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my name is top buyers and we are from Stanford University as you just heard I'm an engineering professor there I've been teaching there about 20 years and before that I worked in high tech after graduating for Berkeley but as a child I grew up in Atlanta I ended up in a southern rock band playing things like free bird can you play free bird on that maybe some other time but we got to jam last night with Nina and that was a pretty extraordinary the person you just heard from so who are you hey everyone I'm Deanna I just graduated from Stanford in December with both a masters and bachelor's in engineering and kind of in the middle of all that I spent a year at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where I studied viola performance during my time at Stanford I had the opportunity to participate in a bunch of different entrepreneurship courses and programs both as a student and as a teaching assistant with several professors including Tom yeah well like many of you watching and and somebody who are educators you loved it right it's you'd get to teach something you're passionate about well we do – we've been teaching this thing called entrepreneurship lately now entrepreneurship oh whoa it is so popular right now I bet today you've heard the word several times you certainly will hear it the rest of the day and including you know it's close cousins like innovation and creativity leadership so what the heck is going on and you know building on the theme of tea at TEDx this acceleration thing we absolutely see it as a way to accelerate your own personal growth and impact no matter where you live you really don't have to move to Silicon Valley or become a programmer or something like that in order to benefit from entrepreneurship education so let's dive into a few examples that we've seen lately that hopefully will convince you let's start with you Deana I grew up in Boston and I arrived at Stanford in the fall of 2010 and like a lot of other incoming freshmen I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to study so after taking a bunch of courses in a variety of areas I ultimately decided on engineering through the engineering school I had the opportunity to take a bunch of different classes and design and an entrepreneurship which I enrolled in not because I was super stoked on starting a business but because I thought the subject matter was pretty interesting and because I thought I'd learned a lot of really useful and practical skills and concepts well that I did but the real surprise in taking all these entrepreneurship courses was that they actually fundamentally changed the way that I approached music – so let me give you a couple of specific examples of what I mean first because of my entrepreneurship education I now think of music as a product if we go to the world of startups for a moment we have these concepts of vision and execution where vision is basically what do you want to do and execution is well can you do it both of these are absolutely essential for a company to succeed because without the vision there's really no point and without the execution it's never gonna actually take off well in music we have these similar concepts actually but instead of vision we call it musicality and instead of execution we call it technique so I want to show you rather than telling you what it is I want to show you what I mean so I'm gonna play two short excerpts of music there's first one here is from a piece by buff and it's a really great example of musicality it has a very lyrical line and it has a lot of musical message to say technique on the other hand is this idea of actually just operating the instrument so this is another short excerpt of music by a man named Hindemith and it's considered to be a very highly technical piece oh that was good let's just forget the rest of the talk just keep playing a little more that this afternoon actually I'll be back well so again in music both musicality and technique are really essential for a successful performance but the relationship between these two especially in classical music often gets a little bit biased right so there's so much focus on technique that people sometimes forget about the musicality well in reality it should be quite the opposite techniques should be there to serve the musical message seeing this so clearly played out in the startup entrepreneurship world where execution is really there to serve the vision of the company helps me reconnect with this idea in music and it's fundamentally change the way that I both practice and perform so that's one idea that music is a product the second takeaway that I had from entrepreneurship education is that to no surprise to most of you musicians are basically many businesses so whether it's figuring out how to differentiate yourself or reach potential customers or market yourself basically all the skills required to succeed as a musician are exactly those that startups need to figure out in order to grow and succeed I feel really fortunate to have had this education through the engineering school at Stanford because oftentimes these just musicians really don't get this training so as you can see studying entrepreneurship has fundamentally changed the way I both approach music and also pursuing a more creative career path so since graduating I have been working with several different organizations to bring more of this entrepreneurship training into creative and artistic communities and also as a musician I've been playing around with different kinds of concert formats and ways of expressing music that aren't necessarily typical thanks Deanna so let's think about this does it mean you have to be playing viola since you were 4 years old or go to Stanford or MIT to get this kind of training or awakening or transformation no this is the good news it's that there's some of you in the audience in these pictures this is a picture of what pictures of a bunch of students and faculty and university leaders from around the United States that we've had a chance to get to know over the last five years on a project to make sure that every campus has really cool offerings and opportunities to learn entrepreneurship and leadership and creativity and design and things like that so there's some North Dakota State University people in here I know I know where you are and then how about there's some University of North Dakota people in here I think that was a little louder don't you okay wait anyway it has really been cool to see courses and extracurricular activities and maker spaces were design studios all popping up even helping each other the faculty the students helping each other raise money so they can even offer more opportunities to learn the kinds of stuff that makes for what Deanna was talking about really been proud of that so whoa is it it's just is this just relevant to the United States because certainly the challenges facing the world or not it it turns out that entrepreneurship education is a global phenomenon and this is a project we got to specifically work on and visit the United Arab in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East you know a place that is very very important strategic to the entire planet right now here we are presenting to the Minister of Education that means the dude that runs all education in the United Arab Emirates he and the Prime Minister of the whole country have instituted a requirement that every junior every junior going to college in that country takes the course in innovation in entrepreneurship and we had the pleasure of developing the syllabus and training the faculty to make it happen I can't tell you how inspiration it was to sit in a final exam like this with Emirati women at the Abu Dhabi Women's College and have them learning the same material the same content about that topics that you did just several years ago you know policy leaders and political leaders all agree it is important to fight extremism with peace and diplomacy and of course we feel entrepreneurship can do that wouldn't it be terrific if that kind of disappear to some of different parts of the world well you know it still is a dangerous world we have adversaries that want to harm our country and they're doing it in unconventional ways I mean I know you've read the news lately I had the pleasure of this spring of working on a course with one of the founders of this movement called the Lean Startup movements name is Steve Blank with two retired army Colonels and we developed a course using those methods the methods that she learned that turned her around with her musings and the methods that we've been teaching to you know start new businesses in the UAE well we use those methods to help our department of defense they gave us the problems that's right the department defense in Washington the Pentagon along with some intelligence agencies gave us the problems they're working on which are not conventional they're asymmetric as they call it and there are students in this course use these entrepreneurship method it's to solve them it was hugely successful so successful the spraying now let's be rolled out across the country they may come to one of the colleges here soon sort of like an entrepreneurship it's a lot for me to say ROTC program we really need to be faster and be leaner and be entrepreneurial and be innovative and firefighting these really nasty adversaries that we face and that throw it threaten our national security so we appreciate you listening to Diana's story about her transformation to the fact that it's there's this mobilization across 300 colleges in America through the fact that it we're using it for diplomacy and a place like the United Arab Emirates as well as helping our own Department of Defense and this is going to come from you know all the college's America helping them be more successful in securing us Deana thanks a lot and thanks to Tom and to all the professor's out there who are sharing this message and helping people understand that entrepreneurship is really not just about starting businesses but really helping accelerate people's careers and builds more fulfilling lives so it's been fun working with her we'd like to play together we did last night with Nina you know all seriousness this is really really cool to see you in her lifetime that there's the Entrepreneurship and innovation education was it went from something that was at a few MBA programs with a few competitions and a few courses to such availability so you might still be saying so what you know Ted is incredible and to end the Ted exes ideas worth spreading well I guess what our message was this is ideas that are already spreading they're there for you go take advantage of it if you're over 30 check in your alma mater and you'll be surprised if you're under 30 just really go and grab it enter at your college and turn all these ideas into action accelerate forward is really this is really applicable here thanks so much today you

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