don’t think so … (worry) If not! I’m looking for a library! Let’s decide where to go Ah ~ You’re going separately! Thrilling ~ I’m a library! Where are you going? It doesn’t matter anywhere … How is your sister? Gum in thought to go mission! I don’t know! ~ I see your gums! Excited! Lua goes to the central staircase ~ Lina goes to the headstone ~ Go to the central quarter What do you do if you can’t reason? I will cooperate with the members ~ Microphone test time before attack mission Can you hear me? over! I can hear you ~ Microphone testing 1,2 … 1.2 Walkie talkie! I want to be a bodyguard too ~ I feel like agents ~ Cute Please leave ~ Go! If you have a good student ID, you can hide it. But where are you really here? Lua needs to talk down ~ (Worry) Luoya … you are the third and fourth floor stairs! The rain hasn’t stopped yet Lina: You two have to go to school, so here is the door? Lua: I’ll go towards the central staircase Lua: I’m going to the center staircase This picture is … very … These boards are usually in the middle of school, in the middle of school … Why is school so wide? I’m here ~ Headquarters team received school layout The library is on the first floor! Yoo Jung: The library is on the first floor ~ Oh~ The library is on the first floor! relay! Okay. over! Physical education department? Wait, I’m outdoors, where should I go? Layout not listed outdoors I do not know the outdoors! I think we should go from the playground! The playground? Should I go through the playground? Lina sister! Lina sister! Excited with loud voice ~ I found it ~ Lucy found it! Lucy found it! The place Lucy found was “Outdoor Monument”. This is a good person … Lucy ~ Lucy, are you alive? Lucy is alive. After an English-only classroom, a health room, and a physical education room, There is a library ~ Enter the campus ~ over Ha ha ha I can hear footsteps now. over I’ll be quiet ~ Noticed Carefully looking around Something … I think the student is coming this way. Library found over Lucy discovers the first floor library Everyone! Members! You don’t know where the final place is yet? I found a hint, The hint says “sa”? four? A little while ago, Lina found her first mission Same as picture Hint GET! Lina’s First Letter “Sa” Are you worried about the other members? Classroom window scan I’m in class right now ~ What should I do? Oh my god ~~ I hear the students ~ Linaya ~ (Radio from Headquarters) Don’t come to headquarters, go help other members ~ Turn back in front of headquarters Go to Lua and find me. Only Lua Worry Only Team Lua ~ Where are you? Where are you now? Stair side … 2nd to 3rd floor! Wow ~ amazing I think I’m on a real mission Lua moving from 3rd to 4th floor It’s not here ~ Not here … Wrong This is not a staircase ~ I think it’s the hardest Lucy, please report the situation. Over ~ Ah ~ cute What did you talk about and over? 쫌 Do you think it’s over? Looking for a book. over! Lucy is in the library, looking for it. That’s right … Right ~ Long books in each corner ~ 813 Where is 2 ~ 4 Self-talk Lucy struggling alone in the library 2 … 52 … 2 is here … Where is the book I’m looking for? Uh ~ 813.6012 … Lucy finally found the book? Wait, what is this? What happened to Lucy ??? Headquarters members focus on floor plans Here … the third floor … Do-yeon listening carefully to radio contents OH MY GOD! Why? ! @ #! @% $ # @ $ I’m scared ~ The main character who surprised the members was Lucy. I found a book ~ The book … …… Lucy’s Book Counting And Lina’s voice Sister ~ What should I do ~ Wait a second ~ I think I met my eyes Where is here? I think you’re wrong now. ! #!% # @% ^ $ ## $% A little scary laugh All these sounds …. creepy Guys, just come! What do you think will happen? Just come ~ I can hear it urgently. Hello ~ Yes ~? I’m on the central staircase, so I found it here Place in the picture ?? Lua found the bulletin board in the middle of a question during the live coverage of the question. Listen to anything … Oh ~ chapter? Lua’s second letter “chapter” CEO President’s room? No … Ah wait! Isn’t it here? range? Yes! Shooting range! Guys! Go to the shooting range! All insane … Physique I didn’t do well There’s a shooting range next to the health room. Is there a physique next to the health room? I heard something wrong. It’s a physique. The final place passed on to lost Lina Is it by the health room? Escape to popularity Ah ~ Lua! Lua coming down from the second floor ~ Lina wandering from the first floor It’s all about popularity Now find each other ~ I thought you were a student ~ Anyway, I met Lua & Lina I met Lua’s sister. over I’m looking for the final place, but our office, the broadcasting room … Are you in the studio? If you are in the school office, Come to the broadcasting room And, past the library … There’s a shooting range I think we can go all the way here I met Lua’s sister, so let’s go to the shooting range. Do you have a shooting range? Misunderstood as a physique alone. I’m a female teacher’s lounge and a technology room. Where to go from here Technical room … Why are you going to the other side ?? You have to go the other way, sir! Relocating Right … over there I’ve been there before … Nothing? Lina: I’m on the move again now. At the moment, I met Lucy. Mission members, all merged I have to go quickly and accurately … I’m running out of time right now Please hurry up a bit ~ Let’s run ~ Ur ~ Duranburn In front of English-only classrooms. In front of an English-only classroom? English-only classroom … is it here? I’m near there. Can you see the health room? Yes ~ I see the health room ~ Health room … forward … sneaky Guys, there’s a porch next to the English class. Come out the front door ~ The reverse … the entrance … the entrance … Came out. uh? Do you see our headquarters? ??? Why did you come to headquarters? We came out from the dream room … I asked you to come out ~ But when you come out, headquarters. Well, come out and go back to the building! Now, I can’t go because of the rain. I have to go through all the rain. Sparta! The youngest three people through the rain Do you have a mission, do you have an umbrella? Good youngest guys under an umbrella You don’t have to get your hair wet ~ It’s about to be lunch The shooting range is on the other side, not on the headquarters and the playground parking lot. It’s hiding in the corner! Isn’t it here? range? Ah ~ I found it. range! Arrived at the shooting range. Go in ~ Go in ~ Lua & Lina & Lucy entered the shooting range. Now, we need to find a box here What … Siren? Attack Light! Find the attack light and come to headquarters ~ There are 9 minutes left. You must take the mission to take the box. Another mission? Frustration Attack mission that’s not over Specially prepared for the universal stone weki Meki. Final mission: Shooting Game You must take at least 8 out of 15 targets to take an attack light! Can you succeed in the mission? Are you already a shooting national team? Posture … Misdeeds Shooting a gun in the air Too fast ~ 8 minutes left There are eight minutes left for the students to flock ~ Oh ~ It’s really over. I don’t think so. There are kids coming out 5 minutes early because it’s lunch time. That was me ~ The teacher is in class ?? I’m sorry ~ Hurry up ~ guys ~ However, shooting does not look endless! Because of quiet members, headquarters with severe anxiety What should I do? Please let us know what your mission is ~ Shooting game. shooting Hey ~ Can I go ?! You go fast ~ I don’t think they can do it ~ I’m only 6 minutes away Please come Doyeon Yes ~ Leave the radio ~ What if I can’t find a shooting range? Oh~! I think I’ll be caught for some reason Then, until Doyeon comes … Failure continues and … Person who does not know gun completely appearance! Posture No, how do you guess this? You have to look and shoot here Hurry up your mind! Go out with a crushed umbrella! Where are you? We’re only waiting now. Headquarters I’m nervous ~ Let me know your time soon ~ 3 minutes left now 3 minutes left ~ What’s going on? Doyeon, just started. The meat I’ve met is gone ~ Fortunately, the fish you visited well (?) Doyeon sister fight Ambitious muzzle Can we really match this time? Failed ~ Not easy for Doyeon (3 successes) Doyeon: I don’t think I needed to … 2 minutes left In anticipation of all, the last shooter! Reena I’ll fix it soon. I’m sorry. Oh ~ success There seems to be hope If you’re not on a mission, please come to headquarters ~ People who aren’t on a mission say head over to headquarters? Me and Lucy Let’s move on ~ Let’s all go ~ Are you leaving me? fighting! 1 minute left .. 1 minute What should I do? Remain in support of the shooting mission please There is not much time. 1 min! Okay ~ Finally, Lina hits the last eight shots 1 minute left to complete the mission Please check the drawer on the right 3-1 Please check the drawer on the right ~ We’re failures ~ Run and run ~ Find the Attack Light Found Finally find the attack light success! 30 seconds left ~ 30 seconds I’ll succeed. 20 seconds left, run a little bit better ~ No camera angle 20 seconds left ~ Luckily Doyeon & Lua Come ~ Fortunately, the. Lina and Lucy are still on the shooting range. I thought you brought the attack light. Im here. Well done Fortunately, just after Good job, hard work So is it a success? Congratulations to all of your successful missions. Success celebration I’ve struggled, really ~ Should I press now? I want to press quickly Before the attack starts! For Weki Meki members who have successfully completed all missions Delicious lunch special menu “chicken” is ready. Chicken party! A love dance for chicken I will enjoy this food. I will enjoy this food. Once warmed up by smell looks delicious Lucy, close-up of eating chicken … Anyway it tastes good ~ Taste of shoulder dancing Oh, this is a gel ~ Chewing, tearing, tasting and enjoying It’s delicious ~ Should we fight with a chicken? For school attack! Fighting Relief with Chicken! School Attack! fighting!! It was so delicious! Chicken does not betray siren Sounds like a disaster alarm? Did you finish your meal? Yes ~ Together, let’s hit the attack light and let the attack start. Guys! Collect your hands! Bluetooth hand in hand? If you press this, the alarm will sound here Wait a minute! Don’t press ~ Will you press while slogan? okay Weki Meki! LET’S GET CRAZY! Attack light is on siren To attack your heart School Attack 2019 starts now. happy! School Attack is here ~ It’s a real school attack ~ Grabbing my trembling heart Cheers for the start of the school attack Hello friends ~! Intense welcome Good morning Welcoming Weki Meki all over the body Crush-Weki Meki LET’S GET CRAZY! Good morning! Weki Meki. Nice to meet you Yoojung: Our Weki Meki goes to school attack I came to Gongneung Middle School ~ Is it fun? Yes ~ Pleasant laughter in hot cheers Are you surprised? This surprise is welcome. The reaction is so hot Drive this momentum Would you like to hear the next song? Picky Picky Do you know? Yes ~~ Next Song Picky Picky Have fun together Picky picky This time, our weki Meki and students It’s time to play together properly ~ today! Low world! tension! Like you Low tension in the world Are you ready to play? The corner with you Catch up on Weki Meki Point choreography! Low World Tension! Warm up The song we’ll be together today The choreography song is Tiki-Taka 99% hand gesture Bean sprouts dance which radiates freshness Tiki Taka is so easy Aspirations of challengers! This earth! This world! I will break Gongneung Middle School. Wow ~ I’m going to space ~ galaxy. I will do everything! Isn’t this really Bush? Something you can’t see anywhere I will show you Flipped stage There is a tremendous gift for a student who wins first place. Right ~ For the entire class of first-class students I’ll do a chicken attack. Point choreography confrontation chicken Who would you do first? Me ~ Weki Meki is tensioned up Please give me music First batter to turn the stage upside down What was it? Do what you want to do ~ Yoo Jung’s dance seal My friend ~ Good job! Power dance that surprised everyone Run once more Overpower What did you see now? Afternoon is not over ~ I almost broke the earth ~ Second runner to follow hot heat I’ll walk my own way ~ Vulnerable Vulnerability Wave to the end of the earth You can do something new. Murphy Caterpillar dance ahead of the times My movement becomes a dance. Falling Wells & Lucy You are number one! Doyeon’s choreographed dance I can’t see it anywhere A caterpillar passed by here ~ The last runner of the sparkling showdown Please give me music Get ready. Refreshing Exquisite Choreography Cute ~! Take my charm Aim for the 9th member Good ~ Good ~ Sisters melt in a blast Say goodbye to cuteness It’s too hard to win first place. Players gather in one place! Once reaction I’ll listen to all the students ~ Even the teachers ~ 1, 2, 3 no. 1! Invisible dance DNA If friend 1 did well, scream ~ Footer No.2! I’m the dance bomber Let’s go chicken! Explosive reaction that surprises everyone number 3! Galaxy, black hole … crush ~ Please shout ~~ Slightly sorry ~ There was someone who really stuck my ear ~ Let’s talk together Friend twice! Congratulations. Thanks guys! God meets through intense competition Congratulations ~ Good job everyone ~ A stage full of lively students Best! Now the last song Tiki-Taka: Let me say hello. So far LET’S GET CRAZY! Weki Meki. Thank you. I love you ~ Weki Meki School Attack Jackpot! Weki Meki’s Chicken Attack! I will enjoy this food. Everyone’s Happy Chicken Time It’s delicious ~ The best way to break chicken legs! It’s delicious ~ Weki Meki is so pretty ~ I thought your heart stopped. Thank you. Please come again next time A thumb that comes out by itself Chicken attack is also successful!


  1. this Yoojung i miss so much ^O^……and the kind of Weki Meki i love so much……what is image to them? hahaha….they don't care as long as they're having fun XD the loud and beagle Weki Meki is the best XD <33333

  2. 우리애들 너무 웃겨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 특히 정해림 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 애들 예능에 자주 나왔으면 좋겠다😄

  3. This is what i come to expect from weki meki. They're so energetic and funny. Kilings desperately need mohae season 2 once all the members are fit and healthy to participate. Stan weki meki

  4. how great is that. weki meki may be the group best suited to school attack. i seccondd the motion for reality season 2!

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