DAY OUT AT MY OLD PRIMARY SCHOOL (2018 Mano Carnivale) Part 1

G’day it’s Dash how are you all going? I’m just at Manifold Heights Primary School The primary or elementary school I attended
the years from 1989 to 1995 and what they’re got on today is the carnival so I’m going to show you around plus the some of my very old classrooms School Principal: So we’ve officially opened the
carnival for 2018 have a wonderful day and it’s my pleasure now to introduce
your first acts of entertainment and don’t they look fantastic over there
The Julie-Anne’s Dance Avenue Children can develop confidence, creativity and fitness in fun classes at Julie-Anne’s Dance Avenue They have locations in Geelong West
and Lara and the school teaches dance styles including jazz, tap, funk,
contemporary, fairy ballet, musical theatre and more Here I remember they’re used to be an old
brown building also it was known as the new complex at the time I was there it’s all gone so lots changed since I left The Silent Auction David Jarwood: Here we go David Jarwood: I point out that this is actually quite
difficult, is quite dangerous so don’t try this at home and for the school’s sake don’t try here either Alright here we go Yey Now this is quite difficult and dangerous as I said Me: Well done David Jarwood: Now, Ichi, Ni San Yey Ok here we go David Jarwood: Who want’s to see me eat the fire? Children: Yeah David Jarwood: Surely somebody says
no, no don’t do that it’s dangerous Yey Thank you, thank you, thank you Cheers thank you very much Plant stall Second hand books Cake stall Second hand toys Mystery wine and scratchie tree Lucky jars The fire truck Farm animals The Fungee Bungee The Whizzer Ride The Giant Slide Dunk-a-Teacher


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  2. Old memories as a young fella for sure, on ya Dasher.. Have a good one mate ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘

  3. Great video ๐Ÿ™‚ and very lovely to see the JADA ( Julie-Anne's Dance Avenue ) girls performing again this year <3

  4. wow – looks like a pretty fun school to go to – lots of room to play and looks like it was pretty big as well. loved the carnival – the principal went all out with rides, animals, entertainment, raffles, food! MY GOODNESS – how could you resist getting food and going on rides???

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