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what is good my friends now I'm just kidding can I get beautiful motherfuckers its bailout again with another reaction today I'm gonna be checking out the one and only Dwayne Jackson man 20 we shout out to Dwayne man seriously lately all I've been doing is pumping his latest songs man this guy I don't know it came out of nowhere and bam he's them and he's doing it shout out to him for that shout out to all the hard work they put into everything that he does yes I'm really excited today to actually check out his newest video man is called what up doubt what up though yeah the reason I like this artist out of many others like crypt I like screw each of them brings something different and Dwayne does absolutely bring something completely different to the table and there is and that is basically he's the nice guy I don't know he's the nice guy that educated sounding one the one with brains in his head not saying the others don't but you know what like he got screw he's a he's a he's a crazy one man he's funny caught on a second sorry guys go distracted I'm back yeah so as I was saying so basically his crew it's just wild fun funny that's what it is Crypt he's just this lethal guy pretty much when it comes to bars and he's super nice but he's I don't know just different very different to Dwayne Dwayne I feel like it's funny cuz he's the probably personality wise he's the closest to my personality I feel out of the YouTube rappers what were you in your column the artist I know do reactions every now and then whatever so anyways guys um yeah so here to check out his new a song let's not waste time hit that subscribe button if you like my videos and let's move on shut up to the hit Brainiac as well for producing all these videos man this guy's doing his thing it's like whaddup though I chill with killers and cutthroats and fuck hoes you think you can take me I'm thinking fuck no you doing oh just giving you this nice speech saying how you're the elegant one out of these motherfuckers and it just straight away doing what – what let's hear that again damn that shit was good man wow I didn't that was something i definitely didn't expect from doing man it's funny man when it comes to human that is funny the carnage of the tribes I'm the vehicle that brought about the gods imma never lose if I do this whole shit or blow up and go back to the Big Bang Theory y'all niggas know but that's what because all the way back down ISM all the way to the Big Bang Theory man the evolution and shit like before the creation of the universe I do this whole shit'll blow up and go back to the Big Bang Theory y'all niggas Nova that's for the record skips that's where the music stops that's where you finally realize you met the truth tonight your lighter niggas thought that they had it and then got euthanized soon as I stepped up this whole game became believer die you understand it though this is where the movement lies with the entire foundation of faith will be crucified with dreams get crushed where everybody's pooping tries to live up to these expectations but can I do the time well I'm doing mine rockin out your suit and tie shows that I got way more heart then I can use inside I guess there's lamb on this pack got more hot than I can use inside all right all right in the meantime let's make a couple shot to the cognac begin twisted drunk way beyond that with once I don't have you clap surfing just off the cone I knew you had good now that's facts man damn yeah real one for that one man this is gold this is gold I'm loving it Wayne you ever see this homie from a place with no Sun reaches guns leeches that you had a heart as a child ain't get loved either fuck teachers my motto but I was bound to fly surrounded myself with some realists and I found a tribe is why I claim to be a murdering a doubter flies my sounds guys I was crowned before the mountain climb and on some shisha there's no one else I compete with I froze above all competition you've ever seen live man I don't know where the peat is live the movie live I compete with I froze above all competition you've ever seen live man I don't know where the peat is past that cloud you wanna compete you know but in C is you know some free shit is fucked coke I met that when the meth house my chest out yelling yo get the half down I ain't stopping till they take me out play me how is funny I made half of these niggas out here changed a style I'm a real legend I feel you should embrace me now put me on that little mantelpiece you say your prayers around you know what's funny I never look I'm sorry Duane I doubted you for the longest time even when you drop that freaking crazy Dax this which was by him and it was better than most of that disease I've ever had second to only I'm not Dax by screw literally that's why I thought it was freaking lucky where you were killing the man in the gentle style you know what I thought you did it you you stepped up to that level because of emotion because you were in very emotionally invested into the whole situation and he and he just come back for that pretty much but to see you come back after all that when it's all calm you come back with this track respect Tommy respect man just fucking fire in stopping today take me out play me I was funny I made half of these niggas out here changed a style I'm a real legend I feel you should embrace me now put me on that little mantelpiece you say your prayers around and pay homage my nigga can't stop us from living cuz me and got nothing in common with Bishop he the fog that like fuck that got a lot of people in the cut that arrives to me for honestly I trucked past solo shit no one really understands his own offenders only just select you people that I'd be hoping but he thought I lost myself in the past I just won't forget the person that I was so now I'm heard of them right over shit if there's even obstacles south or it's like they don't exist my mind state has put me on a plane we going so girl is got that handy in my pocket and a pull the pin from going in I embody everything the chosen is I'm just trying to figure out why you been doing his bitch said you had it locked down but you pull the shit you getting steamed on every track that I fees on I leapfrog please snare the snare if you breathe wrong I swear I'll cheat y'all I have to type a-negative feet off the rain a single beat I can't beat Shawn and I don't want this – the song – bloody finish man this shit is fire man holy shit you I'm doing all right I can see a future man yeah you're a rapper man and then you deserve this title seriously you well done man well done oh man that was great that was great I'm speechless to be honest I haven't been speeches in about a lot of music I'm speechless today dr. Dwayne Jackson man there was good man anyways thank you guys for watching if you like this video give it a thumbs up go to Dwayne let him know that he's fucking fire man thank you for watching and yeah have a good one guys please am i doing I'm sorry whatever please and now the cameras gone shit today tomorrow tomorrow we'll have the better video you


  1. Hey 👋 Duane is Freaking Amazing 😉! I discovered him via through the Four Horsemen reaction…. So months ago. I thought 💭 how dte & Uber cool 😎 is this guy? So I did what I always do when I like a new ch. especially if the person is as awesome as Duane is. I delve into his older vids and found his ☝️ take rap vid!! I was like #HolyShite 💨 I commented on there how good I thought he was/is!! I just had great 👍 hopes for him every since then! I’m so proud of him! 💯

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