DISNEY PRINCESS YOGA CLASS WITH MALEFICENT. (With Elsa, Ariel, Moana, Jasmine, Belle and Anna)

Later in this video… Now, reach your arms high up to the sky and
let it go. Inhale tree pose, exhale warrior two, reach
forward, extended side angle, now rise all the way back up down the sea tea heat. And now let’s end as we always do with Namaste. Namaste! What a great yoga session everyone! That was awesome Moana. Yeah, you’re going to make the best yoga teacher
someday. Definitely. Aww, thanks you three. I actually just heard about a new yoga studio
opening up. In downtown Mountain Nui? I heard about that too. We should go. You want to? Yay. Sure but maybe tomorrow, I think right now
I could go for an ice cold smoothie. Oh, strawberry! With chocolate sprinkles. Hahaha, sprinkles? Chocolate is good for the soul. Let’s go girls. Jafar, you look so cool in that new Aladdin
trailer, uh, will you autograph my bicep? Oh yeah, you’re so twisted. Cut the chagie [sp] boys, why are you really
here? Well, as you know, there’s this girl… Belle. Wow, you’re psychic too? Oh brother. Let me guess, you want to marry her? Aha, yeah uh-huh. A wedding on the beach, burlap table runners,
non-traditional place settings with those cute little white liners from Pinterest hmmm. Aha-aha, wait what? I think I can help you. Oh boy, this is gonna be great! It’s princess Belle we must convince, you’re
no longer Gaston but now a prince. Oh my good girly, gosh thank you so much Jafar. Uh-huh, Jafar Jafar he’s our man. Oh, it was nothing. Now what will you do for me? I’m so excited to meet our new yoga teacher. Same here, I hope she takes it easy on us. Yeah, we’re still yoga beginners. Namaste students. Namaste. Shhh, yoga is all about silence, nothing worth
saying can be said with words. Is that understood? Well? Uh, yes. Quiet! Now, let’s begin by breathing deeply, inhale,
exhale and now let’s move into um, dragons pose. Um, excuse me, I’ve never heard of dragons
pose. No? Well then just follow my lead. Now Tigers pose and ravens pose. Show me elephant pose. Hippopotamus pose. Hairless mole rats pose. I’m sorry but… I have no idea what you’re doing. Yeah, do you think you can slow down and explain
each pose, we’re all kind of new to this. Except for Moana. Yeah, but I haven’t even heard of these poses. You call yourself Yogis, this is pathetic. I think we need to go all the way back to
the beginning where yoga begun. India? Close. Whoa! That was too freaky. Where are we? Agrabah, but how did we get here? Wait a second, did that yoga teacher have
magic powers? Wait, where did she go? Oh, hello group of strangers I’ve never seen
before. Um, hi? Have you heard the news? Um, what news? There’s a prince coming to town. What kind of Prince? Prince Gassy fabulousy here in Agrabah. Prince Gassy? No no no, it’s pronounced Gassy. Mwah-mwah, well, hello there everyone, I’m
Prince Gassy. Oh no, pictures, okay take a picture… no
pictures, this is my good side woo. Well hello, I’m Prince Gassy. Oh, yeah, I heard, pleased to meet you. What’s a pretty princess like you doing in
a place like this? Well, actually… We have no idea how we got here. Yeah, we got transported here from Motunui. And we kind of need to get back. I think I could help you with that. You can? That’s amazing. Sure follow me. Thanks so much, where are you taking us? Ooh, actually I can only take two of you,
sorry. Huh? Oh, well this is awkward. Mm, yep sorry, um, hmm, you two, Belle and
Jasmine, Jasmine. Us? Wait, how did you know our names? Yes, uh, lucky guess, uh, you two come with
me. Ooh, what’s gonna happen to us? Huh, back in Agrabah jail, it’s been a while. I like what they’ve done with the place. Hey street rat, keep it down in there. Sorry Gary. Looks like you got some company. Oh, really? Elsa, Anna, Moana, Ariel, what are you guys
doing here? We have no idea. It all happened so fast. Well we were in this yoga class this morning
but then our teacher magically transported us here to Agrabah. Yeah, and then we met this really weird prince
and then he took Belle and Jasmine with him and then he said “you must namaste in jail”. For no reason. Why are you here? Jafar, he had me locked up so I wouldn’t get
in the way of his plan. What plan? Gaston being a prince. Oh my gosh, that must be who you met today. Uh, we should have known, of course his name
was Prince Gassy, uh, makes so much sense. What do you think he and Jafar are cooking
up together? Well if they’ve got Belle and Jasmine, then
my guess would be a double wedding at the palace. No, ugh! We’ve gotta get out of here and stop them. Elsa can help with that. Here we go. Whoa! Come on. Sorry Gary. No problem pal, you’ll be back. This is not exactly the yoga class I was expecting. Wait a second, yoga teacher lady you’re back
and you’re our minister? Hahaha. Uh! Maleficent, it’s you? That’s right, not so smart after all, are
we dumb Belle? Hey, don’t say that about my little bell pepper. Shh Gaston, I mean, Prince Gassy. Gaston, you’re prince Gassy, oh my gosh,
now I really feel off my game. Did you all team up together just to ruin
our yoga class? Of course. I can’t pass up a chance to ruin your… anything
really. Abu, you look different. Really? I mean, I have been hitting the gym lately. Oh wait, Aladin? Gienie, let’s monkey around. You got it Al. Wow! Nice work Aladdin. Oh, hey girls. Hey, how’s the double wedding going? Oh you know, just getting married to the prince
of my nightmares, aka it’s terrible. Yeah let’s get out of here. Not so fast. Maleficent, hurry with those vows. Oh, no he’s hypnotizing them. Aladdin, the lamp. What should I wish for? I’ve only got two left today and I’ve got
to leave one to get you guys home… but I’ve gotta get rid of the villains too. Jafar Gaston do you take these pesky princesses
to be your awfully wedded wives? Sure. Finally, It’s about time et cetera. Oh, my fairy tale wedding. Hurry, wish anything that will break the spell. And you two, carpet girl and bookworm, what
do you say? Aladdin, make your wish! Gienie send these villains far far away. As you wish! Whoa, Aladdin, you saved us. Any time Jas. Okay girls, are you guys ready to head back
to Motunui? Yes. Hmm, I wonder where the Gienie sent those
villains anyway? [wailing] oh, Belle, I’m so so sorry, all
I wanted to do is marry you, why won’t you answer me, please answer. How did you get a phone in here? Wailing… Hello, Belle? Huh, oh! Aladdin look another shoe store. But Jasmine, you’ve already bought like 10
pairs of shoes. Uh, I got sandals, heels, wedges, dance shoes
and flats but I haven’t gotten boots Aladdin, uh, a girl can never have too many shoes. Hey look, a jewelry store. Okay, I guess I can skip the boots. I think we should go look at some rings, what
do you think? Oh my gosh, really? Just pick out which one you like and we’ll
see what happens. There’s nothing on the crystal ball today;
news, sports, unsolved mysteries, oh, what’s this? Looks like you picked up Aladdin and Jasmine. Yes Iago and it looks like they’re looking
at engagement rings. Well, they have been together for quite some
time, it seems like the next logical step. Iago you fool, if Jasmine marries Aladdin,
that means I cannot marry her and become the sultan of Agrabah. Oh, hmm, we are in a pickle then. We need to stop this from happening, quick,
to the mall. I love this one, its so pretty. Let’s take a picture and then we can keep it… Excuse me but I couldn’t help but overhear
you’re looking for some jewelry. I have a jewelry stand over here, uh, Cave
of Wonders jewelry. Cave of Wonders is a jewelry stand? Wow, they’re really expanding. Yes, actually we’re giving out free necklaces
today to help promote the brand. Oh wow, that’s so cool. Completely free? Yes, we’re trying to advertise with Instagram
influencers and you look like the princess of Agrabah? Uh, I am the princess of Agrabah. Oh, perfect. Well, here you go, on the house. Wow, it’s so pretty. Enjoy. So, where do you think we should go next? Well, the holidays are coming up, maybe we
should check out Oaken’s for some gift ideas. Okay, let’s go. Okay. Aladdin! Jasmine! Fancy running into you guys here. What are you guys doing here? Well, we’re actually doing some Christmas
shopping. What are you two doing here? Oh, you know, we’ve just been looking at rings. What! Oh my gosh! Yay, that’s so exciting. Nothing’s definite yet, we’ll see, we’ll see. Still… super exciting! Anyway, Jasmine also just got this free necklace. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. You got a free necklace? Yeah, this new jeweler gave it to me to promote
the brand. Put it on. Okay. Oh, so sparkly, I love it. Yeah, it looks great Jasmine. Hmm, who is Jasmine? I’m confused. Are you joking? My name is Jazzy and I’m an Influencer. I mean, that’s a nickname we all call you. Jasmine, are you feeling okay? I gotta go, I don’t know any of you and it
looks like you guys all have under 10,000 followers, so… bye. Um, what just happened? That was super strange and where did she get
those sunglasses? Is she playing a joke? Not really her sense of humor. It’s like all of a sudden she just started
acting so snobby. Right after she put on the necklace. We have to go after her, let’s go. Oh, man she left and she took the magic carpet. Don’t worry, we have Elsa’s snowmobile here
but where would Jasmine be? Probably back at her castle, right? Let’s drop off our bags and go ASAP. So, how did it go boss? Splendid, I gave her the necklace. When she puts it on, she would become a self-absorbed
Influencer and want to marry me, the most popular man in all of Agrabah. Oh, really… since when? Let me out of here Jafar, you’ll never get
away with this. You took the lamp? But Gienie can’t make someone marry you, he
says it in the beginning of Aladdin’s movie. Yes, but he can make a necklace to make someone
forget who they really are and give me 10,000,000 Instagram followers. Jafar, you’re a genius! Thank you my little friend, let me get you
a cracker. Oh, here she comes. What’s up you guys, it’s your girl Jazzy about
to do some makeup tutorials, ah, hold up, who are you? I’m J, a super hip Instagram model like yourself
and I came here to do a collab with you yo. Um, never heard of you. Please, Google me, I’m bigger than Miranda
Sings and Wengie put together. Oh my gosh, wow, you are big time. Anyway, I was thinking we could do a collab
together, a livestream of our wedding. What! That sounds like a great idea, I could get
so many subscribers and followers, let’s do it. #Doitforthegram. Um, totes #Tothechurch. She’s not here, but the carpet’s parked outside. You guys, look. It’s Gienie’s lamp. Maybe he can tell us what’s going on. Gienie, we need you. Jafar you’re never gonna get away with this
wait-wait, where’d he go? Gienie, what’s going on? Does Jafar have something to do with why Jasmine’s
acting so funny? Oh, Al, thank goodness you’re here. Jafar took my lamp and made me make a necklace
to give to Jasmine to turn her into a completely different person who’s obsessed with being
an internet personality. Why would he do that? Because he also wished for a big social media
following and now they’re headed to the church to livestream their wedding. What! Wait, she is supposed to be marrying Aladdin. We have to go stop this. Gienie, we wish we were at the wedding. You got it. Okay, you guys were live in three two… hey
what’s up you guys, it’s me Jazzy coming to you live from this church where the minister
is gonna marry me and the super famous J-far. Hello I’m super trendy, hash tag. This is my first live wedding, a real royal
wedding. All right Jazzy do you take J? Stop the video, cut. We can’t cut, we’re live. What are you guys doing here? Jasmine, you can’t marry Jafar, you don’t
really care for him. You were supposed to marry me, remember? We looked at rings. Jazzy would never marry you street rat, you
don’t even have a blue checkmark. We need to get that necklace off of her. Jasmine, take off the necklace. No way, I have a sponsorship with this brand. That doesn’t matter Jasmine, you know deep
down that you care about true love and Aladdin and not how famous you are. Oh, yeah, well, what they didn’t tell you
is that’s actually last season’s brand, you’re gonna lose followers. Jazzy, don’t listen to her. Last season! Oh, gross, uh. What happened? Why am I in a wedding dress? Are we recording something? Yes, we’re recording how Jafar is trying to
trick you into marrying him and exposing him for the true villain he is. Curses, this is #Embarrassing. Jafar, you don’t even know how to hashtag. You better get out of here before I #Freezeyou. I’ve gotta get out of here. Okay, this is awkward, I’m gonna go too. Oh my gosh, you guys, I had no idea I was
under a spell. I don’t even care about social media at all. We know Jasmine, don’t worry, this is all
behind us. And… in not too long this will all be a
throwback Thursday #TBT. #Squadgoals, haha. You guys, I’m so excited to go camping I
heard it’s in tens, get it “intense”? Oh, snow, that joke was a real bear. Oh guys, are you ready to go camping? I am, I packed sandwiches for everyone. Well I brought my magic lamp with me just
in case we need it. Aladdin is on vacation with Abu and carpet
so I didn’t want to leave Genie all by himself. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to
camping. This looks like the perfect place to set up
camp. Hmm-hmm, today’s the day. I’m finally gonna
convince one of those sisters to marry me and then I shall truly be king of Arendelle. Hello, Elsa? Anna? Anyone there? Can I help you? Oh, it’s just you the snowman. Tell me, where are Elsa and Anna? They are off having fun and not dealing with
villains like you. What! Nothing’s more fun than hanging with the Hunster. Ah, everything’s more fun than hanging with
you, especially camping. Aha, so they’re camping. Nothing gets past the old Hunster, that’s
why I’m so smart. Gotta go, I’ve said too much already. Thanks little fella, see you at the wedding. Oh guys, it’s so much fun to just unplug and
be outside. I totally agree. Guys, the service is not great out here. How am I supposed to watch the news, JoJo
Siwa video? Aurora, come on, you just need to unplug. Exactly, enjoy the great outdoors and all
the fun games. Fun games? Like what? Like tag, you better run or you’re it. Aha, I found the princess’s campsite! Luckily Anna’s sandwiches left a perfect trail
the bread crumbs straight from the castle. Wait! What’s this? Aladdin’s lamp! Jasmine must have brought it with her, perfect. Man, you guys are fast. Okay, I’m it, I loose. No way, we’re all winners here and to reward
ourselves, I think we should start making our campfire and I’ll even take a photo of
it. Let’s do it. Okay, abracadabra! No for sure that would work. Oh, is that my reflection? Mmm-hmm, hey good looking… there’s a slice
smudge there. Hey guys, I just started watching Coco and
– wait a second, Huns, where are the princesses and what are you doing here? Don’t worry about it. What you need to worry about are my three
wishes because I have the lamp now which means I am your master. I wish that Elsa would marry me. I can’t make anyone fall in love with you,
the magic doesn’t work like that. Oh, really? Such a pity, I guess I’ll just have to break
this lamp seeing as it doesn’t work. Wait! No! That’s my house. Ah, so there is something you could do. Fine, I can give you this love chocolate,
it’ll make whoever eats it fall in love with you, but use it sparingly, it’s pretty strong. I kept hearing, “hi, oh, hi, oohh.” Oh my gosh, this is so scary! What happened next? It kept getting closer hi hoo boo! [screams]
It was dark, heading to the mind to go to work, the end. Oh my gosh, snow, you got me. That was so scary. Looks like they haven’t made their s’mores
yet. I’ll just switch out one of Anna’s chocolates
with one of these and… if I switch out all the chocolates, then I can marry all the princesses
and then be king of all the kingdoms, haha, it’s a perfect plan. Here they come. Huh, weird I thought I heard something over
there, didn’t want an owl or anything getting into our snacks. So, are you guys ready for some s’mores? Yes. All right, I’ve got the chocolate, the graham
crackers and the marshmallows all ready to go. To be honest, I just love eating the chocolate. Me too, it’s the best part. Oh well, hello ladies, I just so happened to
be taking my nightly stroll in the forest and happened upon your campsite. Huns! What are you doing here? Yeah, you need to leave right now. Or else… Or else i’ll marry you. Not if I marry him first. Yeah right, Hans and I are #relationshipgoals. You guys don’t even know him! I had a whole movie with him. Well, we had a whole song together, remember? Not to worry ladies, I have just the answer
for all of this. Follow me.. To the church. Oh Genie, I wish for a church. Hmm hmm, excelent. Wait, where did everybody go? Hansy Pooh, it’s me Elsa, I’m ready to get
married. No Hans, marry me. Prince Florian will be so jealous. No Hans, we finish each other’s sandwiches,
you know it’s meant to be. Hans, you can rule the Southern Isles and
Atlantica if you marry me. Um, I think you mean the Southern Isles and
Agrabah, we can rename it “Agra Southern Islesbah”. Ladies ladies, I have a solution for all of
this… Oh, Minister. Oh yes, how may I help you? Minister, I would like for you to perform
a wedding ceremony. I’d be happy to. Which one of these is the lucky bride? Well, I’m going to marry all of these girls. Excuse me! Yes, that way everyone is happy. Hans, you can only marry one person here. Are you sure? Yeah, you have to pick one of us. Sorry Hans, that’s how marriage works. So, who’s the lucky girl going to be? Umm hmm, uh okay, I’m going to ask you princesses
a question and based on your answer, I shall decide who I’m going to marry. Where are you guys? I’m sorry I fell asleep. Are you guys tricking me? You come out now. What’s this? Genie’s lamp! Wait, Jasmine wouldn’t just leave it. Genie? Oh, thank you so much for getting me out of
that lamp. We have to go stop Hans. Hans? Hans is probably back in the Southern Isles,
we’re out in the woods. Genie, are you feeling okay? No, Hans is here. He came and stole the lamp and made a wish
that I would make all the girls want to marry him. What! No way, you didn’t. I had to, as a Genie, I have to grant the
person who lets me out three wishes, so I gave him a magic chocolate that would make
all the girls want to marry him. So then, he wished for a church to appear
so he could marry all the princesses, they’re there now, we have to go and stop the wedding. The Murundum church in the woods is The Marriage
show! Now, lets greet our groom, straight from the Southern Isles, It’s Hans. Dont you support your brothers, he was neglected
and raised without love but hey Isn’t he good looking? Now, lets get started, shall we? If you could be an animal, what animal would
you be? A giraffe… Oh no no no wait, a guinea pig. Oh no, wait there’s so many cute animals. Um, um, um, a wama, yes, final answer. Wrong, the answer is clearly Sitron, my trusted
horse. Bachelorette number three; what is your favorite
movie? Anything with cute animals. Oh, probably Zootopia. Yawn, you should have said my movie “Frozen”. Bachelorette number four; if you could be
any famous person, who would you be? Oh tough one but I’d have to probably say
Florence Nightingale. Ah, wrong, you should have said Hans Westergaard,
Prince of the Southern Isles ugh. Finally, bachelorette number five, if you
could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Probably my kingdom, Atlantica. Hahaha, Atlantica! Uh, nothing compared to the Southern Isles
but fine, i’ll go with Bachelorette number… Stop the wedding or game show… Whatever this is. Oh, are you another bride contestant? What! No! I’m not trying to marry Hans and neither
should any of these girls. What are you doing here? Stopping you from taking over and marrying
one of my friends. Aurora, we want to marry Hans silly. No, you don’t, you’re under a spell, Genie
told me. Ah yes, Genie, Oh Genie, I still have one
wish left. Oh oh, I forgot. I wish for Aurora to go far far away. Genie no. I’m so sorry Aurora, he has one wish left,
I have no choice. Hey! Oh my gosh, Aurora! Yes ladies, she’s gone. Now, let us get back to picking out my precious
Princess Bride. No, you are out of wishes. Wait, I’m getting a wish from Aurora. Get married! No way are we marrying you! Wait, what’s going on? Did I mention that Aurora now gets three wishes? What are we even doing here? And why are we all in wedding dresses? And competing on a game show? That Aurora messed up my spell. You had us under a wedding spell? We need to punish Hans. Yes, but first we need to find Aurora. How are we gonna get Aurora back? Genie, do you know where she is? I’m right here. Wait, what! But I thought Genie had to send you far far
away. I did, but you see, Aurora also got me out
of the lamp, while I still owed Hans a wish. Someone is going to marry me…. Or I shall crush the genie’s lamp. No! What are we going to do? He’s got the lamp. That means he holds Genie’s powers. Not my powers, duck Anna, bye Hansy Pooh. Wait! Belle oh Belle. What do you want Gaston? Belle, if you married me, I’d make you the
happiest wife ever. How is that? Everyone knows that. Here, let me ask this complete stranger. Excuse me random stranger, who would make
the bestest husband ever? Well, you Gaston. As a specimen you’re quite intimidating. See, I’m the husband that every girl dreams
about. Thanks LeFou. Is there anyone present today who objects
to the wedding between these two? I do, there’s no reason Belle should marry
Gaston. Don’t be a sore loser Adam, all the women
in the village want to marry me and Belle is from the village. That’s just dumb logic. Why thank you. Now minister, please continue. Gaston, do you take Belle to be your wife
through good times and bad, better or worse from now until forever. I do. Now Belle, do you take Gaston to be your husband
through good times and bad, better or worse from now until forever? Are you sure you wanna do this? Well… She does. Well then, by the power vested in me, I pronounce
you husband and his wife. Don’t they just make the perfect couple, like
jay-z and Beyonce. Good morning Belle, is my breakfast ready? I found a bag of oatmeal in the shed so I
made you some. I’m so glad you’re eating healthy. I heard you eat like an animal. Oatmeal, that’s what I feed my chickens. Speaking of which, where are my five dozen
eggs? I didn’t see any eggs in the refrigerator. Of course not, you have to go out and collect
them from the chickens each morning. Oh, I cant believe I have to collect eggs. Five dozen every morning! Here you are Gaston, five dozen eggs. Gee, you sure a sweet wife Belle, I’m so glad
you’re so happy I decided to get you a wedding present. Boy Gaston, that’s so unlike you, I’m touched. It’s my favorite book, here, the ending brings
me to tears. It’s a coloring book. Have you ever read a real book? Of course, I love comic books. I hate to leave you alone but there’s something
I need to take care of. Hmm, I’m never alone when I have one of this. LeFou, hurry. What’s so urgent Gaston? It’s that pesky Prince Adam, he tried to stop
the wedding. Yeah, why is he always butting in to everyone’s
business? Here’s what you need to do… Uh-huh. Go to the witch’s Shack in the black woods… You mean the one that put the spell on Prince
Adam? That’s the one, and give her this photo. That’s your wedding photo. And tell her the spell didn’t work after all. Oh and she’ll turn Prince Adam back into the
Beast. That’s right my little sidekick. Gaston, you’re a genius. No one slick as Gaston, no one’s quick as
Gaston. No one’s neck is incredibly thick as Gaston. Belle, get me my boots, I have to go out and
get us some dinner. Why dont we go out to a nice restaurant? No, I prefer to surprise you. Now, where are my boots? What’s with this messy things? Uh, it smells like you stepped into horse… Oh yes, the manly smell that reminds me I’m
the king of the woods and you are my queen… Oh my. No, Gaston told me to get rid of my cell phone. He said “if women were meant to have cell
phones, they would walk around with little suitcases with shoulder straps on them to
carry the men”. You mean like a purse? Haha no, he doesn’t like feminine things like
that. But he is getting us a nice takeout dinner. He doesn’t expect me to cook and do dishes
every night. Maybe I’m wrong about him, maybe he is considerate. Oh Belle, good news, your husband’s back. Gotta run girl, Gaston’s home with dinner. Belly button, I am home, are you ready for
a great dinner? Gaston, that was quick, how did you get to
town and back already? Town! Belle why would I go to town and spend money
on some complicated meal that has more than one ingredient. What do you mean Gaston? I caught our dinner… Here. What is that? A skank! Oh, I bet he’s awful. No, not really, it kind of tastes like liver. Now go cook it and save yourself a leg. I don’t know how Gaston could actually eat
this stuff. Oh, I think I’m going on a diet. So, how is Belle holding up as Gaston’s wife? Turns out we may be wrong about him, he’s
really considerate. Oh wow that’s great, Belle must be really
happy. Open up or you’ll be sorry. I’m not falling for that again. You can have food, whatever you want. Ain’t you going to let me in? Of course. What was true love no longer isn’t. What are you talking about. This. How did you get that? You must find true love before the last petal
falls from this rose. Oh no, not again! Aha ha ha ha. Something doesn’t seem quite right. Do you guys think I should be Gaston’s wife? Let us know in the comments. And, if you want to know what happens, we’ll
make a part two, but only if we get this video up to 10,000 likes. Bye.


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  6. Belle, you shouldn't marry gaston and Jasmine you shouldn't marry Jafar. Here are the reasons you shouldn't marry, the first reason you
    don't deserve each other is because of Belle loves to read but all
    Gaston cares about is eggs and you. The second reason is that Jasmine is a princess and all Jafar cares is if he is the sulton of Acraba.
    I also have an idea for the next video for your next super pop upload
    you should try to stop the dino and then find out who is sending

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