Cutest Ballet Class [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

Shall we take a seat? One. Two. Sit like this. How is it possible? /
Take a look. (She’s doing what she just learned.) It’s way too big, right? (((This episode is scheduled to be aired
on October 20 Sunday(KST) on TV channel KBS WORLD)))


  1. Jam Jam you’re too much !!! 🥰🥰🥰 gosh I love her so much, such a cutie pie!! There’s something about her that you just can’t stop smiling, love that child 💕

  2. My brain can only handle so much cuteness!!! Let’s countdown to my demise…ready?
    3. Jam Jam in tutu… 😃
    2. Jam perfectly copies teacher…🥰
    1. (Sees hula hoop moment for the first time…) 😂
    And I’m dead. Thanks Jam. 👻

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