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so in my first and my second attempt it's not that he manipulating he but I bought Kathy kuda Hardwick Lavaca lickin which is what unorganized haha but he who use me we planned approached me for Lukather many so when you are not planned to revisions horahan could stop extrude there s anything topics pertaining Shia do my nipple Padre the exam seven a revised knee carpi I did not have proper notes so we might third it I'm what I did I had a proper plan and I adhere to it but a weekly daily monthly I had my plans and very realistic targets I say targets naked Odin was part by affair Bucky again making a new plan so third attempt I had a plan and I followed it this was the major change I did and that that brings about a sense of discipline in you when you know you have a realistic target need try try until you succeed it is a phrase that all of us have heard a lot of times and noopy ACCSC it si examine which really tests your patience and perseverance hi everyone welcome to chamomile tea with tapas and initiated by an academy and Fiona or arch I'm just officer min Nevada here she's been now lovingly called the pride of Lucknow and unruly CFC 2018 may a call India ranked nine hustle yeah hey everyone let's welcome goon Jamboree hi million well I wish Oh so subsequently to engine before we even start a very big congratulations from an entire an Academy and can well see the topless scene so much so a question dividing up said before balance again but what was the feelings of telomere at school you know finally you managed to create it because I know the Suzy third attendee right what was the fee so this was my third attempt and my first two attempts I could not clear the first stage which is the qualifying stage prelims so it was an absolute heartbreak like you're just not being able to enter the race race say Bob Le Baja Rosario so finally third a time a prelims clear WA prelims clear arcade nakusha is a mirror final selection oh I took it like a godsend opportunity and Rajab kabhi soch Anita bus idea yet Akiko job Minjae yeah so ChaCha but finally fifth of April Kashyap result aiya I could not believe my ears like my friend broke the news to me I was blank I was like a child oh yeah haha filter above aimed and then the lake I just ran to my parents room and told them okay great hurry I ran for your penance room my Pataki dad be retired of was he your main source of you know motivation yeah ideals of course mclubbe Papa car ol tokati table expansion codec Atacama cart away and it anemic love close vicinity me so inspired to write a fiance and then I saw Kiki Tana impact accessible servant cursor Telugu he lives me so one up definitely he was my role model and inspiration to okay great so a question Aspen in speech there in absolute function are charting who he like I say both no get in collect a key other KCI oh you know Casey candidate the ectasy topper K parents be civil servants they so that gives them an edge on an extra added advantage or okay bondage had you know they were not educated closely you know they they have some kind of you know a eight-point combo Japan with aa basic so what do you think about this se Jun looks washed area what is the kind of you know message you would like to give them the foremost message for anybody taking any competitive is that ultimately exam after hard work sigh clear out that there might be a number of factors of course you contribute car theft a successful but I got upset you see a focus kururugi kissing a pass a hammer a passkey in many calculations karaage for hard work with an out-of-focus Nakuru B so you are any which way not making into the exam so in my case I will say of course there was a sort of an advantage I'll say ibaka dick TT khan kanika tarika Coquina cahiim willy implicitly values Yuki excites every sovereign by oneisha I'm not sure which may hang in a year but I can presume in could take a bow habits or values were virtues of meander Miri naturally maybe arguing that apnea be a mention here actually Amara a core question memory aspirant many pajota he what do you think are the key qualities which is needed it achieved civil servant me and a key a question here and second a key what do you think up keep top three qualities they ho GAE which helped you you know in or maybe which can help you to become a good civil servant I feel excellent servant car for most calm hand coordination car I mean that is his work so high quality to a community coordination yeah POSCO Poli a key exam organized Hoonah or yeah he quality ik aspirin maybe reflect car near because the plethora of syllables for material Joey unless and until you are organized and well coordinated with your studies there is no way you're clearing the exam and this is the quality I believe key coordination key second Choki of course which comes naturally is hard work and related to that is discipline yeah he qualities made in the naturally Nathan I was a very haphazard person college may is to study according to my mood eh-eh I'm encouraged a per diem but these were the qualities which I realized key in every civil servant any civil servant if you look up to them they had these qualities to my name food our discipline Lana Kashmiri Silesia Pelle this rate ma honey heard it I'm a man happening but I exempt land away may organize we makea or exhort of discipline routine here too I could clear – I think hard work or you know dedication discipline and a sense of coordination / being ordered so hard work and discipline I think what Saito persimmon is and eye coordination is the new one Germany at least artisanal I mean call it coordination or call it being organized one on the same thing perfect three oh yeah so apneic Nicole HP mention key as I just now so I just wanted to know at the education background cure a year maybe yoga up we are the key you know ten twelve knee up kick ass cause I paid graduation epic ass cause I pay and what did you master them so I mean I don't really remember ten to welcome acts taking it– a tenth me I think around 94 chaos besides a wealth method I come over three ninety one point something coach mark state and ICC boards say home or Ferris Chabad college me many political science owners gearhead from Delhi University hologram called let's say and was making mera aggregate around 75% one right so which is pretty good for daily University so it chief sense of a hernia paper I'd given him about key I just tell me this also he like all through after school life and college also kappa mission say haughty bright student they always a topper in class over here and average to read I was never a topper in my class I was always one of those people's in key fourth ranked fifth ranked even six are gay it was like I mentioned earlier male to me discipline 90 the okay listen is euthanasia reflecto jati TB attend school or college college may difference katha he do political science many subject leotta I absolutely loved it so out of the love for the subject robust mark saga GG but yeah so you know Jessie can be happening mention icky icky you know political science itself as a subject before the challenge this crazy self corruption is I are a great way to optionally marry me Acura you know hamari experience kobata he is optional cockney select to hear mother's kiss outside the Cir is the other part yush me oh it my interests are hotter did you like that also and canal let you know if you can just explain you key means capita in children is the area at nicosia Polito me a question MATLAB address Caramba him how did I choose political science honours because I think people might not know 1112 me I had commerce background commerce with maths so but dream Kahane occurring but when Seth our civil services come so I thought key commerce although I think week optional here but I was like I don't really like these subjects so I was confused between psychology and political science back in class after my class twelfth results so I looked through the UPSC syllabus you see time pay and my sister was also taking the exam wouldn't say discuss Kia and then finally I decided political science because I realized bots are in GSK I say paper say despite political science help Kariba so and then I saw the syllabus of it which I found pretty interesting so this is how I decided political science and up cause you second part of the question I add party interest I are two if not dynamic what I believe oh he seek abou interest MATLAB any person who is like curious about the world it's like automatically with school i RK by remained rest kuba however optional no bus interesting you know jake sort of specialize now let's show you so how many to pass out a dynamic yahoo i like in very in-depth which i think is especially sneaky abullah yes i reaches options or the virtual resources that we are greatly apnic iographer Giada ji political science kelly college mythos re book sucks many use katie and back then I thought key these are the books that I'm going to use for my preparation when it notes women I think but anyway call this me really but competitive exam a cop anemia Kingdom I love cheese or tea municipal equally competitive exactly appeared Nakia I realized hey buddy buddy know what's Manali at anybody but he may pass multimedia textbook see whose we purposely Aikido teen my enemy Bob provides my cursor then I went through the notes which were available in the market so many a particular should Shubra and Jen ma'am keynote say she is very good for political science one key notes commercially rapper Kia and apart from that Tory both editions of Nikki because of course everybody is using those notes so my idea was to apne college information hood Taurus Ausmus aired on Kirk a the basic was done at our engine denotes perfect though he or she is it a Eureka very men but their so another question to my aspirants which they a key you know what Loeb Osasuna prelims and means obviously a Passat meet a Eureka meteorite other time is money – but optional fatality captured economy a year like right before like you know before prelims your pregnancy means on prelims on means k-beach me or basically time for Cassidy Waikiki prelims Kelly kidnapper Miami and scale a kidnapper net optional giving mera – Tina tempo I had like almost three years to prepare for the exam but this is not the way to go to my abner 2017 vallabha Vinayaka span breakdown car Theo so immediately after taking the pre in 17 which is my second attempt I realize Maris mahogany okay I started studying optional because optional is one thing which can change the game altogether and optional has a sense of certainty MATLAB we score per decade Yoga is much in a merengue on the other hand GSK sake okay no matter how much you study after a point it is very difficult to score a lot of marks so I was like a cello optional part there and I think from middle June June or July I started studying optional the idea was key by December I need to get done with the entire syllabus and by getting done means I understood what was there in the syllabus I went through the previous year questions I even practiced a few questions and I consolidated all the material so the time after premiums and means is not meant to look for material or hunt for material it is the time when you only revised engine learning times your three and a half months Kubota that should be dedicated to just learning those notes which have already made before premiums and prelims k-8 didn't manipulate I know in fact two months belly I stopped studying political science altogether however I would not suggest this to anybody who's new to the subject in my case I wasn't new otherwise up dominating my nipple it should be the flow chela's I huh so maybe you can give like one or two words every day up till a month before premiums so you know again like if you were to just dinner as parents what were the key mistakes that you realized Joshua that make me first two attempts make EAP or toward me da-da-da-dah so you know some key mistakes which people should avoid so in my first and my second attempt it's not that he manipulate a kitty but I bought kitty CUDA Hardwick lavaca licking which is what unorganized haha but he who is me we planned approached me for Lukey Ottoman so when you are not planned to revisions horahan could stop extrude there s anything topics pertaining Shia do my nipple per day the example a revised sneaker pie I did not have proper notes so in might third it I'm what I did I had a proper plan and I adhere to it but a weekly daily monthly I had my plans and very realistic targets essay targets Nike Odin was part by affair Bucky again making a new plan so third attempt I had a plan and I followed it this was the major change I did and that that brings about a sense of discipline in you when you know you have a realistic target meet the Q key at my plan mention key M is about them and Mary as parents you know I got my Indian aku chupinazo J again plant occupy you can share with a Aspen ski case a study plant up maybe you can even share with us a question Yara haka you know kebab theta kidnapper they take it not I in kiss part who did you think so overall plans America prelims merrily biggest her Delta to december doctor porridge es para means kazoo Jota Haji and I think end of Jan say I started panicking he prelim sorry have prelim sorry although my club coffee booth a website started preparing for premiums and my idea was key I jotted on all the topics sorry books to routine history geography sub K and I wrote one two three four five basically that meant I wanted to have five revisions although this is in saying you don't really need five revisions but I did not want to Kobe stone unturned a cracked Lanka so I did this was my idea keep March revisions were never many key and even of current affairs so this this helped me in bringing about clarity or cheesy them exactly yachty because prelims is a combination of facts as well as analysis so at least my facts were also very clear and analysis because of my preparation since the past two years you know since Abby acne you mentioned given a question to medium of Isaiah that I do – prince naveen Chatta so again Jessica even beginners will tell re sugar there on competitiveness on a subject set to decide can see Carnegie Rachel Kwanzaa subjects issue kuru and it shouldn't be like Jenna eight Poulos objected uncle Iggy then we move to the next subject yeah yeah you know basically time divided Kerkar key of necessary subjects good yoga hirato attack on the subject person there concerning yen tomato sake or Tata I am bad with facts and data so some how many quality or use your factual she's Ooty and my rigidity quality who gave modern history okay okay so I used to start with things like environment angiography and then gradually move towards economy then history then culture because history culture through both related last make them quality with roughly a planner Dada okay so and we're like in future Bop nominees a sympathetic in monthly and weekly targets Houghton then use your mood swings open up and I call a cake a Monday Cara Yemeni avoid here of course there were days of up bill quid pardon area and discover purpose defeat Oh Java if you just have the book open in front of you and you're not really studied juice type in my current affairs partly idea coochie device Karla et but nonetheless ninety percent of the times I used to achieve those darling so a BJ's icky are you know the next question which follows a seek Assad is test series you know suck up a time or didn't go job that test series work as Prince Mary hey pooch there he when exactly should they start attempting these tests is he more Globo galactic he starting with jumbo syllabus furniture look at their the covetous series was all vinegar part there so when is the ideal trying to start giving test series prelims KJ I think it did Mohini belly-up almost everyday my mock Tesla got et so prelims Kelly it's in fact for both the stages it's extremely important to take this because otherwise you won't be able to identify your mistakes so prelim Scotto a month before the exam or one-and-a-half months before the exams I used to take the mock test every day and however means Kelly I started as soon the prelims results were declared so I remember if I'm not wrong it was declared on the 14th of July last year the best day so far for my life apart from the final results immediately within two three days I joined the test series and many tests series cause you scheduled Ock is absurd NEPAD like I said you lookin at okay so go Sameera Malibu Seco target achieve car now that because the test series is divided ei topics Bucheon who co-op so many pedal car she perfect dose me kick me Diego get Michelle means given means a payday many GS media Hikari bun 1820 I could be wrong this could 15 says are that hey G and Paul science may around 12 via 14 Juby Paulo science case are it as da Theo be test series method yes my 13 drag because of lack of time I'll really miss Keating prelims me around 30 testimony so almost for a month I was taking those tests every day great Jenny do you know Abby Jessica acne current offensive mention theater this is again a very important part job aspirants community say Casey cool newspaper partner person named kisi ko a garnish Ruger tato editorials much many idea yeah Tokyo got Barbara editorial people rosecope Akane a keynotes k7 Ani to current if a skinny up Kia kabuki what would you like to share my experience kisser yes it a year ago I was one of those Junko newspaper Napa Samantha but burn a pair Tata because of my option especially the IR portion the menus paper extremely important but make a note cinema not easy because many realize your main notes banoffee with you say better notes other compilations who would eat it because compilations no background ke sath of course of analysis they attend so in my case I read the newspaper every day understood what's happening in the world and in the country but for revisions I used a monthly compilation or the compilations that come before prelims over our mates okay – Jesse Africa up Kobe newspaper Bernanke's Anantha Jesus but both sorry bucket is a beaver GRPs bi da okay no spirit Jim a huge new party P but again huge knapford military Chimaera ye have smart studies as I said hooray sorry article sniper TT I used to pick up few of them do teen articles per Eugenia during which is so much me are today subset balanced and subsidies my perspectives and bullet et une K points cotton acapella page which I which is the editor's note which is basically consisting entire summary of the huge na ji in in just a page whose Mayo editions card ATT just so that I have like a gist of the topic Jos booty month correct so this is what I did for the past two years before the exam so I had like these 24 sheets with me jus many main simple a it just took me like an hour to revise those okay look a cold question Jo ah ta ki current affairs cup the cup and I'm so supposable printings of K July of me appear but the basically cup the interface kita arrogantly I did he a year but may say me to me I love you a card naturally but however there has been a trend he threw a la KB questions Pucci but those questions continue in the news and sonic the matter Hugh continued already continue one year is the newspaper maybe Jessica acne mica have company was Anita look sport classical circuit et apart relevant IKEA Peruvian upper like Lygon is that something you open a develop yeah over the time he squad car lately I important again e.g matlab newspaper otherwise up until a later grab sport maker okay he starting will occur which is okay but who's Kelly occupy subsea but a shortcut a which is the syllabus keep looking at it syllabus making a pass their papers they King it then you would sort of understand what the exam expects from you so automatically is about newspaper they can be you realize is a question I aha let's say unemployment here Joe B who's B question I are then you'll see an article so then you would know this is important great to Jenny and Luke sorry he subjects to thearc a pepper Asian cane it's actually take it subject why his own negative opinions and means me almost just kids are sahaja yoga though our history successfully late there you know very popular history theory of the case a key T if you remember coach resources yeah I see Cochise ethnic Miata you know just to remember the dates and the timelines history I was good with history MATLAB school K time say class 98 n me Jovita basic supertaça G apart from that many spectrum publication key book use key T it kneebar partly attack you automatically ordered C odd ho baby and a cheesecake a proper chronology mind made hey Jo picture Emery the Gandhi what a creepy and was keen awake sort of timeline online be available in watts are a logo K of notes uploaded a timeline a chronology melodia this is that is just needed for a quick revision however one thing which I would like to emphasize upse doesn't really focus on dates of course you can't commit blood dollars MATLAB Pattaya non-cooperation movement cover but dates and facts it any important image it's not important to score analysis so the idea is how well you understand the history of the country to connect up will be book with Hari ogo properly so much Nepal a guy and not just focus on names and dates to apne basically NC artisans and CRTs and CRTC but Baraka kooky boo but Joe Kelly Akita beauty and so it's like a story in itself six to twelve keeper my name is freaky six to twelve / DP and history and geography key apart from that I don't think so I write any other NCERT my name or cuenca a tea party Vanity Fair six to twelve my notes I got my notes key bath guru two notes me when I think as pointers a couch key facts to me Sheila grata oh he book Mela created the affair can you see for sheet really clear okay particularly notes have subject me up in I Omega T to et history geography be at me mention here yo give me 6 mm see I design a car couch or geography and history he ate cheese Mekong G sorry getting back to history Jia 1857 sapele Mac you keep or annually spectrum use karate whose may yes our topics native before 1857 Chile a many kisi coaching key notes use Garnier there so just because you said govt sources a mythology geographically and CRTs use piata six to ten body basic routine a disc our reputation is therein and well so ultimately the bedrock was eleventh and twelfth we NCERT who's maybe 12 K and CRT kazoo data and everything is very obsolete so I updated it with there's this book by Periyar publication I wouldn't really say it's a fantastic book but cuqui made a past theme – my name's who use Scalia for certain topics like agriculture and minerals and industries so these were my sources for geography okay I'm sure if he may you know anything specific job name Maps Kelly kita GE and AB skinny I resorted to YouTube videos there are a lot of videos good video super explain car dating and topics that are there in current affairs mu sub G say and manager particular YouTube or bu squatter internet let's say quick concept images emerge mini era G because geography may for example it's a jet streams hugi I Indian monsoon to make Tori what videos they click et she just to understand or I gotta smooch extra point here to Hawaii and CIT my mentor doctor lately great so other geography history yeah any any other subject up TC s DET ER eco at Cara here yeah you know giving you nightmares then you can actually check out the an Academy Plus subscription just giving me a day we are in viola Escobar and to remember to use the code C vwt QPSK up for the song will enjoy a ten percenter for your preparation so in services example here chemically safety is okay so much one as a routine a bulky egg strategy or semester eSATA reckoning is a rotten mary courses say up for topics key interconnectivity or linkages so much Maggi or main Scalia up the unser writing skills be improving there are 14 years geography environment and ecology piranha key experiences Abuja Pattaya K her student ko a colleague approached his era 30 a civil service exam Kelly a comprehensive approach Kahuna Roger Orion or whoa mayor Kabat Allah Muhammad race one Emmett or my UPS Achille an Academy plus pay live but a town so history geography oh yeah next let's take of maybe environment environmentally I just used one book which is Shankar is quake but partly Alta and what is simple here if then I end up jhana being a environment where you to report facts in point stage Okemah Jeanine are they taking notes many banality so Shankar is Chi had like these 20-30 pages which I use for my revision perfect or science in take to science in tech I just used coaching material compilation because I saw that the trend was key current affairs a related questions are so any reputed coaching or any compilation that you can find online I refer to the only current affairs aspect of science and technology the science integrity both know gay people Tiki newspaper my science and take a section apart a table you can take which is I will be very honest so much meaning I know of course idea like Java but you PR CK questions who says for asada I wouldn't say advanced so today but she had more basic speech today or newspaper making about basics and he explained about it they are just talking about what has been discovered a GB technology go skinny like I mentioned memory compilations use catechism a pure background basics ISM but yogi that has some shoddy today and I got a beanie so much may arise so again thanks to the internet mayo school coffee you used to understand for example Messiah are the gravitational waves I'm not a science to deny so much matter that they clear we doing them so much Moraga okay to next economy Goliath Nakata economica versus Sal there was a change in pattern I heard mods are the conceptual questions I finally do many analyze we are 30 current affairs based questions are I pay again 11 12 I made a background thought to mucha basics clearly if bar ncert partly the– just to brush up my basics Escobar I used to focus only on current affairs and I even did the economic survey before premiums okay just in case quick conceptual question RJ economy was something which I enjoyed the newspaper be party tteyuu daily economy article citator economic survey as well as compilations so the area he bought economy key adapting a apne starting mecca haka up subsea last wednesday today which is quality your quality he how many butter Lakshmi guns is definitely the one anything else your premiums Lakshmi can't is more than MATLAB Kabul whopper here to say Carly Barb and Leah can be the third attempt are more than 1015 times mo Gatto main ska behaves available preparation coffee bar like in Cabarrus FeO Tata puree cha ta bucatini sada hekia indicate chapters Shire void dobar 1k look into important chapters have or 10-15 times or quality mean Lakshmi non keynotes pornography mainly bouquet see a cues may MATLAB everything is important more or less kind word by word up we a little word by word yes great so our last at the MRI art in Belgium me the areopagus are time culturally again now we have this book by Nathan Singhania HSI Parata and class 11 future fine arts Kiboko th Kobe a Chism an empanada and these two things sufficed for me because the questions might just be very random or they might be very easy so make it easy question are iboga let me watch a random 8 of your goose of Kili random true to me to be APNIC she's mention Kia Juergen Messiah that I marry experience such a question right he recently you know we lost a toe Solomon because Nike problems may be the kind of questions that are coming a very unconventional so Stevie Johanna and I aspirin saya suka yari sugar bear hey geekiest rapid hear anything how should they prepare for that part yeah ups he has this habit MATLAB maybe thin film city no bar I have been in a state of shock oh my god yes Alka papers of the difficulty but what you can do key apne preparation foolproof cracking gob I whatever ups he throws at you you can tackle it now the idea of opulence is that you don't it's a qualifying exam 100 miss 100 questions neon hig so yeah mock papers all career except nyuk safe threshold Nicole a kidney questions attempt karna say quota so this is how you are supposed to go about prelims but I got mine ski bath current Oh past year papers or year sub season they ke you can stay in the loop of the exit the GSP people's cannery may have capital you marry accidents GES met okay everything under the Sun but si Hanny it's just the syllabus exactly what is there in the syllabus so augur my apne sources breakdown cardoons le le carré do gs1 may art and culture Kelly the same resources so basically prelims my Jewish sources they go many same rocky mean Scalia because integrated part I key think which we extra Nakata Newton Singhania and fine arts modern history clear spectrum course independence consolidation Kelly a compilation thei off I think class eleven get wealthy and CRT hikoi who seek a compilation Jamila twenty thirty pages I just use that after that I think there is a society see related topics who's Kelly I use relied on the newspaper and current affairs geographically only the NCR T's and the Perry are publication book and of course atlas you need to be very thorough with the maps then coming to paper I hope I'm not leaving anything in paper one a world is free yes so in world history what I did I think 98 n key to be theory of civilization Kirk a book say Oh a bar Pirelli P or in case sort of rough pointers of all the important topics it's unethical hard cheese comma in detail they create do be important of extinct a short crisp notes banality I was like it's another neo it's just one topic GS totally Lakshmi can't for the static portion then it is completely based on current affairs though current affairs those car Holy Grail here IR keepeth Corinth Amira optional I are many MATLAB o optional key knowledge helped me with gs2 kya GSK lemony tory burches or be you ski t for example knee TI you clears action agenda kirk a thousand people you see a second day arts a report bought you ski t do these are just two very many kind of now answers content to enrich correctly a sunny the second day RC report in detail / do you think overview lady account escape points up Nick would Benaglio thing so that I can just put them in my answers gs3 Kelly my for economy I relied on the Economic Survey and economy kachou compilation who their current affairs car disaster management I use the Internet and again a compliation which was available on the internet it was all for free so a Sunday in talking many could she join you in clear thumbs then there is security issues so security issues cael EI many i mean static it but online read Kenyatta Skiba juve current affairs Maharaja because current affairs say he related questions Arthur he means me whoa you see otta environment kill a back to shankar I asked a notes G so this was gs3 in brief and ethics cave I do not really have a lot of time so I had my coaching I took coaching in before my first attempt whose kid you know to say I did not know whether they are good or bad but that was the only thing I had so I was I had no option whenever notes you ski for the theory portion apart from that many birds Chabad sorry mock copies on Keijo answer copies hoping we will use key just to get an idea how to write answers and I saw they use a lot of quotes they explained the words so what I did it need me values theme definition vinalia Thoreau's definition value surreality attic real life example of me like a query example so that i can use this even in my case studies or in the theoretical questions because ok studies just comes with practice as many case studies you practice so what I did past year cage it may be case studies see Barco practice that data and the art of writing case study who youtube a video that just made that explain how to go about it that's when I got to know key in case study maybe introduction like now they're properly conclusion dick namitha has stakeholders with now tense so this these are the four papers though in people see he basically comes out the answer I think to an exciting period my Aspen in skis are cash yet the Rudy how can we make the answers better Jo victim beginners have okay see what is the kind of thing we should start practicing this give additional chances are chosen it dumbs you beginners and let's say genuine ethics syllabus para beanie I wouldn't really suggest K up mclubbe answers looking because I've kept us contained main and however let's say Jin low coca syllabus who yeah they can write answers many prelim sapele answers indicate it was only when I cleared the prelims I had joy in Test series but s series Momiji adepeju coach testy owes me a taco analysis chica you are even when right different perspectives but it was the world of facts data away my answers were not enriching so steely I walked upon and final exam a Content through da da da akshatha a basic idea here with app introduced Oh much been sick they introduced karo your question here proper introduction body may as many perspectives that you can give I followed the pestle approach which is like political economic social technical environmental and legal which so much meaning are the other yes are they perspectives they did it in proper conclusion conclusion has to be optimistic that's what I realized and with some example of let's say ongoing scheme which I'll try here to Yokoi a report about Kaname Dalia or s is SSA Kuchiki ah ji sa me Marisa who work again because of a lack of time prelim Skiba did my enemy results of eliminating coach but I Nikita the idea was that I would be writing essays every Sunday but I couldn't really do it the time Michael via the fallacies it was a game of mindset for me I told myself again from a humanities background so I knew we can write leaks up there what can we do in this short span so I used to go through all the answer copies of the toppers that were uploaded available for free only copies codec tt just to understand key how how to write coherent essays so Rose before going to sleep I used to see there as a sketch a point milkshake oats milk it was screen shortly late 80s poking in liquidity but after a point I stopped reading those ices because I realized ski this is breaking my flow the way I write my essay so for many kuribon pandro be easier or SBS purchases party thing just to get a compilation of quotes and after that I stopped I mean and then came the exam so the only I say that I wrote was the exam this is a blunder do not do that I mean weirdly I ended up scoring very well but this was because I was like I mentioned not flattering but Mucha confidence hockey man is holy I know the scores kidney acne medicine kita Katya kgs cold SEC school to be honest Muji is a yard nihei same a 157th o gs may paper one may I could be wrong what big dome a super 1993 paper two men 98 we put three 150 and paper form a hundred and four year to something around this an optional may I had 153 and 152 so he Jemaine slippery around cotton would appear I think she invited me up me already missed our Pattaya last day that I had the personal interview round yes okay Skelly subsidy mana deaf Johanna spare money cuz he astronomical change Oh achievements connection no time how important does that become you know when Joe Bob – Padre who and interview Gaurav shaker suppo harmony sorry experience he's not experienced Quezada Peleg's do – what I use Kapow Paseo ten just so that apne bottoming basic information they think couch questions initiate cars okay a chairperson have members am so it is very important though because the board knows exactly what you have presented in that window sheets of paper the answer karna with her achievements make which is a Bersani tenth kerchief – cuca achievement class for me many a chaos it's me okay is but I think you know me specifically mention caveat though it's only after twelve your achievements our hair coach to lick DJ other main receiver Romania hobbies maybe they see a cheese with a callable thing habían even say to be honest I mean even thought to have a hobby but in my case the hobby I used to draw a little bit so woman a league dieta so muchi lager I'm a dad a cat now boring how much sacred ash said related questions Puccini I was expecting few questions from considering the background of my father key governance related nothing my interview was predominantly and he was dominated by IR which was my optional and then a plethora of questions they asked me questions on Ponzi scheme questions on problems of Indian economy women of empowerment that was something which I was expecting and situational questions here and there so yes they covered almost everything my name is goujian they baby so Vedas and a sense of Gita they asked me some Sanskrit word which I don't even remember they like break it they asked me to break it down I mean I'm unable to understand and what happens in my case I was very nervous I'm generally not a very nervous person but this was the ever first ever interview I appeared for in my life I did not set for any placements in college so during my mock interviews I was all fine although my mock interviews were hideous but where once you enter that UPSC hall and the nervousness is pretty natural I was just walking to and fro the person who's there he asked me he just sit down you have to wait for like five minutes but I was like no I've been sitting with the past for now let me just walk so I was like now I have come this far let me just give it my best shot so I entered for the first five minutes I was nervous but then it was all calm I remember my chairman clearly mentioned that khanjan it's okay it's just a conversation and he even said few people have this doubt he wrapped up the medium let's say English licorice and you're not very comfortable with English although it is expected K acrylic higher so you are comfortable you should be comfortable but he was he gladly mentioned Kyogre in any case you're not comfortable you can use Hindi so that's when I realize the idea is EVOO they want to bring out the best in you so that they can actually assess you they want to see your true personality naturally everyone is nervous but again it nah be nervous now Ajay a that Bellini parea the book foot body a cha conversation the kuda coupe remote cart and they give you a lot of chances a good question near they immediately they'll move on to the next question to bring out your personality and that's what they say pinky both Mary Air Marshal retired Air Marshal mostly sir keyboard okay actually a few bucks on K I'm sure Mary mode sorry as he has parents we both kosher giggity AG – prints both pea t is if necessary he English medium male he you know eh party here okay home again Hindi medium say here so you know it ha muhammara you know toget chance a mood out there but since you said yeah what the bubonic who table the atomic love great Reno continued Theresa decipher I ki baate acaba de ground Meredith I which is called the rapid fire round how marks a quick questions which nailing it just to see the such a boring person a chance you get nothing from me read it up once is actually equal you're a tiny baby are you ready for the challenge so your first question I would have to PASOK option later to go back in the past and meet anyone in history and sit and have a discussion who would you like to meet that would be so partial to goes either up classic option Jota to go back in you know one day in your past and you know do something will relive something or go to the future in one day Appaji life key which one would you choose I would love to go to the future MATLAB yoke layaway okay I'm happy done and dusted future and you like me and it is not like tomorrow but maybe ten years fifty Diaz at random is either half awake option means that to choose a superpower for yourself what would that be that would be maybe healing factor very good other octopus a cop Shin Jota to you know um go to somewhere like a like an island job they are coiling it and just take three people with you apart from your family is career there this exam literally ensures calculate Michael now it's saying but said in a very close friend of mine Swami and now it's coming down to family my sister maybe my dog think perfect so other option is there to go back in the past and meet a fifteen-year-old Onegin tapas cook a piece of advice did fifteen-year-old I would be just just relax and the mistakes I committed I mean I would be a little cautious yet wise this over down a little bit as I enthusiastic I was everywhere great so that so a class question this about sciatica so money at a job there he aware up per eight biography when he yeah co-op movie nayaki Sione what would it be titled the girl who decided to go for it great quite quick I'm already you're not going this round you are actually many good works all the questions that we had you said really very well and we have something your small from an academy for you this is not so this is for all the time that you gave here at me my pleasure absolute pleasure to be here after it meant to check here money as penance Kelly I'm sure gob date where they'll be benefited from seeing you because you are someone gives me you know try try until you succeed because such here trying and remain again not losing that hope and going forward up Thai experience gets around my experience has been pretty long but if she says many keys apnea scope breakdown carving Emily try it try until you succeed just be very honest with your preparation have faith in yourself if you really want to do this if you really want to clear this exam it's it's very easy if you look at it okay preparation to South honest for you and there is no way you won't be able to clear that is the simple thing I'll say for the HMS it's not for aspirants and learners it keys to budgetary hamare basic ashoka ritual a GOP talking happier things we attack some other topper happy friends their families may say you may be CSC okuni other exam we might have talked so that basically my team in kobe you know very future episodes killing white creamy who would you like to thank so a while I was preparing tomato sake hey good luck no key yeah so I will take her name I usually sing so enemies me haha you see Sal okay rank I hey if I'm not wrong 86 I wish I great so we prepared together Abby through dark which time say because all the aspirants all the candidates who clear the exams are busy okay groom later he'll limit but for a time say touch meaning what she will be a great person to be wait why she gets happiness on of Engineers tag you and money theme ups say we bought gel contact Manila he pay you know hamesha akiaki happy how he Genevieve a cow and chair haami cameras are put stories we share her about doing June if you remember will tell you this is all that we have to rapping of VF disabled in Mooji tokoha to tell about since I applaud spanner a neat experience Katara are they are cha Mira I make the experience of Nimmi chaotic adventurous journey movie so my flight took off but the aircraft was like almost 5 meters above the ground and that's when a bird struck the echo hole so automatically the pilot deliberate and like the aircraft fell on the ground oh hang or die my life then we had to shift to another adventure is data hahaha something which I didn't want but PK I just hope Algy be Chelsea si he you know life gives all the adventures to you and you enjoy it and come out or we will be night and I hope I will because we all get to hear a lot of good things you are making are things thank you so much for coming you might


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