Education in Asia

-Hello I am Kira and our guest – Nasiba Abdulaeva
,representative of higher education in Tajikistan I hope , that you can answer on some questions
about higher education in Asia … How do you think, how you need to choose university
in Tajikistan -Are there some characteristics to enter to
the university? -I think no because … Not some think special
Just like in Latvia, can be that you wont be accepted , if you have low
mark , that is why you need to study hard .
There are common universities , where are not some think special , by the way in Tajikistan
there are 11 study years , because all information is complicated in these 11 years
-Can somebody enter university , if he is from Latvia
-There are some universities who study language is Tajikish , English , Turkish and I know
there are some Russian universities, and of course people from Latvia can
enter only Russian universities. -Are there program of student exchange in
universities of Tajikistan? -Yes about 2 years ago , this option appeared
and there are many students from Tajikistan ,who study in Eirope
-But are there this student exchange with other Asia countries?
-Yes , I know , where i was there in previous year , I saw they started to develop this
with other Asia countries -In Eirope, could be accepted education what
we earned in Tajikistan? -Its depends on education level , if you know
languages ,your business , it is not matter , it depends acceps your country OUR education
or not -But in CIS coutries we can be sure
-Yes,yes ,i earned education here,in Europe ,but between Eirope and Tajikistan , in priority
sure is Eirope , because he can earn new , better education
-Are there any advantage of Tajikistan universities? -Maybe between the choise of university , there
are highest or simple , more or less expensive -But are there free universities
-No, it costs like here,in Latvia -Thank you , for your attention , time , because
it was hard to catch you and for information valueble information
-I hope that information will interest you and you will come to East , Tajikistan ,to
earn new information,to see something, what will interest you
-Thank you, with you were I-Kira and representative of higher education- Nasiba Abdulaeva from

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