Degrees of Separation – Features Trailer | PS4

[EXOTIC MUSIC PLAYING] Degrees of Separation is a
stunningly beautiful stroy-based puzzle platformer from Moondrop
Studios and Modus games. It’s a unique, atmospheric,
and artful indie game with a ton of heart. The central hook of this game
is the split-screen interaction between the two main
characters, Ember and Rime, who carry the elemental
properties of their distinct worlds wherever they go. So as the characters
move around the screen, the environment changes from
hot to cold and vice versa. In another video we’ll talk
specifically about the amazing story which is written by
acclaimed fantasy writer, Chris Avellone, and narrated
by the talented Kira Buckland. But for now, let’s
talk about the gameplay. The game is
cooperative by nature, so the best way to play it is with a friend or a
significant other. In co-op mode, you’ll work together to solve
environmental puzzles. For example, you may have to
move around the screen to either freeze or melt geysers to be able to freely
traverse the environment. In single-player,
everything works the same way, but you control both characters
which sounds harder than it is. You’ll be able to quickly
switch between the two, or for general locomotion, you
can just hold a button to move both characters simultaneously. The game rewards intelligent
cooperative puzzle solving rather than tight execution, so anyone can pick up
and play this game. Every world will introduce a
new mechanic that presents a new challenge, making you think outside
the box with each puzzle. For example, in one of the
worlds you can use each other’s energy to explode the
barrier between Ember and Rime, allowing both players to access
areas they wouldn’t have been able to before. The music you’re listening to is
the original score for Degrees of Separation performed
by Kristian Brastein, an acclaimed
composer based in Norway. These hauntingly beautiful
compositions compliment the romantic atmosphere which really
pops with its contrasting colors and vivid details. That’s all we have for now. Be sure to follow us on social
media for more updates and a chance at an early peek at
some hands-on gameplay.


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  2. See AAA market? This is innovation. Trying new gameplay and aesthetic ideas and NOT plastering ads onto the character faces. Thank you indie developers for maintaining my hope for gaming.

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