Do Online Courses Still Matter?

If you’ve been anywhere in
the online space recently, you’ve probably heard something along
the lines of like, Ugh, courses, no one wants to do an online course
anymore, or e-courses are dying, they’re fading. Now it’s time
to move onto the next thing, whether it’s high ticket
masterminds or membership site. And what I want to do is I want to bust
through the myth that is surrounding a lot of these trends in
the online learning space. And I want to share one term that’s
coming in hot that a lot of people aren’t talking about yet. So
let’s dive right on it. So the whole conversation around online
courses are dying, eCourses are dying, everyone’s sick of e-courses tends to be
a big buzz thing because it’s actually accepted. Now that course is
just have low completion rates. We’ve all just kind of accepted that in
the industry that like less than 10% of people will finish your online
course. And that’s just how it goes. And what I want to do is I want to bust
through those myths that people are sick of e-courses that no one
wants eCourses anymore. I can tell you what people are sick of. They are sick of online
learning experiences that
are treated like information instead of an experience. They’re sick of courses that have been
thrown together and content driven. People are ready for
intentionally designed, intentionally crafted online
programs that suit their needs. So one of the myths that I want to bust
is that it’s a one size fits all thing that you can go, I’m
going to create a course. I’m going to create a group program. I’m going to create a membership because
that’s what I’m creating right now. What we need to do is we need to pull
back and think about what is it that our people need? What is it that our people
are looking for? And most importantly, what problem are we
trying to solve for them? The reason that we see these
big trends that rise and fall, everyone’s doing a course.
Oh, courses are out. Everyone’s doing a membership site. Membership sites are out is because
people get so swept up in the trends. They forget to take a pause and think
about what problem are they solving for their people and what tool, what pathway is going to get their
people to the solution the fastest. Just because other people are doing a
membership site doesn’t mean you need to, just because other people are doing
a course doesn’t mean you need to, but just because a specific style, a specific format doesn’t fit your
people doesn’t mean that that’s dying. So instead of thinking about
online courses are dying, everyone’s sick of courses or this is
my new thing I’m seeing is people are actually using anti cores as a
differentiator in their marketing. I saw someone go, unlike a course,
this group program will do this, or unlike a course,
we’ll be able to do this. We need to rethink how we think about
online learning because it’s an experience that we’re crafting for our people and
as teachers, as leaders, as coaches, we want to give them the most amazing
experience possible and that starts with one simple shift and that is stop
letting the content drive what you are creating. Does this sound familiar? You’re
going, I’m going to create a course. So how am I going to do that? I’m going to sit down and write everything
I know about this topic and I might put it on a whiteboard. I
might put it on post it notes, I might make a list and I’m going
to group all that information. I’m going to call it modules and
I’m going to call my course done. And then for some reason our
people aren’t getting results. Our courses have low completion rates
and now all of a sudden everyone hates online courses because
they don’t get results. Instead of letting the
content drive things, I want you to shift it and I want you
to think about letting action drive things. What does your learner need to
do? What does your client need to do? What do your students need to do? The actions that they need
to take to get results. So instead of going online, courses
are dying. No one wants them, no one’s finishing them. Maybe we should look at what’s going
on with our courses that people aren’t liking or instead of hopping onto
the next trend and saying, ah, membership sites are dying
because no one’s liking it. Maybe we should look and see are they
actually in alignment with what our people need? And that brings me to
my main point of the video, which is a trend that is coming in hot
that not a lot of people are talking about right now. And that is laser focused mini courses
and you can call it a mini course, a mini program, a toolbox, you name it. But what I want you to think about
is imagine that your ideal client, your student, your people,
whatever you may call them, have a problem. And often
what happens is we go, okay, I’m going to create a signature
course for them. It’s 12 weeks. It gives them absolutely
everything they need, but really they just need one
tiny little piece of that. If you have to hang a
picture on your wall, you probably just need
a hammer and a nail. You don’t need someone to go out
and give you an entire toolbox. And that’s often why people don’t finish
courses because for some reason they go, I only just have this one problem that
needs to be solved and I don’t need all of this that wraps around it, so I’m
overwhelmed, so I’m going to step away. So when we think about these
laser focused mini courses, these are things where it’s one specific
problem for one specific person and you solve it in maybe a couple
modules, one to three modules, nothing major. These are the courses that they’re
usually under $500 they’re a fast, easy tactile solution that are really
going to help people get results fast opposed to the longer
the signature programs, which are more of those inner
work, those deeper transformations, those 12 weeks, those six months, those types of things where
it’s a transformation. So people need a longer amount of time,
but also a longer amount of support. I’ve found in my experience
that the longer the course, the more present the leader needs to
be. Whereas the shorter the course, the more targeted the solution, the more you can make it
closer to truly passive income, even though there’s no such thing
as real passive income. Sorry. So the next time you’re thinking about
creating a program for your people, or maybe you’re already have
one and you want to revisit it, I want you to think about what is the
problem that you’re solving and what do your people need to be able to do to
solve that problem? And ask yourself, do I need a toolbox or do I
just need to give them a hammer? So ultimately different learning
experiences serve different purposes. So before you create anything,
take a step back and ask yourself, how can I help my people? How can I
set them up for success in the easiest, fastest way possible? Do they need
an entire toolbox of a longer, more signature program with more
of my support and more FaceTime? Or maybe they just need a wrench and I
can give them a laser focused specific guide that is going to set them up for
success and solve their problems super quick. So in the spirit of giving
people tools to set them up for success, I have created a totally free guide for
you that you can grab using the link below in the description. It’s two tools or two strategies that I
use for everything I create and with my clients to make sure that the learning
experience is super intentional and super actionable because I can tell you
online courses, they’re not dying. The only thing that’s being killed
around here is people’s patients for overstuffed content driven
in actionable courses. So don’t let your online
learning experience be added
to the digital graveyard where it collects dust and
has low completion rates. Think about how can you inspire
action and instead of trend hopping, be intentional. If you have any
questions, you can always reach out to me. Pop your questions and
comments in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working
on and how you’re inspiring action for your people via.

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