FANTASTIC Qatar Airways First Class Review – Airbus A380 – Doha to Sydney (QR908)

Hello, my name is Paul Stewart and after a week and a half of traveling around Greece and not at all looking like the dorkiest tourist possible I’m at the AL Safwa first class lounge just before my flight back to Sydney in the Qatar Airways Flagship first class A380 product Well journey began approximately 10 hours before my flight Mostly due to the quality of my hotel in Doha with no Wi-Fi, which is catastrophic for any millennial First and business passengers have a separate check-in area and are again separated off with first passengers sent to the right Where there are chairs and refreshments. You’re then directed to a separate security and customs queue and catch an escalator directly into the Al Safwa First class lounge Now unlike most airlines which open that first-class lounge to passengers who hold high levels of status irrespective of travel class This lounge is only open to those with the first-class ticket Particularly with Qatar currently cut out of the short hold Middle Eastern market due to various political reasons This lounge is incredibly quiet for a number of hours. I was the only passenger It’s an impressive lounge and I’ve created a separate 10-minute review, which you can find in the video description below Now I’ll run you through my highlights. There’s a restaurant with a full ala cart menu There’s usually more food on display as well as alcohol. But because we’re currently in Ramadan. That’s all hidden. Here’s my lunch And while I’m eating I thought I might spam my Instagram and Facebook pages Which I think you should go on follow up join and like I also mentioned to other youtubers are quite enjoy watching first There’s Dennis Bunnick travels who does really well edited videos. He’s a fellow Aussie So presumably he’ll get better at cricket than the Poms or Kiwis or South Africans. The next channel I enjoy is Paul’s trip reports. He’s got a great first name and certainly flies a lot He’s based in the UK, which I think is just west of Belgium Although Nigel would probably tell you they’re the same country. His channel is great. If you’re bit ask me about trains as well as planes. As I had quite a few hours to kill I booked in one of the nap rooms These are essentially like small hotel rooms with a bed and bathroom Some also have two beds and a desk as I said before. I’ll go into more detail with these in another video Next up was a massage, which is really good Although it’s a bit tight that you have to pay for us Because it’s a proper one with oil and minimal clothing They give you these disposable undies so that the oil doesn’t wreak your clothes. And now it was dinner time An few hours later, it was time to board my flight There’s only eight seats in the first-class cabin at the front of the upper level and then in a 1-2-1 Layout as I’ll show later window seats are best for singles and middle seats for couples A glass of champagne was offered and in his case It was Krug 2004 vintage Again, because of Ramadan, the bottles were hidden away out of sight so you won’t be seeing footage of drinks being poured Cheese and olives were also offered and followed up by Arabic coffee and dates A top up of the drink was offered and now let’s have a look at this window seat in more detail. Just behind the TV screen is somewhere to store your clothes. You can’t see them, but they were coat hangers inside Just by your side, once he sitting down, is a privacy screen which only has limited effectiveness Below that is the armrest which lowers and converts into a very wide mattress as you’ll see later Inside the armrests are noise cancelling headphones and controls for the seat which of course folds completely flat There’s also a USB port in here for charging your device On the other side is a storage spot for a bottle of water and a remote for the in-flight entertainment There’s reading material in here a map reading light and buttons to lower and raise the Sun shades for your three windows And here at arm’s reach is a cocktail table and of course a fold-out table Which is properly massive and you can use it to share a meal with someone as you’ll see later that there’s a seat belt on That footrest ledge thing Importantly, you can also move the table forward and sneak out of your seat during the meal service And just behind this lamp is a universal power plug. And of course in front of you is a large high-definition TV screen Unfortunately storage is an issue and there’s no overhead lockers. Staff will store stuff up front, although often you want something within arm’s reach He’s what the middle seats look like with the central divider down And of course, here’s an amenity kit and pyjamas I was glad to see that the PJs come in a small size and they actually fit me quite well Again, I’ll be giving away the amenity kit to a viewer and I’ll include details of that giveaway later on Shortly after that, we pushed back and headed for the runway I will speed through the take-off as my camera struggled in the dark light and Unfortunately, we missed what would have been a great view of the city center. I’m making a hard right turn just after takeoff There’s two toilets for the eight first class seats and they’re located at the front on both sides of the stairs I went to check it out and get changed into my pajamas More drinks and walnuts were offered and I settled down and watched an old classic Qatar Airways offer a dine on-demand service where you choose when and what you want from the menu As it was now around five hours since dinner. I went for a second dinner. Also to save you for watching through the menus, I’ll hold off until the end of the video where I’ll go through them slowly At the front of the aircraft there’s a selection of nibbles and reading material And behind the business cabin. There’s a bar shared with business and first passengers again due to it being during Ramadan No alcohol was on display, although you could still request it. While I was out of the bar I see it was converted into a bed It’s certainly one of the more comfortable seats. I’ve had in the air. I often find that my hips get sore if I’m lying on my side and there’s not enough padding Although this wasn’t an issue on this flyer Before I went to sleep, I wanted to check out this facial mist that came in the amenity kit Here, I am removing my reading glasses prior to reading the instructions before finding out that it really weren’t any instructions And after that refreshing moment I then checked out the body spray, which is also refreshing Now feeling refreshed although clearly needing some metrosexual advice I went to bed Seven hours later I woke up. Multiple cold or warm towels were brought around as well as chocolate and some orange juice We were now around four hours from landing in Sydney and out. The window was the Australian outback. I never eat big breakfasts So I just went for some of the lighter options I should mention that there is Wi-Fi and first-class passengers get 200 megabytes for free Unfortunately, it was incredibly slow and I gave up after waiting five minutes for Instagram to load a single photo a few people have messaged A few people have messaged me saying they’ve seen me at airports So in the future, feel free to come up and say hello. If we’re on the same flights I may be able to get you into the lounge So next time you’re flying keep an eye out for an excited little ranga who’ll probably be sunburnt, and saying g’day mate To everyone because we all say that all the time And now to conclude what has been a wonderful flight. The service from the person that greeted me from check-in Until the end of the flight was wonderful Meals were served and removed promptly and they call bell answered within seconds by someone with a big smile It was keen to help. I should have mentioned earlier that the food is on demand So you can eat whenever you want to instead of having the traditional meal services that you had in the past The quality of the food and drink was great. I noticed that the caviar was served with a pearl spoon Some charismatic fellow on the internet told me it’s better than a metal spoon because the latter apparently messes with the test So there you go now The seat itself is mixed. There’s no doubt that it’s huge and very comfortable and converted into a great bed But privacy is limited many other airlines such as Qantas and Cathey don’t have doors in the first-class Suites Although they’re all angled inwards away from other passengers line of sight. Well, I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me I feel that they would have been able to see everything especially once my seat reclined and the seat moves slightly forwards The other issue is a lack of storage. There’s no overhead bins. So I had to store my bag under the ledge in front So when the seat goes completely flat, I’d have to sneak my arms in from the aisle to get access to the bag Look, there’s no doubt that I’m nitpicking and I’m incredibly fortunate to have flown in first-class but in comparison to their competitors and these are honestly my only two criticisms privacy and storage are issues and The in-flight entertainment was fine. The screen itself was high quality and the content was reasonably while there were advertisements before movies you are thankfully able to skip through them and As usual I’m giving away an amenity kit. It’s open to anyone over the ages of 13 I’m happy to mail internationally to enter simply comment below and include the hashtag Amenity kit the competition closes on Thursday the seventh of June 2018 at midnight Sydney time full details are included in the video description below now Before I run you through the menus. Thanks again for watching And as I said before if you see me at the airport Feel free to come and say g’day don’t forget to find me on Instagram and Facebook


  1. Wonderful video, thank you. I'm flying Qatar Business Class Auckland to Birmingham, return, early next year & I'm soooo looking forward to it! #amenitykit

  2. Great video however, like u said. Privacy is needed and would be a plus for me. But never the less, the food looked great. #amenitykit

  3. Excited little ranger! Hilarious ! Once again an excellent production and fair review. Whilst some will say, how can you
    complain about flying first class, it is a true and honest opinion given you live in the space for the 14hrs in which things like storage and privacy mean everything. Nonetheless a superior product. Where to next ? #amenitykit

  4. I wish I would fly business or first class one day but I am flying on VA Economy X for my holiday so that is my next best option. #amenitykit

  5. Would love to fly this route on QR A380 first class. Looks a good service, although Ramadan service is a bit strange for a westerner.

  6. Hoping you could answer a question for me?.. I am about to book multi stop flights (with week long stays at each location) for my family next April (Hubby, myself, 20 & 18yo 6ft3 sons and our 9yo) Flying Melbourne to New York – Los Angeles – Vegas – Hawaii. Would it be worth the extra money to upgrade from business to first class and best airline to go with? Tia from a new subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paul I've now seen a few of your videos, and they are really good. I like your attitude as well. Its an informative but also friendly, fair minded and mellow approach. I look forward to seeing your future videos and may all your flights be both safe and fun.

  8. Really good review. Very well edited. If you do get a chance please review the Business Class on Singapore Airlines A350. #amenitiykit

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  10. I enjoyed your review and was impressed by all the food you had! By the way, there is a typo in your caption at around 10:45. It reads "Vedages Tardives", but it should read correctly "Vendanges Tardives" (the "n"'s are missing — even the menu has a typo and missing an "n"). Thanks for including the wine list; as a Frenchman, I am always interested to see what's offered. Cheers to your next flight!

  11. Hi Paul I'm a new sub and just watched this first vlog of yours today. It was great thank you. I love travel vlogs and I also follow Paul on his planes and trains. I'm too late to win the fantastic Qatar amenity kit as I've only found your vlog today 25/06. Maybe next time, thanks again.

  12. +Paul Stewart , @Paul Stewart

    I'd like to win this #amenitykit , along with XL pajama if you can ๐Ÿ™‚ , thanks in advance.
    your reviews are very great and tells everything about this flight and lounge.

  13. what a waste of a First Class Lounge because of political reason..the lounge is fantastic but if they faced challenges then why spend so much..oh well..i've never understood the concept of eating a full meal in the lounge and then sitting in Business/First to get served multiple meals again..never-ending-stomach..First Class area looks rather nice, but was expecting a bit more..meals look rather well presented..good video Mr.Paul

  14. Hello Paul. Just discovered your channel. And as i literally live in Doha but do not fly first it s always a pleasure to discover more about Doha airport and my favorite airline.

  15. Wow! That bathroom was like no other Iโ€™ve ever seen! It seemed so big! Beautiful sunrise/sunset on the landing in Sydney. Too bad Iโ€™m 2 months late for the amenity kit haha ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Just kidding

  16. Thanks Paul but I found them disappointing in that no limo service now out of SYD and quite open area and not that private but good points are that not many people buy that fare/QF Syd lounge always good and their F lounge in DOHA outstanding as you know and oh so quiet and they are selective about Oneworld Emeralds to those customers chagrin. Happy travels yo you all

  17. Great videos mate. We are flying Qatar A350 , then A380 to Perth in December. So excited and looking forward to our Aussie trip. I may add we are flying business class. A birthday treat ๐Ÿ‘

  18. I once flew the Qatar Airways first class which I got as an upgrade as I got a lot of loyalty points flying Business class all the time,it's great but I have to be honest it's not as excellent as Fly Emirates' First class which I've flown in twice.On a scale of 10,i'd give Qatar first class 7.8 while I give Emirates 9.15.Though,Qatar has the best Business class no doubt about that,whenever I'm flying Business class I always go for Qatar Airways,non-negotiable๐Ÿ˜ƒ!

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  20. Hello Paul. Great video. May I ask, how did you pay for this flight. I am booked on their A380 service in January to PER and am trying to figure out how to upgrade from business to first on this segment? Thank you.

  21. ร‡op
    ุจูู„ ุนุฐ
    ืจื ื™ื˜ื™ื™

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  23. Great review Paul and I have flown Qatar Business class a few times which was excellent….I can only dream of 1st Class!! Hope you went straight to the gym after this trip!! All that food!! I flew Etihad airways in 1st Class during Ramadan and was the only passenger so the Flight Attendant could serve me a drink from the bottle in my seat!

  24. I'm curious what your day job is, as I'm guessing that the airline reviews are a (probably profitable) side gig for you.

  25. Ooo the lounge food looks tasty! The amenity kit suitcase is adorable ๐Ÿค— That bathroom is massive! I feel like food on demand is dangerous. I'd eat my way through the menu… ๐Ÿ˜ฌ #thatspoontho

  26. Nice review! I like the way of your presentation and how in-detail the video is๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Btw, I really like how you ran towards the sprayed body spray at 12:06. That's simply very cute and hilarious in a good way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Wow Paul, this video is awesome. I am amazed at the quality of Qatar Airways First Class. I love the colour scheme, the space, ambience, the bed, service and food. And drink. What's not to like ?! I have never flown with Qatar Airways. I would love to fly with Qatar on one of there longest routes. By all accounts it would be an experience I would never forget especially in the premium cabins. Thanks for producing such a wonderful video with excellent footage and commentary. I am sure you made one viewer very happy indeed with a complimentary Qatar Airways amenity kit. This is one awesome airline that does everything with such panache.

  28. Wow, this was amazing. Qatar looks like they give you your moneys worth. How long was this flight? I noticed you had mentioned you ate dinner, watched a movie. I imagine this all was within 2-3 hours? Then you slept and woke up 7 hours later which left 4 hours till landing. Is it really s 13-14 hour flight from Doha to Sydney?

  29. I love your videos, I want to start making Flight reviews on my YouTube channel, right now im making vacation reviews, any tips guys?? Please check out my channel too!!

  30. Me: Economy class and sees the same waiting area as usual

    Him: First class and sees a whole new world of amazingness

    I thought the airport was big by my eyes but looks like I was really off

  31. In My opinion, QATAR EATS emirates for breakfast. happier and better cabin staff , Excellent food and service from check in to deplaning, So much so I shall avoid Emirates wherever possible Other winner is Emirates have better FF points with Qantas than hungry emirates Good vid Paul another winner Especially out of Perth

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