Education – 2019 CSULB Commencement

[Applause] you you ladies and gentlemen please stand as we present to you the 2019 candidates for graduation from the college of education at California State University Long Beach leading the procession as our 2019 Grand Marshal is Jana echeverria PhD professor emerita CSULB [Applause] [Applause] you you [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies eternity accompanying our graduates at the end of our processional line our distinguished guests of the University and leaders from our college and university Paul Boyd batsto interim associate dean College of Education educational Jessica district department chair department of teacher education are from vice president for student affairs in the Yahoo vice president associate dean college of education genesis hara president and CEO Associated Students College of Education outstanding graduate mark Wiley chief of staff one Beach Unified School District long beach you may be seated last year the university adopted a new alma mater with words and music by two students from our Bob Cole Conservatory of Music joining professor Rob freer and the CSULB brass ensemble in performing it now is Amanda Mello home to scholars order streams Oh come here make girl tomorrow's leaders No Oh [Applause] Oh and boy and we sure beautiful Beach beautiful beach [Applause] president Connolly honored guests members of the faculty and staff class of 2019 relatives and friends of our graduates as Dean of the College of Education I welcome you to the 70th annual commencement ceremonies of California State University Long Beach [Applause] on behalf of the faculty and staff in the College of Education I extend my warm welcome and congratulations to you the class of 2019 commencement serves as a culmination of years of learning of growing and developing both professionally as an educator and personally as a compassionate and reflective human being today is your day to celebrate a significant milestone in your academic career this evening you will walk across the stage having earned a doctoral Specialists masters and bachelor's degrees and teaching and advanced potentials you there have been many people who have supported you on this educational journey your faculty who have challenged and pushed you to new learning your staff who have advised you and assisted your efforts and above all your family friends and mentors who believed in you cheered you on and helped you to keep going graduates if you would please take this moment to stand and thank everyone who made this possible [Applause] all right some of you are the first in your families to earn a degree or a credential the first in your family to earn these qualifications would you please stand and be recognized you serve as a role model for many in your community for whom you have blazed a trail if you are a parent and have a child who is celebrating with you today will you please stand and kids give your mom or dad a big hand you should be so proud of them and partners and family members of our graduates please stand and be recognized as well [Applause] College of Education graduates you are now starting a new chapter in your professional lives you have been prepared here in the College of Education to promote equity and excellence in urban education your faculty coursework research service and clinical practice opportunities have taught you to be an asset-based educator you have learned to focus on the strengths and talents the diversity of sport and experiences of the children youth and adults that you will work with you understand the importance of building relationships and solidarity with your students clients and their families you have been prepared to work with the communities that you will serve of growing deep connections and partnerships with these communities to accomplish mutual goals check yourself on the harmful biases and deficit thinking that you may see or hear or may occasionally even find yourself engaging in your role as an educator is to impact possible futures of 2019 you are now alumni of CSULB College of Education you are now a member of our rich and diverse Beach alumni community that is over three hundred and thirty thousand members strong I invite you to remain connected with the University and remember that it is your academic home stay in touch with us and let us know about your ongoing accomplishments support our programs and please give back to the next generation of students at the beach we need your ongoing support on behalf of the college's faculty and staff my warm congratulations to you class of 2019 go Beach go teach go lead [Applause] at this time I would like to recognize the grand marshal for the College of Education dr. Jana echeverria dr. Jana Chavarria is a professor emerita at CSULB where she received the university's outstanding professor award a founding researcher and creator of the SIOP model dr. Chavarria has published widely on effective instruction for English learners including those with learning disabilities she has presented her research in the United States and internationally including at Oxford University in England Wits University in South Africa Harvard and Stanford University the University of Barcelona and Spain and South East Europe University in Macedonia where she was a Fulbright specialist dr. Chavarria received her PhD in education from UCLA and is a member of the California reading Hall of Fame please join me again in recognizing the College of Education 2019 grand marshal dr. Jana echeverria and now to extend her congratulations I present to you the president of California State University Long Beach dr. Jane close Conoley Thank You Dean povery hello class of 2019 first of all congratulations to each of you on your accomplishment I'm glad to have a few moments to speak with you today before you start a new adventure or maybe a new job graduate school travel who knows the possibilities are endless my simple message to you today though is be bold you've earned that right managed the rigors of an education at the beach and you've come to this ceremony to mark the occasion for yourselves and with your family and friends I'm sure there were times in the past few years that you were scared maybe even terrified about something perhaps academic or work-related or personal but here you are celebrating a grand accomplishment for some of you sitting here today you faced financial difficulties maybe even food and housing insecurities but you found your way through those barriers to make it to this field you persevered choosing to be bold does not suggest you're never afraid or you face no difficulties rather to be bold is to be persistent get back up when you get knocked down believe you have the grit to persevere in the face of any challenges and overcome them perhaps that always perfectly but in ways that teach you something when you see or create an opportunity for growth step up and step through that door it may lead you to the next big thing in your life or it may be a dead end but at least you have learned something valuable it's trite but true to say that at a certain age we look back and regret those paths not taken much more than the bumps in the road or mistakes we've made eventually those many mistakes become good stories to tell ourselves and others about lessons learned yet let me emphasize that a life not lived is a waste of your gifts and you have all proven to the world that you have gifts so take a chance speak up Explorer build and then follow your passions offer help to others along the way seek the company of people who lift you up but always be ready to stand alone for what you believe in most importantly believe that you are prepared to do wonderful things for our world if you leap into opportunities with or without an invitation again congratulations graduates and go Beach [Applause] you hello class of 2019 my name is Janice asada and it has been an absolute honor to serve as your Associated Students incorporated president this past year I'm even more honored and humbled to have the opportunity to speak to all of you on this very important day and I wanted to take this opportunity to speak about overcoming adversity while uplifting those around you each and every one of us have had to conquer something big in life to walk across this stage today many of us have overcome the hurdles that come for striving for more in a society that often forgets about students struggling with adversity with us today we have many first-generation college students children of immigrants or an immigrant themselves student parents returning and transfer students former foster youth formerly incarcerated our system impacted students lgbtq+ identifying students international students students with different abilities undocumented students students who have faced deep financial hardships students of color and students of so many different identities that make up our beach community all of these communities come with an inevitable amount of barriers that have to be faced and I want to commend those of you who have had to break down and navigate through those systemic barriers to get to this exact moment we are paving the way for younger generations who think they'll never be able to succeed in higher education because of their socioeconomic status because they are the first and their family to do so or simply because they think they are incapable of succeeding we are all an example of the fact that it is possible for students have historically marginalized and underrepresented communities to be at an institution like this but most importantly to succeed at an institution like this as we all move on to the next chapter of our lives I believe it is important that we always be proud of who we are and where we come from we may enter spaces where we feel out of place or like we don't belong but we are needed in those spaces we are more than capable of flourishing in those spaces and we have the entire Beach community standing behind us rooting for our success our generation is needed now more than ever because so many of our communities and identities are enduring many in Justices as we speak it's up to us to show those in power that all people deserve to live in a world where their human rights identities and communities are valued and appreciated but better yet but better yet it's time for us to be in those positions of power so we can represent our communities instead of people who make decisions for us without knowing our struggles and the adversities that we have had to overcome I am hopeful that we can do this together all while uplifting one another and those around us so that we can continue to break down barriers and leave the world a much better place for the future generations that will follow us to my fellow class of 2019 I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and once again I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this momentous day congratulations class of 2019 and go Beach [Applause] the Long Beach Unified School District California State University Long Beach have long established collaborations with the adult community transition program Act the Act program focuses on helping students with special needs become as independent as possible balancing employment readiness community integration functional academics and socialization skills the students leave the program with an enhanced quality of life today we recognize four students who will receive a certificate of educational achievement please come forward as I call your names Melvin Dodson jr. Ronald Taylor lured [Applause] Gustavo Perez Yahaira subala congratulations graduates [Applause] [Applause] at this time I would like to call to the podium CSU trustee Christopher's sign Houser dr. Steinhauser graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a multiple subject teaching credential in 1981 he earned a master's degree in education and a credential and Administrative Services in 1984 and received an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters in 2016 he is the superintendent of the Long Beach Unified School District and was the 2003 Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Education please welcome dr. Stein Hauser who will present the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Education thank you Paul graduates as you receive your degree today you become part of a truly impressive group the CSULB alumni family which is more than three hundred and thirty thousand strong excuse me on behalf of the CSULB alumni I offer my sincere congratulations and may the beach be with you forever and throughout your life and now it's my pleasure to introduce the distinguished alumna Mary Sten and I've been fortunate to know Mary for over 30 years she earned her bachelor's in elementary education with a concentration in music education in 1965 and has been dedicated to the development of our school system ever since Mary Mary retired in 2014 as an elected member of the Long Beach Unified School District's Board of Education becoming the longest tenured board member in its history serving for 24 years during Mary's six terms on the school board Long Beach Unified received extensive national recognition for improving student achievement including during very lean times Mary chaired the school site committee which developed the magnet program at Los Cerritos Elementary School saving the school from closure she worked to combat classroom overcrowding but to preserve instrumental and vocal music in all of our elementary and middle schools and made protection of the Arts in Long Beach a top priority school new schools were built during Mary's tenure on the board she was the first in her family to graduate from college so she knows how excited all of you are today Mary please come forward and accept the distinguished alumna award and say a few words [Applause] thank you Chris and for all of you aspiring superintendents out there a school board member has two tasks one is to set policy and the other is to assign or hire a superintendent and it was my privilege to hire Chris as our superintendent and I hope you all get jobs in Long Beach okay congratulations graduates to quote from dr. Seuss today is your day you're off to great places you're off and away you have chosen to be part of a wonderful profession where you will never be bored there will always be a new challenge you will have days when you will be frustrated thinking that nothing is working you will try something new or ask a mentor for help with guidance and support you try again for that aha moment and success education is people centered you will make wonderful friends wherever you go like many of you I had a vast array of jobs during high school and college I sold tires at may company packed candy at seas and was a summer camp counselor to list just a few but it was one summer when I was working a cash register at Disneyland ringing up stuffed bell peppers and hearing a group singing I left my heart in San Francisco plus working for minimum wage that convinced me the value of a college degree as a teacher you are in charge the work is hard but you can make a difference in a child's life it may take years before you realize this but trust me it will happen that realization will make all the hard work and long hours worth it I could never have imagined on graduation day back in 1965 that my life would take this many twists and turns I urge every one of you to take risks and push yourself raise your hand and say yes I would love to take on that challenge you never know what lies ahead unless you try so once again enjoy today for you have many adventures ahead of you and oh the places you will go go Beach president Connolly Dean povery distinguished faculty friends and family and fellow members of the class of 2019 congratulations we've made it it is a great honor to be before you today as you are preparing to enter our careers in the field of education it is crucial that we acknowledge the reality that our current systems are in and how we can effect transformative change no matter what positions we are stepping into we will be going into teams that will reflect diverse range of views and experiences we're playing a central role in the development of young people's lives and we must be prepared to become intentional and impactful in our approach one of the most significant aspects of our field is the development of authentic and genuine relationships we will all we all got to where we are because of relationships that allow us to see the growth and potential inside of us these are meaningful relationships that are focused on the cognitive emotional and social well-being of our youth this also involves focusing on wellness checks making sure we are checking in to see that the most basic needs are met first so that we know that their foundation is strong we need to be prepared to start at zero with each student because you never know where that student lies in Maslow's hierarchy of needs students are often expected to come into the door sit up straight and be ready to learn think and create everything under the Sun of Bloom's taxonomy but how can they get to these higher cognitive skills when the basic skills are not met first let us learn to take care of Maslow's before we can take care of blooms we must bring empathy and understanding in these relationships that we foster and this goes beyond the youth and even with adults around us these type of relationships can transform the culture of a school when we focus on building a foundation of authentic care everything else will follow our learners will be more engaged and equipped to take on the rigor in and out of the classroom as we move forward let us not forget that these authentic relationships in education will help open minds to inquiry and imagination while making sense of their experience to use knowledge for their own ends and to never stop learning anything they do for you would translate into everything they will do for themselves and this is where the road to self-actualization begins that will result in a lifelong learner in these relationships we will find the resilience to continue working towards an equitable education system one where all learners feel valued and where they are equipped to learn and grow all while having caring adults to guide them along the way through their journey let us never forget that the genuine commitment we will begin will begin to the strong development of the learners who will help shape our heart shape our future thank you good evening it's my to recognize our graduating students who have earned special distinctions if you would please stand as I call your name audience if you would please hold your applause until I've called the names of all of our distinguished student awardees outstanding graduate Emily Lopez be a Liberal Studies outstanding graduates for graduate in Liberal Studies diana de la Rosa be a Liberal Studies graduate Dean's List Margaret Bristow MA educational administration amanda garcia ms student development and higher education Anna Karen Garcia Villa Blondo ma special social and cultural analysis of Education Tina whoo ma curriculum instruction Regina EPP educational technology and media leadership Lisbeth Baldonado MS student development in higher education Lorena M Ortega MA social and cultural analysis of Education munechika oh say say OMA ms school counseling – on fan EDS school psychology victoria kinto EDS school psychology outstanding advanced credential student Enrique Felix preliminary administrative services credential outstanding initial credential student Ashley Glennis multiple subject credential and outstanding thesis award and a fun ha mater MS marriage and family therapy congratulations to all of our distinguished awardees and now we have reached the time for the presentation of the candidates we ask that students return to their seats after being presented on the stage and stay for the entire ceremony in order to be respectful to your fellow students as associate dean of Graduate Studies I have the honor of conducting the presentation of the candidates for the doctoral degrees professors Angela locks Erin volcano latina Shea Cara Richards Tudor Charles Slater chin Lee James Scott Jonathan O'Brien avery Olsen Leslie Reece Lindsey Perez Huber NAT Han soo vada SHINee trous Davis and William Vega will hold the EDD students from the College of Education zdd and educational leadership program readers will announce the candidates will the doctoral candidates please come forward [Applause] David Mosely booze [Applause] mark see fields you you dr. Jenny Jacobs Oceana Bryant Myrick Tasha Iglesias you you Edgar Cartagena you you Nanci Ruvalcaba you Wendy Rebecca Chavez Nogueira lael be Hilda cotta you Chili's Norman you Carla Renee Martinez you the adora Papa crystal you Jessica Martinez you olá wakame Mustafa you Connie Loretto Yamashiro you you so laksa norm Angliss you you Angela Carter Rodriguez you Melissa Alan and nor bomb you Doug holiday you Julie sparks you you Charice Williams Robinson you you you will the candidates for the doctoral degree please stand president Connelly these candidates have satisfactorily completed all of the requirements for the Doctor of Education degree and have been approved by the faculty to receive their degrees candidates you've been recommended to me by the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and by your Dean and by your distinguished faculty therefore by the authority vested in me by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the California State University I confer upon each of you who has fulfilled all requirements the degree of Doctor of Education with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto congratulations and you may be seated [Applause] and now the master's degree candidates well the first row of candidates for master's degree please come stand and come forward under the direction of the faculty marshals Maria Amezcua brandy Wilson Erika Barroso Ramos Pablo Palacios Jennifer Ventura nor Altima Jenny Elizabeth Frankie amanda garcia Margaret Lee Bristow Jeffrey cabin Eze Anna Cecilia Gonzales Christopher gabardine Darlene Papa Lee Wang Michael J Khaleesi now SP Matthew Cody Clinton Joe Louis Hernandez Carolyn Powell mcleach mola Nicolas macahan Joseph Jimenez Megan Lindsey Patrick Kristen Llyn Payne avian Rose Estrada page Lauren Handley Jose Luis Sanchez Teresa sow Gillian Torres Lizbeth moldonado a pious Ashley Gibson Jorge Rios lasagne alla a mere Hussain Tala Ghani Nia rid ie Martinez Kenneth M Lee Hugh Katherine Moselle hameau the twin Teresa hikita Anna a Sunita Rosario by NR Esparza Ashley Corey Spillman Becerra Julianne Vermillion Jasmine Medrano Enrique Felix yeah Tara Cooke Davis Collini for pull a honey – all volatile Coleman [Applause] Tyrell golden senior Jamaica Taylor Carter Dan Hirschberg April van lichte new a loop a who you are Jessica and Avalos Rebecca hutsul Anna Garcia via Pando meta Dempster Katie Terry as Stephanie Chrysostom Oh Lorena Manuela Ortega Mary Lou Karen's Tuan fan Courtney Garcia Victoria Tinto Caitlin retro Haley Washington J are small Athena Padilla Nikki Sanchez read Hebert Stephanie gasped Hulya Janice Megan Amaro Elizabeth borders amorous Baker crystal Bernice Mackey Mikayla Lacey Ginelli Fragoso la Tiana Emirate Williams Tanya Pena Christine McClarty Catalina Gutierrez Macias Noemi Vega Landy swin neuen Cristina suck Lauren McGoldrick Jodi Shurtliff Freddie Vitelli Eileen gone Sally's parallel Zuniga Lara Sarah bowling at lean Simon Hall Monique bar to check it cell Garcia sermon yo Carly Juarez Evelyn Ramirez Cristina Avila dejeuner Williams Diana Paris andrés Guardado Ingrid Corrales Karina Audra Ingrid first button and she covers Mary marine Kelly Fujimoto Aurora Valdez Kelly Hayakawa Andrea Kramer Chanel green Gabriela Montero's a– Ibarra Taylor din Emily Culver Jamie snuggler Cecilia Lopez Saucedo Shoshanna Cerritos Christine malice arte Turner the geek Ian Regina hip Emily yurts Shraddha Kapoor dia Megan miss tenza sherry hong-kyun opinion Annamarie Bedoya Alyssa but willows Vanessa Evelyn Vosburg Jessica Schneider [Applause] Andreea Mejia Aaron antes RIA astoya Erin Andrew Avalos Nick come noi some salve on Courtney ray Morgan Jason Rossi – Sandra Elizabeth Becerra Eric Dwayne Kyle Taylor Kathryn Sumner's not harden harris and gwennyth a guy a go Aurora Rivera sandy Lopez Figueroa Jasmine Pina Eileen a Gonzalez Marissa Vargas Michelle Lago Marcy no Jackie Madrid Felicia Miller Kelly Fresenius boys Devin Wilson Amanda Maybury Jessica rains police elder Nunez Lindsay Yoshimura leader Leah's tricky Lucia Mota Yesenia virial Paul Flores to a Okuda Andrea K Glen Audrey wrong Sandra Cecilia Gutierrez Ashley hero Christine soupy ping Bradfield Brenda Avalos Christina Cox Giancarlo no pollen Tory frapp well Cassandra frapp well Joseph Wilson straight Feld Tina who you eat see Mendoza amber legendary Brander Nicolette Petrie Christina Marie Vasquez Berenice Solis Jennifer Chavez Tom Stephenie Garcia Nancy Flores vivanco Maria jackeline Hernandez Kimberly Murphy he young king Elizabeth Ramirez Pulido Kathleen van tranh Monica Rodriguez Leia Milani a below Daniel Cabrera Adriana Renteria Brittany Martin Audrianna Salgado Patricia Roberts Christina Flores Vanessa Claudia malinka Torres Barroso hannah.thompson [Applause] Andreea Neriah Meredith lauric Terry Moreno carry summer harp em Christina Elise Lainey will the candidates for master's degrees please stand president Connelly these candidates have satisfactorily completed all of the requirements for their respective degrees and have been approved by the faculty to receive their degrees candidates you have been recommended to me by the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and by your Dean and by your distinguished faculty therefore by the authority vested in me by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the California State University I confer upon each of you who has fulfilled all requirements the appropriate master's degree with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto congratulations you may be seated today we also honor those students who already have degrees and have returned to complete credential programs well the first row of candidates for credentials please stand and come forward under the direction of the faculty marshals Antonio choice Erica Sears frenzy Ayala murió Amanda Hansen gates Rebecca bori Audrey rig Ashley Gutierrez Joan Allen Smith Haynes Beatriz king terrace Rosales Olivia Richie Marisela Valdivia so Edgar Ramone Flores marco real silver Alberto Zaragoza the second my twin Nicholas Quesada Javier Rodriguez Marlene Romero Matt earnest Leslie Alejandra Cardenas when diggers Gonzales Stephanie Santo yo Frank you Christian Carranza Gloria Delgado Danielle cram Stephen you see novice Caitlyn flora Elena's and Miao fan Gloria Contreras Stephanie Rivera Christian Vincent monterosso Kaylie Norris saya Doric crystals in Dorf Brittany Robles batteries Marielle Martinez Angelica Banuelos Jennifer su Harrison Lindsey Johnston Samantha rose Lucero Hanna more Oh Allison Angela CH Sarah Verbeek Ariana Chavez Emily Himes Jasmine Maldonado Carly Gaston Christine Ibrahim Alexis Smith Julia Marie Maldonado Theresa Amaya Priscilla serda Emily made well COO tonked Christopher William cruise Stephanie Velasco my da la da Candace an otter Lou Brittany farrier Cindy Delvin Rodriguez tani garner Melissa McCauley Irene Kang Samantha Morris Alexandra no El Khatib buck yes mean Alice Mar Isabel Sato Ricardo Herrera amorous K Denison Sergio Contreras Roxana Jeanette Flores jasmine Angulo Ashley Don Murray Glenn ask Hilda Lupita Gonzales Raul Campos Gio Hernandez Bethenny Garcia Ryan mo Lindroth Sara McGuire Jessica Renee alert sin' Rocio Moreno Ashley Lauren Newman Genesis wala Lupe Rivera Myra Alexandra Yepez chao-li Oh Marc lópez Marisol Marcus Patrick charisma Marisa Hoffman Olga Gonzales crystal Elise Moreno Adriana Gamboa Miraval or Rosco Victor Garcia Christian roads so Molina Jenny Hernandez will you tie you will the candidates for credentials please stand [Applause] president Connolly these candidates have satisfactorily completed all requirements for their credentials and have been approved to receive their credentials [Applause] candidates you've been recommended to me by the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and by your Dean and by your distinguished faculty therefore by the authority vested in me by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the California State University I recommend for each of you the credential appropriate to your program of study congratulations you may be seated the final group of students we present today are candidates for the bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies these include students completing the integrated teacher education program the I tip program which consists of both the bachelor's degree and the multiple subject teaching credential as well as students completing the bachelors degree in Liberal Studies also included are students in the you teach program over there and students in the urban dual credential program [Applause] over there will the first row of candidates please stand and come forward under the direction of the faculty marshals you Monica Ruby Esparza Brianna Castaneda Amy Celeste Sarabia Muskaan near Gabriella waters Susan Varga Szabo Esmeralda Martinez Jennifer Perez Santa Maria Monica Roberto Vanessa Cardenas Andre a bitter crystal de yo Elizabeth grönefeld Roberta vu Penelope Macias Elizabeth winsome Courtney O'Connor a nice Huck Christie is a giddy Kendra read Quimby Cecilia Suarez got it Ella's : Marcus Jacqueline Reese Daisy we are Cynthia Vargas Jinny Kim Lilia Lutz Victoria Who am I Gonzalez Scott Alan Morris Amy Leblon Karen duenas granados Hector Ramirez Jessica Shaffer Gabrielle harmony Savola Lisette Ramiro Rodriguez Eric Bettis Diana Janet Jimenez Kaitlin McGranahan Edward a sous Gonzales Stephanie Romero Hernan a monsoon Sonia Lopez Flores Kendra Ross Christie Smolinski kebab' Diana Garcia Kara Morales Kimberly crystal Cortes Katherine Campania joseline Martinez Edith Edith Varla Selena Marie Stromberg Alejandra Salazar Liliana Lorena Garcia Cecelia medina Essaouira diana de la Rosa Andreea Catalina Flores Bianca Hernandez Liam niggly uh Brittany sang Stefan Tran Patricia Alcantara Erica a Brina CL Lee Araceli gasps room Lopez Samantha Newland Estevan bandha Kylie Keiko Oshiro Alan developers Milagros de que su Cerreta Gonzalez Kristen Navarro Isabel Gutierrez Cortez salon hell Valencia Castro Lauren cross precious Zaragoza Laura Bethany Hill Heidi Macias lupus yellow Medina Kevin the Sun row kawainui Julia Paulo's Teresa no Jennifer right Carla Melissa Guillen Tessa Posner Kimberly Sandoval Kathleen smell Courtney wolf Cornell Emily Lopez V Tran Kenosha Hawkins Tyler vu run-up Patel Sarah Roland Bailey and Spillane Ashley G min Park Tory dog we Victoria Buddha Tanya Orissa Trent erielle brass Heather de care Betsy Garcia Zapatero Katherine sighs Melanie Roman le mérite brown Taylor Gutierrez Sonia Monroy Salazar Cameron Saito Ashley Stewart choice Li Patrick Jackson Georgina curry Ola brandy Hoffman Ryan Familia Hayley Nicole kalkan Daria order body Tracy ku Ashley an Eau de sangre loose Vizcaino Danielle's son Heather McGillis d'Alene Sosa Clarendon chow Carmen Rivera Emily Merkers Carla Natalia Barba Jocelyn limas Myra Siragusa Vega Samantha e Lopez Monica Estrada Rocio angry Manzano Sindel boo Co an award Oh Alexandria Hamrick Natalie Julia Adi Dulce Solano Morales Alexandra Clinton Jessica Bergeron Bailey Johnson Vanessa Gutierrez Kailyn Lee Beverly cruse Garcia Kathy my tahira Dean Courtney Edwardson Jennifer Garrett Tessa silver Killian Turley Lucia Hernandez Desiree Arianna Aguirre Christina Quivers Sofia Gittleman Alexandra Rosic Rachel Reeves Jasmine Acosta Ileana O'Neal E&F watch a Rachel bomber buleria Moreno LeMond Desiree Daisy Diaz Daniela Vasquez Fabiola Lazcano Maria Chavez Paniagua Gabriela or chore Hernandez you señor Miguel Jocelyn toe llama Nora Lee Nava Kim dough Jacqueline Melgar Quinny new in James Pollard Yvonne Cohen see Sabrina Montano Carolyn Mendez Monica Soto Rios Marisa Preciado Glarus quarters Rebecca baby Nicole Rose wolf talena Ramos Jacqueline Santiago Natalie aren't Esther Choi Ashley Lopez Marie Carmen Hernandez Brenda Gonzales Carolyn wanna stall Vanessa Pisano valia Alejandra Alvarez Stephanie Flores Shanna Leakey Steffie Marie Lao Rubio Megan kinder Emily way brights Serena Marie Flores alline are got Michelle Beltre unis Cho you Marianne Yoshida Selena Lassalle Dee you Natalie Nicole Lopez Amanda and broth Taylor wool field you Lauren Rand Amy Tran McKenzie Scharf page kroff Lexi McWhorter Daphne Norris Casey Gilstrap Jennifer here on Josh Davis Jose Hernandez waa fiea a dot Shazia gin Donny shanell Evans Maria Delgado Zyra Avila Vanessa Ramirez lucila Alvarado Amanda Lucille Escobedo Cassandra Shipley Jessica yen Audrey Barsotti Taylor winters the final card Audrianna Barrasso [Applause] [Applause] will the candidates for the bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies please stand president Connolly these candidates have satisfactorily completed all requirements for their degree and have been approved by their faculty to receive the baccalaureate degree in Liberal Studies candidates you've been recommended to me the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs by your Dean and by your distinguished faculty therefore by the authority vested in me by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the California State University I confer upon each of you who has fulfilled the requirements the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Liberal Studies with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto for those who have also completed credentials I recommend for each of you the credential appropriate to your program of study baccalaureate graduates you may now move your tassel to the left side of your cap this signifies the completion of your undergraduate degree congratulations you may be seated [Applause] Thank You president Connolly and congratulations to each and every graduate at this time I would like to recognize the University brass choir the brass choir is a select group of musicians directed by Professor Robert freer thank you for your accompaniment I would also like to recognize our readers today Roberto alcaraz and Jamieson price thank you we ask that you please remain seated until the recessional has been completed let the recessional begin so astronomers were not expecting this a few mathematician

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