Duke Fuqua’s PhD Program in Business Administration

(classical music) – Now that I’ve been
out for several years, one of the things that still strikes me is how different it feels at Fuqua. – From day one you’re focused on research. And focusing on research
that’s interesting to you. So you don’t come in to
help advance the research of the professors that are here. They’re not interested in that. What they want to do is see you bring out your own interests. – The faculty are just very invested in providing
students with really thoughtful and frequent feedback on their research. – It really is more of an apprenticeship type program when you’re getting your PhD and so I think that relationship with the faculty is critical. (upbeat music) – It’s very interdisciplinary and it provides a lot of
freedom and flexibility for the students to talk to faculty across different groups so there is no clear border
between this department or group or other departments. – Culturally, I think its a very diverse and vibrant environment. You can meet people
from all over the world. – Durham is quirky. It’s different. It’s diverse. – What I liked about the area is it’s kind of like the best of a big town and a small town together. – [Mani] I love the restaurants in Durham. I love the weather. And the proximity to
Research Triangle Park also gives a lot of opportunities for students like us in business research to actually work with companies and then talk to CEOs, Executives get data or get any kind of assistance we may need in terms of conducting our research. – If I look at what I learned through this process it was tremendous amount of academic rigor and it’s a tremendous amount of how broad knowledge should be. – What’s been nice is throughout my career I always feel like I have a fallback of an ear I can grab or someone I can ask when I’m not sure of what to do to help me navigate my way forward. – From the number of students to the number of faculty. There’s a ratio of very
close to one there. And, it feels more like a family. – The time of my life that I was in when I got to Duke, I really loved the fact
that there was this very strong fabric of a community and I found some of my best friends still to this day. – It’s a very well-connected culture. I didn’t feel like there’s a barrier between students and the faculties. It gives you a sense of, I’m really welcome here. – Immediately from the visit from the day that I visited Fuqua, I had the feeling that, okay, this is home. (fading music)

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