1. i dont get why their mom didn’t just have them piss in a damn cup like bitch it takes 10 fucking seconds and its not like its a big deal unless she knows her kids do drugs she is just a stuck up bitch especially making her kids not do clubs and sports which can damage their social lives

  2. The principal really said starfish from Nemo head ass boi if u dont get yo uncircumcised dick nose ass tf up out of here he wound have to run a marathon to catch his hair line God damn

  3. My uncle couldn’t get a job because they kept finding methamphetamine in his hair, turns out the shampoo or conditioner he uses has methamphetamine in it.

    That’s how I remember the story, however I was smoking some bud when hearing it, so you can take this with a grain of fentanyl.

  4. Okay, it’s not violating rights to drug test your kids for activities if you knew this public school was doing this for other activities too.
    You either do it, or you don’t.
    I didn’t like doing drug tests for high school softball, or soccer but I did because I wanted to play.

  5. I would refuse I mean that’s not okay who really thinks a bunch of innocent 12 year olds are smoking weed or has heroin or cocaine honestly all the 12 year olds I know wouldn’t maybe a few would vape but not anything more

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