1. Teacher; okay students what does chicken give you?
    Students; eggs!!
    Teacher; Good!,now what does the pig give you?
    Students; Bacon!!!!
    Teacher;nice now what does the fat cow give you ?

    Lol this is so funny I love it

  2. Okay so we all know most of these are staged, right? And if you didnt, 1. The thumbnail is nowhere in this video and is just plain stupid, classic clickbait, and 2. The line where it said "you are officially ungrounded, for learning my smart-a** talent" is used twice. If those weren't staged, this was either a huge coincidence or there are one too many awesome dad's in the world. sorry if I come of as a jerk, the dad thing just annoyed me. 😛 otherwise, though, I loved the video😊

    Dad .o.
    Son:Hey dad come pick me up im suspended..
    Dad: What did you do this time…
    Son:Nothing my teacher asked me a simple
    question and I gave her a simple answer..
    Dad:What did she ask and what did you
    say and your grounded…
    Son:She said I had 5 bottles in one hand
    and 6 bottles in the other, What do I have?
    I said a drinking problem…
    Dad:Your un-grounded for learning my
    smartass talent

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