D&D 5e Classes Review – “Just trust me, okay?”

Everything you thought you knew about D&D classes? Forget about it everything you thought you knew about balance and power gaming throw it in the trash All that time reading through the descriptions of every class ten times over and watching Joe cats Crap guides just to decide which one fits your personal preferences better. I mean, that’s kind of fair, but still get out because today I Adán will be rating every single D&D class and giving reasons why I am right and you’re obviously wrong What you ain’t sure about this don’t worry. I’m a DnD youtuber, you know, alright Let’s see. Tell people they’re wrong, check mentioning I’m a youtuber, check inflating my huge ego, check it twice get ready, my baby It’s because we’re starting now man, I swear last summer was like a dream feels like last summer Oh is like a dream and I’m trying to figure out only true chads can play ranger It is the best the most versatile and powerful class in the whole game And if you don’t play it, I get it the responsibility of carring your whole party intimidates you it’s okay I don’t mind and no I’m not taking into account the revised Ranger That’s UA propaganda and you should know better ten out of ten I know we need to go up the mountain, but my bear can’t really climb The fighter class is incredibly interesting with complex rules and strategies. Just kidding The fighter is what happens when a wanna-be barbarian doesn’t drop from kindergarten and takes anger-management classes. I don’t like it neither Do you but I can see why you would convince yourself. Otherwise five out of ten. Okay guys, hold on I need to roll nine attacks Man, I swear last summer was like a dream feels like last summer Oh as I could dream and I’m trying to figure This class was made specifically so that one friend of yours can take five minutes to set up Thunderstruck by ac/dc on their phone every single solitary time they cast thunderclap so they can go fu- six out of nine Dude is so angry he refuses to die ten out of 10 please don’t hurt me man, I swear last summer was like a dream feels like last summer Oh as I could dream and I’m trying to figure out it’s like a Jehovah Witness But it can bring your door down and do a kill revive loop on you until we accept the superiority of the God over all Others I like this class, especially when I can spread the word of the Raven Yas Queen Queen ten out of ten Oh, it’s you I didn’t see you at church last Sunday All I’m saying is that if I transform into an and I shouldn’t have to fucking roll for stealth What was the last time you spotted an ant on your ceiling and decided to kill it just in case? One out of ten for the tenth time. I am NOT a magical hippie Man, I swear last summer was like a dream feels like last summer Oh as I could dream and I’m trying to figure don’t lead your Jojo Pham players Get their skinny Jean, loving hands on this one Unless you like keeping old old old old old old old at three to four times around Seven out of ten what I already use my bonus action A hall monitor on steroids. as long as you don’t say their waifu goddess is trash then you should be relatively fine Six out of six out of six. Have you ever tried flicking someone on the forehead and activating divine smite? Man, I swear last summer Was like a dream feels like last summer Oh as I could dream and I’m trying to figure If you are a new player you might not understand why people like the rogue so much until you witness a sneak attack critical at level 9 or hear about Evasion and reliable Talent but be warned people say all rogues are edgy and broody and they are 10 out of 10 Can anyone pass me to Marty SIG’s? Yeah, I like fireable to a tattoo 10, oh we forgot to roll for wild magic again Man, I swear last summer Was like a dream feels like last summer o is like a dream and I’m trying to figure out The OGE boy any girls if you played this class you’ve had at least one nightmare consisting of all the times you haven’t told the sugar daddy patron joke But hey At least you would recover a quarter of a spell slot with a short rest if your party ever actually took one Nine out of ten wait selling my soul to the devil had consequences If you go to any DnD forum and ask what are the strengths of the wizard class You’ll get a myriad of players talking about utilities strategy versatility but deep down We all know that the power of a true wizard is dictated by the depth of their pockets ten to the ten Oh, you fuckers just wait till I get wish man, I swear last summer was like a dream feels like last summer o is like a dream and I’m trying to figure out Our Boy Matt Mercer made it ten out of ten. He said Thursday yet Cero out of ten, you know, why and that’s it I hope I’ve enlighted all of you with my galaxy brain Don’t expect more videos like this unless the video blows up in which case I will probably sell my soul to the YouTube analytics department Bye


  1. How dare you insult the most complicated class in dnd 5e. Only true galaxy brained players can comprehend all the intricates of fighter.

    Seriously doe fighter is my favorite class

  2. my opinion on fighter…most mod-able non-magic class, plain and simple. they can be any fighting style they want. my favorite is shield fighter (shield fighters use only shields and can use 2 of them because shields are considered a weapon for them. you are the squishy member's turret boi, being able to be their AC if they are in your 5 ft square/hexagon allowing them to fire/cast while being in full cover), mix it with engineering skill/background you can do some crazy shite one man/woman armory/war-machine

  3. Dang the rewatching Jocat crap guides was on point, except I kinda just watch them cause jocat is a comedic genius and I like being able to just use random quotes from them when ever it could be useful

  4. Ok I'll give his review a chance

    First topic- ranger
    The unrevised version is the best class in the whole game

    Me- 😑 I'm outta here

  5. Che sos de Argentina de casualidad? Porque la canción al final sonó mucho a rock nacional y también tenes la "y" de "sh" que tenemos por acá

  6. Pick glamor bard you can do anything you want

    Edit: bard can also learn wish or literally any spell because of beautiful thing known as magical secrets or something like that

  7. Hey , that's a great high horse mind if I borrow it this weekend when I address the local town council. The locals have have really long pitchforks.

  8. Now… We need Adan to be recognized
    The D&D Animated Universe is expanding…

    Zee Bashew once mentioned like 5 of my other favorites in one video about his rivalry with JoCat's view on Wizards

  9. nice high horse I'm the same

    edit: it's cuz I'm high

    edit 2: Your voice is beautiful and your guitar playing style hits different, it's so high energy but also controlled and chill at the same time, absolutely gorgeous

  10. You're one of the few youtubers who's videos I watch over and over. 'Cause god, those ending songs hit me with both nerdy love and nostalgia

  11. I know how to make a small cry.
    Party of clerics who differ in strengths and that one. Cleric of the grave and life….kill it…I dare you to try…

  12. How to a jojo charater
    Fightee and monk of the open hand. If your going full anime, go samurai in fighter…. Advantage of more attacks.

  13. Ey… ey… reliable talent doesn't work for saving throws, only proficiency skill checks, so it doesn't actually work with evasion. Rogue is still broken as hell though…

  14. If you reeeeeaaallllly wanna play fighter and be kinda lazy in combat, champion all the way (also super good for multiclassing into paladin for min-maxxers who like rp)

  15. All hail the almighty Adan! We shall trust his words and cherish them!

    Noooow… Where do I get my pay?

  16. Ha jokes on you about monks! I am a DBZ fan so my one monk is just Goku! If he was a she, and was actualy good aligned. So yeah she is just stupid, likes to eat, fight and sleep. My other monk though is closer to one of those delinquent type characters and my GM allows them to use a two handed hammer as there monk weapon so no DBZ with that one. Never did a JOJO one tbqh.

  17. 3:56 my tabaxi rogue inquisitive isn't edgy and broody. He's too busy solving mysteries, out-*&#@ing the bard, and disposing of half-eaten corpses because he's secretly a cannibal.

  18. Its true. As a ranger beast master my back is in agony from all the carrying I'm doing.

    Not carrying my beast, don't be silly. I mean my party.

  19. You forgot Artificer.

    While it is UA, you did briefly give opinions on Bloodhunter and Mystic. Oh, and next month Artificer will be a official class in the new "Eberron: Rising from the last war" 5e book.

  20. If we’re talking about the math on the paladin rating. It won. 6 on the top and 6/6 on the bottom means 6 over 1 which is 6. So 60/10 if we’re doin’ it like that

  21. 3:50 as someone who has played more rogues than years in their life, I can confirm that each one of us possesses 20-300 D6s… Just in case

  22. Adam: Ranger is the best

    Me: ah, I see you are an intulectual as well.

    Also me: I see you are a man of culture as well.

  23. I kill ants in my room on sight. Not because I suspect them of being magic hippies, but because this is my fucking room get the fuck out or die.

  24. Bards are one if the Most powerful and versatile classes in dnd.
    Need support? Say no more fam, bard got plenty of buff and healing spells, plus bardic inspiration
    Dps? Collage of swords
    Stealth? Expertise, a bit of dex, invisibillity and all the other illusion spells make bards perfect
    Animals? Do not worry, the bard stole half the druids spells and can cast anything from animal friendship to awaken
    Need to talk to a creature you cannot normaly talk to? Do not worry, for they have every speak with spell in the book, and soon elequence will come and no creature is safe from your peace talks
    Need mind controll? Bards have all the cool enchantment spells you need
    Need (spell bards do not have)? Dont worry they also have magical secrets, so i can still cast infernal calling and seduce my summoned demon, and get fireball no problem
    Need to set up a set of spell combos that requires a target to fail a saving throw, like the polymorph power word kill combo or planar binding? Not to worry, for the bard has bane and feeblemind, and lore bards can reverse inspire. They even have glyph of warding for these situations.
    Need an assasin? Collage of whispers can not Only kill them and blackmail them, they can also inpersonate them once they are dead

  25. i just make my own custom class with my own special stats and stuff it’s easier than trying to decide on the base classes

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