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[Music] thank you thank you on the phone I wrote oh I’m gonna get me that I’m very very excited about I would have a trip you’re gonna see you guys after this reviewing at the holidays in squash video we’re going to see everything about Abu Dhabi you the name is chilled isn’t it Abu Dhabi we happen to be only going to Abu Dhabi guys there cannot come with me so I’ll be the only one who is going to show you guys around the Abu Dhabi and be in this project with Observatory ISM Joe sorry about that I have visa problem guys I’ll stay strong no worries I’ll be back you cannot I’m just sad about the business skills bye-bye see you this is the real this is the real situation guys this is a real I’m going by myself I feel so sad but I’m gonna make a great video for you guys so stay tuned for that I’m W video and D with me guys I don’t know now [Music] [Music] Oh from Abu Dhabi to the world Etihad hello how are you boys you would be on this side thank you look at that nice where’s my seat 6000 16 this is my seat everyone that’s supposed to be Joe’s seat sorry Joe [Music] [Applause] hey nice pillow here it’s pretty after business when I sit here room for my feet like eat and hear someone eater this big guy so come on board thank you there is a pretty life here but if this what can I do this oh that phone nice there is for children there’s a small light here lifting up oh this is important I didn’t know it’s but okay okay stop it stop this is right right it’s coming from here oh okay and this is for sleeping right stay nice [Music] [Music] [Applause] you guys in King [Music] English peas crucial firmness Wow what is this oh nice I’m gonna make you fight oh I can’t feel my cushion is down here going like this table I would like thinking oh this light is coming from here nice menu Toshiba is a tiny wedge so starter Arabic Morales named Duke cause I’m on date chocolate brownies with gamma Chi electric ready to fly [Music] like it’s going this way and I’m sitting like this kind of funny you know when the airplane goes off I become like this now while we are gonna see is food let’s see how great it’d be hot business class cookies [Music] make me high you met me smile [Music] Oh [Music] ten minutes left oh my boy give a big thumbs up for this video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed it don’t forget about what’s and also for notifications hahaha found it here we go first thing to do in here is withdraw money and buy a SIM card [Music] [Music]


  1. Sophie, do you know his teams, I am a fan of their admirers, and I love the Koreans a lot, and I love you too 😘😘😍

  2. Do you love kpop like bts and got7 twice black pink please tell the answer but like to see it sophie

  3. حبيت اتابع جو بسببك ياصوفي لانك جداً مميزه ماشفت في كل اليوتيوبر احد مثلك

  4. a beautiful video. thank you very much for all the information, dont forget to have fun, as for joe ,I am sure he is gonna turne it around he is a tough guy I am sure of it.

  5. hi beautiful Angel you are made my day nice i go and back to your Channel i love how you Smile you are Creative woman I think your family very very proud in you 💓love you

  6. This has nothing to do with a review and everything with exhibitionistic self exposure.
    Would not be that bad is it's worth looking at.

  7. يا جماعة إلي بده ترجمة بالعربي فيه
    اول شئ
    اضغط على الثلاث دوائر
    ثاني شئ
    اضغط على كلمة العربية
    استمتعوا بالفيديو 💛🐭

  8. Congratulations H .kim (Sophie kim). You have an arabic name from me which is like Hayeun Kim. It is Hayat Kim (Hayat in arabic means life). I hope your other arabic followers accept it. Plz ask Joe Hattab and your friends for confirmation of your new name and reply to me if u liked my idea 🙂 oo Also help me be Chaerim Kim's fiance. May our brotherhood drives me to be her husband. Really appreciate your help. I falled in love to that girl since december 2018.

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