DOE Test Security for Students Elementary

hello Delaware students you are about to take an online test that will show you your family and your teachers what you've learned in school this year and also what helped you still need as you continue through school this test is about you and your learning this is why it is so important to do your best want to be an astronaut makeup artist architect or all three no matter what you choose in life education will help you achieve the future you want and these yearly tests help guide you as you travel on your path through school and on to high school graduation now that you know why the tests are so important let's talk about what we all need to do to make sure you can do your best on test day first you and your classmates must have a safe and fair testing environment when you take your tests your tests are in should be quiet and free from distractions you should have a trained test administrator in the room with you there should be plenty of space between you and other students while you are taking your test the test items on the screen are just for you no one should be sitting close enough to see your screen what do you scratch paper to help think through an answer that's okay your teacher will destroy them when you're finished teachers should not ask you to show your work or grade any work from this test finally the room you are in should be free of any wall posters or art that could help you answer questions this includes maps formulas and vocabulary that you may normally use in class your teacher should have removed or covered everything on the wall that can help you or others answer questions encouraging materials like signs to do your best or hang in there are still okay now let's talk about the rules you must follow on test day test questions are private you cannot talk about the test questions or share them with anyone no copying no screenshots no social media you must keep your cell phone SmartWatch or any other personal electronic device out of the room the school has rules against these items and test rooms devices that are found could be searched for images or text instead leave your devices in your locker or give them to your teacher to hold until the test is finished don't worry your teacher will keep your devices safe for you lastly you cannot ask teachers or other adults to help you answer any test questions even though your teachers always want to help you they can get in trouble for doing so when you're taking a test you cannot ask a teacher to help you read a word you don't know or explain what a question means instead look for underlined words these words have definitions you can also use context clues from surrounding words to figure out what a word or phrase means also teachers cannot point to an answer or even suggest an answer by shaking or nodding their heads when you're finished with your test read a book or rest quietly give yourself a quiet high-five to celebrate a job well done and continue dreaming about your future on test day everyone in your school is responsible for following an attest rules this includes teachers principals your classmates and you tell your teacher or test administrator anything seems wrong or if you have questions about your test security otherwise take a deep breath do your best and get ready to reach your goals you

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