EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS 15 OBJECTS!

What’s up (Oh my its starting) It’s Collins Key! (HONEY GET THE POPCORN!) Now, today, I’m doing the 1000 degree glowing knife experiment I’ve seen this thing all over YouTube, and it looks like a absolute blast! i’m not sure who started it? The first person I saw was Mr.Gear. But right now before we get into this, i’ve got a challenge for you I wanna see if you can Subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in 5 seconds Here we go, you ready for this 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, done Now if you can do that, comment down below:” Keyper Squad” If you want to see me cut 4,000 matches with a glowing hot knife, that video is live on my Instagram The direct link to it is down in the description below And if you like that video and comment on it: Keyper Squad I will be going through DMing a ton of you and one final thing If you can translate this video, that will really mean a lot to me I wanna make sure Keypers from around the world can enjoy The direct link to translate is down in the description below Also, you’ll get credit in the description link Your name in the description, if you translate this video But right now, without any further or do let’s get into this And this is the 1000 degree glowing hot knife experiment (dangggg what is that song?? It’s AWESOME) First things first we need to heat up this knife to a thousand degrees Get it glowing, and then we can start cutting stuff, so here we go Nah i’m just messing with you guys, HYEET LEGGO Basically, I just went around my entire house Found a whole bunch of different random objects Hopefully they weren’t too expensive We’re kicking it off right now This is a giant Jawbreaker It’s left over from a sour video Devan and I did so right now lets cut it open, and just see what happens Alright guys, here we go, check this out That can’t be good to breath that in YO it’s literally cutting this thing open This is crazy Next up I grabbed this flint stuff right here Basically, you use this to start a fire, so you go like this So let’s just see what happens Well, we gave it a shot Next up I grabbed… A rubber band ball So let’s see what happens what do we do well this didn’t go according to plan at all this justed burned,this is toxic Like I don’t know what to… I’ve never been in this situation before Aw man this is terrible Alright guys this is Cooking With Collins This is some filet mignon ooh that’s hot Alright guys playtime is over or not to look how ruined this thing got bro, this used to be copper This did not go according to plan at all And I ruined just another one of my mom’s favorite Pot so luckily she’s got another one though
YEET Next up I’ve got axe but instead of cutting this with a knife, I’m gonna be cutting this with, you guessed it, an actual axe The axe is on fire guys, dude the axe is actually on fire ok that was pretty awesome. Like I said I’ve just been grabbing a whole bunch of random stuff from around the house. I found that my mom had some like bathbombs And this… I don’t even know what this is so i’m going to cut these open and see what happens hopefully it’s not a bomb. It doesn’t explode And it smells… it smells nice alright guys here we go check this out OH I did it!
YEAH It wasn’t satisfying, it wasn’t cool but I made it through found this funky looking one so lets give this one a shot Have I mentioned how much I love these blow torches? Guys, my chance, one take Let’s get this all the way through I did it, that was super satisfying I don’t think it was satisfying for you But it was satisfying for me. I’m gonna try this again. Here We Go next up I found our entire stash of crayons So i’m really excited to see what it looks like hopefully it like goes everywhere and turns into like a really cool artwork piece but I guess we’ll find out This is crazy oh… This stuff is so flammable man Alright I’m gonna separate the stacks because it’s too hard to like cut through both stacks at the same time so now we are just gonna see if I can cut through one stack all the way through there’s a ton of smoke coming out right now… it’s actually on fire right now so lets just..uh lets go here we go well I only made it through one box right now now let’s see if we can make it through all the boxes I think we are halfway through the second box It’s literally shooting wax everywhere right now this is crazy alright here we go if we use one by…..oh my gosh Actually like i said i’m going to use one last time but this time i’m going to touch with the front of all of the different crayons right now and just see how they get the let’s just do this you literally can just like slice right through the crayons this is crazy looking at the map a lot of trouble you can see the look at it they’re actually like eight we’re actually getting pretty melted into I don’t want it back to local what the morning like the burning things on fire like a nice challenge that’s pretty much all this is a lot of stuff on fire the entire side and the box of man it’s alright guys the next up we’ve got right here the painter this is my dad favorite is a little bit worse if you say so don’t be sorry that has so if it work no haha thank you God bored not spoken to my face I don’t know how we’re gonna get out of it and now it’s time to cut the cheese oh this is a horrible imagine a grilled cheese but just like going wrong looking like thinking right into the cheese truck me is awful I gotta learn my lesson I’m just don’t use the mouse pad but this time but aluminum foil around it that way hopefully don’t get a grew and we have this bouncy ball right here we have like a fish inside of it so I don’t really know what to think that they’re like white house but the couple but we’re gonna get so cool haha 07 toxic because I shot on my eye out well I learned my face no one will get water in my eyes thankfully I froze a coca-cola bottle and glass bottle will be hitting with a hot night i’m guessing is going to explode so I’m taking every precaution of godlike have let’s get out of here by the welders mask onto and we’re going to see what happens yeah going to do the last I get there goes down there this is crazy to active so hot we like ahead and sell off it literally has melted through the table I didn’t always going to be like a course check it out look out look down there it literally notice through the table fam this video is black that’s what i wanted bathroom grabbed a whole bunch of artists / once you get to get which so far belongs with family members we got out that the dial line we have olay and then we have our Irish Spring I’ll give a little heads on that one business customers ok we do it i bring my god what happened can we get this lot of guys know my brother devon has really awesome here and the secret to it is this stuff right here this is heritage gotta be on it then forgetting so hopefully you don’t need that we’re going to have adobe see what happens and yes hello this is the ruins every whatever you that this stuff smells delicious problematic will be burned my hand through these professional welding gloves we have 10 how hot this night is it’s all about the professional welder gloves and it can burn my hand for this don’t I mean one chop you know the Germans literally shooting out every oh my god to get along with un crazy can I get it all the way through so we’re going to say we are so close sometimes you try your best don’t I really over the one final time here with Joe we going to do it Oh got him a face oh all that actually really hurt i guess that literally floating food right underneath my eye and it really hurts so that’s why you always want to make sure you have the regular supervision when doing that make sure you in a safe environment and do not apparently do your brother’s hair gel because it will come back to bite you and all of your safety goggles because only a pair will be able to stop a drink with a better work how’s this for safety goggles because i don’t think your parents would be able to stop and drop this up sliding your face nothing like the tension diet that’s gonna happen to the next one this is going to be an explosion in the hot versus a light bulb not just wanted a whole bunch of but first we’ve all been waiting for Orbeez I’m gonna start off with one of the smaller orbit first and move to the bigger ones let’s rehearse really hard to top each shot I don’t pretty pretty people right now about take it to another level and doing what is largely it’s really hard to grab the club alright what do you think Orbeez right here to let off and never thought i would say that I feel bad for a nor B right you hear that about I feel bad for the door be yea that orbit and ripped it and last but not least we’ve got a light bulb right here people here little bit too small so great we’re using these one including reports are you enjoy the moment you’ve all been waiting for the big one check us out 321 my hair gel anyway your hair Joe can you just help me look for it yes yes yes


  1. I think that devan's soap bar is the yellow one
    Colin's soap bar is the green one
    And your mom's and dad's is the pink one

  2. That knife is gotta be super sticky and super hard because he heat treated it and it also cut candy deodorant and orbeez so it’s gotta be pretty sticky

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