Determining the Degree of a Polynomial

What is the degree of this Polynomial? so let’s look at the exponents of thed variable terms So the variable terms of the terms that have X involved in them right so this one this one and this one You just look we look at the exponents all you got to do and just see what number is the biggest which Exponent is the biggest so 3 is bigger than all the other ones right because there’s understood to be a 1 here for this for this x value So because 3 is the largest largest exponent value. This is a third degree polynomial Third degree Now there could these could be y’s right you could have 4y cubed plus 6y squared plus 2y plus 3 and the question would ask the question would ask stickler for neatness The the question when asked you know what degree is this polynomial same thing? That you just look at the variable term It could be 4 times Joe cubed plus 6 times Joe squared plus 2 times Joe plus 3 and it would be a third degree polynomial just look at the letter and Whatever the highest exponent is that’s the degree of the polynomial okay? I’m gonna step off to the side


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