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so good morning and welcome back to daily transfer update we have some good news we have some good news anybody who missed my stream yesterday about free o'clock in the afternoon I did a live stream soon as it was announced that IDO was now our technical director and I think that's fantastic news he knows the club he he played for the club he was known vincible it was part of the invincible squad back in 2004 and he's had a quite successful career outside of a firm being a player he's played for unnai Emery at Valencia which is something I found out yesterday I've never knew about that and um he's just been part of the the set up at Brazil that has just gotten one a copper America for the first time in 12 years so congratulations to them and him but now maybe we'll start seeing some transfers flying in because this guy's got connections all over the South America and that South American market so so untouched really there's not many South Americans to play in the Premier League when you compare Europeans to play in the Premier League obviously I know it's a lot closer it's only a couple of hours on a plane etc etc to Europe but there is so many good South American footballers out there we've hopefully signed one of them and that's Gabriel Martinelli and who had a hand in that there's a few others that are being tipped to come under the stewardship of Emory and IDO not much in terms of developments on that which is why I've not spoke about them but the the right bank now for Brazil he's been linked with a snore it's sort of died a deaf really which is why I've not really reported about it but I think this has be a great mood for a school getting that and earned Raulerson Haley on Arsenal comm said this is the final piece of the jigsaw in our in our progress forward and this is somebody that can come in he can work with Emory work with everybody else inhale even I and we can hopefully progress forward as a football club I think is fantastic news like I said he knows the club he played for the club he was an invincible for the cloud bands he knows all the South American players which ones are good which ones are not good and hopefully hopefully fingers crossed we are gonna start signing some South Americans because they will do absolutely anything to win football matches and I want to see that at a club I want to see players at the club that will fight a hundred percent for the badge a lot of them have come from poverty didn't even have football boots when they were learning how to play football and growing up and stuff like that so there I is firmly on the prize and they want to make it all the way to the top so they will do absolutely anything to succeed at football and fair play to him and listen we need players like that we've got way too many players of this Football Club there just seemed comfortable and happy in a bubble with their massive salary I want to see people fight for the badge I want to go back to the old school days of players that would run through brick walls for the manager but like I said we shall see what happens but I'm just happy that Edo is now our technical director and that is the final piece of the jigsaw like I said now let's move on to William sulabha as we know he signed with Arsenal is yet to be announced officially by some Etienne or by Arsenal and he has signed a five-year contract he's being loaned straight back to some Etienne now I spoke about this yesterday a lot of people got the hump with me because I said diet you know I think we should have concentrate on doing the same for now but listen 27 million pounds if he has a successful season again this upcoming season then it could be a masterstroke because it could be he could be worth 50 million pounds who knows I'm just a little bit you know I won't say now but we are actively seeking for a centre-back according to David Ornstein whether you believe him or not I don't know but he tweeted out that we're in for a centre-back sorry I lied didn't we it was actually a BBC Sport report that he done and he said that we're actively looking for a centre-back we're actively looking for a winger and we're at looking for a midfielder and that leads me straight on from midfield wise to Mario La Mina the Southampton player this guy had the second-best pass in Southampton last season which is quite remarkable really I think it was Davis that had better passing him it's only 25 plays for Gabon which is the same country as Pierre Emerick Obama yang they're both team mates 15 million pounds which is relatively cheap in today's market he used to play for you've a six-foot-tall I've got a couple of stats on him as well which was quite interesting is it basically a box-to-box midfielder not as good as Aaron Ramsey was but in that kind of ilk that kind of mold and he averages two dribbles per game nearly four interceptions per game lost a burst forward from deep so he picks the ball up drops a shoulder and he goes and he runs as far up the pitch as he can he can also play it right back as well which is quite interesting because obviously I'm Hector Bella Hren he is gonna miss the start of the season if you believe all the reports out there although if you look at him in the gym right now it looks like he's raring to go but but yeah I think um I think this would be a fantastic sign in cheap fits the mold very physical like I said he's six foot tall he's a big guy and I think you'd do really really well for Arsenal and 15 million pounds an absolute bargain let's be real but we shall see what happens without I did a stream about that last night so go and check that out if you haven't and leave your comments down below would you take Mario limine er at Arsenal now let's move on to Malcolm obviously with the introduction of Eddie Gaspar Arsenal was said to be linked with Zaha it's been dragging on and on and on all summer would malcolm be the cheap up where we would be the cheaper but would he be the better alternative he's only 22 from the same country as I do Barcelona rolls and Haley connections where when he used to work there I think that deal would be a lot not easier to get through than doing the Wilfred's a hard one not only that we're talking about an option too long and then buy him at the end of that one-year loan now that worked out a hell of a lot cheaper I think he's very very good as a player I think as I've said many times on here I think that he went to Barcelona too soon in this career 21 years old you see the stars you see the lights you see playing with Messi every week and Suarez and hasn't really worked out Valverde hasn't really played him that often 23 games I think he played last season not enough only four goals couple of assists not really good enough for the amount of money they paid for him which was nearly 40 million euros so this is an option to loan him and then to buy him at the end of that I think that could be a masterstroke I think that that's something we should definitely tie up I think he'd improve us I think it would be a massive step forward in terms of attacking play but let me again let me know again before you guys think in the comments section now let's move on to Kieran's here knee pisses just dragging on and on and on and new Lennon's come out and spoke about it they obviously picked him for a Champions League qualifying game he was picked for that he was in the squad and yeah people have lost their over it basically everyone's going into meltdown about it everyone's saying now well you know if he's being picked for the for the Celtic squad then you know he's not gonna be coming to a store so it's certain it don't work like that I think that they I think that they picked him obviously the fact that they need to qualify for Champions League has mega money for them I think that he's their only left-back other than the new guy they've literally just signed I don't even know whoever he was picked for the squad or not haven't checked but listen at the end of the day Kieran Tierney is a Celtic player as it stands and regardless of what we all think and how we think it should be done Aston was so it will probably get that deal done how long it takes I don't know but Neil Lennon has basically come out and said he's had he's not really read all the headlines let the people gossip he's not really seen much appearance hear me this summer because he was been in rehab trying to get his injury problem sorted and yeah basically there's been no further contact from from the initial first bid so you know this is gonna run on and on all summer and hopefully again fingers crossed Kieran Tierney will be Arsenal's left back going into next season now that's not gonna be guaranteed we've still want mamrie out at the club we've still got collazo knock at the club and it's not gonna be guaranteed that he is gonna be our senator Bakk is somebody I'd like could the club I think he's relatively cheap in today's market and I think it's somebody that can kick on to that next level and make us better along with Malcolm along with La Mina I think these are the sort of players you've got to go and try and by not massive superstars but players that are relatively cheap that have got potential to be better and I think that's the way Arsenal should go let me know what you guys think leave it all in the comment section I will be back at five o'clock this evening with my livestream and then again at nine o'clock leave a like on the video subscribe if you're new I'm out of here laters peeps you


  1. Why can't we just SIGN, sum one,ANYONE, anywhere.. will do…WEVE ALLOWED rselves to become a joke Club, its hurts. R we really THAT SKINT.

  2. Rumas, Sprumers.. We've been LINKED to EVERBODY. yet we'll probably end up with JACK MARTINS from RILLINGTON f £3.that's about r lot.

  3. Get Strahinja Pavlovic 18 years old 1,95 the new Vidic from Partizan Belgrade as Juve are taking De Ligt they seem to lose interest on him for now..I reckon 6-7 mio euro should be fine( with 2,5 mio upfront)

    What happened with Boateng?

  4. Like the Malcom deal, a player we were linked with before he even went to Barcelona. Genuine pace allowing us to play counter attacking football. Forget what he did at barca look at him at Bordeaux. The pace of Auba and Malcom either side of Laca is a quality front three. One small point though, although he plays on the right he is left footed. Yes sign him as long as we balance up the rest of the midfield too many left footers – Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira, Kolasinac all started our last game in midfield.

  5. Saliba martinelli torreria guendouzi holding Leno Malcom tierney bielik nelson and Nkhetia 😍😍😍😍

  6. Southampton want 18 million not 15 & hes not good enough, is this what arsenal have become now signing bog standard players what there own clubs want rid off ? Absolutely pathetic

  7. Appreciate your straight forward approach to relaying the transfer news/rumors. It has been refreshing. Much appreciated!

  8. Dunno what’s more all over the place, Arsenal’s transfer window or the audio on this video 🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. Hey Lee, great work man…
    Tierney will come but Celtic want him for CL qualifiers. Malcom over Zaha by a mile, every day. Pay the extra and bring Saliba in…. anything else is gravy mate…👍🏼

  10. If we can sell Gabrielle Martinelli, Lucas Torreira for 80 million + in the next 2 to 4 season. We can challenge for the league in season #5 and 6.

  11. He had the 2nd best passing at Southampton last season…. Which is remarkable really…. 😂😂😂😂😂 Fuck me. Is that the standard now?

  12. Yo Lee… I was convinced that we'd of signed Tierney by last Friday… Launch kit on Monday… Announce first proper signing by Friday… The fact that hasn't happened has got me worried. I'm still hopeful he will sign but I have this dodgy feeling now as its been so long with no progress.. Something seems off. If its money thats the issue, then thats pathetic!
    Tierney… LB…. Ryan Fraser… LW…. Thats a HUGE improvement on our left side.
    I believe we still need a CB and maybe a box to box Midfielder.
    I don't know why we are not linked with any players with contracts ending.
    Pretty sure there are decent players around that we are not even looking at.
    Starting to get embarrassing and ridiculous tbh.
    we missed out on numerous good deals already.
    Le Celso, Tielemans, Quincy Promes, theres loads.
    Its pathetic we have done nothing in nearly 5-6 weeks whilst every one around us is signing players better then we currently have, for prices we can afford.
    I just hope theres some top secret plan in action that i've missed!!!

  13. 15th July….So… the Kieran Tierney deal is off …..I real believed that this deal would have got done but this is Arsenal after all….

  14. 12th July So…..Arsenal have let for the US and we have only signed one player for the future and are about to sign another who will be loan straight back…what is going on …I stayed quite up till now but…..

  15. Edu Gasper knows & has seen the likes of Rodrigo Caio Coquette Russo- Flamengo Brasil- Italian descent
    CB no work permit issues.

    Robert Arboleda Equadorian CB- at Sao Paulo
    & Bruno Méndez Uruguay U20 International Corinthians. Any of whom can be an excellent signing to plug our CB leakage.

  16. Thats great news. I think the fact that he knows the club well will help us massively. I hope he gets deals done quickly. As for Tierney I would take him in a heartbeat but it isnt going to happen. I am not convinved by Lemina if i am beimg honest. He isnt good enough.

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