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well how well would your kids survive in the wild without phones and computers one school holiday program is teaching kids survival skills and we've sent Adrienne to give it a go for himself how long did you go without your phone Adrienne oh I struggle to even go to two and a half minutes and I'm on air without one sided let alone being actually out of the bush but I'm here the curly for sure for educated by nature now I'm joined by Trudy Trudy what are we building right now well we're building cubbies by the river today copies by the way what have we what are we got to do we have a teepee kind of shape it's a bit wobbly so I need some bracing would you like to learn how to do a lash I would love to learn how right one of these fellows help out yeah so triangles are the strongest shape so these two boys have done two triangles here right and I've got a reef knot all ready for use one hand take that you go over this stick and you go under a team effort and then yeah over this one and then back under this one so this is sort of quickly now you're originally a primary school teacher what made you move from the classroom to teaching outdoors well there's quite a few children in that class that had a lot of anxiety both about life in general but also about being at school and doing schoolwork and we were challenged to try and teach outdoors and it just changed them they were just suddenly relaxed or the energy dissipated and they were super super engaged at all the simple connections that they made out in nature with the birds and what do you mean it's it's so right to me I feel like there's an infinite different ways that we can learn and you know the classroom is just one of them so I think yeah bringing them outside it is a great thing do you find that they react really positively yeah super positively so engaged and focused and so super keen for learning and in control of their own learning as well we didn't have to direct it they were learning naturally that's right no pesky parents of the way and all right and that's why we call it educated by nature well let's take a look at the weather currently 10 degrees head from the top of 20 I look across our suburbs Midland 20 degrees joondalup 20 and in our week ahead Tuesday a sunny 21 degrees Wednesday is sunny 22 keeping sunny 4 sorry Thursday showers 19 actually Friday showers in a possible storm 19 degrees now I'm gonna show you some of these cubbies which are absolutely incredible substan the winter very nice it's very looks very strong and tell us about the pegs what are they doing well they're just holding the felt together so it just doesn't blow away it does that's very important it adds a nice color as well and let's let's come over here we've got some more cubbies over here how we doing over here guys you have a nice you have a nice cubby is this is this more fun than being at school fund and being at school we got some takes you to hold the beep feet of fabric up yeah and we put this stick in the middle she connect our cubbies together could we were originally two separate cubbies right but this one kept falling over so just kept coming undone so no we had to support the cubby a little bit look at that you're getting a structural engineering degree right here right now Lou come back at 8 o'clock I'm going to be building fire from basically nothing so you'll want to see how that goes sounds good to me I love what they're doing teamwork at its best down there enjoying this see you at 8 o'clock I do so good coming up at 8 o'clock Adrian Braves the elements and puts himself to the test in the great outdoors you

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