Degree Structure at University of St Andrews

The University degree at St Andrews reflects
the Scottish degree system in that students coming into first and second year can take
subjects outside their intended degree specialisation. The ability to change subject choices and
to put together combinations allows students really to put together quite an individual
programme of study. It really helped me to just explore different
things. Our students get to widen their education
at first and second year and then specialise in their degree subjects in their honours
years. One of the best things about studying in St
Andrews is the small class sizes. So you really get to know everyone really
well. Everyone is so friendly and so understanding. It’s important to think of the St Andrews
education as something which teaches students to become experts in a subject, but also it
teaches lots of really important transferable skills which are vital for employability. We hand pick our students. We pick the students
that we think will flourish here. And we pick few enough students that we can make sure
that they do flourish here when they come.

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