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[Applause] hi welcome along to aft btran – a daily the showed it keeps you up-to-date replays that mimic would have summer trend – and moved to Arsenal brought to you by unibit the excellent armed app that they've got an excellent website you can jump on there right now and check out some of the brilliant articles some of it about transfers some of our Arsenal various different teams and also my brilliant article on there right where I talk about free defenders I think a source should sign if you haven't read that already the link is in the description make sure you check it out now I do invincible II do should I say has returned to Arsenal arm it's we've known that are so being after a do and they do was been with the Brazilian national team as the general coordinator and done very well the Brazil won winning a copper America and now that the copper America has been completed the worst kept secret has been confirmed that he has been appointed as the technical director of Arsenal now the former invincible is going to oversee the first team coaches the Academy player scouting and most importantly for us right now recruitment now remember we had miss Lynn's hat in there doing on recruitment then armed missile intact surprisingly left in January then it looked like we were going to be bringing in the legendary Spanish recruitment guy Munchie I'm from Rome armies previously at Sevilla and you know we all know about his record of bringing in great players but in he did a u-turn and decided not to take the job and then ask them moved in for Eddie and as I said Eddie was at Brazil as their general coordinator and now he moves to Arsenal he has returned back home and he was saying yesterday that he's really really interests you know really really looking forward to doing the job and our assholes got a special place in his heart and all sounds fantastic he's got a big job on his hands um I like the fact that it's Aiden and you know he's obviously got a lot of experience he played for Arsenal and I said had that winning mentality because he played for League type winning teams the invincible team played with winners was a winner himself he was also at Corinthians where he did a similar role and oversaw you know youth coming through there and you know oversaw a very successful period for Corinthians over there in Brazil as well where they won titles and they you know won a lot of things so again he's not just coming in off you know it's an ex-player bring him in he's got a lot of experiences what he's done and I really hope that what he's gonna bring to that whole setup is that winning mentality that's what we need to get back into Arsenal at the moment that's gone it doesn't seem to have that mentality either we need to win or you know we we haven't got that no more and I hope that with his sign-ins and with everything he does and how he recruits through youngsters he brings back that mentality I think also at the moment is lacking an identity as well we were talking about this last season especially away from home what was our identity are we an attacking team are we a defensive team or are we you know under thing that we knew what we will hurt we with us are attacking all-out attack bang right but at the moment I don't really know what Arsenal style is and I'm hoping that you know edu will come through and it will get that blueprint and say right this is how it has to be right from your youth team go right up to the first team but where he's going to be really judged by Arsenal fans is how good he is at recruitment we know that you had a lot to do with the Gabrielle Martinelli sign in and we've been told that we've signed a wonder kid we don't know we wait after wait and see what Gabrielle Martinelli is like um but where he's gonna be judged and where it's going to be important is what does it do do the transfer market how is what is it influenced there and how successful those transfers are now will he be able to influence Malcolm who's a fellow Brazilian of course that Barcelona previously at Bordeaux to come to Arsenal now also are said to want Malcolm but on a loan deal we know that is this restricted budget that also have got and also apparently would like to bring armed Malcolm in on a season-long loan with an option to buy however you know Barcelona they want money Everton apparently willing to pay in excess of thirty 1 million pounds for Malcolm right now now if you were Barcelona were you gonna do you know take a loan deal we're getting your money later on you're going to take the 31 million pounds now I know what I do so you know again this is where II do comes in could be influenced Malcolm to say no I want to you know I do not want to go at all to everything I want to end up at Arsenal always that the main toggle could he influence or maybe as are something this is what's gonna be what he's judged on that Malcolm being linked again with Arsenal today I don't know if it just because the Brazilian link now that's what's gonna happen out well you know we're gonna get link to every Brazilian going right so stand by for that as well link today for Tom to a player who's not Brazilian but from the Dominican Republic you know often see plays from the Dominican Republic in football but this guy really talented he's at Real Madrid his name is mariano diaz he's a striker and Real Madrid's said to be willing to offload him harm you know they really need to balance the books they've already spent you know nearly three hundred million pounds this summer already so they need to offload some players and he said to be one of those players that they're willing to offload now Mary Onan Mariana Diez was originally bought by Real Madrid in 2016 at limited game time and in the end selling into Leon for seven million pounds but they had a clause in the contract Real Madrid where they could sort of buy him back for a cup price and he did pretty well Diaz over there in Leon Real Madrid bought him back for twenty million pounds but he can't get any type of game time at all in Madrid only making a handful of appearances last season scored four goals but just not getting the game time now of course you know as I said Real Madrid's they're bringing in loads of players they bought in hazard and other players that they need to sort of balance their books they need to get rid of some of these players and apparently Diaz has been offered to Arsenal now will just be something that interests Arsenal and remember Danny Welbeck gun yes we've got two strikers but what happens if or you know those strikers get injured I see that Eddy and catch has been given a first-team berth this season but you know you really need four strikers in my opinion could this be something that would interest Arsenal we'll have to wait and see but it's out there today he's been offered to Arsenal now Kieran Tierney that still rumbles all in again another mission for a dude to get sorted we know that Arsenal definitely want Timmy they definitely want to lift back this is rambling on and on and on so um we're in action yesterday actually they beat on FK Sarajevo in their Champions League qualifier arm Tierney wasn't playing because he's still recovering from an injury but manager Daniel linen gave her a bit of an update on the situation and basically you know when he was asked about he said that there's been no further developments you know nothing's really happened with that nothing's happened further than what everybody knows already arm when are we gonna get this done it's said to be 25 million Jesus Christ come on ask them all get this done now that it is in can I do push this through so this deal will be done ASAP again that's what we have to wait and see Marian Lou Mina I spoke about this one yes a sorry Mariola mean spoke about this yesterday Southampton twenty-five-year-old now as I said yesterday both are sore and Manchester night have made inquiries about La Mina is valid at about 18 million pounds by Southampton they want to get rid of him now the reports are today that he would prefer to move to Manchester United that's according to a newspaper today The Daily Star I think it is I don't know they doesn't seem to be any source to what they're saying it could be just speculation but he prefers to move to Manchester United maybe that's based off the fact that Arsenal were interested in signing lumina before but it was turned down by arson finger you know all of you know that is actual facts that you know before he went to Southampton he was offered to Arsenal remember he was at you're Ventus offered to Arsenal and awesome thing that turned him down so maybe that's why I love Mina's thinking well you know what they turned me down before man I rather go man you know I don't know and Isla mean at a real deal anyway you know because you've got a figure self why are Southampton letting him go as I said yesterday when I've seen him play I've been like wow he's a player even when he was at Juventus and they signed him as I yeah this guy looks he looks good but why has Southampton getting rid of him he seems very inconsistent and was finger right when he said you know he vetoed that because he just said nah he's not gonna be the type of player we need someone who's gonna produce week in week out but it's gonna be interesting to see how this La Mina thing plays out but our Manchester I said to be the favourites to get La Mina ahead of Arsenal the one player that we have signed a pot well apart from Gabrielle Martinelli's Williams Saliba um it hasn't been announced yet but everywhere the reports are that the deal is done and that Saliba it's going to cost 27 million pounds will be loaned straight back to sanity in but as I was saying yesterday it means that you know it gives us all a bit more of a transfer budget to play with because not going to have to pay the bulk of that money until next season so expect that to be announced very shortly particularly sir we were talking about this in the office yesterday I'd having a laugh about this we're like um what kick today unveiling today of a limb in the in the new added s kit or do they unveil him in a kit that's going to be coming up next year for today they just put the invite him in a plain Adidas kit and just saying new kit to be you know because he ain't gonna be here till next year is he but arm saliba set to be done arm so that will be our second signing of the summer and Christian Bielek yesterday on the show I said that'd be Alec you know leads really really interested in taking him remember he was originally a on loan at Charton last season where he had a really successful time what we hear today that AC Milan are also interested in Christian Bielek polish it a Polish player played in the under-21s recently and also you know as I said did brilliantly for chart and last season and a seamen are really interested in him he can play as a defensive midfielder he can play in defense where he been playing very successfully for chart and and should also be looking aim to bring him into the defense that's another question but Billick as parently is said to AC malenda listening i want game time i want to be plain so that seems to be a sticking point in that move as well on by you just you know i'm just think to myself should we be looking at a beer like I mean we're bringing his saliba you know we've got B Alec here had a great time on loan as I said it a lot arm yesterday what a loans for and I'm just worried that we could be letting go another player that could be a top player and not in the Polish gonna bury you know not in the position he plays but just in that we let a player go and then he goes and does wonders and we like why don't we keep him we need the defender who knows um let's get some comments sym he says Southampton fan here on La Mina interesting right he said the guy is quality is clear to see there is a reason he was at your Ventus if he goes to you he will thrive Pindus Robbie and come back Novak I might know that to it I think maybe says come back to it when he takes the league by storm happy to respond to any questions from Arsenal fans about him he also said as well so jump into that and you can ask him some questions but if that's all true why are Southampton letting him go what's the problem you know I mean that's the other thing you know you have to think when you sign in players you can't just solely look on the talent on the pitch and I've heard this before from many scouts that I've spoken to it's about the guy himself what's he like behind the scenes what's his attitude like does he train well is he a team player does he get all of these things come into play all of these things are the things that make you produce week in week out and I'm just thinking why are Southampton letting the mean ago but and let's go over this one last one vor says Robbie La Mina won't be a bad target for Arsenal but if the central midfield is the cause maybe the club should go for AB di de Corey of Watford of course the correr be a great sign in I think that would be all if it was a 45 million pound transfer budget I think that would be the budget gone boom right I think Watford would demand at least about 40 million pounds with the quarry they know he's a top player so that's probably why he not seen us all I'm chasing a player like the quarry but I like the quarry he's a top top player I'm listen thanks for watching the show today next week Arsenal go to America where they're going to be doing their pre-season tour we are going to be out there will be covering every step of the way as a matter of fact we're gonna be heading out to America this first day we're going to be touching down in Las Vegas first we're gonna be teaming up with the guys from 702 and we're gonna be doing some videos and stuff like that out there if you're an awesome fan and you're in Las Vegas arm you know look out for us you know I want to get as many opinions from awesome fans as possible when we're in Las Vegas so we'd be there for a few days then moving on to Denver we're also play their first game and then following us or right throughout their tour of America so really looking forward to getting out there I'm going to be doing a Q&A as well in Charlotte really looking forward to that I'm just gonna be myself and also ask blog I'm doing that so really looking forward to that so America here we come looking forward to it but we should be bringing some new signings out there I do get down to business


  1. Laurel and HARDY phrase is
    'well that's another fine mess, we've gotten rselves into',..OUR Transfer window, UTTA SHAMBLES.

  2. Another hash of transfer window.. SKINT CLUB, we r. JACK ROGERS from RILLINGTON, f 瞿3 is all we can afford.

  3. Ya know what? This club is going backwards, what other club would pay 瞿27 million for a player that won't play for a year? Madness. All the while we won't pay what Celtic want for a quality left back.

    Holding and sokra i like, but we need to buy CB Badly…
    Mustafi and Kos out, thats over 200k per week freed up…
    Buy a CB!!!!!!!!

  5. arsenal off for a pre season tour….ten games in to the new season players moaning how tired they are….lol….gawd

  6. Please buy Mariano. He is awful. Real made a mistake buying that piece of shit.Take him off our hands.

  7. Monchi is a monster he already spent like 100M+ on 6 or 7 good signings, but Edu is always welcome home, Martinelli looks like a good one for the wings, he's young, got pace and a bit tips from Auba an Laca can set him on fire!

  8. Arsenal fans need to realise that we arent gonna sign any top class player due to ffp. We should rather use our youth players like nelson, bielek, john jules etc as they are our future and r probably better than the starters we have in our team. Nelson better than miki Bielek better than kos and mustafi amn better than xhaka chambers back up to torreira eddy 3rd striker

  9. OMG Edu is back wow we are definitely finishing above City and Liverpool now. Ffs all this waffle is pointless as long as the owner of the club stays we stay out of the top 4 .

  10. Arsenal will finish 8th this season imo hope I'm wrong but until we get rid of stan the leech we're pretty much pissing in the wind 互互

  11. I can't believe anyone would want to work for our dirt bag, cheapskate, absentee, parasite owner. We are screwed for next season. Our mangement, led by an exciting involved administration and scumbag owner cannot help but to fail. 8th place next year, with luck.

  12. Get Zaha and Carassco first. Then Franck Kessie. If Edu is taking over, why not try Marcelo rather than Tierney

  13. Edu will flop, just wait and see. He's just a Sven Mislintat reject. All Arsenal are bringing in are rejects no one wants. What a mug of a club.

  14. The problem with these transfers is that…arsenal are interested in too many players, rather than a player that can fit in or influence a system. It's becoming a whore house.

  15. plus we need conventional wingers to help our defensive game players like fraser who run up and down the wings, hardworking and tracking back well to help the full backs we didnt have has any for some time now maybe thats why we are fragile defensively. Think about it.

  16. We should keep beilik because he is tall guy and is a tough tackler. In some away games we could use his height and strength in the midfield which lacks in our midfield. why arent Arsenal looking at nkunku he was good enough for us in january and we were willing to pay 25 to 30 mil now he is available on the cheap the kid is quality another quality player who impressed me alot has gone of the radar is aleksander golovin

  17. Doesnt make sense to y we should have 3 LBs in the squad if Tierney came.Monreal n Kolasinac is still at Arsenal.We need CBs n Wingers and mayb a RB.

  18. Robbie don't be like that, Southampton let Ox , Walcott, Lallana and Van Dijk go so what are you talking about? Like Troopz would say "Are you mad Donnie"

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