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hello and welcome back to the chronicles of a goon of the Arsenal podcast brought to you by the last man standing with a loser Paul calm as ever I'm your host Harry simi and on today's edition we're gonna start off with the club announcement this come out just a little while ago II do has officially been named as Arsenal's Technical Director at the Arsenal media team have put out a statement in which they say ed who is joining us from the Brazilian Football Confederation as our first technical director the former gunner a member of the Invincibles comes to us straight after helping Brazil win their first Copa America in 12 years he will be on the flight to the United States as our pre-season talk gets underway on Thursday in his role as technical director Eddie will coordinate the work of our first team coaching group the Academy and play a scouting and recruitment in order to oversee the constant building up an efficient strengthening of our squad now Ralphs and Leahy had a football of course and Arsenal has been speaking to the club's media team he says we're very excited that Eddie is joining the team he has great experience and technical football knowledge and most importantly is a true Arsenal man he understands the club and what we stand for to our millions of fans around the world his arrival is the final and very important part of the jigsaw in our development of a new football infrastructure to take us forward he will be working closely with you now Emory and the first team coaches and will play a relevant role leading our football vision and ensuring we have and follow a solid philosophy through all our football activity so this is not a surprise to anyone we've been speaking about this they've been reports for ages that Eddie was lined up to take the position of course after the conclusion of this summer's Copa America last night he announced he'd be leaving the Brazilian national team set up and lo and behold today we have an announcement and that suggests doesn't it that this deal was done quite a while back now edu has said Arsenal has always had a special place in my heart and I'm thrilled to be returning to this great club in this new role we have a strong squad and some very talented young players with fantastic people at every level I'm looking forward to helping make a difference so ed who's saying all the right things of course spent five seasons with us as a player making 30 appearances in our 2003 2004 unbeaten season always a bit of a cult hero was ed who scored some really important goals for the club and put in some really great display so police to have him back in and around the club as I said it's come as no surprise to me and fingers crossed ed who coming in now means that we'll sort of get our our asses in gear in terms of the transfer market perhaps that's been a cause of that some of the delays in terms of some of the transfer negotiations that were said to be involved in but Eddie is in through the door now and fingers crossed Arsenal can now get on with things and build for the 2019 20 season let me know your thoughts on this appointment are you pleased with it do you think ed who is a strong addition to the team let us know of course hit us up in the comments section below or of course on twitter at chronicles underscore AFC now the next subject I'd like to touch on today is concerning the protests against tank Kroenke now I know it feels like we're probably talking about this every day at the moment but it's a debate that just isn't going away lots of Arsenal fans I'm happy with the way that Stan Kroenke has been running the club me included but I made the point earlier on social media and I want to share this with you guys too that it's kind of a bit hypocritical isn't it to say you know hit him where it hurts hit him in the pocket etc etc but then to still turn up to every game by Arsenal merchandise buy food and drink within the stadium spend fortunes traveling up and down the country and across the continent to watch the club at what point has a fan do you put the greater good ahead of your own you know you go into the games and say I'm actually that pissed off that I am now willing to boycott Arsenal games that's what the black Paul fans they'd remember when he played them in the cup last last season and none of their fans turned up they eventually got they rid of their owner and the attention that that received was incredible and that you know was a strong of course motivation for the the owner to sell I'm not saying that Stan Kroenke is gonna sell if you or me don't turn up to the games but I'm curious to know are you at that point now where you'd rather not go to the games if it affects then Kroenke because I don't think a lot of people are and I think pointing the finger at Stan Kroenke all the time you know he's right in many ways because the the direction of the club is is bad it's a it's been heading in that way for quite some time and with him now the sole owner you fear it will only get worse but equally Arsenal should have achieved their targets in the last two or three seasons in spite of Stan Kroenke ownership style in spite of the fact he's not willing to pump money in in spite of the fact that we weren't running on this self-sustaining model and it's mainly down to bad management on the football pitch and I think that you need to take that into consideration as I've always said I'm not Pro Stan Kroenke I'm not happy with lots of things that he's done in the way the club is heading but do I think he's the reason we didn't make the Champions League last season absolutely not so that's just my view on that I think that you know either you're really fed up and you're gonna stop going and you're not gonna give him any money and you're not gonna put any money into his Football Club or you go along you continue going on the weekend enjoy them watching your team and you kind of you know whilst you can talk about Stan Kroenke you need to stop using that as the primary excuse for everything so I don't like Kroenke I don't like the direction the club is going in but I just don't understand how you can be staging a protest yet turning up to every single game buying Arsenal merchandize Arsenal refreshments in the stadium etc etc etc because you're ultimately funding the evil that you want to see remove them whilst money is coming in and that club is turning over a profit and the balance sheet looks healthy and Stan Kroenke asset continues to be worth the the vast amount of money that it is we're never gonna see the back of him let me know what you think on that – is it right – to be protesting but still you know forking out thousands of pounds each season backing spank Ron Keys Football Club is it wrong to do so let me know what you think I just feel like I'm not that breaking point yet where I'm at the point where I want to decide that I need to stop following my team to make myself heard I'm not that disillusioned maybe I'm not as disillusioned as others but I feel like Arsenal's problems you know are more on the field yeah you may argue that it stems from stan kroenke ultimately but the management by Asin Venga a new now Murray in the last two seasons has been poor and that is the primary reason for why we are in this predicament let me know what you think in the comment section below just a couple of other topics I'd like to touch on are on today's podcast starting with the future of the young Polish under-21 international Christian be Alec he's impressed at Charlton on alone he impressed in the under-21 championship but it appears he has no future at the Football Club now lots of you were hoping that he would come back in fill that sort of essential defensive or defensive midfield role depending on where he was needed a bit of a utility man in that sense but it feels like you know Christian be Alec won't have a future at Arsenal and I know that we don't know that for sure but the reports that we're hearing today suggest that he's been told there is no place for him in the first-team squad we've heard of other youth players the likes of you know Rhys Nelson Emil Smith ro Willick in Quetta ret cetera etc being told that they are moving into the first team they've been given new squad numbers etc etc the Christian plx name is not on that list now I did call it a few weeks back when I said that I didn't feel he was gonna get the guarantees that he himself needs to come in his future to Arsenal and I understand why he wants out if he's not gonna play you know why would he want to stay he's got to that point now where he's impressed he's got a little bit of a reputation going in his favour and it probably feels like from Christian plx point of view well if I'm not gonna get a chance now I'm never gonna get a chance and he has to do what's right for his career now I know a lot of Arsenal fans will be disappointed by this news will be disappointed to hear that Christian Bialik will most likely be leaving Arsenal this summer let me know your thoughts on it would you have kept him considering it doesn't look like we're going to Ben mega amounts of money this summer would you have kept in considering we are short in the central defensive position short of quality anyway perhaps not so much in numbers but certainly in quality let me know what you think leave your comments in the comment section below and I'd like to hear from you guys on this one and you can tweet us too if you prefer that act Chronicles underscore AFC now the last topic fourth and final topic is a hectare bellowing is said to be ahead of schedule in his recovery from that horrible injury he suffered last season he's reportedly earmarked the home game against Aston Villa on the 22nd of September as the game he's hoping to come back from so Arsenal will be without their first choice right back for the first month or so of the season but I still feel like we need to get someone in to cover that position for when Hector bellowing is not available I'm not sure that Aynsley Maitland Naz is the answer they're going for Villa me know what you think on that too and that concludes today's chronicles AFC daily so it's a little bit late coming out I was doing some filming for 90 min down in central London with troops and specs Gonzales and that will be out very soon looking back on last season I'll be sure to share the link when that is available until then take care and we'll be back tomorrow with another chronicles AFC day ciao


  1. #kroenkeoutnow please he didn't even turn up for our biggest game of the season get rid of him now #kroenkeoutnow please

  2. Hello fellow Gooners, does anybody playing FPL? We had registered a private H2H league and need some more players. League code is 87z3n9
    All are welcome to join and we will be very grateful if some of you do. Thank you.

  3. I think you blame Emery for too many things, you have been way too harsh on him, he had no real right back, no left back only a full back, and lost Ramsey & Holding when he was just finding his team and things were going good

  4. Been boycotting since 2015. I think we'll see a lot more empty seats again next season, a lot came back after Wenger but he was only ever a symptom and now reality has dawned.
    KSE have their grubby hands on 100% now, midtable here we come, rather have Mike Ashley as owner ffs!.

  5. I think Edu is a good addition to the setup. He understands what it means to play for Arsenal, understands the South American market which you don't normally shop in and was successful with Corinthians and Brazil.

  6. Happy to let Bielik go. Given the problems we have within the team nobody deserves guaranteed first team game time. They all need to earn it.

  7. Well like you said bro I'm not surprised he came, now let's see what happened in transfer from now I think he's the one we been waiting for before any serious signing, congrats to him

  8. I agree with u 100 per cent like you I can't stand Kronke but most of the fans that complain continue to pump money into his pocket I wish we could get rid of him but I don't see it

  9. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Sokratis if he knew how to smile? Greek heritage perhaps?

  10. who employed Ivan and gave Arsene a contract extension Harry ……. I would have kept Bielik and played him in the cups and occasionally in the league
    and if it was not working out in a year or 2 sold him and with game time his value would have increased ….. he is a big unit handy as a back up CB or CDM

  11. Was told that Kieran Tierney also played right back for Celtics. If true, he can cover in that position til Bellerin is fit again, assuming we do sign him. As for Krystian Bielik, it's a shame that a promising CB and DM will be let go assuming the rumors are true. This demonstrates the short shortsightedness of Emery and the Board especially in our defensive structure.

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