Debate on Vote 15: Higher Education and Training (NA Chamber), 12 July 2019

there will now be an opportunity for silent prayer or meditation thank you you may be seated how's Jefferson house chip ISM address you in terms of rule 73 3 of the rules of the National Assembly yes raid in conjunction with section 74 of the rules yes madam house cheapest you would know that there were members of this house who were ejected by the parliamentary protection services in terms of the rules yesterday from rule in from e2 4 9 this rule says that if a member is ejected from paya the use of the parliamentary protection services that there's an automatic suspension period for five days and they're to absent themselves from the precinct in terms of rule 74 for those five days I would request some guidance and direction from you as chairperson as you were the presiding officer and eat you for nine yesterday on the applicability of the rules in this matter yeah honorable members TN Hazen we remember that we were given according to the experiences that we have in this house we had this incident in the previous term and it went to court and the court said that yes you were right to evict them but for suspension the Parliament was found on the other side so this role still has to be worked on because the Court did not approve of it so for now can we allow that and continue house chairperson Mary Chris this matter is ported to the Rules Committee as a matter of urgency because they have to be consequences when people behave in an and parliamentary manner and it can't just be business as usual where people disrupt in the way that was done yesterday and they just simply come back to work the next day as if nothing has happened they have to be consequences the Constitution is clear that we can make our own rules in terms of guarding our internal arrangements yes our please asked as a house chair that you refer this matter to the Rules Committee as a matter of urgency because it can't be business as usual thank you very much that will be done in actual fact it should have been started because they got the court guided us on that rule in the previous term okay having said that honourable members I just want to welcome the members in the gallery we really appreciate your presence here and we hope that you will be in a way that the rules of this house allows that is no participation from you in any form you will get what I mean when you do the wrong thing thank you very much thank you may I ask the sakura tree to reach the order debate on vote number 15 higher education and training may I please see it's the Honorable Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology honourable doctrines in mind a to address the house honourable house chair honourable members of parliament my cabinet colleagues present here our Deputy Minister honourable bootyman amela members of the portfolio committee led by Honorable Philip aloni the TG of the department of higher education and training mr. Koerner and officials chaplains CEOs Vice Chancellors principals of all our entities and institutions and heads of all our other post school organizations that are here student leaders invited guests ladies and gentlemen and comrades this marks our first budget for the department of higher education and training as we commence with this sixth administration this year we are celebrating 25 years of freedom and democracy in our country yesterday marked 56 years since the notorious Rivonia RS be those who were arrested at Rivonia together with a other comrades who were tried in the Rivonia trial where the embodiment of the fighting spirit of our people to free themselves from bondage it is upon this determination that we seek to empower our people through an integrated post-cold system of knowledge production Innovation and Skills Development chairperson and honourable members I dedicate this budget vote speech of mine today to the late Smithson when Jana who passed away at the age of 31 who was a founding member of the Unisa SRC which was established in 1996 and this young lion was also a driving force in the SACP a tribute to him because it represents the contribution of Communists and the liberation and the transformation of our country indeed equitable access to education as our first founding president Nelson Mandela would have said is an important part of restoration of social justice beyond just legislative redress especially in the context of our history in this gallery today we are joined by Elena's from Georgetown high school which is way matriculated in 1975 and also from teto Mancha High School which was my primary school and the Crystal Springs primary school in Howick they are no column Bobo Cabello ricotta and bumbu attire param Singh Sandra Garza you are most welcome these children you can sit down at top achievers from their respective schools and they hail from far less than privileged schools in the province of kwazulu-natal but did not allow their circumstances to hold them back as a department who have embraced the new tone and the two Amina concept as espoused by our president we also welcome the president's decision to combine the department of higher education and training together with science and technology and I wish to assure the Tivat college sector that matches the name of my Minister does not have training but training will continue to feature as the fundamental priority in the work of this government and we are not going to be appointed in the trivet colleges as we will say we want to strain to them even more this strategic realignment will further open huge opportunities in the production of both knowledge and skills and significant significantly contribute to innovation in our country the integration of the Department of Science and Technology and higher education and training and as sindelle ministry is not simply to ensure greater administrative efficiency of bureaucratic streamlining but to drive the poor school knowledge and skills development imperative more decisively more effectively and with greater transformation and impact on in society honorable chair and honourable members following the adoption on the white flavourful folk for poor school education and training in 2016 who have now completed I'm pleased to announce the national plan for post school education and training which will soon be released to give practical planning effect to the policy goals and objectives of the post school system this plan is a consolidated roadmap for a more integrated transformed articulated and effective post school system I also welcome president ROM apostles focus on a national development strategy on the national sorry special development strategy based on systematic and planning around the 44 district municipalities of our country and the eight metros we aim to ensure that within the next 10 years there is no district municipality in our country that will not have access to a post school education and training institution this in my view would be a major development in the struggle to overcome the specially cases of other development inherited from our apartheid and Colonials we've also approved the white paper this white paper in order to build an expanded effective and integrated post school system the ministerial tasked him on the fourth Industrial Revolution established by my predecessor Minister pondo would provide critical policy advice on how our post school education and training system should respond to opportunities and challenges presented by the fourth Industrial Revolution particularly on issues relating to curriculum development science and innovation its output of course will provide a crucial input into the work of the Presidential Commission on the fourth Industrial Revolution presided over by the president as this work is underway the department is already developing a skills master plan in response to the known skills demands associated with the fourth Industrial Revolution this plan will be complemented by a national list of occupations in high demand and the critical skills list the new sector education and training Authority landscape the sitter's will be implemented as from the 1st of April 2020 with the aim of strengthening realigning and repurposing the city system artisan skills development remains our top priority but I will leave this to our Deputy Minister to give more details as a numerator during my budget vote debate for the Department of Science and Technology that was to acknowledge that a lot has been done to transform the higher education system demography there is a need and urgency to significantly accelerate transformation in the racial and gender profile of our academic and research communities I will shortly be receiving a report as I have said on what the obstacles in the production of black women south african academics in our institutions and how to overcome such and that I will make this report public and cheers to that the department has also developed a tough policy framework dealing with gender-based violence for the p-set system in 2017 through the higher education and HIV and AIDS program momentum Thomas and I were at a Moses Aaron attend an audit as finance campaign event Bank again and he showed hoop robicsek went lamb foot neguin this policy is taken through the department's processes and will be finalized during the cause of the 2019 2020 financial year honorable chair president honourable members our national aim is to increase the total headcount enrollment in higher education public and private institutions to 1.62 million by 2030 as envisaged by the NTP and the white paper professor pitoni are you listening to me honourable member notably we also need to expand university education not only speedily but smartly as well by increasing opportunities for access through online education and after work modes of delivery notably the number of research master's and doctoral graduates increased at a higher rate and the overall number of graduates which is critical because our country depends on these post graduates for its future academics researchers and other leaders within knowledge intensive professionals that's why we urge our young people many of them to look beyond just acquire the first degree at university because we want them to access postgraduate education in order that they become academics and researchers in our country through our public universities who have also implemented the central applications Clearing House to efficiently and effectively manage the enrollments of protech of of prospective students as a prelude to introducing the central application service which was established will provide a one-stop shop for applications in other words who are working towards every applicant to make one application to all our institutions through the service students will offer will also have access to career development services and information chair and honourable members we however remain concerned about the governance failures we have seen in some universities recently I am especially worried about the role of some of our statutory governance structures in creating these failures we want to say our governance structures must be instruments to stabilize our institutions and provide high quality education there must not pretend into instrument of selfish individual accumulation we are taking expeditious steps to prevent and rectify instances of mal administration malfeasance and mismanagement of our institutions we continue to monitor the private higher education sector which consists of a hand-written six registered institutions entity provisionary registered institutions Tsukuba Gargano booty Lama coalition cocoa tea a Hamburg who lie on India a tamale buffoon buried sazabi Baba Sawan Valley food llama college soprano Clemson and my heart would open your phone endow oh my final warning to the college who sue and then sue copy man we are police motya bozo colony Sunderland Allah to Alberta la ilaha il-allah police say Nizam Angela so Putin apparently Peron handsome young would be polish and the eternal simcha trained in Omaha we are also continuing to update the timid college curricula in order to make learning outcomes current and relevant to workplace practices we are concerned though that despite what we are doing in increase in funding to Tibet colleges student performance has not improved we are therefore currently in the process of institutionalized and lecturer capacity-building and a similar process was adopted by our universities in the past and it worked we have also established that asked him to address the backlog on the issuing of tillage certification less it difficult as an era prom share Samantha Lanza with what is pool Matt Mahoney since Michelle says Puma signing woman Cowell say a chimera fortune Jay says okay panacea is repellent good Cabana banana man I truly to forget we will increase youth and adult participation opportunities in the community education and training college system to 1 million students by 2030 it is against this backdrop that the growth and expansion of institution within the Community College Sector as we call it is a strategic priority for our department we are also hard at work to diversify these community colleges and also align them with the dictates of the fourth Industrial Revolution in 2018 a national pisarra scheme was introduced to support students from families earning across annual income of up to three hundred and fifty thousand rounds per annum at universities and Tivat colleges to cover their full tuition costs books and learner support materials and to provide subsidies to assist with accomodation living expenses and transport costs where appropriate this bursary was phased in from 2018 with first-year students this says first second-year students we move into the third year cohort such that by 2022 the scheme will cover all cohorts of students across the investor system this game honorable chain on our members Williams will mean that it will support approximately half of all the undergraduate student population at public universities ofy bantwana Basava funda a manifest by 2022 bars over a gallon wa m fundus Ga'Hoole mean the person is being implemented through the National Student Financial Aid scheme and we are making substantial investment in poor and working class students over the 2019 MTF period which means the next three years which amounts to eighty two billion rands for university students and twenty point four billion rents for Tivat college students Cheers honorable chain honourable members who have identified some deficiencies in the nest first system that's why we've placed it under administration as was done by my predecessor rightly so and since the appointment of the administrator they've been some improvements and we are working to ensure stability of nest for us in the short term while sy intend to appoint a ministerial test him to look much more deeply into the systems since now the scheme has expanded significantly and has shifted from a loan scheme to a passer scheme we will also be ensuring that the transition between the administrator and appointment of new management is smooth we are also committed to investing more into infrastructure over the period twenty eight in nineteen to twenty twenty twenty one who have strengthened our investment in infrastructure projects across our 26 universities by investing a total of eleven point six five billion rains while all universities benefit from this investment there is a focus on historically disadvantaged institutions that had been under-resourced in the past the Tivat college sector has made strides with nine new campus sites under constructions and scheduled for completion in 2020 they include campuses himself standard spread annual North Crow Frenette gangutia méxico Lu great town I'm saying that one on government about the gas contracts will be awarded for the feather for new campus sites in 2019 2020 financial year and this sides will include bar for Jionni can't appeal and fry hate o my room is contrary to mom call a pata Russia now so greedy coalition construction will commence with a new campus site for Mitchell's plane here in Cape Town in 2020 in addition a college infrastructure grant for maintenance with over a billion rands player over the next two to three years has been rolled out based on the national de movable maintenance management standard in all our fifty trivet colleges an infrastructure priority for our sixth administration is decent affordable student housing for universities and to vet colleges we want that accommodation to not under believable but also to be learning spaces the student housing infrastructure program has been developed to accelerate the provision of 300,000 beds over the next 10 years the first three universities under this program are at various stages in the development of five thousand eight thirty-six bread with a feather six projects of thirteen thousand nine hundred and seventy seven plates and a Cohen assessment this has been made possible through a partnership between Department of Education Science and Technology the infrastructure investment program of South Africa the Development Bank of South Africa and national treasure car Adam party star dog an anomaly matron Peggy Lee Oh Fatima Putin bomb oh mama maro a true Oh Baba cyril ramaphosa Osawatomie novice commencer Kapena to Deputy Minister aluminium Ella who did you conduct an cos cos were one dangasm Cayenne and all those from the sector who have warmly welcomed me back I am here at your service thank you very much sir bone struggles I'm Phoenicia Suresh why are you rising Honorable mayor bunga bunga Stella sir we are second ranking and tarnish was ten hazing every wise wouldn't take her no karbala no mokou new Kevin Pagano microRNA honourable member assembly Tuzla honourable member please sit down please sit down please sit never we sugar Karrueche a band Java home L Aquila but this is energy Jenny puta honestly mom Cao Lu la la ba ba ba ba ba boo boo boo boo colossi bleep no salabanzi mama see aku Vega amber elite Bubba what does the problem know can you switch the mic on I can hear you sorry she used to the NCAP max she person please the member she doesn't have a point of whatever – no it's fine it's fine it's fine let's allow the debate to flow let's allow the debate to flow modulus to low wacom each Reema pucllana see our podium aura thank you very much honorable as chairperson Minister plane is Amanda and Deputy Minister bootyman amela honorable members officials guests and fellow South Africans good morning yesterday the 11th of july 2019 marked the 25th 56th anniversary of the arrest in Lily's form of the MK high command comrades Horta Sisulu govan mbeki in room language Raymond kava I met Kathrada alias mythology and Dennis Goldberg we arrested by the apartheid police and were tried together with Nelson Mandela in what came to be known as the Rivonia trial I would like to dedicate my speech today to this towering Giants of the People's Revolution who dedicated their entire lives to the liberation of our people honourable chairperson it was the architect of apartheid hundred fair wood who remarked that and I quote what is the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when he cannot use it in practice there is no place for the boundary in the european community above the level of certain forms of labour close quote we have since travel a long and arduous journey in overcoming the system of colonial and apartheid education fund founded on the absurd ideology as articulated by Fairwood of white superiority complex which sought to subjugate black people in the land of their birth today we have got a higher education system that is founded on the foundations of equality non racialism non sexism that promotes access equity and address that seeks to promote quality and compete against the best in the world although significant progress has been achieved by the agency led government much still needs to be done however honourable chairperson there are some in our society who wants us to forget about our bitter past about the Rivonia trial lists who were persecuted and imprisoned for fighting for freedom about the historical injustice and systemic subjugation of black people in general and Africans in particular some honourable sheperson like honourable pizon of the DA will be so i historico today and devoid of human sensibilities as they ascend to this platform to ridicul the progressive and developmental measures and instruments like the NF LS farce which government utilizes to facilitate access to higher education by poor black students as nothing more but mere act of one faith they do so because to them the necessity toward to redress the balances of apartheid and colonial past is neither priority nor a historic task through to our historic mission as articulated in the Freedom Charter we must never be deterred in our commitment to ensuring that the doors of learning and culture are wide open high on the agenda of the ANC government has always been to expand access to post-school education and training and ensure that there is geographical spread of higher education and training institutions across this country in this regard in 2014 the government made a commitment to establish two universities in the Democratic South Africa supply key and the University of Mpumalanga at that time to some people this look like a dream the same dream of bullet trains and a smart city they are mocking today however to their disappointment this dream has been realized today's or plug University's enrollment has grown from under 124 students in 2014 to over 200 in 2019 and the majority of students from the northern cape the university has introduced new postgraduate programs this university is appointed about 400 staff members the 2,000 students would have been denied their constitutional right to further education as espoused in section 29 of the Constitution of the Constitution if the university was not established Honorable Jefferson Ennis Falls is one of the key instruments utilized by the state in making higher education and training progressively available and accessible despite the challenges faced by the scheme over the years it has played a very important transformation role in ensuring that many students from poor and historical backgrounds are able to access higher education the country has observed in the past that realities where education and training infrastructure was vandalised due to challenges with disbursement of student allowances instead of engagements between the students and diversity management some felt that the destruction of poverty property was the best form of raising their voice we condemn this method of protest in bringing grievances to the attention of authorities genuine student demands gets to be soiled by act of criminality and organism often perpetrated by a small minority among the student population we would like to call upon all the stakeholders in higher education to engage in meaningful dialogue in order to resolve whatever challenges experience damage to property is never a solution it simply served to deny future generation opportunities the decision by a former Minister Minister ponder to put in as fast and administration in Agostini 18 as a result of serious governance and management challenges is well supported the Minister should ensure the new Minister should ensure that the new board members are appointed to take over governance a-10s files have the necessary skills and compete to take the scheme to greater heights the necessity to appreciate the privilege by those who are recipients of the support the state is providing to them through Anna's vos is best illustrated by a quotation from one of the foremost African Patriot and statesman a Tanzanian liberation I'll call you ollie modulus near era when he wrote open quote those who received is privileged therefore have a duty to repay the sacrifice which others have made they are like a man who has been given all the food available in a starving village in order that you might have strength to bring the suppliers back from a distant place if he takes the food and does not bring help to his brothers he is a traitor similarly if any of the young men and women who are given education by the people of this republic adopt attitudes of security or fail to use their knowledge to help the development of this country they then they are betraying our union close quote higher education sectors matured and evolved over the years and it boosts universities that are highly esteemed globally the recent times higher education emerging economies university rankings for 2019 ranking of the top universities lived at nine South African University UC traverse alum Bosch UK's at an University of Pretoria UJ u WC Tran University of Technology and University of South Africa among the best rankings in emerging market seven of these universities are ranked in the top 200 investment from both the government through subsidies and other earmark grants and that scream funding from the private sector has made our investors to provide excellent tuition research and community engagement some of our universities are still struggling in terms of governance section 27 of Higher Education Act bestowed governing powers to the University councils we are concerned as a portfolio committee vulnerable minutes that we share our concern as well that some of the members of council are not put in the interest of the institution fest in March 2019 the minister plays the investor for hair and added mist and administration that Minister eight hours task to take over the role powers and functions of the University Council for a period of 12 months and conduct some investigation this year also in May and independent Assessors appointed to the value University of Technology to conduct some investigation and to advise the minister this hour in terms of collapse of governance honourable minister we applaud the intervention by the government and we hope that anyone who's found have done wrong will be account will be held to be accountable there must be severe consequences for those who want to rob the future of our children restoring the start of our universities as centers of learning and knowledge production and excellent must preoccupied the leadership of our government orderable Minister were worried about the emerging trend were failures of governance system in universities seem to be predominantly taking place in historically disadvantaged institutions we urge you to look at this phenomenon and to introduce proactive actions in conclusion honourable chairperson eradicating decades of old apartheid and colonial system of education it's like what our Iacono data Nelson Mandela refers to when he says open quote after climbing a great hill one only finds there are many more hills to climb close quote thank you very much and the suppose the budget folks Thank You honorable ma Palani the next speaker is Professor pizzoli from the GA Thank You chair if you're seeking an education after you finished school or as an adult you should expect to enter education institutions that are well managed well equipped and pleasant to experience a high quality reliable well-managed program to listen to and learn from the best possible people who are highly qualified in their area to exit proudly with a qualification that employers will take seriously that is fully up to date and has widespread Ric and recognition instead we have a department which has become swamped by the tsunami of student funding demands and is now virtually synonymous with new sves this does not mean that student funding isn't important of course it is but it has now become an all-consuming concern meaning that the department spends a vast amount of its time worrying about food allowances travel vouchers book money and accommodation instead of learning teaching and research these are all important issues of course but not to the exclusion of other matters it has no clear plan yet for growing new programs and skills in planning for very small is planning for very small increases in student numbers for the next three years and is caught in an insoluble bind in spite of the billions put on the table there is still insufficient funding for students who cannot afford fees or living expenses there is a massive missing middle at the same time the department knows perfectly well that the levels of student funding at present are unsustainable in the long term but can't do anything about it it has hobbled its oversight of university teaching and operates on an outdated disconnected syllabus in Tibet's it fails entirely to oversee rigorously an 18 billion rand budget that of seaters and NSF to ensure the skills are taught well and properly it oversees a 2.5 billion rand budget community educator a training where 90% of the time is spent helping people rewrite their matrix not really the function of a higher education department this department manages a budget of a hundred and eight billion and has a hundred and ten entities reporting to it and yet not a single one of these entities has presented its budget and app2 our committee in Espace 30 billion rand organization which serves hundreds of thousands of students and which is under administration and has been the site of constant relentless criticism for the past 30 years nothing any of the 21 seaters which together receive 15 billion per annum many of which have had to be put under administration over the years which are widely regarded as unsuccessful and often have critical ought order two general reports nothing any of the 50 T vet colleges many of which we know are failing and which have struggled to conform to the pfm a nothing the three billion rand National Skills Fund which appears to have become a piggy bank for random use nothing all three quality oversight bodies none of which are working ideally nothing it is also widely known that several universities which are autonomous but in which the minister is entitled to intervene when severe problems emerge are in trouble nothing we have a major problem of oversight here how can we blandly approve of expenditure in this troubled portfolio with no clue of where the problems lie and if they are being addressed these issues do not appear to trouble the ANC members of our committee who will clearly support anything put in front of them but we in the DEA take oversight very seriously we cannot in good conscience tell students that we assure that what they are being offered is of adequate quality and we cannot tell taxpayers we think their money is being used as it should be another point about oversight the department's own oversight over what is taught and what vacations are like is ominously week built into this department is a rolls-royce quality control system in theory the quality of our education and skills training is meant to be protected by two main bodies the CH II for universities and the QCT Aero for colleges and seeta's but these two bodies have been decimated by underfunding we can see the results of this in the neighbors of qualification coming out of our system everybody knows that graduates and certificated students are not well trained most Caeser qualifications are not certification by the qct Oh many think that the billions spent on Cesar courses are nothing more than tokens given to students to justify the massive expenditure on often inept course provide providers who are in a patronage relationship with cita management in many cases college qualifications are as we shall point out later unable to hold their own in today's job market and universities very far too much those were their own rigorous quality control mechanisms external examiner's certification by professional bodies and internationalization being the most important do deliver quality programs but many universities have given up on proper external examining and have decided to do it themselves they become parochial and inward looking fairly tough for the quality required in every possible way many students leave such universities virtually unemployable many of them badly advised by universities keen to school subsidised places and obtaining qualifications which are not likely to lead to employment in the first place none of this is picked up by the overburdened CAE which just cannot do the job job it's supposed to cheers the department now has been merged with Science and Technology as we have heard which we welcome this is one of the most sophisticated and advanced departments in government geared entirely towards supporting nurturing and developing the advanced knowledge and skills but at eight billion rand a year it is less than one tenth of the size of higher education so we do have to ask will postgraduate start to receive levels of funding equivalent to that of undergraduates or will they remain pitifully underfunded will the mediocrity and paralysis of higher education affect its smaller but excellent partner or will accidents be allowed to thrive grow and in turn enrich the bigger partner the situation in terms of quality is very serious and it remains to see whether our new old Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology has the energy or inclination to tackle it head-on for students and adults alike we believe there is justification for grave concern as to whether much of the education and training they are receiving is up to scratch students be warned honourable Milani I would like to point out since you did make a personal attack on me that I'm very worried about the situation muddy ping which you left behind when you were fired as municipal manager and whether that has recovered from the situation thank you thank you online from the e FF thank you this weekend the economic freedom fighter student command will be hosting its third National Student Assembly in bloom fronting where a new leadership of the e FF student wing will be elected the reason we have started with this point is because the motive force behind the existence of the student command is the inability of this government and department to provide free quality decolonized education it is no coincidence that fees must fall begin only a few months after the EF F student command was established in 2015 since the EF F student command has been at the forefront of students and workers struggle at all campuses across the country no matter what anyone from the anc or government says anyway we still maintain that education is not free despite all the promises that were made and this is the truth there is all agree Minister that the NESTA's does not work every day black students go to class hungry because they did not get their news fast food allowance on time students are squatting for through a single and are forced to share learning materials because NESTA's has not yet made payment or because they were rejected for funding it was seven months into the year and according to your department's own statistics there are 2025 thousand students in this country who have not received their news first money but those departments failure is relation to NESTA's is the reflection of the broader failure to provide student the basic needed the basic need for them to make the mize their academic potential and become productive members of the society the consequences of which we are seeing in the hyatt the high drop out in failure rate of students at tivitz and universities at institutions of higher learning we have a crisis of accommodation in 2018 there were over 1 million student at universities across the country but at the same time there were only 100 and thousand-page available that means our universities cannot accommodate 15 percent of the student population because of this accommodation crisis students are sleeping in libraries bathrooms lecture rooms study halls and some are even sleeping under bridges female students are being raped in a living under constant fear we are proposing that instead of building a new University Minister we must expand the existing one through building satellite campuses we must take the satellite campuses to other parts of the country to reduce overcrowding in places like Joburg Durban Cape Town and these satellite campuses must be linked with some industrial and productive activities in the area let's have verts satellite campus from the mining in rustenberg let's have University of Pretoria satellite campus for natural and agricultural sciences in a fanzine and we must build these satellite campuses with proper accommodation sports and recreational activities and proper security in the CBD we're still have accommodation problem municipalities must take well take over abandoned buildings renovate them properly intend them into decent proper accommodation Minister when the issue of free education was discussed in Parliament as the EF F we made concrete proposals even before the commission on higher education finished its report and we believed it is still relevant let's have 2.5% education levy on pension funds let's increase the skills levies from 1 to 2% and the difference must must be to find free education let's increase government allocation for higher education to 1.5 of the GDP and other as other countries do across the world let's have business income levy of 4.9% this could bring in more than hundred and fifty billion which will which will which we don't have today even student must receive two meals a day at the institutions of higher learning we need to establish three 24/7 clinics and employ counsellors and all institutions of higher learning we need to give every student a laptop and a free learning materials and if a black student is pursuing doctoral studies we must give them a conditional ones of grant of 1 million however we are still not sure why you are pay while you are back as the Minister of Higher Education we do not see what the President sees in you which makes you appropriate for this position you said you hate student you said student must fall you jailed kya you make sure that born in Corsica nila was arrested and never received paid a student died under your watch we are going to continue to demand presidential pardon for kiya vacation and all other students who have criminal which you have criminalized and excluded from the higher educational system because of their involvement in the Friz mass 4th movement before we reject this vote Minister we want to wish the student command a successful national student assembly the ffs reject this budget and we reject you as a minister of higher education thank you remember honorable tradition mobile is catching a circle from the IFP sontee mom Santi please honourable chairperson of the house Deputy Minister honourable chairperson of the portfolio committee and members of the portfolio committee I just wish to draw a line on what one wants to refer as a fact of fact something that you cannot change like true truth in the words of the former Indian Prime Minister facts are always facts and will not appear on account of your likes urban Millennials and the likes of the Twitter brigades will tell you that they do everything for the gram – look who despite the fact that behind their masks there are deep-rooted issues which they don't report it's important that facts drive policy in this department and that facts comes first before we amend the targets the various reasons why we are main targets we amend targets because we want to look good sometimes we amend targets so that we can meet them the fact is that the department has on a number of occasions dropped the bar and its standards to do better on paper the a PP will reflect this chairperson facts are critical in ensuring that government knows where exactly the gaps are and how to address them we do live in an era of fake news and fiction but government and this department must be leaders in facts Higher Education Science and Technology leads in discovery research and advice Jefferson a couple of hard facts which you must hear and we must listen to to trip the the way forward over the medium term for this department the fact that this department has been unable to ensure that all students are accommodated in affordable dignified buildings on campuses across the country I'm happy the minister touched on this but a lot needs to be done so that this is properly addressed so truthful fact that students are found squatting symbol because there is no proper accommodation some housed within townships and a subjected to fear intimidation and crime as they walk to their respective classes because they are not housed in proper accommodation and they come across serious difficulties along the way it certainly will become a fact of life on campuses when students are ill-treated disrespected and not provided with at least the minimum tools of trade to accomplish graduation it's also a fact that a majority of students graduating from detention institutions will be stepping out into the workplace that is virtually not ready to accommodate them because chairperson it it is also a fact that far too many students specifically students from the disadvantaged backgrounds are falling through the cracks and we are failing them when we do not prioritize their needs and assist them to prosper another sad fact we face is that when government fails in streamlining the quality of education from a CD level to further education and training the task at hand becomes increasingly difficult when higher education must pick up where government has failed in the system furthermore it is a fact that we continue to fail black academics and that we have not met the much-needed targets for the transformation within the higher education sector from the top down it's imperative that we address this over the next few years in order to structurally transform centers of higher education the promotion of research output the publication of data and more point importantly the job opportunities offered to artisans apprentices and graduates of trivet colleges must take center stage we need to ensure that we place on our learners who are in training who are studying and why essentially our future at the forefront of what we do we must speak more of the knowledge of economy in order to grow our own Minister let us work together to build incapacitate the stage with discuss skills we require so we do not have to knock on other's doors to fill the employment gaps indeed those who successfully graduate uniquely baba wawa is cod circus believe me honourable chairperson way we support the budget I described and what one parity Boshoff Nevada haunted Honorable Jefferson and Honorable Minister I'm going to present my thoughts to you in English today because I would really like us to read some common ground and let us use the common oppressors language to communicate we understand very well the need that the ANC government has to transform the higher education sector of South Africa and we also understand that each speech starts with a narrative saying this is so many years since Rivonia so many years and start Mandela was born because it puts everything into a context and context is actually very important we realize that we as of recon us have a decolonizing history we have a narrative which starts with the devastation of the anglo-boer war when impoverished peasants and urban laborers wanted to climb the light ladder from the on in the economy and just as you regarded education and especially higher education was regarded as one of the most important ways to do so if I say our narrative it's not as a competitive narrative or to the due to my the narrative that you offer us on calendar I'm looking for the word to deleted the minds your narrative it's an addition to say we have some experience too now when africanus were offered by the conquering British Empire the opportunity to become part of this big Empire and to share in benefits of established English English institutions many of our ancestors declined that we said that we would rather establish our own institutions and indeed we made very good use of state money to do so but we started with third-rate or so-called third-rate institutions and we gradually built them up with work ethics and a dogged hidden curriculum of we are going to show them that we are just as good or even better in that all evolution it was it was approached with a spirit of deep gratitude and not one of entitlement and I think that is one of the main problems why I don't desire your job because you have to deal with the youth who works with with a deep sense of entitlement that anything that I do not have you out to them and that it is not necessary to do very much by one selves now I think if I look at the last document that the Department of Higher Education presented regarding legal training in South Africa they made a great point of transformative constitutionalism which has to be to be integrated into each and every legal course in South Africa I'm very worried about that because this is a form of thought police progressive consider transformative constitutionalism isn't an objective or an widely appreciated form of legal training it actually undermines the whole idea of a constitution which is during or in enduring and of the loss of president now the one of the main functions of a legal system is give people certainty of the legal position to know before and what may I do and what may I not do what may i what am i what what are my rights when we have a transformative constitutional bench then it's basically impossible to know how the judge is going to interpret transformative demands in this place specific case and that is why one of the most surprising judgments was when the University of free state was allowed to unilaterally do a way with Afrikaans education are you surprised in during a in this background that a new generation of push-off asceticism thank you the Deputy Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology honorable man lamella thank you house chairperson Minister of Education and Training Minister of Higher Education Science and Innovation doctor blade since Monday chairperson of the portfolio committee together with members of the portfolio committee honourable members director-general leaders of all post school education and training institutions and organisations senior officials and also our invited guests it give me it gives me a great pleasure to address you or the department of higher education and training budget vote and to further expand on some of the issues that the minister has spoken to our president in this year's State of the Nation Address State our imagination towards a smart city built on the technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution smart cities needs much universities and smart post school education and training institution these smart institutions creatively integrate innovation in their DNA their smart software and hardware systems with smart classrooms and state-of-the-art technologies they have smart fed Akagi with modern teaching and learning strategies they offer smart qualifications and programs that are in demand they push the frontiers of knowledge production these others must post post school education and training institutions that we strive for as we strap strive for smart institutions were mindful of the existential challenges that our students and institutions are faced with who have made great strides in improving access to post-school education and training and even if we can come here in this pulpit and try and rubbish the progress that have been made the reality is that we would not be where we are had it not been of some of the decisions and policy choices that this government of made to increase access to a post-school education and training the number of students in these institutions are significant and attest to the progress that we've made in broadening access now we're strengthening structures systems and interventions to increase throughput rate and success after all our students after all our students enter our institutions because they want to make a success of their lives access must lead to success and we know that the well-being of students is challenged on a daily basis suicide for instance is the second leading cause of death for higher education students as many of twenty four point five percent of students interviewed reported some suicide ideation in a recent survey according to the South African depression and anxiety group one in four University students have been diagnosed with depression only one in six students received minimally adequate mental health treatment the challenges are varied and can be debilitating where students need psychosocial support and were really willing under remembers from the ffs to work with the first student command to attend to these challenges and we think that we can work much better if were focused together as opposed to wanting to be mother Christmas and give certain things which are actually not even realizable not in the immediate and also not in the long term the higher education aids program of our department will be rebranded and will be launched as higher health and in addition to providing free mobile health and wellness screening on HIV TB and sexually transmitted diseases contraceptives and Family Planning higher health will also include psychosocial services for supporting students on gender-based violence mental illness alcohol and substance abuse as well as assisting students who are marginalized based on gender diversity and disability the hired cage AIDS program also promotes the prevention early detection and management of non communicable disease not only stabbed to diabetes increasingly common among children and young adults across the world but South Africa has a specific problem of hypertension amongst young adult blood sugar and blood pressure checks are increasing high occasion is conducted hundred and forty-one thousand blood pressure measurements and 85,000 blood sugar tests across our universities and Tivat colleges and in the overall in the past three years the higher education programs has facilitated this establishment of 80 clinics and Tivat colleges and we are making progress in the point that you made around having equalities in all our institutions of post-school educational training we will continue to improve and expand health and psychosocial services across our institutions because this we believe contributes to student success and also in ensuring that we assure students in higher education and training institutions that they are not alone we will work with them to design and implement appropriate and relevant interventions to tackle the psychosocial issues that students are faced with too we will tackle this problem so that we can have greater success in higher education this year marks the fourth year of existence of the community education and training colleges a sector that has the potential to bring tangible transformation to historically marginalized communities including out-of-school youth and adult and I found it quite interesting that everyone who came to speak here essentially overlooked the importance of community and training colleges and I'm referring to the the members from the opposition bench because we see this as one of the single most important intervention if what deal with the majority of young people who are excluded from our universities and from our team at colleges second chance learning be a general educational skills program is in our view a major priority and this year our department will strengthen the capacity of our 4.54 Community Learning Center's to pilot the community education and training concept through the introduction of skills program a total of 2.5 billion has been set aside towards community education and training function in 2019 our department will focus we'll finalize the development of norms and standards for funding community education and training colleges to ensure a tweetable share of the budget among the nine community educational training colleges the department has also put in place a community education and training system national plan for the implementation of the white paper for post school education and training system 2019 to 2013 this plan clarifies our vision for community education and training program and provides guidance on access and success to us achieving the NDP 2030 target of a million enrollments in community education and training programs the plan also provides guidance on the rationalization of community educational training institutional landscape through consolidation of the 3,200 Community Learning Center's and satellite learning centers for efficiency development and also for some all our seaters continue to play a critical role in closing the skills gap and as the minister's indicated we will soon be publishing the new secretary kitchen and training authority landscape that will be implemented on the 1st of April 2020 this will ensure certainty I mean certainty in the skills development system so that we focus on producing skills that are required for our socio-economic development the new landscape will align with the National skills development plan which will also be implemented in April 2020 some of our CTF experience poor governance and management while the majority of seat has steadily continued their vital role in skills development and I want to assure you honourable pizzoli that there is no theta that is under administration most in fact all of the Citiz are and what we believe is sound management and we will ensure that with the new seat a landscape that will be announced that the turnaround in terms of what the citizen heed to be achieving is actually achieved but it's also quite unfortunate that all that were prepared to emphasize some of the old bad stories around what has been happening with the citas and fail to appreciate the progress that has been made with regards to these interventions and some of the outcomes that we've seen in terms of the work of our citas they in our view must provide hope to a large majority of South Africans were yearning for skills development citiz will also be directed to supporting more occupational programs and to further work closely with tivat and community colleges so that linkages can be strengthened across post-school education and training institutions career guidance and career development are also important areas of work for our department and far too many young people do not receive adequate career information that will steer them in making appropriate career choices working with the sita's and other government departments we will lead and expand the necessary career guidance and development work that must be done in our communities we still prioritize artisan development and at the same time who will be expanding other forms of workplace learning such as learner ships work integrated learning and internships both artisanal and skill artisanal skills and leadership show high levels of employment and are backed up by tracer studies from the human science research cancer the department has just completed a tracer study for artisans who passes a trade test in the 2017-18 financial year where the employment rate stand at seventy four percent and three percent are self-employed employing that 77 percent of these artisans have entered the labor market the centers of specialization programme which was launched last year will be prioritized as well as and I mean as well at our public Tivat colleges which will train youth in artisan skills the program will assist 2016 at college sight improve their capacity to develop successful artisans with industry partners in 13 priority trades related to infrastructure Pro project now there are four employer associations involved with this initiative which is the stills engineering industry federation little motor industry the institute of plumbing South Africa and the Southern African Institute of welding and the 26 centers of specialization college sites were launched and given certificates and have started training 780 apprenticeship room employers at the crew at and placed at this College the program is leading the transformation of our team at college system to making them more relevant more responsive to industry and latest need at the same time lifting their capacity to deliver high level quality occupational programs and therefore the role important role also played by citizen linking employers with the centers of specialization has ensured all participating in employers are guaranteed discretionary grants one of the projects that we are working on which is about workplace integrated learning is the one which worked between Tivat colleges and clicks where young people have been placed in clicks doors and Tivat colleges have teamed up with this store so that graduates received permanent employment and I'm mentioning this because we really want to encourage the private sector to work with our colleges so that the transition from work to I mean from college to work and the articulation between the two becomes very similar we'll be working hard to ensure that more and more of these projects are there and you know strengthened now we are also involved in the Decatur of autism a drive to encourage young people to venture into it artisanal careers towards meeting the NDP target of producing 30,000 artisans per annum some I mean earlier this year we hosted the fed WorldSkills national competition in Durban in February were heartened 71 competitors across 19 skills competition areas including electrical installation graphic design technology computer numerical numerical control and training where held and 24 winners will be representing South Africa the world skills international competition that will take place in Kazan Russia next month in amongst the winners a young women will be flying the South African flag and I'd like to acknowledge some of them when the guard in the gallery who won the section on hairdressing is miss Nicole Phoebus from the College of Cape Town is she and the graphic design which was Miss Hannah Stella Smith from tu t restaurant services missing Sacco zynga from accordion West cooking miss Milani jinda vet language from acutally West electrical installations peel Allah Jessica Marie from su kala training center in Khe Sanh and also a special knowledge meant from miss Gaudi as she was the only woman who completed in this category and she won now now this is important honourable borschov precisely because in as much as you would want us to believe that the interventions made by the apartheid regime we're crucial we should never forget that those interventions were for a specific race now our government is making interventions for all South Africans including yourself and I found it quite interesting that you said we should communicate in the common language of the oppressor wondering which one is the uncommon language of the oppressor thank you very much thank you very much before I call honorable throwing there's something I talked about but with the about our guest so regarding participation you have just done it clapping of hands is not allowed from you can we honorable Santi can you please not do what you are doing I can speak and you speak that is you are out of order please respect the house honorable guests unfortunately the rules of this house buzz you from you know participate in participation also means sleeping I know you know you might get excited I usually say just smile thank you can we now call honorable three today from the AC GP Jefferson the African Christian Democratic Party notes the budget allocation for the department sitting at some 108 billion we welcome the allocation of 135 point 4 million for computer services the second largest line-item in goods and services as we prepare our students for what is commonly known as the fourth Industrial Revolution the department's 2019-20 budget has to sustain some 52 vet colleges with 264 campuses across the country and 26 universities with at least one University in each of the nine provinces within the education sector 2018-19 basket allocation basic education receives some 260 2.4 billion rand higher education some 108 point three billion a total of three hundred and seventy point three billion or more than 20% of our national budget it must be mentioned that South Africa spends more per capita or as the percentage of our GDP on education than most of our counterparts and yet produces some of the poorest results the last progress in international reading literacy study revealed that as many as 78 percent of our grade for learners in South Africa are not able to read in any language the picture in maths and science is not encouraging either when compared for example to our Kenyan counterparts our grade 6 students were found to be more functionally illiterate and enumerate our students must be able to comprehend for example that when adding a plus B you get a B because you cannot add unlike terms our students must be able to comprehend that when multiplying a times B for example you get O a times a you get a squared because you are multiplying common bases and you add the indices our students must be able to comprehend there for example when you want to find they equate the roots of a quadratic equation that x equals minus b – the square root of b squared minus 4ac all over 2a and I'm not speaking in Latin our student it is important if we want to improve the quality of higher education it is important because it speaks to the quality of our student who enters the corridors of higher education it is important because we set our students up for failure if they are not adequately prepared at the foundation or basic education phase it is important because we cannot engage in social sexual engineering programs in basic education by making history a compulsory subject and teaching our children how to engage in masturbation oral sex anal sex and same sex through comprehensive sexuality education while simultaneously wanting to promote maths and science and coding this is political and educational it's off Renia it is important because if we wish to have higher learning education institutions of excellence we must address the paralyzing effect of course I acknowledge you honourable Santi yay we are attached to my ricotta when de Santi that's not a range of order what I mean you can you sit down no no Santi it is not a point of order honourable member you may continue I understand the difficulty some people have in comprehend comprehend in shape it is important because if we wish to have higher learning institutions of excellence we must address the paralyzing effect of unions in our schools we cannot have Nastya slumping and operating in crisis mode by a point a person it must be a member can you take us it I know to my Wonderwall Tem thank you my point of order is based on relevant I think this on remember cannot comprehend that this is a higher education debate is giving is crime in Iran I remember the point of debate is not a point of order on a remember you may continue horizon a point of order not just request that you give our honorable member the additional time for the frivolous points of order that have been raised I thank you on I remember the time was stopped as the point of orders were made member you may continue thank you see a person it must be mentioned and installed in our learners as I conclude that you do not have to destroy damage or burn what you have in order to obtain what you don't have our learners must be encouraged that they should never become prisoners of their past because the past was just a lesson not a life sentence our learners must know that difficult past and present circumstances are not a determinant to their future the a CDP will support such learners thank you thank you I now invite the Honorable sorry J I didn't want to interrupt the previous speaker but could we just give him another chance to repeat that mathematical equation because I got lost half way through I remember I think you can speak to him privately and he will be able to give you that equation I now invite the Honorable MCC BC to take the debate forward honourable house chairperson honourable minister and deputy minister honorable members of the house equity or vulnerable house trappers international Freedom Party will welcome and support at the page high education and training budget vegetable here today the need to produce quality and competitive young professionals must be one of the top priorities of government the graduates we produce must be able to compete with other countries many students have been given the opportunity to study further after being awarded passer is the opportunity to walk through the doors of institution for a young man or woman from a rural town in western attire is indeed a dream come true however how high living standards within many of our top educational institution places many of these students in unbearable conditions mental healthy programs must be provided for all students focusing on students suffering from depression anxiety and those with ADHD student suicide have increased over the past few years shedding a dark cloud over our educational institution the report indicates that the department achieved 2516 below their enrollment records however with regards to graduate output in engineering sciences the 2018-19 target of 12,000 590 was exceeded by 365 we tendered the 2018-2019 cartridge target of 8400 990 in natural and physical sciences from university and 22,000 784 initial teacher education was exceeded by hundred and eleven and two thousand four hundred and eighty two respectively similary graduates target of two thousand nine hundred and sixty-five for doctoral studies from universities was exceeded by 92 these results indicate that students are filling the gap in the system and we applaud the department by that we need to educate students when passer is available rather than checking out a student loan we have many students in student aptitude to misinformation which places students in a desperate and disadvantaged position after graduating the youth unemployment rate places our students in a more disadvantaged due to the inability to pay pet loans however the decline in eligible Ana's first recipient from 323 thousand three hundred and eighty seven to three hundred thousand is an indication of quality decline and we are very concerned about that being a student is an exciting thing how about CBC your time has expired thank you we now invite the Honorable PS Yabba honourable house Jefferson honourable chairperson of the portfolio committee honourable members of the portfolio committee honourable minister and deputy minister of the department members of the executive present senior officials and management present guests in the public gallery team members of the Fourth Estate ladies and gentlemen one number honourable bozo Lee makes the mistake that at the chairperson of the portfolio committee was disgraced by being fired for your information honorable ma Alana was cleared and reinstated by the czma in 2011 this is on public record honorable bozo Lee seems to want us to halt the delivery of services and programs within the ambit of a mandate in favour of perennial witch hunts that give no credence to the fact that we are responsible for human development and not a pedantic penchant for cost-saving at the expense of our constituents honorable John Jana says honorable Shan Jana the misguided sue the militant leftist anarchists to spare students to bend down infrastructure during protests can be trusted to provide sound and erudite advice to the minister how do you trust an organization which undermines the decorum of an August institution such as past Parliament by physically ambushing and almost manhandling a minister of cabinet they also vacillate from their own ideological leanings from time to time to suit the a penchant for expensive French and Italian Couture and alcohol as witnessed in the bingeing comes be you need to be noticed first before you speak I apologize can you notice me I arise on your point of order yes don't you know Kim the member on the podium please withdraw what he just said that is just so out of order what he just said no he's literal remember that's not a part of order the e FF he must read this lot a point of order he must withdraw you sit down and close the mic continue honourable member these are the architects of the mess that they left in Swan with LED Africa where come from Karl Marx the highly esteemed German philosopher historian political theorist and socialist revolutionary writes the Philosopher's have only interpreted the world in various ways the point is however to change it the longest-serving president of the ANC comrade or tombow said at the funeral of the of one of the most illustrious sons of the struggle comrade Joe Garvey that the future is bright the end is glorious it is peaceful but the intervening period is dark beta and finds its glory in the act of struggle to hold as such a future that President as he was affectionately known and vision belong I dare say that it belongs to those who dare dream and to a nation which educates and develops its young for a nation that does not invest adequately in the education of its young people will pay the dividends in the lack of development and growth and sheer stagnation in the future we are a nation steeped in the dark history of a draconian system of repressive laws that dehumanize the vast majority of the native people of this country the reach of the tentacles of which have managed to go beyond the advent of the democratic order with its vestiges in the higher education system remaining a glaring challenge that the sixth administration needs to demolish in order to reverse the legacy of the past a legacy of skewed development and investment in the education of one race more than all others it is that legacy that we contend with today and whose negative effects we must reverse if we are to be a nation that achieves its developmental goals however we are a resilient nation which emerged from the doctrines of apartheid stronger with the hope of a brighter future for all in a united people with a common vision of a prosperous non-racial non-sexist country this is the lofty ideals that the ANC led government seeks to attain fellow South Africans this budget seeks to act as bad a microcosm in the wheel of change in the world of higher education and training as we know it this budget must be an agent of change in advance in our struggle for an accessible inclusive equitable and successful higher education and training sector in our country it must speak to the imperative of transformation in the sector in order to locate squarely in its agenda the ideals of redress social justice and the restoration and the preservation of human dignity this budget should be able to propel us forward towards the future we have envisioned as a country to a name to compete at the highest level international chairperson the medium-term strategic framework states that the national development plan envisages that by 2030 South Africans should have access to education and training of the highest quality the education training and innovation system should cater for different needs and produce highly skilled individuals the Graduate of the post school system should have adequate skills and knowledge to meet the current and future needs of the economy and society one of the greatest challenges that faces the envision goal as articulated in their maps and MT SF is the level of access to institutions of higher learning that poor and marginalized students who need who meet their minimum requirement of admission face it goes without saying that a child from rural case a ten will face insurmountable challenges to have a conducive learning environment without the intervention of government to ensure the same although such a student may gain access to the learning institution through academic excellence other challenge remains such as one inadequate inadequate student accommodation Chavez in the 2010 report on the Ministerial Committee for the review of the provision of student housing a South African universities made the following observation the demand for student housing far outstrips supply it continues to make the observation that nationally the racial demographic profile of the student provided accommodation is close to that of the national demographic as might be expected they are more female than male students accommodated these facts can only look to the reality that many students from rural areas which are further away from these institutions of higher learning are most likely to decline an admission due to a lack of any accommodation in close proximity to the leaning campus or the inability to afford such accommodation that child from rural case @n who meets the minimum requirements for admission may currently be prejudiced due to a lack of access created by inadequate student housing in a State of the Nation Address in February President Rama Bazar made a commitment that government has committed to contribute 100 billion trends into the infrastructure fund over the next 10 years as a first step we will expand projects underway already such as student accommodation we welcome the commitment made by the president as a step in the right direction in addressing the backlog of student housing needs in the higher education sector however we acknowledge that a lot still needs to be done the backlog in 2012 was estimated to require a staggering 147 billion rains to address over 15 years a battle that requires a multilateral approach to resolve in a full basket of solutions provided by the coming together of various partners in the public and private sector we welcome the 2.8 billion rent budgeted for infrastructure inefficiency needs for university programs 3 in the 2019 2020 financial year and 120 million rains intended for addressing student housing challenges and nurse Nelson Mandella university safer Kamaraju university and val university of technology expensive conducive student accommodation also remains a challenge and safe living conditions due to unregulated student housing provided by private parties remains a challenge many students who reside in townships as backyard tenants have become working targets to particular – due to the distances they have to walk sometimes at night coming from studying on campus because their rules they occupy are not conducive for learning Chavez in the post schooling education and training white paper and visages student accommodation that is characterized by places for learning as well as rest and Recreation and should have facilities to encourage study activity when institutions are in close proximity to one another the department of higher education science and innovation will seriously consider the possibility of establishing student villages to accommodate students from different institutions colleges or universities student accommodation should be more than just a bed but a place that enables learning to take place without hindrances and this current administration has taken that seriously going forward chaplin as part of the multilateral basket of solutions collaboration between the department of human settlements and the department of higher education sends and innovation in rolling out accommodation for the entire sector is recommended and it will be carried through by this current administration as resolved by the NCS 54th national conference with their state the hotel provincial government signed the declaration up your time has expired we support the budget Honorable Minister we now invite the Honorable M Ianto chaplain comrade minister and comrade deputy minister live a clearly cos when you live renamed University of what after robot Maharaja Sabu Qin who said four term must be to Africans what stellenbosch was to the African eras when he was the president of the SRC when Felton said education means service to Africa Minister the university should not produce the knowledge and skills they want they must produce the ones that we need and want what we do want want to control our land and wealth want to manage it and they want to develop it therefore knowledge and skills produced in higher education must respond directly to the needs of our economy the implication of this argument is that higher education cannot be controlled by individual universities in so far as preparing our generation 4 control management and development of our economy the pointless education must be limited directly with the economy secondly the student this when student graduates there must not be found on the road asking for jobs he felt that we had a hire a graduate campaign in Eastern Cape not so long ago points to they felt that the government has outsourced its responsibility to universities as it has done to capitalists how can graduates be unemployed after graduation this does not make sense there is fella in the is fella there is fair and higher education and in government the specific fella is knowing where graduates go after graduation as we speak they are sitting at home some of them because this country has no education planning whatsoever universities are making money out of education they are not building a future and yes we say you must we must be we must we say there must be education planning and it must live with the control and development of wealth it must be known in advance where graduates are going and how they get there the PowerPoint they are PowerPoint to the fact that we need africanist socialist education education that eliminates poverty not one which contributes to unemployment inequality and exploitation this is why I passed my in colleges and universities across as Anya has consistently called for free education it wants to ensure that there is access for all that plasma had been calling for a sociality education it wants to ensure education is linked to solving social and economic needs that's why part that's what Kozma is initiated even support fees must fall beyond fighting against the increment and that is why Padma has been calling is by it but for a socialist education this Bosma is our child and we taught them well PA C supports the budget I now invite the Honorable P P no data how's Jefferson Melinda the Galileo fellow South Africans ganguly sangalans AUSA Mullane honorable members today I stand here on behalf of foods an from D progeny who survived for basic education not addressed at home just a moment what point I rise in I remember honorable not that I forgot to acknowledge his continued honourable member I stand here on behalf of Courtney who commutes through sounds of bullets and gang violence daily in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth just to get her mechanical engineering qualification from PT vet to change the circumstances of her birth on behalf of and lease the aspirin a robotics innovator who struggles to acquire skills through the seaters because there is no alignment with business to create jobs of the future and on behalf of own drove from bizarre who is the first graduate at home but carries her heavy black gown without a certificate in hand to the robots to try and find a job beyond these presidential dreams South Africa is short on skills and high on unemployed citizens we can't import our our way into a futuristic dream South Africans must be empowered and make it real in education now and there is no better way to invest in South Africans than in education however as I've lived through and seen some of these experiences our brothers and sisters in our education system I have realized the following the ANC government is deliberately failing to provide quality education and access to opportunities to our people and they are continuously perpetuating a culture of dependency to entrench control over our lives and future I want to remind us all that a country that does not invest in its youth has no the reality is that our institutions inherited a tenant talk your problem produced by basic education but worst of all the department continues to worsen the problem throughout 50 t-bird colleges which enrolls 700 thousand students this is due to the old outdated curriculum that seeks to teach agriculture of the 1950s engineering of the 1970s and skills noting that are not needed by the market today the department called simply boast about giving access through Ana's VA's in Tibet when students registered to study plumbing or electrical engineering but when they get to the classroom a person that is teaching them holes and marketing diploma or political biblical studies decree would little to no clue of what they are teaching or when students have and when students have no adequate services for conducive learning such as proper infrastructure classrooms accommodation Wi-Fi labs clinics libraries the Department can't boast about giving access when it keeps students at home because they hope back these certificates the Department can't boast about giving access when students actually stay at home with the allowances for transport food and books arriving late if the answer is serious about this imagined future it needs to commit to carrying our skills base which means properly putting funds that desperately need a skills revolution now not in 2030 the Jays proposal can strengthen our education system to teach quality and setup the future of South Africa for success especially in the t-bird sector the budgets must aim to build a quality education system that will break the chains of being dependent on government now these are the solutions because we're not standing here to talk cheap but to give you solutions that you can use the first one is reform the outdated curriculum to teach technical at assembly and innovative skills needed for the market not just to teach in jail so that people can achieve social economic prosperity set learning outputs plan with basic education science and technology as well as higher education to refine the curriculum that is inclusive of theory technical skills and innovation invest in quality infrastructure to produce quality learning or the tall neckties and the tapered colleges and obscure them so that they don't teach something that they don't know and make sure that they they qualified for what they teach increase the Tevas budget to at least fifteen billion the teachers can't have more parts than the team at college that has almost 700,000 students allocate allowances on time and sure that certificates are handed out so that learners can go and find or look for work and sure that workers are adequately looked after to avoid campus protests lastly engage in investigate all corrupt officials in our institutions especially in the Tivat sector and the previously disadvantaged institutions I come I come from those institutions and what has a Sulha university university of 40m they need to be tell those in those officials that are taking the future way of of the country away in conclusion this might not affect you Minister and Deputy Minister or your children but it certainly does my brothers and sisters in our communities who could become a furniture and animators of those politicians that you want your time and act on these now not in 25th I thank you know Mutius x to order house j person the Honourable member across the I'm not sure he's gonna read flower does pocket has repeatedly stood up and press the microphone to make comments which you've got nothing to do with the debate and are completely outside of the of the rules of the house now this is a type of behavior we're gonna expect in a debate like this and said he was not been allowed to do it again he's just done it again Thank You honourable members honourable members all their honorable members honorable members I would now invite the Honorable and team can try to take the debate forward honorable chairperson and members our guests in the gallery and most importantly students and young people in South Africa good morning it was till morning years I think I must begin by saying honourable pizzoli I take offense to your illusion of ANC members in this committee not being critical of the challenges faced by the sector I think all of us as parliamentarians of the ANC are well aware of the fact that our mandate is to hold the executive accountable in fact we adhere to a manifesto which the majority of South Africans have adopted by voting for us into voting us into service once again and unlike those on the left side of the bench where you veer off your manifesto as you continue to advocate for shifting student binding tune as fast honorable note that I was talking about not making South Africans dependent but Napoleone see I know my ship tell a student binding to ISA as and God grants a girl and and I put a tourniquet extensionism I find the expression but of course it won't find expression because you find a situation where those who inherited particular privileges from their forefathers right yeah once you have enough data shame who the realities of his black brothers and sisters and himself will lead him to be very progressive and some of the things he's saying so good night crisis up but nonetheless honourable my sister Jean Yana reiterating words for my inputs to the sword debate I agree with you that we cannot continue to both social cohesion and higher education without the puddling of those that played a role in widening the doors to education in this and his final judgment as the Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa Deakin musulega rights education z' formats of goodness to the body intellect and soul has been beyond question from antiquity with these powerful words Monica reminds us that knowledge and skills transfer has taken place in many different ways before the establishment of a specific university system therefore higher education should not be viewed as solely on the criterion and shaping presented to us by Western pedagogues education is knowledge experience and skill that we acquire by participating and interacting in various spaces of society it is what we gain from our lived experiences it is what it is that which my foremothers taught me as an African young woman with the minister acknowledging that only 6% of South African youth are in universities we need to analyze all the ways skills transfer and knowledge production takes place in our education system and realise the importance of T vet CET and Sita's shape listen we must affirm that the people's University of tu t and the University of Technology in Durban T UT is as equally important as the privileged wits and you see t Timothy and C T's are a crucial role of skills development in our society and must not be viewed as inferior to universities there are also global disruptions in to our high education functions the new digital age brings with it a learning hyper segmented learning and other EdTech innovations we must then ask ourselves how do we as a country integrate and organize the various spheres of our higher education ecosystem to enable skills development particularly in this fourth Industrial Revolution Alvin Toffler the American author and take futurist is famed for saying the literate the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn and and relearn this fourth Industrial Revolution demands of society and individuals to learn skills and learn old outdated in archaic skills and learn new innovative digital skills learning and skills development is now a lifelong process thus perhaps we must inform the Honourable from the a CDP that today was about to face higher education and not higher education and at the Nexus of realizing our potential in this new digital age lies the T vets and cets we acknowledge the department's commitment to not neglecting TVs teammates need to fulfill the purpose of providing young school leavers with skills knowledge and attitudes to actively participate in the economy T vets will now benefit benefit from an 18% budget allocation increase and must focus on the following areas the infrastructure of TVs needs to be viewed as a strategic asset massive investment has been laid into building new and upgrading existing tivitz and they are now geographically strategically positioned across the country however if teammates do not have the latest technologies then our strategic intent is misguided 5g internet connection must start at events every team that needs to be eighth needs to have a 3d printing lab an Internet of Things Center however these centers and labs must be locally responsive to the challenges that are faced by their local communities comrade sorry honourable Matata about yes or Evolutionary that I even went to Kolya confident in furthering equality in higher education the lived experience of an academic space and at Evette and at a university must not be miles apart teammates must be granted glorious halls that shall be named after heroines like Winnie Madikizela Mandela and Charlotte McClatchy together with the department we have acknowledged that the throughput rates are T vs disturbing to address this we must start with explicitly funding nesco students achieve it's the same way we find NASA first universities remember a comet blade when a comet Matata who's on the wrong side of this assembly said a taxi for a university students the fear of a taxi of a university student is the fee is the same fee for a t-bird student for a city student therefore the stipend that they receive cannot be different lecturers must undergo continuous professional development and a skills audit of ultimate academics and administrative staff must be completed as the department has has has has presented universities and the private sector must form part of the social pact to enhance Tveit skills production the important role of teammates in this digital economy needs to be clearly mapped out and employability of graduates must be prioritized the ANC is committed to attaining the efficacy of teammates to ensure that they are not alternatives to universities but a lock I looked at as equal options catering to one particular field of interest along with TV te T's are a crucial are crucial to building our skills base as a crank as a country CET seek to play a very crucial role in addressing the injustice of our past many South Africans who do not complete their basic education must make use of cets to do this shapers and the 8.6% budget allocation increase will allow us to prioritize the ec centers by focusing on the infrastructure dedicated and patriotic academic staff and to content our society about the importance of cets we can allocate as much funding we can change then reform the policies we can build new infrastructure but if it's alaric ins we don't understand the social will that we need to implore upon ourselves as we do the work we do in our various spaces all of this of which we invest into the sector will be redundant many of the people of our country who enroll in C ETS have already acquired work experience in work fields that's the idea of shifting cities to basic education as if we're dealing with people who have no work experience and who are not working towards reinforcing their quiet skill is absurd and speaks to the historic white and Western privilege which sits on my left and some within the front of thinking that higher education benefits is felt on a particularly linear way very exclusionary to the masses of our country as we put the sector we mas with utmost creativity reimagined the curriculum of the city sector to cater to the specific present and future needs of communities on the foundation of CTS the support of Sita's a young woman in Nice now must be intentionally skilled and supported to manage an old tourist services young woman in Molalla must be capacitated to manage and own farms social impacts must be formed to build cities with a futuristic outlook to broaden the spectrum of access to knowledge and skill so that no person young or old is purposely left ignorant che person it is clear that education should be viewed as greater than just schools and universities we must continue to work against the Western hierarchical and patriarchal order of higher education of the higher education system placing universities at the Nexus of knowledge consumption and production in our country at a time when our economy needs innovation and dynamism education should be viewed more holistically and inclusive beyond just universities if we are unable to reimagine the education and skills development of our country in this uncertain digital future then we should urgently note that note the words of advice by the ashanti people whose proverb reads by the time the fool has learned the game the players have dispersed there are no refunds young people cannot get their time back if we waste it commit pizzoli on sorry you can never be a comrade honorable pizzoli and you must refrain and I want to caution you from referring to student finding every tsunami as a Bedan as a consuming of time the thing is important our people the majority of this country have not been able to access higher education and other spaces because of the privilege of the likes of you have so we are going to focus on finding until we get it right and at no point of VR the ANC particularly young people are the ANC said we want we want free education that is not of quality we have always emphasized the idea of quality and wasn't precise the idea of decolonizing it as well because we don't want to learn what your people thought was important only but let me conclude by being a young person and say hi bow which owners pillion Vanessa suam what would I eat it in what kinda look like conrad booty what were a CET in what kinda looked like deputy minister in anc terms you are still regarded philly young so maybe if we if you relate you will relate when i speak of what type of tea that OCT could be build if were to apply some sort of account and outlook merging higher education with science and technology we must find and fund the shoes of our country to develop research and put forth innovations that will lead us without reimagining the outlook of these programs the cash injection into them will continue to be a futile exercise with that same a kind of spirit of Afrocentric innovation and creativity i support the budget to create a more equal just and protect and productive higher education system while condor forever Thank You honorable members all the honourable members I now invite the Honorable the Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology dr. played in the mandate to close the debate honourable members firstly thank you very much to the ANC for supporting this budget and to all they are the prices that also supported the budget this because this is a step forward building on the achievements who have already made honourable my planet which a we are emphasizing very important things we must condemn destruction of property let's have decent engagement and also by being bold in pointing out is there something wrong with our HDI such that they continue to have the government's programs and we have to stand up and address that also honourable mankato your emphasis that university root is not the only root is something that we particularly welcome as the department I don't know how to say too honorable for sorry because at my age I'm tempted to say you sound like a broken record but in this era of iTunes and other things I don't know what to say you sound like today please give us new ideas we are prepared to listen and to our students to train as doctors in Cuba it's the only province that is actually not doing that and yet you claim to be concerned about health and education and and and and everything today today to the FF listen it's only as if I will feel rejected if the F F says so in fact I'm going to wear your rejection as a badge of honor for one and only one reason that what you say here is far far different from what ordinary EF f members who benefit from Nazareth actually say now I also want to say Honorable Java forces among Jews would routine en de Buci a buffoon debacle in the Venegas in a base value balance in the Bengals battle and I would say funny now a fella buffoon the basis ingame honorable pass off I hear your views and what you state and that context is important we agree but also I just need to make this point as the NC we really respect the honorable struggle of the African is against British imperialism it was a heroic struggle against colonialism the problem was that the African is wedge such a struggle then joined cause with British imperialism in the common operation of the black majority that's where things actually went wrong but it does not mean that we do not recognize that also no one hates Africans but we hate the use of Africans as a means of discrimination against the majority of the people we need to say that today ATP please don't fall karai's the necessity of sex education where problems of HIV and AIDS teenage pregnancy and so on as a government with a responsibility to educate our youth about issues relating to sex and also you sound like wanted to be a math teacher we are miss deployed then go and be a teacher and teach your mathematics good luck to those students if they will understand your algebraic formulas we also want to say that to honourable on your toe you can't just blame unemployment on higher education we have structural unemployment and society in our economy we have to look at the problem holistically because to just criticize government to say unemployment because of higher education curricula no we must look at the problem holistically and and broadly honorable note that you are telling to insurance is worthy to CIN so don't be hot under the court what you say what you say a TA suggestions has already our program and things that we have actually done so there is really nothing new Australian we are y'all getting to issue a moba see I was cleaning services to answer to our Deputy Minister thanks for once more emphasizing the importance of community colleges and I want to end with an algebraic formula republic of south africa – a city p equals s squared which means and improve south african society thank you very much Thank You honorable members all the honourable members that concludes the debate and the business for this mini plenary session the mini plenary will now rise you

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